Minji, Dara & Taeyang have a heart-to-heart on Real Sound

On OnMedia’s ‘Real Sound by Taeyang’, Big Bang’s Taeyang reveals his dreams and plans as a singer.

‘Real Sound by Taeyang’ is a reality program, featuring Big Bang Taeyang’s daily life. Things ranging from the preparations for his first solo album, the playful side of Taeyang, despite being in his 20’s, and also footage of Taeyang speaking earnestly. Viewers will be able to see the hidden side of Taeyang regularly, that’s completely different from the charismatic side of him on stage.

Today’s broadcast is planned to show the congratulatory party that was held to commemorate him taking first place on a music program. Particularly, at this party was Big Bang’s Seungri, as well as 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Gong Minji. They shared their honest thoughts with each other, boasting their close friendship.

While Taeyang was talking about his future image with Gong Minji and Sandara Park, he had said “One day, my goal is to rise to the level of world pop star, Usher.”, garnering attention. In response to Minji’s child-like scolding that he couldn’t give up on his hopeless dream, Taeyang had said “In many aspects, I think that ‘Usher’ is really the best at the moment.”, “However you don’t know what could happen so wait and see. Until that time, I’ll really work hard and put forward my best effort”.

Minji and Sandara Park then said, “At that time, don’t be a ‘bad guy’ like you are now. Please transform into a ‘nice guy’ who can treat us nice and affectionately as well.”, causing laughter.

Moreover, on today’s episode, the image of Taeyang passionately preparing for his comeback stage after his album was released is revealed, and of course, footage of the tense situation backstage during his first performance and the fancy comeback stage.

After his first solo album was released, due to nervousness and stress, Taeyang had suffered from insomnia for the first couple of days. Viewers can also get a peak at what was going through his mind at the time. The show will broadcast on July 23rd, 12AM.

Source: http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popu…p;mode=sub_view
Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com

46 thoughts on “Minji, Dara & Taeyang have a heart-to-heart on Real Sound”

    1. Yeah I think I saw him crying a bit; really looking forward to this episode! XD
      I believe if you set your heart on something, work hard, & believe that you can do it; then anything is possible. I believe Taeyang does all these. We all want to see him reach his full potential; and he can do it. Like he said you don’t know what the future holds.
      Glad he has that vision set~

  1. i’m a bit annoyed right now since netizens from kpop sites thinks he’s some stuck up dude trying to be the next Usher. i bet all he wanted is to be as big as Usher one day, and not the second version of the O.M.G singer. people can make an honest dream turn to be something bad instead. =.=

    on another side note, i can’t wait for this episode. ^^

    1. Oh sod them! there’s a difference between “trying to be the next Usher” and actually being inspired by Usher,they’ll realize one day.

    2. It’s ridiculous to mistake ambition with arrogance. I mean, if you were going to dream of being successful why wouldn’t you want to be the best? Who aims for something like ” oh, I want to be moderately successful enough to make a living and not embarrass myself”? Or “I want to be above average.” By acknowledging he wants to be the best, it simply means he is recognizing he isn’t the best YET and will have to work hard to become better.

      In his line of work, you have to be able to dream big things to accomplish big things. You need a vision to motivate yourself and give you direction. Otherwise how else can you tolerate the sacrifice and hardship necessary to improve? And as they say, if you don’t know where you are going, you’ll never get there…

      And the people who think he wants to be a copy of Usher need to read the article better. Reading comprehension FTW!

      1. Didn’t he acknowledge this in another interview? That people need to realize that just because someone inspires you doesn’t mean you want to be like them.

        Hopefully people will realize there is no point in aiming for something that’s not number one, especially for someone of YB’s caliber. YB already acknowledges that he’s not the best, not yet, but he is sure going to work his ass off until he gets there!

      2. “It can’t be helped that Usher is a role model to me. I think people have a tendency to confuse being influenced by someone with copying them. But if you follow the history of African-American music, there’s Usher, and before him there was Michael Jackson, and before him James Brown, and others. Since the hottest artist today is Usher, I can’t help but be influenced by him.”

  2. This part:

    Taeyang had said “In many aspects, I think that ‘Usher’ is really the best at the moment.”, “However you don’t know what could happen so wait and see. Until that time, I’ll really work hard and put forward my best effort”.

    I think this is a wonderful goal. Keep striving and thriving YB I know you have what it takes to make all your dreams come true. I can’t wait for this episode. 🙂

  3. The episode sounds good already~~~ >w<

    I don't think YB sounds like a stuck up dude trying to be somebody he can't, because HE ACTUALLY CAN.

    With his abilities, I know he can reach his dreams, we'll be at your back YB! Always!! 🙂

  4. how can they say YB is a stuck up dude when they dun even know him in the first place?? they cant judge him juz by his statements.. they’re so @#$%#@#$..

    i bet those who made that comments are gonna take back their words when YB finally made it BIG!! let’s juz wait & see!!

    btw; can we watch this REAL episode online?? do u guys know the link?? hehe.. 🙂

  5. As long as he puts his mind to it, YB can do anything! Minji and Dara are right, he should give up on his dreams, especially when so many people are rooting for him!

  6. With his talent and musical style, he really is meant to be on the world stage. If he gets catchy material and good promotion, he could be very successful in the US. I believe that. Usher is his idol and it’s to be expected that he would want to model himself after him. But that doesn’t mean that he copies him. YB could definitely leave his own mark on the music world one day and in the future people will call a new up-and-coming star the next Taeyang. 😛

    1. LOL I don’t know what kind of “bad” your referring to here,but Taeyang admires him as an artist and he is a pretty decent artist.

    2. He’s a ladies man, that’s for sure, altho I don’t know if he still gets as many ladies now that he’s a divorcee (opposed to never-been-married single). But I wouldn’t really call him a bad guy. I don’t remember him being in lots of scandals before he got married nor do I remember him being in the negative spotlight. I thought Usher’s older songs were pretty good. I’m just not really feeling his newer recent songs… Like OMG, but that’s probably cuz I’m sick of auto-tune.

      1. Yeah he doesn’t seem to be that bad of a guy. Despite his ladies man status you never saw him with a whole bunch of different woman –there was only that one time he cheated on Chili. He seems like the serious relationship type, he had asked Chili to marry him and he did marry that woman (she always rubbed me the wrong way). I wished he stayed with Chilli, he made good music while with her. He was married when he had kids and seems to be involved in their life. Overall he seems a pretty good guy.

  7. I can’t wait for YB to make a Confession like album –something that is on 20 different levels of awesome. With what he’s done in the past and what he’s doing now I really think he can do it. Plus since he’s putting himself out there more (and dating) I think we’ll see a true evolution of him as he expresses all the emotions he’s going to go through. With his new outlook on life (and opening himself up more) I feel that he is going to allow so much more into him now and through that, show us so much more of him. I can’t wait for more of the evolution of Dong Young Bae.

  8. This program is giving me headaches.
    I thought it would be interesting to see more of his off-stage persona, but all comments I see regarding the show are either about whether he is dating Dara, Ji Hye, or some other dancer, or whether he sounds arrogant and delusional or not.
    I mean, why not talk about what his aspirations are, the many hours he spends practicing for his performances, or how truly passionate he seems to be about music and his work?
    I think I’m just gonna stop checking out the comments about the program.

    1. We haven’t seen anything but the 1st episode – where he did talk about meaningful things. We still haven’t gotten anything about the 2nd episode yet. All we have is this article (which brought the topic up somewhat by referencing Usher – however I don’t see the controversy some people are saying, most of the response I’ve seen on this on other sites have been mostly about him looking up to Usher). And the whole who he is dating thing is a bit much but at the same time understandable considering his 2010 vow to get a girlfriend. Plus the only sites I’ve seen with anything posted have been either 2NE1 sites or Dara sites – of course they are going to talk about pairing him up since they are more curious about the girls than him.

      1. I think the reason I was a bit frustrated with the responses I had read was because after watching Taeyang all tired and worried and suffering from insomnia, I felt that there should have been more comments about his passion, convictions, and dreams.
        But don’t mind me though. I think I’m just tired from work and need to get some sleep. My brain seems to simply have stopped functioning. Sorry for the rambling.

    2. No. I mean not all yg ladies fans haven’t notice TY’s wonderful side. I do! I do! I’ve seen the episode and it is clearly shown that TY’s tired, anxious and bothered. If the article didn’t say about TY having insomnia, I would not have guess it, I still have to work on my YB mania to guess what he’s feelings at first sight like most of you do here. Hope he sleep well now that he’s having blasts with his album. But I really wonder why his promotions so short, is it because 7’s comeback is near?

      YB get rest. Your smile is weak in the episode 2. Insomnia is really hard to fight. Just get rest and enjoy what you have been experiencing now. You are a wonderful artist, and Usher is one of my fave too. Glad that you really have good ears to music. It still takes time for korea to fully adapt and accept the change of music scene you are offering. I know you can do it! We international fans are really enjoying your music. ~~writing like he is reading this.lol

      1. I’m really worried when I saw him cupped his face at the end of the video. He really look worried too.

        If the video you’ve seen coming from one of 2ne1’s fansites, just don’t mind the comments below there because we just love the girls and everything about them and make some speculations. We do sorry if you are hurt by some comments but trust me these fans are fabulous in supporting YG fam, I haven’t read any of them speak ill of anyone about YG members especially YB. They truly adore him and his body and talents of course.

        Sorry for spilling this out. I just don’t want misunderstandings. Thank you. love this site too.

        1. @janelle marie lol. at second look, he was really praying. -_- thanks for the correction. I can see the food now.

        2. yes, he was praying. he seemed really happy that time. they were shooting for the original INAG MV.

          about those shipping. i ship too but it does irk me sometimes. but i hope u can learn to just dont mind them coz shippers (like me :)) will really watch vids closely and by law of attraction we see what we like to see. LOL. it is too much sometimes, yeah. in a way, it is good coz 2NE1 fans have something to keep them busy while we wait for the girls comeback.
          hope u guys understand.

    3. @.., on I read this comment and was a bit saddened. I am sorry you have gotten the impression that most blackjacks just care about the pairings. Though I of course can’t speak for everyone, but just like YG artists I think YG fans are very supportive of one another. We have had discussion about most of the interviews and articles that have been posted at ATY. Right now the only clip we have seen of ep 2 is the one specifically of 2ne1 girls and TOP, so yeah that is our current focus. But there are definitely blackjacks who are interested in the musical journey he is on they just may not comment at other sites as much. Anyway, sorry for the bad impression you are getting of us, we will strive to do better.

      1. Oh no guys, I’m the one who is sorry. I wasn’t trying to offend any other artists’ fans, especially 2ne1’s. They’re all YB’s precious friends and I’m glad they’re there for him.
        I was actually talking about ‘some’ insensitive comments I happened to read on a few sites I visited. I’m sure they were made by trolls. In fact, it shouldn’t have bothered me at all, but well, yeah, I guess I chose the wrong time to write a comment. I’m truly sorry for the misunderstanding everyone.

        1. well gdragon tv lots of people watch it because there a fan of him and compare to real sound we get to see a lot of love moments and so people get more into it since there more some people just focus more on that its like kina a distraction but its not all because why they watch it.

      2. agreed tazanya. I’ll strive to work better too. have you met YB in person too? I’ve read your fan account regarding meeting YG fam. lucky you.

        Yeah, I’m one of those who are interested in YB’s musical journey. Love YG fam literally. ~_~

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