Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl” pushing back up on the charts

I know some of us say that music charts don’t really matter as much and they don’t but I thought this was interesting enough to post because its almost like the “creeper” effect of the song is taking place right now. “I Need a Girl” which didn’t fair as hot on the charts, is making a comeback in the weeks following, pushing out some hot comeback artists like Se7en and SHINee. It was speculated by media why he wasn’t getting #1 and he’d dropped down out of the top 10 charts in the weeks following, however these past 2 days, it’s been surprising that Taeyang is now #3 on the Melon charts and #2 on Cyworld. It’s ironic because this week Taeyang will not be performing on any music shows~~

Any thoughts? Personally, it’s all the fanboys making their move now lol.

36 thoughts on “Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl” pushing back up on the charts”

  1. I’ve got a few theories.
    First, since Miss A won with their BGGG song today, VIPs are trying to push TY up the song chart again.
    Second, people are sick of hearing autotunes and so they are starting to like and appreciate his song because it stands out. lol.
    Third, TY has been performing that song continuously that the song forces itself into people’s head (and is growing on them too).

    I think it’s a mixture of the three theories up there. lol.

    1. and btw, the one in the first screencap is real time. He’s number 6 for the daily top chart though. (but has up-ed 2 places too from the previous day!) 😀

      1. he up-ed 2 spots again. he’s number 4 now. hehe.
        I’m actually really wondering about se7en and Shinee because I know their fans will push their songs up high so it’s weird…but I think once se7en and Shinee start performing their songs, they’ll pick up in position.

    2. na is not because of Miss A winning I Need A Girl is always in the top 5 in most real time chart he was #1 to like 2 day ago in cyword charts and today to his #1 for an hour.

  2. ‘I need a girl’ definitely has this after effect. Even when i first heard it i was like, ohh….this is the title song =/
    But now its one of my favourite songs off the album along with ‘take it slow’

  3. this song is really strange,at first you don’t really like it much and think its just average and then it really grows on you…so I guess that’s whats happening now,more people are liking it! 😀

  4. The live performances of the song also help. Shaun did an awesome job with the choreography. I find now that when I listen to it I instantly think back to YB’s performances. When the urge strikes I can’t help but to do the dance as well. 🙂

    1. The choreo tremendously helped the track to be popular to the teeners I think. Shaun really did a great job for it. =)

  5. I’ve already said this many times….everything about Taeyang, the solo artist, seems to exhibit a “creeper effect”…..just like him. Without even knowing it, he somehow just manages to make his way into your heart and mind. His songs and albums are the same way. Even though they might nt be number one right away…..they’ll work their way up there and then stay there for a long time. It’s just like Cha Woo Jin said in his review of Solar, “Growing up consistently is more important than shooting up too fast.”.

    1. nope all the boys are in japan doing promotions so he wont be on any shows this week unless there is something prerecorded

  6. He’s in Japan with Big Bang this week. On the 24th they’re performing at the Global Tolerance concert at Universal Studios in Osaka and on the 26th is the Mezamashi Live concerts

  7. it’s most likely because of his continuous tv appearances which he lacked during his ‘WD’ promotions (he’s appearing in all music programs this time around, as opposed to only 1 or 2 shows). it’s true, the song is a grower, the more he appears on tv, the more people are forced to listen to the song, eventually it starts growing on them. the only thing yb is missing with his promotions this time around are radio appearances.
    the strong heart appearance probably helped a little, because whilst watching the entire episode, they had played bits and pieces of the song like 50 times in the background.

    1. i actually meant on a weekly basis (i remember yg implementing that weird 1 show a week thing), not total accumulated performances.

  8. I think this is due to one show, but I can be wrong. If I’m not wrong the charts position rise after SH. Even SR’s strong baby is #1 spot in real time chart for Mellon, right after the show.

  9. fanboy here lol

    although…i dont think i’m one of those people who helped taeyang go up the charts…..i free download his music kekeke XD

  10. I personally think it’s the after effect of the song…LOL…I don’t like the song when I listened to it at first…Until a few times later, I finally liked the song and it grew on me!

    1. THIS! I’m constantly listening to INAG on repeat now. Before I didn’t like it but it eventually grew on me, it’s probably my favorite track in Solar now kekeke.

  11. i fell in love with it at first listen but to a lot here, yes, it’s a creeper, so it’s probably that. even then, i really felt confident that it will do good.
    i guess it wasnt a quick hit since it’s different from what hit songs are nowadays. but i f u listen closely it really is a great song.
    actually i have ben noticing Solar banners on dvdheaven and yesasia a lot lately. maybe just my bias that my eyes instantly glue to it but then perhaps YG is pushing for it more.
    or maybe the Inki encore helped. lol.
    whatever reason, i hope it holds up
    i really want to see it danced by a lot of partners. the choroeo is sexy and beautiful. if this can be seen as a great group dance, for partners, i know it’ll even be a bigger hit. the thing with it is that there are plenty of instances that the back-up dancers do nothing while Taeyang and his partner act and dance. maybe, for his goodbye stage, they can make it so that thered be dancing for most parts for all, not just the chorus.
    just my thoughts 🙂

  12. “Look Only At Me” took a while too..I remember Youngbae won his third Mutizen on the day of his concert which was the last event in his promotional period. And no one can deny the greatness that was LOAM…still covered even today.

  13. nice!! ^^

    my friend too, has chosen I Need A Girl as her favorite song off the album (i made her listen to it by bugging her to no end).. she liked Superstar before but she said it doesn’t have that much of a lasting effect.. she kinda just realized how good INAG is after listening to it a few times.. ^^

    this is what i think.. VIPS are not ready to let him lose to some rookie group(too bad i like miss a) and yesterday, Miss A just won by a mere +5points.. it was like 940 points against 935 points.

    to think that YB is able to push off Shinee’s large fanbase and Seven who is his mentor/senior is amazing. this effect probably won’t last long so he better be back to perform again. but let’s enjoy this moment shall we? ^^

  14. wait… INAG dropped the top 10 charts before??? when was this?? i thought the song was always in TOP 8!!

  15. It’s great that he’s pushed back up again, LOL~

    There could be numerous possibilities, and I agree it could be from the promotions he did, or the auto tune (XD) and everyone just thinks “hey! INAG sounds so fresh!”, or it’s just that good – a grower and definitely a nice song =)

  16. its okay… didnt yo all hear that after his comback album, he had insomnia due to stress and worries…at least he has a day or two maybe to relax…he done a lot and should take a rest…he has acceived many award recently and that makes all of us proud of him…YB oppa FIGHTING and take care^^

  17. I think’s it’s a lot better to last in the hearts of the fans than to have a fast rise to popularity like a shooting star, which would also fade as fast.

    For me this is how Baebae wants it to be, to make a lasting impression on people. They might not understand him at first but as they listen to his music they can see his sincerity and passion to do great music.

    Off topic, INAG plays in my head whenever I have some exams or quizzes in school. hehehe.

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