Taeyang’s 2nd solo concert scheduled for September!

Taeyang has already spoken briefly about it in his interviews but here it is officially!

WHAT: Taeyang’s 2010 SOLAR Concert

WHEN: Saturday, September 4th, 2010 (All Ages) || Sunday, September 5th, 2010 (18+ Only)

WHERE: Peace Center, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea

PRICE: 88,000 won, 77,000 won, 66,000 won (Approx. 88 USD, 77 USD, 66 USD)

Tickets go on sale August 3rd!

UMM…goes with out saying, but DVD too please.

PS. Does anyone remember the epicness of the “HOT” concert?  (“Ma Girl” *winks winks*)

PS2: The picture they used for the promo above is friggin amazing.


101 thoughts on “Taeyang’s 2nd solo concert scheduled for September!”

  1. I like how their teasing with the picture as he has shown nothing of that sort with the lives cept for you’re my LMAO

  2. (Bringing this over from the other thread…)

    Yikes, and the korean YB sites are in an uproar already, and I can’t blame them. The concerts are going to be held in a small 4,500 seat theater, and VIPs will get priority ticketing again.

    If you recall, YB fans were really upset last time during the HOT concert because many of them were unable to get tickets. To add insult to injury, many of the VIPs were there only to see BB and supposedly left when they finished their appearance.

    I would be hopping mad, too. YG really needs to get in touch with YB’s fanbase. Could they really be this clueless about the demographic? A sizable chunk of YB’s fandom – I’d say the majority… and the most hardcore! – is YB-exclusive. They’re not VIPs, and actions like this from YG is really alienating for them. Ugh…

    1. This is what I figured from the many many posts on DCYB and YBmania. I’m rooting for them..I hope they get tickets to the concert and fill it up with only YB-love. (lol)

      YGE better not be that out of touch with the YB fanbase. I think it’s difficult for YGE to openly acknowledge that YB fans, at least the core fanbase, are exclusive. It would be strange to establish a different fanclub for Taeyang. But this is such a shame! I feel the angst and frustration of the Korean fans. They/we wait two years to see Youngbae and it’s already difficult to secure a place.

      I really hope they get tickets! Aiiiiggooo.

    2. Oh yeah speaking of tickets…I remember some fans had to buy them through the black market and they went as high as 440,00 wons which was 10 times the original price. I wonder how high they will go this time. 0_0

    3. i can see 4 fangirls we be really happy they get to kiss Taeyang when perform Always and I Need A Girl can’t wait for his concert.

    4. Man that sucks for fans who are soley YB fans then…=\

      YG really needs to take note of not only those fans, but international fans as well.

      it’s not like he doesn’t know that the Youtube channel has subscribers from various countries or the fact that YB got high up on the iTunes chart….

      It’s frustrating (especially this time round with that Deluxe Edition album…) and now this concert… *sigh*

        1. doubt it since the reason they performed last time was because YB didn’t have enough songs (he only had a mini-album). He does now – I can’t imagine YG not being aware of what happened at HOT and I think he would want to avoid that. But this is just me speculating.

        1. yes YB concert should be there, and there won’t be any arguments and frustration. Everyone is happy and many people can attend the concert

        2. the thing is, YB has less fans than GD and YG is definitely not gonna waste money on a stadium that is not gonna be filled. GD has the entire vips for him and his own fans but not all vips are taeyang’s fans. so if i were YG, i would not do it when it comes to business.

        3. YB’s music is better done in smaller venues (it doesn’t fit the arena setting as well.) and he has said in the past that he prefers smaller concerts as well. (Which makes sense since he likes simple stages.) That said, it really is going to leave a lot of frustrated fans out there since it will be harder to get tickets.

    5. I understand YB fans frustration….and it explains why they’re all in an uproar about whether GD will be at the concert or not cause it would just be heartbreaking for YB fans if GD fan) (the ones who are anti-Taeyang fans) took majority of the tickets just to see GD perform.

      That, is not fair.

      YG. Again. -_- I have nothing to say.

      1. Ahh…this is the reason why I saw GD name all over the Korean message board comments. Do you guys think GD fans will go to YB concert just to take a 30sec glance of him? If I were, I won’t. BB fans who will go to YB concerts are def YB fans, just because they like BB doesn’t make them a less YB fan. Sure VIPz will get more chance to get the tickets but they pay money to get this kind of privileges.
        I can understand the uproar of YB fans. But if they can think of BB fans who like YB are also YB fans, this kind of frustration and heated discussion are really unnecessary. Again, I srsy doubt GD fans will fight for the tickets just to see GD. So pls don’t misunderstand.
        I still think YG should have chosen bigger venue so that foreign fans like us also get the chance to see >_>

        1. You’d be surprised at how hardcore GD fans are.

          Do not underestimate fans~ Taeyang has a lot of mature/adult fans who would probably like to see the concert but won’t fight over it cause they’re much older. GD’s fan base is mostly younger fan girls who’ll give their right hand to see GD.

          It’s just not fair to Taeyang. I understand if you’re a Big Bang fan and you want to go because you want to support YB who is a Big Bang member, but if you’re going for GD then its not fair to YB fans….

  3. YES DVD PLEASE! Since there is no chance of me going. Lucky to those able to make it. Another YB concert, woo hoo!

  4. YB’s going to be hella busy. isnt that the time BB’s gonna do promotions? I feel sorry for him T_T
    I’ll support you as much as I can YB!!! 😀

  5. OMG!! yes!!! i have the HOT concert DVD and man i’m so glad i bought it! the concert was fiyah..! now this is gonna be even better.. ^^

    he seems to be targeting a bigger audience too^^ there were about 4000 fans who came to his last concert right? correct me if i’m wrong, but maybe for this upcoming concert, 5000+ people are coming.. ^^(even if there are not enough seats hehe)

      1. I still think that stage is tiny. Big Bang stages are huge with walkways and everything. Plus I wouldn’t say YB is lacking fans to fill the hall

  6. a bit over a month away, gaaah, hopefully dvd come out by christmas.
    and lol, anyone think yb will invite yuri to his concert since she invited him to theirs ? hahaha.

    1. I actually think he should. Bae is a gentleman in every sense of the word so I’m sure he knows it would be very courteous of him to return the gesture.

      By the way, I’m still fascinated by how no one, absolutely no one managed to spot him in that concert. I had heard that YG men were like ninjas, but only now I believe it.

  7. damnnnn! i wish i got to see some yb on stage. oh man hope yb fans do get those tickets so that as tofu said more YB- lovin. hehe i hope they do release a dvd because my HOT concert dvd is getting scratched haha but yeah with new concert = more songs to sing and take it slow live haha (naughty thoughs going through my head) …

  8. Wow,already?i think its kinda early to
    have his concert but i cant wait!!
    Another 18 concert, whats really 18
    about a concert?!lol:)

      1. oh hi! nope, i don’t live in Korea. But I’ll be going to the concert.. tickets can be bought on yg website and i think yesasia, though i’m not sure. my friend who lives in korea will be the one buying the tickets so… ^_^

  9. omg! i so wish i could go to korea to see this! and i really hope korean yb fans get in this time. he deserves people going to his concert that actually want to see just him. the 18+ concert…wonder what he’s going to do, esp since he’s not acting very shy anymore. haha ;D

  10. Oohhh~~ I’d so want to attend both nights!!!

    I wish I could go~~~~ YB hotness!!!

    AND A YB SOLO CONCERT!! Woohoo~~~

  11. my hope is that VIPs don’t get preferred treatment again or that maybe YG does some type of promotion with the bigger YB fansites. I’m sure they are aware of what had happen during the HOT concert so they will try to prevent it again – plus since YB has a full album +minialbum now there isn’t any reason why BB will be performing for him at all. That was the main reason why they performed last time – because he didn’t have enough songs for a full concert.

    1. VIPz pay for membership every year so of course they will get treatment from YG. Other YB fansites are unofficial and don’t pay YG at all so why would YG let them get the tickets first?

      Like it was said before,BB’s performance was a surprise and no one knew they would perform. So I dont get where all this stuff about them leaving came from. YB is my first bias and I love him but some of his fans are ridiculous.

      1. I am so curious about what happen in HOT concert. Did the vipz really leave before the concert? How the i-yb fans know about this. Anyone got the article? I want to read.
        Thanks. I agree with you. I am so glad that not all YB fans are like that. Actually there are many vipz who are yb bias. If compare to yb hardcore fans, I think YB has more vip fans.

        1. @??
          exactly,where is the proof? also if YB fans don’t want YB VIPz fans to attend then maybe YB VIPz shouldn’t support and buy his album. Its funny how they want it both ways.

          yeah the place is full throughout the whole DVD,so where is the empty space that the VIPz supposedly left?

        2. Its not that YB fans don’t want the VIPz to attend, its just that seating is very limited so non-VIP fans had a very hard time getting tickets the last time. Since YB doesn’t have his own official fanclub with the same privileges as VIPs, they feel bad since they don’t have priority that VIPs do.

          This could have been avoided with a larger venue, but since there are any number of reasons why they chose this one (a more intimate setting, non-availability of other larger venues etc.) fans who were unable to get tickets the last time are understandably upset that it will be very competitive to get tickets yet again. They were worrying about how ticketing would be done long before the concert date was announced…

    2. Um…I think it’s good if BB make a suprised appearance because TY is a part of BB afterall….His solo music is different than BB’s music, but still, it’s TY from BB….All of the members have in the past appeared in pretty much most of members’ solo concerts, so I don’t understand why not?!

      I’m seriously disliking how YB fans are distanting themselves from VIPs, when you are a VIPs, yourself if you are BB fans as TY is apart of BB.

      And about the whole thing with VIPs left before HOT concert; seriously, the members make a suprised appearance, how the heck did they kknew before hand just to get a glimpse by buying a ticket a left…I find the story too unrealistic to believe in to began with….not like they’re psychic…wtf?! Is like saying VIps who attended GD’s concert to see the members left right after the members appear on stage for a suprise appearance (@?)!

      1. Yeah they dont want BB or even GD who is on the title song to be at the concert lol. Bae is a BB member first and soloist second.

  12. this news gave me a headache… then i checked the cost of flying to Korea and i think i just… LOL

    ah, good luck YB!
    i’m sure it’ll be a success~!!!

  13. 18 …geez whiz I wonder what kind of show that’s gonna be…info on where to buy tickets please…lol 😉

  14. o my.. i wanna go to korea ;o and i wanna be 18, cuz there has to be something different from the all ages show keke ;p i wish i had the money for a ticket to seoul

  15. The venue looks really nice.
    I hope he gets to perform with a live band like he wanted to.
    Also, I guess ‘Take It Slow’ will finally be performed in the 18+ concert. I’m so jealous of the people attending. I would so go to Korea for that concert if I didn’t have my schedule all packed.
    YG do something and bring YB to Canada and The States. We deserve a bit of love too.

    1. I want to see YB perform too. I’m willing to travel to any destination to do it, but it would be cool if YG were to consider this. I want YB to tour internationally.

      1. I’ve actually heard of JYP and SM organizing small concerts in the US before, so I’m sure it’s not impossible for YB to tour internationally.
        I really don’t get YG. He could be making some good extra cash by giving us, int’l fans, some love…

        1. Even if YGE decide to hold anything international or overseas its more likely to be Big Bang, Se7en, 2NE1 related rather their only YB by himself. I love Big Bang, Se7en and 2NE1, but i’d rather see Taeyang performing solo than the rest if I only had one choice.

        2. I’m guessing this is one of the many issues touching YB fans right now. We love him as a solo but he has commitments to the group. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Big Bang perform either so I’m willing to take YB anyway I can have him. If that means seeing him through a BB concert so be it.

    2. I don’t understand his thinking either it’s obvious that the interest is there, with the success of SOLAR internationally. Right now YB’s schedule is packed with activities not to mention BB’s comeback. Possibly he doesn’t have enough time to think about this just yet. But when the time is right I’m sure YB will tour abroad.

  16. Im soo glad he’s having a concert.
    The venue looks amazing as well.
    …I understand the necessity for priority seating, but at the same time, there are YB fans that arent VIPs (im guessing esp the older fans), not to mention international fans who arent VIPs……interesting to see how this will be solved..if at all..

  17. If I didn’t have school and had some money, I would be on a plane to S. Korea heading to that Sept. 5 concert hehehe you know it totally legal for that show. *sigh* But I have to rely on fancam…Kfans don’t fail on me pls get some awesome fancam :). YG, pls have the Dvd be region code friendly. 🙂

  18. I’m assuming the 18 is featuring take it slow!! I hope there will be tons of fancams and a DVD I can purchase just for the performance of that song.

    I may flatline just thinking about it.


  19. Makes me sad that i have school……….
    I knew about the concert when I arrived at the dance studio..
    Shaun asked us to document this also…because he is trying to bring more movement lifestyle choreographers….but Richard and I have schoool and no money.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh…I can understand how you must feel right now Qui but at least you got to meet Taeyang! wayyy luckier than most of us lol

    2. Hey qui.

      Is Shaun still over there??

      Hopefully you can go … If you end up having the money you would and forget school huh? Lol


    3. Qui…..you’re lucky that you would even have the opportunity to do that! More ML choreographers??? Does that mean like Jeka and Pat and etc? That would be amazing! His concert would be even more epic!!!

    4. he wants to film the making of the concert and stuff i tihnk. Since its a concert I think Shaun is gonna choreograph almost the whole album ahahahaha

  20. September 4th is my birthday! WOW to attend the concert would be like the best birthday EVER! ah but unfortunately not…

    and about the limited amount of space issue,I have to be honest I was a bit bummed that since the HOT concert was ridiculously limited why wont they let him have a bigger audience like GD did but come to think of it YB probably prefers a smaller audience rather than a massive stage where he wont even see half the audience,I don’t think he wants this concert as a way of showing how great he is at filling out massive stadiums but rather a way to show his appreciation to his fans.

    However I do feel sorry for the fans who wont be able to get in…

  21. Of course he has to have a concert! plus I love how he has the “no minors” version. hehehe.

    Too bad it’s in Korea. I hope he gets the time to tour around the world. But Big Bang’s comeback is so soon he won’t have the time. so sad.

    Wishing for the best fancams and DVD!

  22. Wow…I feel like this is kind of last minute? It’s almost August already and they’re planning a concert for September? I guess BB isn’t planning on coming back yet b/c it would suck to be doing group promotions at the same time that YB is trying to plan the concert.

    At least YB’s in a bigger arena now. Hopefully the YB fans will be able to get seats b/c they deserve it! Unlike GD, I wouldn’t want YB do perform by himself in anything bigger than this. GD’s so over-the-top he needs a huge stadium. He’s does better in smaller venues where he interacts with the people more. He’s so much more charismatic in places like that. Just him, a simple stage, and a small number of fans getting to enjoy what he does best.

    1. I agree…i was thinking his concert would be christmas time or something, so i was saving up for that. But September is so soon. And if Big Bang do comeback in August, expecting Taeyang to do a concert in September is a joke. The amount of preperation for Big Bang comeback + the amount of preperation for a solo concert + the fact that hes at the moment doing his solo promotions. That would just kill YB.

      Also even if YB likes a smaller venue so he can interact with fans, YG should then set more dates for the concert. Giving GD such a big venue and YB such a small one, its unfair to the fans. Not to mention YB has got like 15 songs which he can now perform. So its not exactly gonna be a 1 hour concert or anything

    2. I think YB prefers performing in these smaller venues. If anything YG should put on more shows. Two is not enough for the fans that want to attend. Not to mention international fans who want to get tickets and make a trip down to South Korea to see him perform. I want YG to get his act together and have YB tour internationally so all his fans get a chance to see him.

      1. I’d say putting on more shows will be worrying for me. No doubt I’d love to see more Bae, but two shows… singing and dancing 1 or 2 hours for a few days consecutively…. WHOOSH~~~

        I’ll be worried if he’s well rested enough to do a good performance.

        I would love an international tour, then maybe I could get to see him either during Christmas in Taiwan, or during the summer in July in Australia… LOLs

  23. I so wanna go!! Have got no school cause am on break but urgh…the troubles of being a student – $$$$! Checked out airfares and lol, it’s pretty impossible for me to go already… hahaha.

  24. Omg, im jealous and sad at the same time. Too bad i dont live in korea 😦 If i could, i would go to korea just to watch his concert. Ahhh, im sad. He needs to have a concert in the U.S, ASAP!

  25. YB definitely needs to have concerts in the US. He could do like WG did. Then he wouldn’t have to worry about having separate concerts that were 18 …..they can all be 18 !!!! 🙂


    now I just need to get info on how to it cause I can’t read Korean!
    Kay or any of the translators,

    HELP! I really wanna go to both concerts 😉

  27. Bigbangupdates released Taeyangs GQ interview and in here he talks about “take it slow”

    – link deleted –

    1. Just read the interview. So basically since there was a complete change in concept, songs, title and everything. There’s basically another 10+ song YB album in YG’ s studio…
      Which is more like his HOT mini album and more darker compared to Solar.
      Dammmitt i wanna hear that so badly

      Furthermore, for me ‘Take It Slow’ is the best song in his new album which he wrote. The fact that some people responded badly to it, and unsettled YB saddens me.

      I find GQ ask much better questions which are more insightful rather than the basic obvious questions. However having said that I think they seem a bit forceful and blunt sometimes. Like sometimes YB doesn’t finish explain and they interrupt him

  28. I have no idea if any VIPz really left the building – that’s why I said “supposedly.” I actually have a hard time believing it, too, but I’ve heard at least a mention of it here and there before. Maybe it’s all BS, or maybe there was just one or two who happened to be witnessed. (Unfortunately, sometimes it only takes one bad apple to…) And I dunno, the BB appearance was unannounced, but there was plenty of speculation/anticipation that they’d be there.

    As for VIPz paying membership for this preferential treatment…. You don’t see YB fans complaining about priority ticketing for big bang concerts. This is a solo concert though. Yes, YB’s a member of BB, but he’s presenting himself as a solo artist. Obviously, there is no official YB fanclub – which is unfortunate but understandable – but should the same ticketing method be applied to this concert?

    VIPz pay membership for BB. This isn’t BB. And I’m NOT saying that VIP YB fans shouldn’t get special access to ticketing. I just wish YG wouldn’t exclude YB’s other fanbase. With YB, it’s not just about the VIPz! There are older fans and int’l fans who love him just as much, and I wish YG would acknowledge that a little more. And with actions, not just words, thank you! Couldn’t they have, I dunno, offered advance ticketing to fans who purchased the deluxe edition instead? That would have been more inclusive, for instance.

    Anyway, I apologize if I brought any negativity or groundless rumors. I think I’ll go make myself useful now and finally get started on those SH subs, LOL!

    1. I agree dude -_-

      I think Yb fans are taking action, there seems to be talks of a petition or protest.

      ATY usually joins these things (we’ve signed a joint YB protest before)….I vote for a bigger venue~~

      1. really kay?! awesome. I was just telling tofu they should do something like this. good for them.let their voices be heard. I visited every single korean YB fansite, and they all seem to be pissed off..even the moderately bias ones
        @silly dont worry about it, you’re just stating the facts, and Im really grateful to you for letting us know the thoughts of korean YB fans 🙂

    2. Thanks Silly for filling us in. Because K-fans have been so supportive and gracious to us, I think it’s also important for us to support them as well. I can’t speak for everyone here, but I’m hoping they all get to see YB perform. Its a shame because they’ve been loyal supporters since the very beginning. They really deserve it.

    3. Don’t be silly~ (LOL, that’s confusing isn’t it…XD)

      You’re just stating what’s going on with the K-YB fans. =)

      I like your idea about the advanced ticketing for fans who bought the SOLAR Deluxe Edition, that would be a whole lot better and beneficial.

      Summer fan event is still just that, you get some of YB’s exclusive stuff, but if you’re able to go to his solo concert… HECK YEAH~~~~~~~ AWESOME~~~

      (that’ll be exciting for me since I got the deluxe edition, LOL, I CAN DREAM!)

  29. Oops, sorry – this was supposed to be in response to some earlier posts. Forgot to click the “reply” button. -.-;;

  30. taeyang fans spamming the message board on taeyang website right now

    what are they talking about?

    google translate not helping but something about the concert and venue

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