Taeyang & Seungri cuts on Strong Heart!

Oh, I just love it when he freestyles! Below is a dance cut. And OH MY GOSH. Jung Juri is just EPIC.

C: amreallynice @ yt
*I’m adding more as they’re uploaded.

Preview for next week


99 thoughts on “Taeyang & Seungri cuts on Strong Heart!”

  1. OMG!!!!! I’m dying now!!! YB ia freaking gorgeous!!!! He looks so laid-back and happy! Can’t wait til this is subbed!

    The dance cut was epic! Did you see all the celebrity fangirling and fanboying? They were going crazy over YB!!! And Jung Juri….oh Jung Juri….you just can’t resist our man can you? Always trying to make a rated R scene with him….betcha Juri went crazy BTS!!! Haha

  2. wahhh… cant help myself… wahhh am literally jumping in my room.. juri so damn lucky.. and the cuts are really great.. thanks for the upload.! hope subs will be soon…

  3. jung juri was awesome. but what got me going lol irl was jiyeon in the background right before juri planted the kiss. hahaha, the reactions are priceless.

  4. omg! Juri!! Ahh, I was blushing when she touched YB’s thighs.
    SR’s face when Juri kissed YB was EPIC! hahaha and of course the kim chi part, lol

    1. lol, KHD’s face during YB’s Yuri date story. He was so disappointed in the end. Looks like SR gets a taste of what YB’s experiencing next wk, although he seems a bit terrified….

  5. There are so many fangirls and fanboys on stage! You can see their expressions when Bae did his freestyle. =)
    The SuJu boys has to rescue Taeyang’s thighs from Jung Juri. ahhh this girl, can’t get enough of Taeyang, she has to kiss him again!

    Can’t wait for the subs!
    BTW part 3 is up on BigBangUpdates. =)

    1. I love part 3! Look at how Seungri is so contented to had made Taeyang spill about Yuri. hahaha! Plus his song always plays in the background whenever he says something. Hahaha. 3rd MC of SH. hehehe

      Even if I don’t understand much I kinda get it! Kang Ho Dong was so frustrated when he found out Bae only asked about the LED to SNSD after their concert! hahahaha!

      Really can’t wait for the subs now!

      1. LOL, yea~
        I think Ho Dong ask what was the best part of the concert or what he enjoyed the most or something and Taeyang said the LED ….

        I think Tae was trying to get himself out of the hot water Seungri poured on him…hah

        1. Of course he has to. Fanboys of SNSD might “kill” him, or the Suju boys might corner him on what’s with him and Yuri.

          Bad Seungri! But I actually liked that Bae said something like that. It kinda erases the usual thought of him as a person who never had dated.

        2. But in HahaMong show, SNSD told a story about Taeyang saying that he was impressed about the LED, so i guess he really meant what he said about the LED.And then Daesung said something about how Taeyang actually wanted to say something else. But he couldn’t have known because Taeyang said that he never told the Big Bang members about him going to the concert. I think that was the first time Seungri heard about Taeyang going to the SNSD concert.

        3. @kim, nah, I don’t think so. If you watch Hahamong show again, Sr was laughing in the background when Ds was telling the story about the LED. He knew…LOL…

        4. @kim-Taeyang went to the concert without telling them but he told them(or they found out) after wards.

  6. I was laughing so hard at Jung Juri and even harder when she was feeling up on TaeYang hahaha. Oh man, you gotta love Jung Juri and her antics.

  7. ROFL! Oh Juri I love you! Haha that was hilarious

    Excited for the subs, thanks for posting! Looks like Seungri’s spilling a lot of secrets

  8. Thanks for the quick upload! I love it when Taeyang shows off his dance moves!

    On a side note: Does anyone know where we can watch the full episode or subbed episodes?

  9. Jung Joori deserves a medal. She was totally taking advantage of the opportunity she was given. I can’t believe she was even feeling YB’s thighs.

    And Seungri, I love you for spilling the beans and adding more fuel to the fire.
    It was priceless to see YB so flustered whenever KHD kept on trying to dig out more information about his blind date.
    I seriously cannot wait to watch this with subs.

    Next episode seems just as fun. I’m already looking forward to it.

  10. LOL!!!! Juri….
    I don’t know why but I laughed at Shindong more when he picked up the foood at the end ahahahaha

    1. ohh thanks for the hq!
      and omg juri…seriously. I am soo envious of you!!
      but lmaooo when she started to feel up his thighs…*died*

    2. Thanks so much for the link.
      I just finished watching all the parts JongmalMolla uploaded.
      The video message to Yuri was so cute and sweet. πŸ˜‰

      1. Omg, thank you!
        I remembered reading on AllKpop about the video msg, but then I saw the video ATY posted and it didn’t have it so I thought they had edited it.
        I’m so jealous! His little laugh when he didn’t know what to say was so cuuute.
        Are you guys going to sub it? I really wanna know what he told her. I only understood something about friends and concert. I need to learn Korean. T_T

  11. OMG juri! lmfao, ah, YB’s expressions were priceless , he was like wincing ahaha! thatta girl, she just cant get enuf of him can she? i dont blame her, touching his thighs indeed. πŸ™‚

  12. wahaaahah!
    love this show!

    thanks for this!

    OH and the girl that danced with Yb sooo freaking hilarious!!!
    i wanna see them dance together again! really!!! hahahaha

    P.S oh, so they’re together with yoon Si Yoon (the handsome actor from baker king?? love him!) and also ji Yeon? awww…
    btw, is that blonde hair girl “hwangbo”???!!!!!

  13. ROFL at Jung Juri,oh my gosh that woman is outrageous! I guess this time she wanted to make up for last time as well ahaha she’s hilarious,EPIC indeed πŸ˜€

    and whoa Taeyang always leaves me gaping and then grinning like an idiot by the sheer amount of cool-ness,amazing-ness,what have you,he oozes when he dances like that!

    cant wait for subs!

    1. The self proclaimed ‘Idol Killer’ strikes again. Jung Joori is my hero. She does the things we all wish we could do but can’t because we don’t live in South Korea. So I’ll just sit here and live through you Jung Joori. I love this woman so much!

  14. LOL JungJuri!!

    She always want to sexual harassment Yb? LOL!!
    she really can’t keep her hand away from him.

    I really laugh my ass of when YB sit down, trying to protect himself from her hand.

    and It make me laugh really hard!!!!

    I kind of love her! LOL~ Not even a slice bit of jealous,
    just only LOL and being a little bit Envy!! XD!!


  15. Lol.Looked like Juri was aiming for more than just his thighs. Don’t we all want to be Juri for just this moment

  16. haha that lady is funny but weird lol
    cant wait for the subs

    Ps: Taeyang stops wearing skinny jeans please cuz it makes his lower body looks smaller than the upper part and not manly at all

    1. I think the only way to solve that problem is if YB takes off his shirt. When he’s half naked he looks older and his body doesn’t look disportion. I have to say our boy looks a lot better w/o his shirt.

  17. Haha JJ is hilarious. She was eating kimichi and wearing jeans lmao trying to seduce YoungBae I see. Shindong eating the kimichi at the end was pretty hilarious too.

  18. Aaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhh!!LMAO!!! She is trying to straight rape Taeyang!!!! OMG!!!! She ran her hands down his thighs!!! She look like she almost went for the package!!! So funny!!! I like Strong Heart!!!!!

  19. Lol. The Suju guys had to rescue Bae before Juri robbed him of his innocence. xDDD
    I love it when Bae freestyles too. He talked more than last time and hope that he gets even more air time next week. :p

  20. Is it just me or every time Taeyang goes on Strong heart he gets risk of getting raped by some one? lol.

    LOL. Shindong at the at very last seconds….PRICELESS. JUST PRICELESS.

      1. He does like it. He is always smiling when Juri “attacks” and he doesn’t cringe/run away like other idols Juri has pounced on

    1. I think he’s too sweet and finds what Juri does too funny and LOL.

      BUT WHO KNOWS~~ Maybe he likes it, like Janelle said hahahah~

        1. Oooooh *ahem* “There are ways to go about things” and then “Proceed with caution” ? πŸ˜‰

        2. Yep! it looks like you planned everything,you didn’t practice too did you? just kidding lol πŸ˜€

          sorry for the late reply btw,didn’t get a chance to come on earlier…^_^

        3. It was after watching the first episode he was on. I can understand how she could want to jump him seeing as he was on the ground, but knowing how shy he is……I wouldn’t do it. I haven’t practiced. But I have thought about it quite a bit……

  21. Awkward hug alert. ROFL.

    Don’t you hate it when then happens. πŸ™‚

    Someone’s arms are already up but the other person also puts their arms up = collision of arms.

    Lucky girl. πŸ™‚

  22. OMG ! that first video just made me laugh my head off!! especially when she whispered something in taeyangs ear that was hilarious!

    pleeeasseee doo subs! i wish i could understand πŸ˜₯

    1. Its just been released today so there probably won’t be subs for this episode just yet. I’m sure we’ll post it once it comes out.

  23. damn, taeyang seriously worked that stage, all that was missing was the floor humping, but that freestyle was hot enough. and i’m so glad it was a ‘legit’ freestyle as well, nowadays when kpop stars are asked to freestyle they either just go sexy and do waves or jack bits and pieces of their choreo together, taeyang’s dance was legit.

  24. I wonder how Onew from shinee feels LOL. Jung juri is hilarious!!! I love her!! And i can’t believe how her hands were everywhere!! And bae bae didn’t cringe until it was soo close to his pride and joy.

    I love how adorable he is!! Baebae!! I’m so happy to see you happy!!!

    And shindong is prolly one of fave Kpop artist!! He’s hilarious!! Eatig the kimchi fried rice!

    Mann. This episode is epic!! I cat wait for subs. Thank you Kay tofumon n Janelle!

  25. … But does taeyang look … Skinnier?

    I just watced it again. I can’t get over the end!! Her hands were so close! And bae had no idea it’d get that far.

    SK is adorable when he was fanboying.

    Spazzing spazzing spazzzzzzz!!!

  26. i’m enjoying myself so much right now..! thank you for sharing!
    at first, i thought the dance was a bit overboard.. cuz taeyang seemed to be in his own world and are really enjoying the response from the crowd and was thinking “yeah i’m good” but then i found myself watching it over and over again and well he is good, so i had to take back what i said hehehe… and this time the dance was so much better that the last time. and did she really kiss him… the expression oh my i ROFL so freaking bad…XD but then in the end.. LOL what was she thinking?XD but YB likes it didn’t he? you cheeky dude…

    he was so cute trying to explain the situation between hi and yuri.. the LED part was funny too. what did Hodong asked the audience? they were like “yea…”

  27. I had a dream this morning that YB was doing back flips butt naked. In my dream I was like, “what”? Then I woke up and watched YB get molested by Jung Juri. This is epic.

  28. LMAO!!! i nearly choked on my m&m when i was watching jung juri harass taeyang. i was bouncing up and down on my chair with tears in my eyes. that was frickin HILARIOUS! i didnt expect she would touch his thigh and i just kept laughing and laughing most hilarious ive seen i cant stop watching it haha. And i can tell that seungri is getting bae into trouble when they were talking about yuri haha lol i bet bae’s gonna grill his ass next ep too. i cant wait for next ep and subs πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ this is comedy

  29. Bae was probably wondering why Juri was feeling his thigh too late to realize she’s after his package.lol
    i love Juri.

  30. It’s amazing how I laugh even though I have NO idea what they are saying.

    When the hosts laugh, I just crack up laughing too.

    Laughter is the universal language no?

  31. omg poor TY he was touched by Juri on his legs& other parts of the body. haha that women is really crazy , she always learns Ty dances so she can dance with him

  32. LMFAO~!!! that was one good eps right there lol
    omggg she so lucky got to kiss taeyang
    i jeallousss >3<

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