FYI: Tae Yang 1st Full Album YG FAMILY # SUMMER EVENT!

This is for those who bought Taeyang’s album…either DELUXE or STANDARD Edition!  You have to have a YG e-shop account to participate!  Good luck everyone.

Confirm YG FAMILY NUMBER, and participate in SUMMER EVENT

– Tae Yang First Full Album YG FAMILY NUMBER Confirmation 2ND SUMMER EVENT?

Tae Yang First Full Album [SOLAR] Normal Edition / Deluxe Edition Purchasers within July 1st ~ 31st

Participants will be confirmed members, and Tae Yang will personally select the winner!

– Even Participation method

Anyone who purchased either one of Tae Yang First Full Album [SOLAR] Normal or Deluxe Edition

Can participate!

(Deluxe Edition Purchasers who have already confirmed YG FAMILY NUMBER are not required to confirm again.)

Through Tae Yang Official Homepage, confirm the YG FAMILY NUMBER written in YG FAMILY CARD, and you will be automatically listed for participation!

*Login to YG e-shop and through MY PAGE you can check the confirmation status

Event Participation Duration

July 1st, 2010 ~ July 31st, 2010

After purchasing Tae Yang First Full Album  [SOLAR] Normal Edition / Deluxe Edition, confirm

– Winner Announcement

August 4th, 2010 Wednesday 7PM / Tae Yang Official Homepage Announcement Board

2nd SUMMER EVENT Winner Prizes

Tae Yang Album Image+ Frame containing personal signature (10 People)

Profile Picture of Tae Yang in the album and picture frame with his personal autograph on it will be given!

Tae Yang Totally-Precious Item – Hat (5 People)

One of the Totally-Precious Items of Tae Yang! Personally selected hat by Tae Yang will be given!

BSX T-shirt티셔츠 (30 People)

BSX Logo / T-shirt Image

For ALL YG FAMILY NUMBER Confirmed Members–

A Tae Yang Wall Paper with names of All confirmed members will be given

For all of those who confirmed YG FAMILY NUMBER, a Tae Yang Wall Paper with all the confirmed members name on it will be given through email!

– Things to notice for 2nd SUMMER EVENT

(1) Member who have already confirmed after purchasing a Deluxe Edition, do not have to reconfirm.

(2) Those member who have purchased Deluxe Edition and confirmed, and have purchased Normal Edition can confirm multiple times, therefore increasing the chance of winning.

(3) 2nd Summer Event participation is possible with confirming either Deluxe Edition or the Normal edition

– YG FAMILY NUMBER Confirmation TIP!! Must READ!!

For those who has error occurring while confirming YG FAMILY NUMBER, look at the information below and retry, and any other questions should be asked through an email, and we will give you a reply.


(2) DO NOT GET CONFUSE WITH ALPHABET I and number 1, alphabet O and number 0!

–  Questions regarding YG FAMILY NUMBER confirmation email:

Source: Tae Yang Official Homepage
Translated by & Credit:

80 thoughts on “FYI: Tae Yang 1st Full Album YG FAMILY # SUMMER EVENT!”

  1. I don’t think you can participate with the deluxe if you’re outside Korea~ the deluxe wasn’t meant to be for international fans anyway~ I think he’ll have a fit giving away stuff to international fans, he’s so stingy about it (YG)

    1. As much as I love YG, he sucks! At least in regards to int’l fans. 😦 I would love to get a personalized hat or picture frame but alas, it’s not meant to be.

    2. thats stupid. if anything International fans who managed to get the deluxe album are more dedicated and have alot of love for Taeyang. So its stupid not letting international fans participate. Dammm you YG

      1. I AGRREE! because i made the effort to get up at 6am in the morning on the day of my exams to order my deluxe edition! hmmph, lols well mr.YG should realise youngbae has ore international fans than korean fans! LOLS!♡

    3. hi guys, just want u to know that ygeshop still have stocks of the deluxe albums and they now sell them overseas as well. go check it out quick!

      1. i sent an email to ygshop to ask about the deluxe album…
        they were actually available to interational fans since 3rd july = =”

      2. so all that about the Deluxe album being sold out within a day were all made up? lol YG you cunning little man….

      3. yeah there still available on dvd heaven so they arn’t really sold out. Maybe YG meant that they were all sold out to the retailers who bought them

    4. so then the peoples who bought a deluxe version of the album , that are international fans people
      can particpate on this ;O
      if it is that sucks
      i hope he can do something for us international fans
      so with you vipwong~!!!

  2. Through Tae Yang Official Homepage, confirm the YG FAMILY NUMBER written in YG FAMILY CARD, and you will be automatically listed for participation!

    *Login to YG e-shop and through MY PAGE you can check the confirmation status

    Kay Im a little confuse on this one. Just in case, can you post taeyang official homepage. And do we have to login to YG e-shop? And what you mean by checking the confirmation status?

    Sorry for my slowness, but if I want to win I got know if I’m doing it right. :] And I haven’t recieve my normal edition yet!! Anyways, I’m excited. Cause anything can happen right?! Even though I feel like my faith is sort of low but hey! Like I said, “ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN”. right?

    1. You need to make an account for the YG-eshop through the foreigner method if you’re not residing in Korea however I think this event is only for Korean residents who have YG e-shop accounts, not those who are registered under “Foreign”…..but try and see if you can entire your number and confirm your status….

      I’m not sure, this stuff is really confusing because the deluxes weren’t meant to be sold to international fans, so it’s likely this stuff isn’t open to people registered as “foreign” under YGeshop, but I could be wrong

        1. hey since u have an account did they call u or sumething to confirm ur telephone number?

      1. Hmm, I didn’t know the deluxe ed. was only for korea only.
        I bought it on ebay by a shop named Grapemusic, thought I might have a chance from 0,01% of winning one of these things x) hahaha
        But I don’t mind, getting his deluxe ed. was the best thing I could ever had

        If only I could meet him,… sigh!!

    1. If you bought the Normal Edition yes, Deluxe Edition no.

      As Kay said, YG never intended to give the Deluxe Edition to international fans it seems.

      1. that doesn’t make sense though,I mean the Deluxe edition was after all made available in sites like Yesasia who are known to do international deliveries,so YG must know that many fans outside Korea got hold of them and if anything the same principles must apply to international fans as to Koreans,assuming that international fans CAN participate so I don’t think its a matter of whether you have a Deluxe or Regular but whether international fans are allowed to participate at all.

        1. I don’t know…. That’s what weirds me out as well… @___@ but I would say give it a try and make an account at YG eshop anyway and see if you get lucky.

          @ygtaeyangbb – Yep! But I’d say anybody who’s got the Deluxe can try it out as well, doesn’t hurt. ^^

  3. deluxe edition was not meant for international fans?!!??!??!?! how sad!!!!!


    so deluxe edition owners outside of korea can’t participate?!?!

    1. i think it is fake cuz i rememberd aimee said something about the fake twitter account.. she said taeyang doesnt even noe about twitter …. well that was a long time ago but yeah..

    2. Definitely FAKE,especially since he tweets with g_dragon1 who is known to be a fake,besides its a known fact that no BB members have tweeters yet.

      Don’t believe these things if there’s no official confirmation,that’s what I always tell myself.

  4. Well that sucks I have the deluxe version well you win some and you lose some man I really wanted the hat though

  5. I kind of regret posting this now. A bunch of other fansites posted it so I was hopeful that we all can cash on this event. Sorry if this caused more confusion and frustration than it should have.

    It sucks that YGE does not cater to international fans. It would be fantastic if they did….because they have so many. YGeshop does ship internationally so maybe we all can be hopeful that this would work. But seriously, YGE needs to pay attention to us…the site is still in Korean for goddssakkke.

  6. OMG !! i can’t believe he’ll be giving away 5 of his hats. OMG !! totally sucks how we international fans are at a disadvantage. boooooo. i’d kill to have one of his hats, literally.

    off topic: will yb be appearing on any music programs this week? heard he’s in japan, bummer if he can’t make it.

  7. Is he giving away one if HIS hats? This sucks… I got the deluxe album AND they don’t ship to my country. Omg, I want to participate.


    1. wait the confirmation numbers are all in korean? Then how we surposed to registered if we dont speak or read korean?

      1. nevermind. its not in korean. You need to scratch that gray and black swirls thing. Like how people do with lottery and stuff.

  9. We might as well just forget about this….*sigh* it will be a very very long time before YG holds an event like this for international fans..

  10. Just wondering, does anyone else find it hard to take out and put back the disc in the deluxe edition album. Cos like the case its like you can’t really put your fingers in it, so its hard to pop to CD out or in

    1. I just put the CD in a regular case. It was getting kinda annoying with the fact that I have such difficulty with taking the CD in and out. Great CD case design but, in my opinion, not so functional.

  11. So, does it means if im an international fan i will not be able to participate for this summer event? Anyone knows how to confirm YG family number? Everything is in Korean and i cant understand any 😦

  12. I’ve never seen YG say anywhere that international fans can’t participate in this. Stop saying that like it’s a fact, people.

  13. wait. so i live in texas and i bought the regular edition of taeyang’s album in stores.
    so if i just sign up as a member on YGeshop as a foreginer, am i automatically in this contest thing?

    i got that small card in the album that says taeyang solar ont eh front! its like a mini id.

    1. yeah. Before I join YGeshop, they ask for my name and my ID no. Is the ID no. is that the same thing as the YG family number?

        1. kay :] And when they ask for the card image. Does it mean the ID card image? Do they want just a picture of me on my id card or do they want all my info and my picture on my id?

          Man, I sound like an idiot. Askin these stupid questions but hey. The ID part is just a bit personal. And im just makin sure that im followin the rules so i can enter the contest. Ohs and thanks for helpin me out you guys :]

  14. i logged in and entered my code from my deluxe album and it was taken. Checked the confirmation and it was there…Im from the US btw. So i guess international fans dohave a chance.

  15. Hey, just FYI, YG just posted info on YB’s solo concert – it’s on Sept 4th and 5th (probably one is 18+ like HOT). This is very quick but it’s probably going to because BB is suppose to comeback right around then. Can’t wait.

    1. Yikes, and the korean YB sites are in an uproar already, and I can’t blame them. The concerts are going to be held in a small 4,500 seat theater, and VIPs will get priority ticketing again.

      If you recall, YB fans were really upset last time during the HOT concert because they were unable to get tickets. I would be hopping mad, too, if I were them. YG really needs to get in touch with YB’s fanbase. Could they really be this clueless about the demographic? A sizable chunk of YB’s fandom – I’d say the majority – is YB-exclusive. They’re not VIPs, and actions like this from YG is really alienating for them. Ugh…

  16. I never signed up on YG’s shop cause never knew how T.T
    Can we use our student ID’s? as like a card image?

    1. I think you’ll have to use a driver’s license or passport.

      Most people don’t want to use passport, and they’ve found that driver’s license worked as well. So if you don’t feel safe using your passport,t hen do that instead 🙂

  17. I signed in the YGEshop before. So based on the comments since I have the Deluxe Album I can join the contest? I hope I can. =)

    I was actually suppose to ask you guys with the YG Family Card. I got no idea what to do with it, since it’s in korean and I can’t read Hangul, nor understand it. *sigh*

  18. On the membership form, they ask for my id. And i type my id but it said it should start with a alphabetic letter. But my id is just all numbers. I dont get what is tryin to say. I can’t believe its this difficult to join in YGeshop.

    1. No, the ID number is the number on your I.D. Like your identification card with your picture and everything on it when you turn 18 or 21. You know?

        1. Yeap, your I.D or your drivers license would work . I have not been approved yet though. So I don’t really know what’s up.

    1. That was for the 1st Family Event with only the people who purchased the Deluxe Solar Edition. It was from the 1st of July-22nd.

    1. im pretty sure you can sign up for the event i just signed up with my yg family card from my deluxe album…you have to register for ygeshop first and you must use an ID…you may use your state ID/driver’s license and upload a picture and wait for confirmation. after that you input your yg family card that’s in the back (you scratch the gray area for it) and then that’s it!

  19. I have a question. When I sign in and go to My Page, I notice that there’s something wrong with my name (I guess it’s too long, so they cut some letters 😀 ). But I can’t modify it. Is there a way to change it ? or I should send an email to YG to ask for modifying. Thank you.

  20. Oh my. I’m kind of depressed now. D: So if we don’t have an ID, we don’t even have a chance to sign up for ygeshop? All I have is a lame Student ID from my school. =[

    1. apparently you can use it…i remember someone using their school ID or state ID and it went through…try it 🙂

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