[Pic Spam] Taeyang on SBS Strong Heart

Why is Taeyang pouting in this pic? You’re #1 baby!!!! 🙂

Source: SBS via ybmania


27 thoughts on “[Pic Spam] Taeyang on SBS Strong Heart”

  1. haha the 1st pic is so kawaii *_*
    Love these pics! Can’t wait for strong heart to air! Also love his outfit; looking so goregous & fly as usual ~

  2. how can he always appear cute and handsome at the same time? Just look at those smile… XD how in the world did he get the 30th spot on that list??

    1. That’s awesome! Have you opened it yet? My SOLAR normal edition and HOT arrived last week. I didn’t open it until yesterday. But as soon as I did I put it back into the packaging.

  3. i really love the first one…OMO…sooooooooooooooo adorable that i look at it for 5 minutes…hahaha^^ LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  4. How can this be the face of the guy who wrote the lyrics for ‘Take It Slow’? It just doesn’t make any sense…

  5. YB pout!!!! SO CUTE!!!!! OMG!!!

    He is so cute but so handsome at the same time in these pictures!!! Thanks so much for this!!

    So curious to know what made him pout that way (cute!!) looks like a great SH episode yet again! Excited already!! LOL~~

  6. YB is totally adorable! love those smiling eyes..Can’t wait for this the videos with sub to get posted. It’s always fun to watch him on variety shows. I’m sure he will be requested to show his great dancing skills.

  7. 11:05pm Seoul Time.
    You can download this program called free internet TV (it’s a trial version though or else you have to pay)

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