[Eng Subs] Real Sound – Chapter 1: Passion for Music

This is the kind of thing I was waiting for and I’m really happy Onstyle is doing this show with style~ I love the little comics in between, great background music and editing is refreshing~ This episode was great, and next week looks even better!
Download links under the cut…make sure you’ve subscribed to our youtube channel!

Special thanks to Sylvia & Patra for helping me with this episode 🙂

Download (slowly being added)~

69 thoughts on “[Eng Subs] Real Sound – Chapter 1: Passion for Music”

  1. yay! thank you so much for the subs…i ended up watching the raws yesterday cuz i was 1. bored, 2. wanting to see it after peeps kept telling me to watch it, and 3. cuz i couldn’t wait anymore for subs!!! but im happy as i have something to look forward to once im home from work later today. thanks again ATY!

  2. Have I mentioned recently that you guys rock? No? Well, I should ’cause you doooooooo…..

    Thanks ATY for giving me my YB fix for the day. ❤

      1. Kay fighting!

        Thanks for subbing this. Slyvia and Patra as well.

        I’m super satisfied with Real Sound…everything about it. How its shot, edited…the writing..questions….so raw and really lives up to it’s name “REAL.” Great. I think these people are fans of Taeyang too. lol.

      2. wow, this must’ve taken you guys forever! thanks so much for your (along w/ sylvia and patra’s) hardwork. we really, really appreciate it.

        wishing you luck on your exams! fighting!

    1. p.s. do you guys upload on a different site? Megaupload takes forever
      for me for some reason, just asking ^^ thanks

      1. The files are quite large and megaupload is one of the few that allows large file uploads. If there is a particular site you like, let me know and I’ll see if i can do it

        1. I usually use mediafire but megaupload works too, just can dl one at a time, thanks though!

      2. download youtubedownloader you get the file fast just copy the youtube link to the program and is done.

  3. there was one part taeyang said his songs are a real part or something like the songs are his real experiences .. which means Take It Slow is a real story? XD

      1. No. take it slow is not a real story.
        it is a his imagination.
        because he has never loved before.
        his songs are not about his experiences but about him.

    1. OMG… I was wondering that too. Maybe he experienced it?!?! Bae isn’t innocent then.

      Or was it the porn BB received as a gift when they first debuted lol.

      On a serious note, taeyang is a very passionate person. So, I figured he naturally would have that side to him. (:

  4. “Taeyang’s pitiful love towards Dara noona”
    That’s so harsh! I know there’s a very slim chance that they’d ever get together but the MC didn’t have to point it out that way. o_O Well, at least we know that YB and Dara are good friends and he is thankful that “She’s there beside him, through good times and bad.”

    1. Lol. I know that was so sad. They didn’t have to phrase it like that.

      Anyways, I’m excited about next week.
      Lol at Seungri, “they didn’t do this to me when i won first for strong baby.” lmfao. poor ri.
      & i think he’s gonna talk about Yuri next week, but that was kinda sad when he said “I went to a concert once. Because I had no choice.” Can’t wait for next week =]

      Thanks for subbing:)

    2. It was said very tongue-in-cheek, not mean-spirited at all, actually. ^^ The whole interaction between YB and Dara, YB’s flirting, is all in good fun anyway. I just couldn’t come up with a better word than “pitiful” in English at the time. -.-;; Thinking now, I think something like “puppy love” would have fit better. My bad.

      And LOL, really lame translating mistake at the beginning: October, 2010?? Obviously, that’s supposed to be July, 2010. *^^*


      (whisper) Kay, you’re still spelling my name wrong! ^^

      1. -_-

        that was such an epic fail

        I apologize *bows*

        It’s official, you’re silly now, lol hopefully I won’t mess that up -_- wait like not really silly, but u know, silly the name…..LOL 😛 or maybe just Sly~

  5. i love the part where he starts singing “break it down, lemme break it down” so cute..he just reminds me of a puppy.

  6. Kay, Sylvia and Patra, you guys ROCK.

    I’m watching this for the first time… as I didn’t want to watch it without the subs… I love everything about it, nicely edited and shot.

    It has the REAL factor in it, and it’s great to see the mischievous side of YB here too, haha.

    The next episode looks even better! Wish the questions section could have lasted longer…. They were really nice. =)

    Good luck on your test Kay!!! Fighting!!!

    1. Oh, and the way Tae Yang woke up feeling tired then shaking his head…. Reminded me so much of a dog, or a puppy more like… just adorkable… *heart*

  7. You guys are AMAZING for subbing this! 😀
    This video helped me to see a different, more cheeky side of my favourite boy, Taeyang, and I love it~ ;P
    thanks so much!

  8. Thanks for the subs!!! 😀
    I was just about to go to sleep, then I found out that this was subbed already. Hehe, I just had to stay up a bit longer, just so I could watch it. Haha :9 It was very nice. 🙂
    Thank you!!!

    1. Btw, I love this side of bae that’s coming out. He’s very witty.

      “honestly.. I don’t feel like answering them.”
      no wonder some of his answers are soo blunt. He’s soo lovable!

      God. In so thankful for real sound. This show is givinG us more of the bar we hardly see. THis made me love Bae more than before! Ish soo crazy! Lol.

      Thanks again aty&subbers!

  9. thanks for subbing so quick!
    this is probably too much of a bother but i was wondering if you could post the episode as one whole video… because i cant download with megaupload more than once because im not a member.. =S

    if not then dont worry, thanks anyways xD

      1. really? thank you soo much! i really appreciate it ! i will love you guys forever ❤
        its people like you guys that makes me feel so happy and proud to be called a VIP and to be a part of this community xD

        1. I tried but the file is just too large.
          I’ve uploaded all the parts on mediafire, hope that’s fine =)

  10. Thank you soooo much you guys!!
    Seriously..cannot express my gratitude.
    Good Luck on your test Kay..I totally prayed for you this morning LOL
    Cant wait to watch it. Thanks again to Kay, Silly, and Patra

  11. thank u so much for the eng-subbed vids!! u guys are the best!! 🙂
    as for Kay; good luck for ur exam/test tomorrow!! i’ll be praying for u!! best of luck yeah!! :p

  12. FINISHED!!!!

    oh where to start??? i guess it’s thank you ATY!!! of course!!! thank u so much! i feel like giving u guys cookies. ^v^

    now, first of all, Taeyang, ah, he shouldnt have said he went to SNSDs just concert coz he had no choice! come on! it’s enough to say that they’re just friends. what if Yuri actually likes him? she’ll be heartbroken. i would. i feel bad im not even rooting for her. aish, this kid!

    second, YB baby, go for Dara if u really like her! lol. i love u both. hehe

    third, ah, thank you YG for bringing all those talents together for YB! the composers, choreographers, everyone! i love the creation of performance part.

    and him and GD’s friendship is love love love. they sure have come a long way. i feel like crying when he talked about training… im glad i supported him. it felt like i want to be the best fan out there. lol. well, just supporting them coz they work so hard, are talented, and are really just great people with great personality. people who didnt take their talent for granted, and really pushed themselves to excel in their field.

    and im so jealous with their make-up artist. so close with the boys like that.

    and he’s so cute sleeping. i want to sleep with him. in those arms. nyahahahahahaha… but oh, as much as i love that sexy body, i actually prefer the close-ups coz he’s just so adorable!

    there was a lot more… this was really a great way to get to know him. really, i love it.

    thanks again ATY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Some clarification because I see speculation over this part on youtube (where I don’t post)…

    Re: YB, GD and their makeup artist’s conversation about “lingering ideals.”

    First, the word they use – mi-ryun – doesn’t really have an exact counterpart in English. It usually refers to some lingering feeling or regret, like “even though we broke up, I still have some mi-ryun left.” That last little bit of attachment that you’re slow to let go.

    In this case, I ended up using the word “ideals” because I *think* they were responding to the lady’s comment about YB being very clear about his ideal girl. GD jokes that YB “gave up his mi-ryun,” which I took to mean he’s let go of some of the unrealistic ideals and expectations about girls. I could be wrong, though – maybe they are talking about someone specific. -_-

    To continue, the stylist’s next comment about GD being generous has nothing to do with this previous exchange. I see some people speculating that there’s some inside story there, that GD must have given up on some girl (DARA!) for YB’s sake. Actually, the lady was just talking about his personality in general. She’d just discussed YB’s personality, so it’s just a continuation of that, saying that GD is a very giving person.

    And GD’s quip about the ring… Just a quip, nothing more. Kinda like, wow, YB has given up such a big thing – what did YOU give up? Er…. I gave up…. a ring?

    Let’s see, what else…. About the SNSD concert at the end – he basically said, “I went to one concert because I had to.” I guess “I had no choice” came off sounding more forced.

    Hope that clarifies some things, and feel free to ask me about any other parts, and I’ll try my best to explain. -.-;; I’m still pretty new to this translating business, so there’s bound to be some confusion. Feedback is welcomed! ^^

    1. Thank you for clarifying and for subbing! I didn’t realize the make-up artist had gone back to answering the interviewer’s question when she commented on G-Dragon. Yeah, I was a bit confused during that exchange. Your clarification made me love their conversation even more! I felt that Taeyang wanted to tell everybody about the real GD and embarrass GD at the same time. I love GDYB! =)

  14. thanks for the sub…, you really are a blessing to us non-korean fan girls, actually, i never realized that other side of taeyang.,, i really like the taeyang that i’m seeing now… again, thanks for the sub.. ^_^

  15. Weeeee….thank you so much for the subs ATY! hug hug hug to all of you! =) Especially Sylvia/silly for the clarification on GD and Bae’s conversation, was kinda a bit confused there. =)

    I feel bad though that the show has to make up something between Dara and Bae, since she was in the MV. I really feel like they are good friends, and Bae likes Dara, not sure if it’s on a romantic level, but for sure he likes her as a person, like a family member. He’s like a dongsaeng who looks to tease his noona a lot. =)

    Thank you so much again guys! Great job! =)

    1. “Make up something”? Thought this was a documentary film. Do you really think that YB was just forced to say those things he said just for the sake of publicity?

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