21 thoughts on “[COD] Boss backstage at Inkigayo”

    1. i know right, he is probably thinking, I have a dog, will you go crazy like that over me? Boss has gotten huge though, I kinda miss cute small boss, all the dogs are getting so big, I hope their new place is much bigger ,the pet situation is getting out of control. lol

  1. Whoa~~~ Fangirling over the dog too… Is it safe to touch him though? Don’t want Boss to catch any germs….

    He has gotten very big too!! But still cute as ever~ ❤

    1. Yeah, I think they should be careful when they touch any dog suddenly like that. You don’t know how the dog will react, and you don’t want to surprised him. I supposed he may be used to it by now, but still, those fan girls should be careful around animals. ^^

    1. Just found out that Sean, Harang and Boss went on stage for the encore too… (pictures were on YB’s soompi thread ) So cute…. Hope there are fancams…

      I am one happy fangirl…

  2. Aw, yay Boss. Haven’t seen him in awhile. Heehee, he’s a star too, and he’s soo calm!

    I feel bad for the person carrying him 😡

  3. crazy fangirls! LOL! i swear, gaho and boss should make a reality show and it’ll be a big hit!

  4. HAHAHA, that is so fun. Boss is real popular with the ladies just like his owner…eh lol. Now I want to see a show just dedicated to Boss and YB.

  5. LOL^^ even Boss is being the center of attention by the fans…Boss are famous as his “dad” 😀 haha..but really, who can resist to see such an adorable dog….

  6. LOL @ the beefed up bodyguard. And Boss is such a good doggie. Most other dogs would be barking up a storm…

  7. OMG!!! Taeyang brought Boss with him (:
    so cute<3
    its like he brought all (well most of) his besties to celebrate, first TOP then 2ne1 and now Boss (:
    so CUTE<3

  8. LIke I said wow.. I be scared to death if I was Young Bae…okay imma get a boston terrier now…LOL…J/K

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