07.18.10 Taeyang wins on Inkigayo!

He came, he saw, he conquered.

Download the performance and win: I need a Girl || Mutizen

What did I say yesterday? HAH.  Taeyang took home the top prize on SBS Inkigayo tonight consequently successfully taking the music shows by storm this week. First repeating his win on MCountdown, topping the K-Chart on Music Bank for the first time, and now swiping the Mutizen. Congrats! It took him some time, but he did it!  Taeyang even brought along CL, Sandara, Minzy, and TOP to celebrate with him on stage. YG One Love!

PS: Taeyang is the only one who can look like he just walked off the streets and still be incredibly hot on stage with that outfit. Effortless.

Taeyang’s performance is under the cut. By request downloads to Sketchbook and this week’s Music Bank performances are also available.  ^_^

Sketchbook  (.avi):

07/16/10 Music Bank (.avi)

All Credits to YBMania & tofumon for reuploading.

97 thoughts on “07.18.10 Taeyang wins on Inkigayo!”

  1. I wish more artists looked like they just walked off the streets when they perform. Or at least wear clothes they can go off onto the streets and be comfortable in. I know its stage wear but you still gotta run schedule to schedule, some of that shit is embarrassing. So BigBang/Taeyang thank you for not being a eyesore. Grats on the win, and next week you gotta flip or somethin

    1. or duet between him and se7en since his comeback’s next week…tho we don’t know if he’s promoting shows that week too? im just sayin…

  2. “Taeyang is the only one who can look like he just walked off the streets and still be incredibly hot on stage with that outfit.”

    I 100% agree! He looked so cute, its about time he changed his wardrobe a bit. And i love the fact that 2NE1 and Top came to support him. Thats YG love right there. ❤

  3. that’s a clean sweep for YB this week!! woo-hoo!! 🙂

    i’m so happy for him cuz he finally deserved some awards for the music he puts!! haha.. 😀

    that’s sweet of TOP & 2NE1 to come & support him but where’s Park Bom??

    1. actually, if you look and observe closely, minji is doing the steps to ‘INAG’ when the chorus hits. LOL !

  4. Clean sweep this whole week! Chyeah boyyyyy!!!

    Loved how YG family comes out and shows their famous love for each other.

    Did you guys notice how he performed to the camera for his encore performance? Freaking HOTTTT!!!

  5. i laughed when i read this “Taeyang is the only one who can look like he just walked off the streets and still be incredibly hot on stage with that outfit” cause i strongly feel the same way. lol he is something with causal wear and i think he now looks like he is in his total element like he owns the stage. gosh i love this guy not in that sense but because i know that he grows and grows and is a pleasure to watch:D

  6. I am overcome with so much emotion. Congrats YB. You’re the best babe and now the whole world knows. That encore was the best. I love how YG Fam supports each other. That’s love. I’m so happy!!!!

  7. WOO HOO! Congrats Taeyang! He’s on top of the world right now. Over the moon and so proud of him. Talk about YG family love. Great to see some of the gang there. YG family represent! Another great week for our boy 🙂

  8. Congrats YB! Totally deserves it.
    OMG! minzy is getting prettier n prettier ❤ love her so much.
    YG Fam love =D ❤ heeheh

  9. Congrats youngbae. . .he really deserve it. . .top is tall. . Loving the simple white tee of dara. .

  10. LOL, Bae was trying to get Dara to dance with him is it? XDDD

    Didn’t hear it properly, but he thanked Boss did he? LOL, too cute.

    Topping the charts and winning so many awards!! YEAH~~~

    YG Family looking fine in casual outfit, FTW!!!

  11. YG family rules! YB deserve all the love and awards because of his hard work and being a sweeetheart. 😀

  12. Congatulations YB! YG family love FTW too! 영배, you’re one phenomenal star, indeed. Once during your pre-debut years, you asked 다라 what “phenomenal star” in her mobile’s display message meant. Now, as a solo artist, you’re living the dream. I’m so happy for you, 영배. Much love, more power and here’s to making more wonderful music. Cheers!

  13. I sure hope that wrap shirt he once wore gets burned at the stake or sth lol! just keep it casual Bae Bae cuz u my boy can rock anything, no need to be fancy!
    btw that thank you to Boss, the poor thing certainly deserved it u should see how he got mobbed by fangirls backstage…poor mutt he just wants to be a dog girls!

  14. Congratulations Bae!!! So proud of you winning! I admit I was a little nervous but you pulled through!
    I love seeing all the YG love and support you received. Twas a nice surprise.
    He looked lost at the end of the speech though, like he didn’t know where to go. heh

    1. Aww, Harang looks really happy and is even smiling at YB.
      It must have been weird for other artists to see Boss entering the stage lol.
      And I’m starting to become a fan of TOP. The guy looks hot. I have to say it.
      Thanks for sharing these!

    2. Hahaha would I be right in saying Boss is the first Dog ever to be on Inkigayo stage Yeeeahhh go Boss!

  15. Congrats to YB.
    I really like what he was wearing today and there’s nothing to say about his performance. Both his vocals and dancing skills have really gotten so much better.
    And I’m not a fan of 2NE1, but I thought it was really cute when Minzi? started doing Ji Hye’s part and dancing along with YB.

  16. When he says ‘Boss Thank You’ that makes me laugh.
    ❤ CL, 2NE1, Tabi! YG Family FTW. Dara should have done the dance with him. Minzy looks really dressed up haha

  17. Omg I seriously think bae and Dara have got something sneaky going on!!! I would kill to have him hug me like that! And yes I love this outfit! Hahh

    1. When YB talked about Yuri, he said that if it was something deep, he wouldn’t be able to show or talk about it just like that. I think Taeyang has a crush on Dara but it’s an unrequited romance so he sees no harm in being so showy about it.

  18. Best encore stage ever ^^
    Hmm i swear Dara recently is always wearing Taeyang style (jeans and plain white tee) now

  19. I’m kinda late here….but let me have my moment! AHHHH THIS IS DAEBAK!!!!! woooooo go TAEYANG!!!! 😀

  20. Congratulations to our Bae, fourth win woohoo ^__^. I love what he had on, casual but sexy indeed. Another great performance that he gave us, awww 2ne1 and Top came to support him (where is Bom?), YG Family <3.

    YB ❤

  21. Why so may of them came to support?? WOW. great family. A part of me thinks that this will be his last win before Shinee comes back and he’ll be busy with big bang next week.. but whatdahell.. who cares.. I wanna be on that stage too!!!!

    1. ill give him more wins. no one wins on their comeback itself, i think. regardless, he is happy and INAG was a success. i hope he promotes more songs and make more MVs 🙂
      is this really the first Triple Crown this year?

      1. YES it is really his first. he never won for LOAM on MuBank before.. and Inkigayo too i think. and about winning on a comeback, well GD did it. He actually won even before his comeback. Heartbreaker was released for a few days already and he had not started promoting his song yet, but he won anyway, on MuBank. I remember that moment because i was watching it live and i truly felt so happy for him. ^^

      2. it’s only music bank where yb didn’t win anything for LOAM. he triple crowned on inki and mcd, just double checked, have the videos saved on my external hd. LOL !
        but these little awards aren’t what we’re after now are we ? LOL ! let’s be greedy for a bit and put our hopes on the bigger end of year awards. haha.

        1. oh my bad. Sorry. hehehe. yes, the end of year awards… let’s hope he gets at least best R&B album award cuz i think the rest will go to either Suju or Big Bang or Seven…

        2. oh wait a question. triple crown on Inki means he won for 3 straight weeks on inki? or one award at inki and the other two at mcd?

        3. @ILOVEMYBAE
          yes, i believe triple crown is one each for Mcountdown, Mubank and Inki, same week.

        4. @ILOVEMYBAE
          No, a triple crown is when you win the same award 3 times on the same music show because 3 times is the max time you’re allowed to win.
          That’s why its called “Triple Crown” – you need three consecutive wins on the same show~ He triple crowned with LOAM on Inki and MCD before, but he has not yet on Music Bank~

        5. oh okay thanks ^^. but what about mnet? was that the one he only won twice before wonder girls took over?

    2. shinee having their comeback this week so i dont think they will win the award for this week
      i think the competition this week is between him and Miss A
      and i dont know i got a feeling Miss A might win this week because after 2 weeks their song still No1 on the charts
      while INAG is going down the charts and album sales is also slowing down so less points for him

      oh i checked his schedules for this week on bbvipz and look like he wont be on mcountdown,Mcore,MBank this week 😦

  22. oh i forgot to add, 2ne1 looks gorgeous but where is Bom? Cl looking fab! LOL @ Shindong. he looked so happy for Bae and he did the choreo. ^^

  23. Ji Hye was jumping at the back 🙂 nice
    and Minji dancing at the chorus part looks really good even with such simple movements
    Dara only did one step. LOL
    TOP looks lost. lol. but he and CL are rocking those shades.
    and Taeyang is si happy! i love it!

    1. LOL. TOP was like.. ‘right.. just smile.. clap your hands.. what else?’ he looked so clueless but man i miss seeing him on stage.. and all of the BB boys too.

  24. Congrats BAE -BAE. You deserve it all. I really think this is his best outfits. Love how it looks so good without having to doing anything. Such adorkable guy…thanking Boss. hahaha. Love the YG FAM love in the end. 🙂

  25. congrats to taeyang! another win! it keeps getting better! and to think INAG was doubted to be a top song…well i guess now it shows that it does stand out and doing well:)

    love the yg family support! for sure they are busy but they took time to come and share the win of taeyang!

  26. ….


    I'm hoping he does an MV for take it slow. &wishful thinking&

    but congrats bae!! (=

  27. WIn..Win and win again…wow…YB are soo awsome^^ i’m overjoyed and really3 proud of him…CONGRATULATIOS oppa^^

  28. his performance was totally awsome and i love the simple clothing style…its shows that he is comfortable while performing^^^awsome^^

  29. I love it! He won again!!! Sweeping this week is the best feeling ever! =)
    And whoa, I missed seeing Dara, CL, Minzy and most especially TOP on stage!!! Looks like the cameraman missed TOP too. hahaha.

    They all look like they just gone out somewhere in the streets and hanging out on a nice afternoon or evening, then Baebae said something like “Oh yeah, I gotta perform today at Inkigayo!” And so they all went there and Bae didn’t change his clothes. Then he won the award and he called on his friends on stage.
    After winning they all went out again, probably. Hehehe.

    I love this week! He won all the awards! Plus I got my Deluxe Album yesterday! =) and Kpop night last night! I love it! =)

    1. yeah thought so too because there wearing pretty simple keke espicially top,dara and taeyang looking so simple but still there good looking.i think they went out to eat after this maybe celebrating!
      taeyang and dara both even if wearing something so simple they still look really gorgeous(dara), handsome(taeyang)

  30. OMO!
    that was totally cute!
    when 2NE1 and TOP came out!
    awwwww….i love the YG family support!
    MINZy looks pretty there too. hehe

  31. This song has grown on me now hehe
    bt they should really change the dancers outfits im kinda gettin tired of the same outfits lolx

  32. Love everything on this stage..and I loved it more because TY was interactive towards the camera and Ji Hye…like he was very comfortable…CONGRATS on the award boy..you deserve it…

    1. yeah best outfit yet although a liked a few of the other ones. and the stage was pretty good too though i think should have been lit a little brighter.

  33. Oh gosh, I find Taeyang’s “thank you” so freaking sexy!
    and am so glad to see the yg family love. 😀
    anyway, congrats YB!

  34. congratulations youngbae! perfect week!

    his outfit for inki is so casual but he looks so sexy and hot! love the way he sang during the encore part!

    yg family love!

  35. It’s funny because on ohdara.wordpress.com which only about dara , a fansite well lots of comment there talk about how simple yet she still look pretty and here which a taeyang fansite everyone talks how he can be hot when he is wearing something simple keke taeyang style is not like the others not dramatic but still his sucessful.its seems a bit to simple but unique ?_? right haha okay then,TOP is tall its cute that CL was beside him.they are also rocking the shades haha,top wearing something like any knid of guy on the street would wear a hat,shades seems like when he came he didnt want people to regognize him loook a shade and a hat wow.Minzy! she’s so femiene and grow up now,also dancing the dance steps of i need a girl dara probably taught her b/c you notice that dara had been with minzy alot lately.CL notice that taeyang wanted dara to dance with him b/c she look at dara and seems like she said something to her while top just look ackward but adorable.they probaby went out to eat celebration.IT makes me more misses the yg family but im happy for taeyang solo its going really well whats really good is they put aside bigbang and se7en things away from taeyang solo so that he wouldnt have to compete with his yg family.gdragon solo album he somethings go up against 2ne1 its kinda bad yeah everything good.next week taeyang wouldnt be performing but its good that they will air the variety shows the week he wouldnt be performing it’ll distract fans from him to do the bigbang activity in japan and 2ne1 tv too they probably film the inag making and i forgot real sound ep 2 wow lots of thing sorry if i wrote to much im outta! keke byong!

    1. I’ve uploaded them on megaupload for download. Can you not use megaupload? Mediafire gives me a size limit. It’s not very convenient for high quality videos.

  36. i really want to see another song by taeyang featuring top or the other way around, i still think that is the best combination.

  37. Anyody see the new full fancam on YouTube with TaeYang ended up dancing with CL it was really hot and cute and dorky lol they are such good friends and CL was playing hard to get he directed her and then she pushed him away when he gouged her waist lol it was cute

  38. okay..okay .. quit being so adorable…hummm I think dara may have a crush on you eh…? Please look into the camera more often.. I feel like you are looking right at me…Muaahhhhahahaha..umm..J/k but seriously do so!!!!

  39. Ha Ha


    His dictionary do not have the word “IMPOSSIBLE”.

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