07.17.10: Taeyang takes on Music Core once again

Nothing to win tonight, but he’s gonna takeover Inkigayo tomorrow!


27 thoughts on “07.17.10: Taeyang takes on Music Core once again”

  1. still supercute no matter how many times i watch INAG live perfs ♥. in fact im looking for a male friend so we can dance this one!!!

    i loved his out of breath moments, bec he’s YB! hahaha. and the “baby” addlib at the end, its the 2nd time i hear him do that. :))

    congrats BAE-BY!!!! 😉

  2. I’m really hoping for him to win Inki tomorrow. He definitely deserves it. Just don’t know if it’s possible because I know a lot of Suju fans were angry he won at Music Bank. But here’s to hoping!!!

    1. WTH were they angry for?! It’s called a competition and the best won. Some of these angry fans should get a grip and wait for their turn…wait, their turn has passed. Now it’s time for YB to win EVERY thing.
      It’s only fair that he won cause the man DESERVED it.
      p.s. I’m not hating on anybody but it beats me how some people can be mad over YB winning lol

      1. I think there is no point in trying to understand Suju fans. After all, they are the type of fans that buy every album and every repackaged album that SM feeds them. They are just angry cuz Suju can’t do triple crown yet once again!

  3. i think this is my favorite performance i like how he change the way he sing some part of the song like in @25 it sound nice Jihye got more exposure and you can really see Jihye kiss on Taeyang nice camera work i hope he wins tomorrow.

  4. OH NO why every girl dance with bebe in the live all kiss him, hiz don’t wanna this.
    i wish i can’t do that, oh my sweet dream.
    i like all live of inag ’cause he “destroyed” all the mustcal(maybe i spell it wrong).
    i know it make him more manly but i prefer a innocent image to it. it’s more cute.

  5. his performance was awsome…^^ and its ok if he doesnt win anything today….he did a amazing job and thats what important..winning isnt anything^^…..YB FIGHTING^^

  6. YB is winning both sides, popularity and the critics. Wow, when i read that article, I was so happy for YB… he’s been vindicated… now who wrote that one-sided article about YB again? I want to slap the critics’ review to his face… hehehehehehe

  7. I enjoyed this performance~~~~

    I really want a Move or Breakdown performance. I’m itching to see choreo to either of those two, or After You’re Sleeping!~~~

    1. Pretty much the entire album, lol! Well, hopefully, he’ll perform a lot of songs from SOLAR in his 2nd solo concert!!

    2. Agreed. He’s perfected the INAG performance so now it’s time to move on! As much as I would like to see the whole album promoted, that’s never going to happen. Most of the songs have pretty sensual lyrics so I don’t think that’s going to fly in Korea, so I guess Superstar it is! I have a feeling Shaun did some pretty epic choreo for it, since he said it’s his favorite song on the album.

  8. YB was ad-libbing quite a lot during the performance and I thank him for that because it helps make the performance less monotonous.

    Good job YB!

  9. Another great performance; I always look forward to what the stage is going to look like. Loved today’s stage XD

    Really hope he promotes a new track now ~

  10. after the handstand, i am actually anticipating more. XD today’s performance looked good, but there’s always a tiny issue with the vocal @0.25, i hope he can tackle that and it will make everything perfect. well done!

  11. lol @ yuri always introducing taeyang. But I really think YB shud just be w ji hye so all those kisses she gives him can stop being so scandalous. Lol 😛
    on a side note. I miss him wearing his caps 😦 he never wears any anymore..

    1. yeah me too. caps make him looks like an innocent boy which i’m missing so much right now.. the smile that is.

  12. I hope he wins at SBS Inkigayo…i agree 200% he deserves it! I am super loving his performances and the album is definitely worth up to the single penny. I guess YB is one of the best performers in S.Korea now amongst his league. I know it’s immature but I hate it when he gets compared to other artist as if they are not on the same level (case of comparison with Rain) and are on the same (case of comparison with some leads of other boy group esp in terms of dancing). YB is made up of good voice, charisma (not to mention hotness) and excellent dancing skills so he has leveled up in terms of performances. Go YB make it to number 1 in all charts.

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