Taeyang on Sketchbook!

Finally it’s here!  This Taeyang and Yoo Hee Yeol fangirl is super excited!

Updated: All parts are up!  Enjoy!

What can I say?  I think all the performances were fantastic.  Like the ‘HOT’ Concert, I loved watching and listening to Taeyang perform to a live band.  I think there’s an aesthetic and quality that cannot be found when using a recording.  Even the background singers were great.  I particularly loved seeing him sing “Look Only At Me” because I for one am very nostalgic, but it was also wonderful to see him just sing – and nothing else.  It really showcased Taeyang’s highly improved skills and sultry vocals.  However it’s a shame they cut out “Where U At.”  Maybe it was an encore, but judging from the fancams, it was DOPE performance.  What were you thinking Sketchbook producers?

I’m still waiting for the interview with Yoo Hee Yeol, the host.  For those who don’t know who YHY is: He’s a famous and highly respected musician, who so happens to be a fan of Taeyang and his previous album.  He even wrote a poem based on Taeyang’s “Look Only At Me” about his dog and read it on his radio show.  I can’t wait to see these two interact!

More performances + interview below!


^^Yoo Hee Yeol!  Hilarious little man & GDYB Love!

Thanks to BigBangUpdates and UnknownCarrot150@youtube.

65 thoughts on “Taeyang on Sketchbook!”

  1. wooot!! im excited! he sounds awesome and perfect dance moves!’im surprised how many guy fans there are!!
    and WHOA that kiss at the end?!?! never thought he would ahve the guts to do that! SOO JEALOUS OF THAT GIRL!! OMG

  2. I am totally loving the live band, haha. Adds a different feel to everything.

    I wonder just HOW many girls would kill to be in that girl’s position… you know… the one that got to kiss the one and only Taeyang? ;]

  3. aww!! i simply love this kinda of setting where YB can interact with his fans more.. did u see him when he walked down the stairs?? my jaws literally dropped!! :O
    and; they should have shown ‘Where U At’ cuz that was the PERFECT performance..
    but still; i’m contented even if they shown him singing these 3 songs cuz i’ve the fancam which i can ogle all day long!! :p

  4. Epic! The live band sounds wonderful. I didn’t like the way they shot some of the scenes though. Like for LOAM, when he grabbed the mic stand, i wanted to see the whole scene from a frontal shot!

    Also, where’s WUA?

    1. Hopefully WUA will make it for an encore show? wait or was that chocolate that has the encore show… aww man would have loved to see the professional footage of WUA but I too will content myself with that awesome fancam.

      Even though I knew the kiss was coming, my heart skips a beat every time I see it. 1) happy YB is way comfortable with his fans and the ladies but 2) uber and utterly and insanely jealous of her lips on that gorgeous face. /sigh stuck in fangirl heaven and hell.

      On a more serious note, when YB tours the US (I have decided to stop wishing for it because I KNOW one day he will grace western shores to perform) I hope he brings this full band experience with him, cuz seriously this is his element. Actually performing on stage is his element, but I think he is so great at these intimate House of Blues, jam session type performance, I love it. The live band and background chorus was outstanding. I also love that they had three background singers two girls and one guy, I really liked their additions to the songs he performed.

  5. woah!
    thanks for this !

    i love love the “i need a girl” performance!
    i was smiling the whole time!
    the audience are responsive and attentive!

    and when GD came out, everyone was screaming so loud! lol
    he’s so HOT!

    btw, why are there so many people in sketchbook? is this a popular show? it’s almost like a concert stage. i always wonder about this.

  6. I was thinking… If enough fans complained to KBS for not showing WUA on Sketchbook, maybe they can post it on their website?

  7. Would someone be kind enough to link me to the WUA fancam? I didn’t watch it thinking it’d be broadcast. -_-

    1. I can’t believe they didn’t air WUA either. They could have cut the talk short and show it instead, but oh well, here you go:

      1. such a waste that this did not get aired…YB is really a total performer. i think he is the best in his league, may not necessarily have the best voice but as a performer overall he is the best for me.

  8. OMG he is soooooo fine. sooo much swag. See how smooth he is when he went in for that kiss. NO way YB is single

    1. I was thinking the same thing, (actually my mind is way dirtier so I was thinking “he seems like he is getting ALOT of good nooky”). His movements, his happiness, that huge grin, the smirks and slyness, dude his normal sexiness has like grown 10000000% with these promotions.

      Whatever it is, I want some right now. lol

      1. Totally agree. Taeyang has been looking SO happy lately. I mean, yeah, the album is making waves and all, but the guy is looking welllll satisfied.

  9. Sorry. I can’t find the full cut. I just got this off ohdara and I wanted to share it.

    I can’t understand what they’re saying, but i find this so hilarious.

      1. Wow. As a SunDara fan I don’t know what to say. Never seen him so flirty. I’m not sure if he likes Dara, is dating Dara, just really comfortable with Dara or this is just how the new confident YB roles – just mad flirty with everyone. To be honest, YB is shocking me left and right lately – that’s how be the personality change has been. I thought I was prepared for a happy YB considering we’ve had glimpse of it all year with BB but wow.

  10. Omg omg this is really like a mini concert. Thanks for sharing. Tayang was having such a good time. He did enjoyed and had fun at every performances. Let me say this, GD is totally a HOT mess. How can he looks so shy&innocent yet still hot&sexy at the same time . Can’t wait for the translation.

  11. That was a freakin’ long interview. Am I the only one that wishes they’d have cut just 4 minutes out of that talk in order to include WUA?? (Still crying over that omission. T.T)

    Having said that, I enjoyed the interview. Although…. Let me first say that as a huge Yoo Hee Yeol fangirl (hi, tofumon!! ^^), I’ve been yearning for a YHY/YB interview. This isn’t quite what I envisioned in my mind, though….

    Here you have YB with an amazing musician who’s professed to be a fan of YB’s music/LOAM, and they talk about…. room decorations? >.> Where’s the in-depth musical discussion I’ve been yearning for? T.T

    Like I said, I did enjoy it. But I’m left wanting more. Especially when it’s at the expense of the EPIC Where U At performance!!

    1. Btw, sorry – not trying to be a downer. -.-;; The performances – what was shown – were awesome! Love ya, YB!

    2. Yeah…Honestly, I’m a little disappointed with the interview. Like you I’ve been waiting for this since I first watched Yoo Hee Yeol’s show a while back because YHY is this really awkward and funny little man who is kind of pervy at times, but super hilarious. Youngbae on the other hand, his awkward because he’s so innocent and shy. I really wanted to see how these two interact – and how YHY would make fun of him. But none of this happened.

      Also, they talked nothing about Youngbae’s music…nothing about the previous album nor the current one. He’s promoting the album, but there was nothing on it. Almost half an hour of talk, but nothing on what mattered.

      1. Seriously.

        There was literally NO MENTION of the new album or YB’s solo work. Not even lip-service. >.<

    3. I too wish they had showed WUA instead of the interview.
      I really have nothing against Big Bang (fans please don’t kill me), but I actually thought it was kind of boring to hear YHY asking about their living arrangements and room decorations.
      I guess we’ll just have to re-watch the fancam…

  12. What a cool entrance that was YB.
    I have to say that all the performances were amazing, especially INAG.
    That song is really meant to be performed with a live band. It gives you a total different feeling.
    And like darkasnight, I too did not like the way in which they shot some of the scenes and how they didn’t show WUA, but over all, it was a great show.
    YB looked so happy and even happier was Yoo Hee Yeol. He really is such a fanboy.

  13. Subs subs subs please!!!! Desparately want to know what they’re talking about!

    Loved the intimacy of the performances. YB definitely excels with the smaller crowds. His charisma is off the charts when he’s comfortable like this.

  14. LOL
    dara looks uncomfortable and kinda shy and awkward whenevr Taeyang would put his arms around her…yiiiieeeee
    is she getting nervous? i bet her heart is pounding a little harder than normal…EEEEEEEEEP!

  15. Just read on YBmania that the interview was unedited because KBS is on strike right now? The Sketchbook writer posted on me2day, adding that the WUA perf will be shown soon.

    YAY? Not sure when “soon” will be, but I can’t wait!!

    1. That’s great news! Thanks for the update.

      Yay! That performance was too epic to let it wither away in KBS/Sketchbook’s archives.

    2. Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Cuz I don’t think that normally, they would air 20 minutes of talk on room decorations, lol.

  16. Ahhh, someone please sub the interviews & the one with Dara please. Thank you 🙂

    &Which performance did he kiss a fan?

  17. So I just watched the whole interview – and I don’t understand Korean. Only Youngbae and Big Bang could inspire me to watch whole blocks of programming in a language I don’t know.

    1. Hold on tight…I’m still working out the kinks..hopefully we’ll get the whole show to you soon…not making promises yet though.

  18. I love his performences they are aways amazing. Even though ive seen him perform these songs a bunch of times I cant stop watching him ^ ^ …
    I didnt watch the interview im just going to wait until someone subs it or it comes out on kbs world. im soooo happy he came on this show its my fav korean music show and plus it has Yoo Hee Yeol who I like becus hes soo dorky and funny lol

  19. Taeyang DESTROYED the stage<3 I just watched in amazement no one can dance and sing AND sound that damn amazing!! WOW JUST WOW!! ❤ And I really wish that was me giving him a kiss<3 I will faint afterwards.

  20. that’s like a freaken mini taeyang concert!!!! he is so hot!!! hella own that stage like the great performer that he is!!!

  21. Wow~ joining the party late here but YAY!

    I have to say…the interview was pretty blah -_- but the performances…WHOLY COW were they epic. too EPIC.

    I am disappointed WUA was cut but I loved INAG and Just a Feeling. Overall, the whole concert ambience was much appreciated, I liked how he just got to do his own thing, interact as he wanted without being restricted or pressured. He was having a lot of fun~

    1. Kay, if you’re late than I’m super late to this party. I love watching YB perform especially in this environment. The live band adds an extra touch that is missing from his music program performances. It’s just a more grown up feel to see YB on a small stage with a band doing his own thing. Another fantastic performance. I so want him to tour this year and bring his fine self to us international fans. I have a feeling this appearance is just a taste of what YB has in store for us. I can’t wait until his solo concert.

  22. I just saw the interview. I don’t know about you guys, maybe I’m not as big of a Taeyang fan, but I’m actually glad that they asked about Big Bang rather than his music.

    There has been like 4 or 5, heck maybe even 6 interviews with Taeyang about his musical direction and pretty much every time he said almost the same thing…. I’m actually glad that this interview asked about something different, I was getting tired of Taeyang being a broken record

  23. so jealous that girl can’t believe that bebe want her kiss once. wow this girl is very lucky that is my all life’s dream.
    wish that i’m that girl, heeheeeheee.

  24. WOW. LOAM. he smiled. he was always emo every time he performs that song. Nice change. he must have been happy to cheat on his girlfriend. seriously, I love this one. Probably comes in second after LOAM @ Big Show 2009. Clear vocals and i could really enjoy his performance without thinking “damn he’s tired.” A little bit of dance here and there was just a nice touch.

    Just A Feeling- he started very shaky but towards the chorus, his vocals got better. yee.. and there was that little pause in the middle. ^^. Overall, I think it’s his best JAF performance yet. but i do wish he would take of that shades

    INAG-live band. XDDDDDD. So nice!! but that kiss… grr..>,<
    because i think each one of us deserves one too.

    Interview-i can tell it's funny but i'm just gonna have to wait for the show to air in Malaysia. probably in two weeks time.

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