OnStyle’s Real Sound by Taeyang Episode 1

What what?  Yes we have the full episode for you….parts are being uploaded (you yours truly) as we speak. Completed!

All I have to say so far is this show is well shot and edited….and has a sense of humor.  Full synopsis soon!


79 thoughts on “OnStyle’s Real Sound by Taeyang Episode 1”

  1. Some of the TY’s songs that were being played in the background sounded like unreleased versions haha

  2. I never knew Taeyang was such a flirt. haha.
    Why are you flirting with noona, Bae? Lmao.
    I have to admit, they look so cute together. But for some reason, Dara’s somewhat awkward around Youngbae. Well, doesn’t matter, she’s awkward around all the guys.

    1. I think Dara has to be more careful with her answers cuz of what TY is saying to her. there’s a sub version for that part. He kept saying “Am I not your type? I’m not your type right? see, she likes flower boys. so it’ll be very difficult for me.”

      and she kept saying “What is this?”

      it was cute. but i think she has to be VERY careful cuz of anti fans. =P

  3. I love the way this documentary is shot and edited.
    I wish there were subs…but I’ll wait for them..till then I’ll just watch.

  4. Tofu you are one awesome missy!!! You had the whole episode up before anyone! Now we just need subs and then it would be all good!!!

    I love the way this is edited. I like the way they’ll change the scene to make it look like a comic book….makes YB looks even cuter!!!!

  5. just finished watching and i loved it!!
    for next wks episode, was he doing a photoshoot? we didn’t see the pics yet though, right?

  6. Even without the subs I am loving this show. I can’t get over how different YB looks when he performs vs. when he’s just hanging out. He looks like he did before his debuts. I love all this behind the scenes access, especially the moment between YB and Shaun when he was talking about how blessed he feels being able to work with YB. Then YB said he felt the same. So sweet.

  7. Lmao, I love how he teases the female dancers when he’s introducing them~

    Sigh, so many dorky moments …..

    I want a bit of whatever this boy has been eating these days~ he’s just like a bubbly, bouncy sexy teddy bear. I want him to stay this happy forever and ever

  8. So I found some rough translation abut Real Sound, but it won’t let me comment. Idk why. This is like my 4th time trying to do it. And if it still doesn’t let me… I’m gonna give up.

    1. oh yaaaay!! it worked. Anyways, I tried doing some research about some translations. But all I could find was some rough translations on Dara’s parts. But hey, it’s better than nothing, right? If i find some more, I’ll share it here…

      Taeyang: “Dara noona likes guys who are handsome like
      scultures(not sure about ‘sculpture’ but you know, perfection looking)”
      Dara: “Noo I don’t~”
      Taeyang:”Handsome and skinny style…”
      Dara: *shakes head*
      Taeyang: That’s probably not me… (as in he’s not HER type of guy *O*)
      Dara: “no..it’s not that I like handsome guys…I just like nice(?? sorry not sure about this word)kind of guys…what’s the use of a guy being handsome…”
      Taeyang: “I probably can’t be your ideal type huh?”
      Dara: *awkward* what is this…

      & another one….
      in the beginning he says, “I want to be less awkward with her, but seems like she doesn’t want to” *half jokingly

      cr: YGLadies (Madhatters)

      I actually found more trans. but I lost it because I couldn’t comment. I’ll try looking for it again.

      1. SUNDARA IS REAL DAMMIT!!! *just squealing, not intended to create a fan/shipper war…and the OTP for me is JayBae aka YoungSol aka me and him ;D*

      2. ooooh there’s something fishy going on here(unless I’m running wild with my imagination,lol) Bae do you like Dara noona? 😉

  9. wow…so real. he looks so handsome. he really is a flirt. something is going on….him and dara …hmmmm. LOL good job aty can’t wait for the subs.

  10. I can’t wait for subs. I just watched the whole thing and grinned like an idiot throughout. Who knew he was such a flirt – I always suspected he wasn’t that shy with girls, just ppl he didn’t know. And I love the SunDara moments, and the time with his dancers. And when he speaks english (he does it so well, barely an accent). Wow. I love this show – I can’t wait for the next episode. This is the YB I always wanted to see and wished I saw more of in YGTV – of course he was kind of depressed then.

  11. At first I strongly suspected that Dara is with GD…But seeing YB so close and touchy with her, I’m not so sure now…Not so much that Dara is with YB or anything like that…it’s more like who would touch your bestfriend’s gf like that…Arms arnd her shoulder, still ok…But carrying her up the stairs like that…hmmm abit too comfortable, dont you think?

    1. i havent seen anything too ‘intimate’ just yet. just by watching this, you can’t really conclude whether something’s there or not. i mean, i’ve got friends who are just as touchy feely who are just friends. from what i’ve seen so far, it’s more so a case of sibling love. the whole flirting thing just comes with the territory.

    2. the three are close. Dara fans know this. she had mentioned GD and YB on her forum thread before. like she accompanied them on some yr-end special. i think i read that GD introduced her to Sohee. she went to YB’s HOT concert.

    3. Hmmm….. I don’t know, I felt a bit weird watching that scene, I mean, Taeyang picking a person up is random in itself, and carrying Dara up the stairs. Maybe we need to wait for the context – maybe he’s just showing his strength and Dara happened to be there so he goes “Hey, I’m Superman”….I feel like they’re more brother/sister…. but anyone Taeyang is close with he dotes on (note: Him and Minji are also very close, I think he dotes on Minji a lot too)….I think we all find this weird because he’s never expressed himself this much on camera before….due to sharing the spotlight and also being shy, this is really new to us fans to kinda soak in and understand – In the end, it all comes down to this man who just likes to be witty and poke fun at his noona’s and dongsangs and really just chill…..its like that guy in highschool who is friends with everyone, from the nerds to the jocks – Taeyang would be that dude.

      1. yeah, he’s like a lil kid. cute really.
        just weird how it seems natural for him to put his arms around Dara when he speaks. even GD who i think is more touchy dont do that. he was tocuhy with her in Hello rehearsals though.
        maybe coz Dara’s very small???? LOL he cant do that to a lot of girls. so he must like doing it to Dara. haha. i’m bad. but ah, i cant deny, i feel something with the way he looks at her 🙂

        1. I bet all of them are close and touchy-feely off camera. The odd thing is that Dara said so herself that she’s close to GDYB but on 2NE1TV, you wouldn’t think they were even friends which is so suspicious. It’s like they’re hiding something and I have a feeling that YG probably told the Mnet PD to cut Dara and the guys’ scenes because people automatically put malice when a guy is paired with Dara. Look at that though, both GDYB included her in their solo work and through this video, you could tell that they’re comfy, well YB at least. I guess Dara is being cautious in front of the cam as usual to not offend the fangirls.

        2. well, they’re all close. GD in some vids is to Minzy and Bom like how he is to Seungri, very playful. he’s always teasing them.
          but based on GD’s album and SAL photobook, there is really a friendship among him and YB and Dara. not just like how u are with the people u often see and work with, they’re really close friends.

      2. I cant help but smile for every line of your comment. it was both sweet and sweet. How I wish there was a “Taeyang personality clone”.

        A guy with that kind of personality would just be the sweetest thing on earth. :))

      3. don’t just look at the body language, look at what they are saying to one another.taeyang saying” oh I’m not your type right” also basiclly taegang probably saying ” oh do you like someone like me” and taeyang said that a few times.
        when taeyang said your type is blah blah blah,thats probably not me. then dara said no it’s not it(my ideal not like that)
        seeing dara me2day update about taeyang like, taeyang looks cool/handsome etc. there is definerly something like a crush but I don’t think there dating but probably like each other.

        1. @yayaayaya

          I know, you’re right onto something there. Recalling an experience I once had with a riDORKulous guy who was 5 years younger than me. He keep on hinting these stupid comments and phrases at me. Like if I was to meet his mom, she would like me, and than he went on to asking me if I look like my mom because if I do, my mom is very pretty. I thought he was weird and I never got it until now.

          I bet, that YB has a crush on Dara and the song “I need a girl” was actually written about her w/o her knowing it. Dara maybe considering YB and determining if she really likes him. I don’t know just a thought from watching this clip because he just keep hinting to her and she just brushed him off.

        2. @av8264
          I don’t think she’s brushing him off so much as she doesn’t know how to respond. I think she knows he likes her but doesn’t really know what to do about it. Even if they were together, she must feel awkward in front of the camera. I’ve seen the sub version of this and she could have just said that he wasn’t her type or played along and said she does like flower boys (and maybe name someone from Boys Over flowers like she did when she was with that friend of hers) but instead she said she doesn’t like flower boys but someone who is “unchanging” and Taeyang goes “that’s not me right, can’t be me right” and Dara blushes and says “what is this”. She was definitely flirting back in her very awkward way.

      1. well u cnt do anything about it..i’m a 2ne1 fan as well and I DO SHIP..questioning it is out of the line since SHIPPERS don’t force what they believe in…i respect that u don’t ship but please do respect people who do…anyway, at the end of the day— it’s all about personal interpretations…if yours is different then fine–no one’s gonna bother u about it–each on of us has something we want to believe in and respect that

      2. Thank GOD. I am not the ONLY one who thinks this way. From GD, TOP to YB, they always find something to ship. I don’t mean to be rude or racist, but I believe most of the shippers are Asians. I srsy think that they are just friends and very close colleges.

        1. I’m black and I ship – but not very hard. If a girl says she likes YB I freak out, especially if it’s a girl I like (like Dara and Yoobin). If they have prolong exposure or have been known to have had prolong exposure, I ship (like Dara and Yoobin). However, this is just a way to connect two people who I like together. Whether or not it’s real doesn’t matter, nor will I be disappointed if Taeyang isn’t dating Dara for instance. I’ll be more than happy to just have him happy and in love – I’m tired of him being single and lonely.

        2. ^ S o you are the first European I saw shipping lol…Why I say Asian coz things like holding hands, hugging and a bit of flirty are very common to westerners. We always see in everyday life. Some people will even sit on their guys friends ‘lap. But for Asian we will get wrong ideas. Some people really don’t like shipping and I am one of them. So I understand the feelings of non-shippers. It is kind of annoying coz you know this is not true and these shippers are giving wrong information to others. Plus the idol is ur fav and you want him to deserve better

        3. @ toozdae (based on hazel`s generalization), I would conclude that although you are black – you are definitely an Asian at heart. 🙂

        4. @ hazel to qoute you “Plus the idol is ur fav and you want him to deserve better” – so who do you think deserves YB if Dara is undeserving? Just curious…

        5. guys no one knows for sure if they are dating or not. the only people that would know is them. we didn’t know anything about a blind date until it came out by accident. he kept telling everybody he hasn’t dated before but he went on that date and kept it a secret. we will never know the whole truth. i’m from the usa and i’m black and ur right we are touchy feely and in some cases that means there may be a lil crush. but either way i’m not going anywhere….i still love his music . plus he’s a cutie.

      3. I agree. I’m a hardcore Blackjack, but sometimes I get seriously embarrassed and disappointed with other Blackjacks who ship BB and 2NE1. It’s more likely that they regard each other as close friends or siblings. Why does everything have to be “LOOK AT THE WAY HE SMILES AT HER ZOMG THEY ARE DATING.” Don’t mean to be rude, but behavior like that is very immature and pathetic. =/

      4. me too! although i respect people who like to ship them, personally, i don’t really like shipping these two groups together because from what i see, they are just like a family. they treat each other like close friends or siblings.

        peace! 🙂

    1. smells like flirting… lol… like totally fishing for something… but him lifting Dara like a baby is like a total opposite.
      i dont know…

      1. seems like holding ssantoki, a bunny cute I want a bunny I would lift it like taeyang did keke well I have a stuff bunny toy hehe kay!

    2. he was flirty with his dancers too. Supposedly he said “she’s pretty right” to the camera about the first one he introduced. I really want to know what he said to Jihye to make her push him and laugh so much. They all look like good friends.

      1. he did. im not completly fluent in korean bu that was one of themparts i could understand. in the beginning he said (to the first girl) “she’s pretty right?” (but they didnt sub it). then the rest the subbed and he said she was pretty again. they were all pretty touchy and then TY got awkward(-ish) ,maybe because the camera was around.

  12. I don’t know about yall but I never believed that the was an innocent church boy and HAVE NO EXPERIENCE. Funny how the media can really frame someone to look a certain way and how someone can present themselves to look a certain way.

    Of course he’s flirty and all. I bet there so many more stuff we just to know about him like he’s a HEART BREAKER and how many hearts has he actually broken? It’s true that he never dated before BUT that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t done STUFF. I wonder a lot about the song, “Take it Slow” and how did he come along with writing those lyrics? Experience?

    1. Just because you’re a little spoiled brat along w/ your church members, it doesn’t mean people like Taeyang doesn’t exist.

      1. @Jennifer

        Can you elaborate more on “Just because you’re a little spoiled brat along w/ your church members, it doesn’t mean people like Taeyang doesn’t exist”?

        Sorry but your reply doesn’t seem relevent to what I have stated.

    2. I actually don’t believe those stuff about him never dated or know nothing about it either b/c he’s human and espeically being man that he is, I”m sure that he know and has experience….

      It’s just the fact that usually he’s just so shy and the quiet type….I’ve been following BB since the beginning, and I’ve never seen this side of him….Since Solar comes out, his personality is totally a 180 degree turn…LOL…I’m happy that he’s happy, but I guess this is the REAL TY that we didn’t know about b/c his “role” of the innocent boy was everywhere in the media and BB just got famous, so he wants to hold back on it (?!)

      But I also feel like he probably has a gf in his life right now, which is why he is so happy…there has been alot of things BB said that just make the fans go “huh?!” for a while now, so…and YG is really known for their well kept relationship too, so u know….

      At the end of the day, I don’t really mind it’s his personal life. We should all be happy for him b/c afterall, he’s just like anyone of us…we all need to eat, sleep, date, bathroom, etc….

        1. I always saw it that way. People always gave him this innocent church boy appearance but that has never really matched what he said or did in interviews/appearances. He doesn’t really talk about his religion much -some other kpop stars have talked about theirs- I’ve seen him be shy around ppl (male/female) he doesn’t know but not to the point where he seems uncomfortable. I’ve seen plenty of pre-debut pictures with female friends. I personally don’t think he dated before debut (that was never a lie) but I don’t think he’s been single since then. It’s just he could never say anything because fangirls would be all over his relationship.

    3. im a churchgirl myself so i know that the innocent church boy (man!) Taeyang is REAL. you can have really close friends and be touchy touchy and playful with them. its not wrong. especially if you have a relationship like that of inside YG FAMILY. they’re a family. they grew up together, trained together, seen themselves in their worst and in their best. it would be natural to have interactions like these. it just so happens that this is the first time we’ve seen such interactions because this is the 1st time its been broadcasted.

      and Taeyang did say he was in a dark area last year and that he has opened his life to light – so normally he’s more giddy and happy and all that. and we’re all happy. :))))

      and you don’t have to have experience to be able to write something like Take It Slow. YB has said before, he is still a normal human boy with urges. and think of it this way, Take It Slow is like a song for his future wife. Even the Bible contains some of the most visual descriptions regarding intimate love (Song of Songs). Sex is a biblical thing. God made sex.

      just explaining. peace & love.

      1. I agree with you,church girl right here too btw 🙂

        I have no doubts that YB in indeed the person I THINK he is,its just that this side of him hasn’t been shown before and I’m not surprised to see it, after all we only see the side he shows on TV and none of us actually “know” him but I think what we’ve seen is enough to tell us that what we love about him is indeed there as part of who he is in my humble opinion (if I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t be here being the fan I am right now,unless I’m heavily deluded beyond sanity) and its not like this side is a bad thing,its just different to what we normally see him as but normal nevertheless

      2. Use to be a church rl and still run with a group of chruch boys and girls. Those kids, in my opinion, are one of the flirtiest I’ve met. Usually because they have known eachother for so long, this causes them to be touchy and flirty. You can be pure and flirt like a little devil, lol. As for the lyrics…plenty of virgins know ow sex works. And his lyrics were more about making “love” than raunchy sex.

        I do think that theres another side that we dont, and probably won’t, know about him…but i believe that what we see about him is pretty on point.

        I just find it funny that he doesnt count the thing with Yoona as a date…\that or he was lying. lol

        Theres so many antis that im sure something would have come out by now.

  13. even though i don’t really understand the clip, i still like those. bebe is too cute >< i wish i can understand the scene he introduced 3 girls when they relax. why they laugh? somebody tell me.
    i realy jeolous with the makeup-er. she is standing by tae and make up to him. oh, it's my all life's dream, see him SO NEAR. and why gd laugh when bebe say. hard to understand
    i don't like the picture they draw in the clip, it make bebe look older(in my oppinion). i really don't like this 'cause bebe is older than me 9 years old. and i don't want him older than me any more.
    and look at the scene when he practice. now i understand when i see his abs. so amazing.
    i saw kbs yesterday (in vietnam, it slowed than korea 1week), bebe was the winner with his song, i need a girl. congratulation to bebe.
    anyway, LOVE U, BAE, moaz :3

  14. can’t wait for the subs

    Minzy is prettier than ever
    hope that BoMMie will be in the next episode
    since she seems to admire Taeyang a lot

  15. YB-Dara-GD, friends for 5 years going on 6. I support their friendship. Despite being idols and certified stars, they seem to be down-to-earth. Nice to see superstars who are well-grounded. For me, they deserve their title as idols.

  16. thanks for toozdae08, your sub-clip make me understand some, that is satyfing(may be i spell wrong this word i’m not good in english ) when u understand something you want to understand, right?
    now i’m hearing goodbye baby in the net staff.
    good bye everyone
    lOVE BAE, LOL >< :3

  17. part 5 @6:25 << i almost missed that. it was se7en! it reminds me of the documentary and everything. it was just like yesterday.

  18. Watching this makes me wish I had paid attention in Korean class… damn.


    It’s nice to see a different side of YB, haha.

    Anyone toy with the idea of YB + Dara ? I know I have xD

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