[COD] HaRang wearing his Taeyang t-shirt

As soon as I saw this I knew I had to share it with you guys. Harang showing his love and support for his hyung Taeyang by wearing his t-shirt. He’s such a cutie. Aigoo, look at that face. A heart-breaker in the making.

Source:  jinuSEAN3000

31 thoughts on “[COD] HaRang wearing his Taeyang t-shirt”

  1. It’s official. I am definitely going to Korea to kidnap this little boy. He is so gangsta and obviously loves his hyung big time! And then I could have a mini-Taeyang of my own all the time!!!

    I want that shirt so baddddddd!!!!!!

  2. Harang is such a cutie!…l♥ve him in that shirt…and l♥ve the man printed on that shirt!…hahahha…

  3. this is awesome ahahaha I shoulda talked to Sean about harang when I was in the music studio with Teddy

      1. I left Korea two weeks ago!
        I was in the studio cause Shaun brought us up to meet him and stuff ahaha thats when we got our taeyang deluxe album

  4. omfg! taeyang won at mujik bankuh!!!!! beating suju. it’s your time to shine, bigbang’s hidden abs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Harang must be extremely happy his hyung just won at music bank! I betcha he thought that handstand was super cool….I know I did!!!!

    1. I can’t seem to stop watching his little celebration. ^^ The handstand, and then having to take his shades off to find the mike (I think), LMAO. I’ve had that clip on repeat like a dozen times already. ^^

      He’s so freakin’ HAPPY these days! LOL

  6. This little cutie is such a fan!! >W<

    Honestly, I'd so want to hug and kiss the boy~ He's just so cute!!!

    I want him, and that lovely adorable man on his shirt….*melts*

    (pedophile alert!!! LOL)

  7. harang…u’r cute boy…hopefully u’ll being like young bae.
    10 years ago, Young Bae also known as ‘JinuSean Junior’, then now Harang will known as ‘Young Bae Junior’. a good combination. i luv it *__^

  8. kyaaaaaa~ he is just soooooooooo adorable…. i would hug him if i were there^^ aigooooo..even harang has that shirt….HONESTLY, does that shirt are on sale at somewhere…i would like the same one as dara unni wears…^_~

  9. gaaad this boy has got to be careful, ‘coz there’s a lot of fangirls who will kidnap him. Sean should be a lot careful too. hehehe.

    Those cheeks are just too…rrawr! adorable! =)

  10. Omg, it would be so coool if he was in the show Hello Baby with Big bang! I bet that show will get a million viewers! Wouldnt that be cool?

  11. OMMGGGG, i wanna kno where i can get one of those!!! anybody know? 😀

    any like asian store that has it?like…we have this place thats basically a koreantown so hmm maybe…? if i can have it i’ll be SOO happy 🙂

    ebay or SOMETHING???

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