07.16.10 ~ Taeyang is #1 on Music Bank

Just yesterday Taeyang won for a second week in a row on M!Countdown and he did it again today on Music Bank. This man can’t be stopped, he’s a force. Congrats Taeyang!

I never get tired of watching this man dance and yesterdays win must have rejuvenated his spirits because once again Taeyang put on a wonderful show. I have nothing bad to say about this stage. Since his comeback he’s come into his own and slowly made this dance his. He’s just so comfortable on stage and you see that with each and every performance. Taeyang is just a joy to watch.

81 thoughts on “07.16.10 ~ Taeyang is #1 on Music Bank”

  1. Another awesome day for Taeyang!
    Congrats Taeyang; he’s on top of the world right now. Keep them awards rolling in XD

  2. his little celebration ceremony as he was encoring was the cutest thing ever.
    anyways, my wish for a wardrobe change doesn’t seem to be coming true. *sighs*

  3. love his encore he did not even bow to other artist is like he saying to them get out of my way is my time love it.

    1. i know he bow when they announce him the winner im talking about his encore because usually i see artist bow to each other when the MC done talking.

    2. He did bow in the beginning though. The stage was too packed for a 90 degree bow…..And people were too befuddled by the handstand and tumbling to leave immediately LOL.

      YB would NEVER be that impolite to forget to bow.

    1. Yeah! I saw that tooo! I don’t think this was planned either! hahaha.

      Hell yes. International fans doing what we do best!

    2. oh yeah. not hating here (coz i love YB with all my heart, chukae, Babe!), and not underestimating Taeyang fans, but from some of the tweets i’ve read, it added that the fans of the *others* are not too happy with Yb winning. read that they have like the fans have a *goal* this year so some of them are flipping out, which i personally think is a bit childish of them..

      not generalizing tho, just some of those ive read.

      but yeah! YB is LOVE.. and i saw him Bow… he will never be impolite.

  4. haha! shindong piano-ing Taeyang’s tummy was so funny and just wrong! hahahaha!
    Congrats Taeyang!!!

    1. LOL yeah. and taeyang was imitating Ji Hye’s expression. kekeke. so cute!
      Taeyang did some suju dance moves too. but it wasn’t funny.. i find it hard to laugh. he’s too HOT.

      1. it ‘s cute though 🙂

        and oh, during encore, when he turned around, lift his hand up, and smiled when he cant find a mic so he could start his “tired of being alone” lines… so cute!!!!
        ah im loving YB like this.
        even the MCs and SuJus look amused.

        1. yeah!! i saw that too. and when he went to the front of the stage, to put down his trophy and a bunch of flowers, you can see him hesitating to get back up cuz he knew he was in front of the cam..he didn’t want to get in the way since the MC were closing up. i can see his mohawk moving left to right from the bottom of the tv screen. and the MCs and Suju boys were literally lifting their eyebrows hehehe.

    2. It was funny indeed.
      And he even sang a bit of their song too, I believe.

      The encore part was simply adorable.
      He must have been crouching down as he waited for the MCs to finish talking because all you could see was his mohawk. And I love the other singers’ reactions when he did the handstand. That was totally unexpected.
      Too bad they didn’t show the whole thing though.

  5. He’s winning awards left, right and centre!!! Feel so proud of him, and you can tell his joy is evident in his performances today! >w<

    Congrats Bae Bae!!!

    His little hand stand at the end was just adorable!!! This man doesn't know what he does to girls I tell you….XD

  6. His first MuBank award!! when i was watching him on tv today, my mum ordered me to boiled the water… =.= so i missed a huge chunk of an awesome performance… anyway, when he won, i screamed so loud, the entire family was looking at me like mad. and he did a handstand!!! how cute!!! the other dancers came too and started doing backflips… LOL. he sounded way better during encore, with the mic.

    does anyone know what the first category is? the one he won over 3000+points? i think that was what that caused him the win.

        1. Nup, Suju are very weak on the digital charts even with their last single. Their album sales and other categories apart from digital are what make them win so much.
          Miss A is topping the digital charts with MC Mong in 2nd 🙂

    1. That happened last time too, Taeyang was against WG’s “So Hot” but WG never won even though they were topping with their song….

        1. No no, simply saying that the charts really mean nothing besides what’s “popular” but its the album sales that truly determine your win~ Wonder Girls are known to have very popular songs but pretty low album sales, thats the reason LOAM beat So Hot – because Taeyang had the album sales even though So Hot was the more “trendy” song at the time. Taeyang always goes against very popular songs and groups but wins because of his album sales (it’s all the ajhusshi’s coming out for his album I think)

          Ajusshi = older males

        2. oh okay. i get it. thanks. 🙂 i love the fact that taeyang is all about the entire thing, i mean, he’s more focused on the bigger picture than aiming for a smaller one but has a faster result. 🙂

  7. I laughed so hard, why do they ALWAYS make him stand beside the tallest members of other groups~lol.

    congratulations to Tae….he’s always my #1

    1. well, he is the shortest male idol i heard. no matter where he stands, he will be the shortest one… in a way, it makes him stand out more. ;p

        1. jay park is taller. but i do agree, who cares if he’s small, he’s got so much more to him than his height. btw, taeyang won is trending on twitter.

        2. @ILOVEMYBAE Jay Park isn’t very tall either actually,he’s around the same height as Taeyang,but surely there are other idols who aren’t very tall…

      1. I dunno, Lee Ki-Gwang from Beast is pretty short. I remember watching the episode of Hot Brothers where he was even shorter than Park Myung Soo!! I think they said his height was like 170cm or something, and isn’t Bae at least 171cm? LOL But hey, it doesn’t matter to me, cuz his talent more than make up for it, and he’s still taller than me!!

  8. I thought he was being all chill with the INAG performance (or was he just tired?) And then all of a sudden… handstand? We have to find out what they’re putting in his iced tea…

    1. i don’t know if i were right, i think the handstand was related to the interview. did he mention something “tumbling” ?

      1. Yea, I think he said he’d “tumble” if he won? Tumbling is the proper name for male rhythmic gymnastics popular in Japan but probably Korea as well~ I know him and GD used to do gymnastics and “tumbling” to train their bodies for dancing stunts like the flips he used to do in their debut performances~

      2. Ahhhhh this is why we need subs for that part! So proud of him! He’s like an unstoppable force now. Hopefully he can win Inki as well.

        1. yeah!! if he win Inki; he’ll be sweeping the charts in various shows for this week!! woo-hoo!! xD
          hopefully he can complete the feat.. *gonna keep my fingers crossed* 😀

        2. Inki rely’s on digital sales tho, but i’m keeping my fingers crossed… and my mom’s too..

      1. Knowing Teddy and Kush, I thin we would have other things to worry about rather than the iced tea!

  9. Ahhh, Congrats Young Bae!!! At the end, I thought he was going to throw the flowers to the audience but then he ducked to not block the cameras. haha. the handstand surprised me but was soo cute. i laughed when the backup dancers the flips around him. he’s so hyper and happy, whooo but then who wouldn’t be after the wins ^__^

  10. Damn he looked so happy. I laught out loud when he did the handstand. So unexpected of YB’s dorkiness.
    I think his happiness spread on me. I am so happy that he won.

  11. Congratulations Taeyang ^__^!
    Once again he’d delivered an awesome performance, that handstand at the end is too adorable, I lol when he got up and couldn’t find the mic, too cute for words.
    YB ❤

  12. Playful Tae Yang ~!! haha
    He becomes more and more pleasant on stage now xD
    Anyway, Congratulation my Sol ~!! :X

  13. YB is so laid-back when he performed the encore!! haha.. but sadly; the encore was TOO SHORT!! why!! why can’t they extend the encore!! 😦

    1. first win. the furthest he went during LOAM period in MuBank was 6th place overall i think. or at least that was what i remember back then.

      1. oohh i see.. oohh okie.. thanks ILOVEMYBAE!! 🙂
        now it makes sense why he’s so happy during the encore.. hehe.. 😀

  14. It’s refreshing to see this goofy side that he’s been showing lately. After all of his problems last year, I’m happy that he seems to be having a lot of fun during this promotional period.
    And that handstand! The MC’s were all freaked out and then you could see members of Suju cheering him on when he was doing it.

    Goofy YB FTW!!!!

  15. HAHA! : D
    I love how he practically wiped the other artists off the stage when his performance begins x’] ❤

  16. LOL at that random handstand. I bet he was just overjoyed! Haha I guess this song is kind of like LOAM…which took a couple weeks to get up there, but eventualy did. Another testimony on how Taeyang’s music just grows on people. Congrats!

    I never thought I’ll see the day Taeyang beats out Super Junior….I feel like a proud mother. Guess the Korean public finally caught on!

    1. me neither. just proves that not everything is about fandom power, but rather the testament of music no matter how rare that happens and how rare people appreciates true musicality..

      chukae Bae! i never expected him to win Music bank AT ALL knowing he’s up against suju who are monsters in terms of album sales!

  17. congrats, YB… happy day for taeyang and all taeyang fans…the really good part here is that finally YB is having fun… 🙂

  18. Ugh, I went to bed so happy about the win.

    But I wake up to find that they cut WUA on Sketchbook?!? T.T That is just unforgivable, unbelievable.

    Thank god for the amazing fancam, but I’m saddened that the general public missed out on a truly astounding performance. The Sketchbook PD is dead to me! T.T

    1. what. But that was the best performance of WUA ever. Like he even did a new dance and everything. And a split. Dame them, I 2nd you. Sketchbook PD is dead to me.

    2. The fancams were better all around except for the sound. The camera angles were very strange on the broadcast…they missed so much. I am ever so grateful to the korean fanclubs for the fancams….they are so full of win idek.

  19. Oie
    Nossa muito bom, suas notícias, para mim são as mais completas sobre Tae Yang *___*
    E olha nosso querido TaeYang bateu o Super Junior…
    fico estramamante orgulhosa dela, e não é para memos a ” I need girl” é ‘A MÚSICA’, acho muito merecido o rechonecimento!!!
    Beijos!! ❤

  20. He is so hyper these days! Random handstand and fooling around during his encore. The hosts and other artists were all O_o lolz I love it! Congrats, Bae!

  21. Weeee! Another award for him. I know he’s not that too keen on getting awards in music shows but I’m happy his home country is getting the recognition he truly deserves!

    And he even trend! waaaaa. I wish I saw that. But thanks for the updates ATY! =)

    1. And I can’t believe I commented before seeing him win…because it’s so freakin funny and adorable! SuJu has to make way because Tae might hit them with his head stands!! And his face! Oh so hyper and cute!!! He’s sure is Happy.

      And so are we Bae, so are we! =)

  22. Lmao i loved his enore lol the male mc’s face was sooooo funny even though i think TaeYang said he would do that if he won i dont think they expected that. But yeah how can a guy look sooooo hot and cute at the same time. Am i the only one that cant stop smiling when hes smiling lol…Anyways i hope he wins MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo so i can continue to see that sexy body lol, cute smiley eyes and beautiful smile

  23. haha..i see itb live at tV ^^ and it was awsome…i love his performance and i love it when he makes that cute face when he performed..^^ i was over-joy when he wins #1….congrats YB^^v really30x prooooooooooud of you 😀

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