[Critics Review] Now YG does music that’s “well-made”

It is Taeyang – Dong Young Bae’s – 1st full album (SOLAR) that can completely enter the category of a “Well Made” album and at the level of “CAN DO” (as in, he CAN reach the top tiers of music).

It is obvious that he is a singer who assimilates American mainstream R&B in the most stylishly form in Korea, and that was confirmed in his first mini album that contains ‘Look only at me’ made by Teddy. I’m am very satisfied that the boy who has featured in Se7en and Lexy’s albums as well as Wheesung’s 2nd album <It’s Real> has combined his strengths to grow up like this.

The overall format of this album is that of R&B, as expected. Specifically speaking, rather than Chris Brown’s somewhat intense sound that has been reshuffling the market or D’Angelo’s neo soul, this album has the scent of Omarion, who he has repeatedly revealed as his idol and Ne-yo, who Koreans are very fond of.

It is remarkable that the feel of pop in his past song, ‘Look only at me’, has been well mixed, with the more polish style in this album. Rather than SOLAR being compared to American mainstream music, I want to say that the musical style he expresses has started to be known now (through him).

Of course SOLAR, has some songs that are a bit ambiguous to call them mainstream style, but it isn’t a problem when you see the overall format of the album. Most of all, it is Taeyang’s SOLAR that is worthy to be evaluated as the best among R&B albums released this year in Korea. He has proved by himself it was not an accident that he won the double prizes in the field of the best R&B/soul at the 6th Korean music awards in 2009.

Reviewed by OhmyNews
Translations by MYOKOON@ALWAYSTAEYANG (do not remove credit)

36 thoughts on “[Critics Review] Now YG does music that’s “well-made””

  1. Chyea!! Now you’re talkin’! Me feels that YB will win some music awards at the end of the year….LOL

    But I might be looking too far ahead… =P

    I feel so happy at the moment, at least Korean critics are realising that YB’s bringing R&B to the Korean scene~ Hopefully the rest of the Korean public will grow to love it with the hlep of SOLAR (which they do, otherwise what were the double Mnet countdown awards? “XD)

    Dong Young Bae! Dong Young Bae!! Fighting fighting fighting!! >w<

  2. woooah!! *clap! clap! clap!* our YB really deserves this attention! his style is slowly taking control!!! FINALLY!! WAY TO GO YB!!!!

  3. Like I said before, if he doesn’t win this year end of year award for the best R&B album, i will be pissed.. and yes, who was it again who said we should boycott kimchi? yeah let’s do that. kekeke

  4. And now they’re saying his good. after creating an uproar on the ‘SLUMP’ goodjob Korea. goodjob -end sarcasm-

    IM SO PROUD OF YB!!! OMG!. Taking risk and doing what you want to do, what you’re good at, is the best and Taeyang did that.
    cannot express my happiness well enough.

    im proud.

  5. Has got to be one of the best reviews I have read. Well put; couldn’t agree more. Like I said before, SOLAR has been written in the history books. What a brillant album & an album that has opened many doors for Taeyang & has made him accomplish so much already.

  6. Congratulations, YB…. you deserve this. Your hardwork paid off. Blaze the trail for your type of music. All the best of God’s blessings for you.

  7. This man definitely knows what he’s talking about. Solar was one of the best overall albums in Korea this year. Glad to see YB getting the recognition he deserves!!! He’s already on the road to revolutionizing the RnB scene in Korea!!

  8. This is what I wanted to read—an actual critic’s opinion.

    As I have said before, Solar has a sound that has not yet been exploited in Korea so I have hopes that it will help bring more spotlight to the genre itself and to all those other great Korean R&B musicians out there.

    Even my brother who is still stuck in the 80’s music said the album was good.

    Congratulations Taeyang!
    After all that hardship, he can finally relax and smile. His album is being well received.

  9. i’m so proud of Bae!!! finally! finally!

    before this album was released.. i hoped his music style will be noticed… but i didn’t imagine he will make RnB mainstream in Korea… through this,,,, a lot of underground RnB korean artist will be noticed too… he started the trend!!!!

  10. Daamm.. Isn’t the Korean Music Awards for this year over? Where else would he be able to get best R&B album of the year for this year?

  11. It seems that it took Korea media awhile to realize that SOLAR is AWESOME. YB didn’t start receiving high praises until YB hit iTunes worldwide and smashed it! But VIPs know what great music…that’s why we’re VIPs ^_^. So happy for YB. Now I can’t wait for the rest of the year!

  12. Finally, someone who can appreciate YB’s music and album!

    Seriously I don’t get it when people said it was a slump or anything whereas this is one of the best albums ever produced!

    Go Taeyang! Go YG!

  13. I agree w/ everything he said. I too am very satisfied with the man that YB has become. I know we can only expect better things to come from him 🙂

    Btw, this is totally unrelated, but anyone know what this is all about? Seems like there was an event…wonder what it was….

    1. fansigning event for his album
      he have another on sunday

      wow thank you for the vid
      he’s so hyper and cute lol

  14. Oh and it seems like we can add another celebrity fangirl to the list! Miss A’s Min admires YB and wants to work with him too! This list is definitely getting freakishly long!!! So proud of our man!!!!

  15. there were quite a lot of critics reviews about bae’s album lately, and most of them were giving positive comments. some said the album has maintained a good balance between mainstream music and the music that bae wanted to do, and some pointed out the growth of bae as a singer. it seems like these critics have put their faith in bae, and they have been witnessing the evolution of the sun like we all have.

  16. Agree YB better get R&B album of the year!! NO ONE is doing anything close to what he is in the R&B genre and he deserves to be rewarded for making this amazingly diverse album<3

  17. I get the feeling that everyone under the YG label is OCD when it comes to creating music. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 🙂

  18. i agree, so far his album is one of the best..if not the bestest, lol. i can listen to his songs 24 hours a day without getting tired…and appreciate RnB more now because of him.

  19. If he doesnt win for the year imma fly over to s. korea & punch them in the face.. (: lets hope its doesnt get that extreme though haha . & those stupid people that thought it was a slump should be ASHAMED! who do they think they are?! haha (: so proud of him!!

  20. YB has worked hard for all this year and so is the BB…YB soul and voice are connected to R&B and with that he produce such an amazing song that touch our heart….and YG does produce whats best and for that i respect them all YG family…they had help each other so that more quality and meaningful music are born…YG is the best and so does all YG family…long live YG^^ and to YB oppa, congratulation for the second winning on Mnet…you deserved it^^

  21. I find the the title of this article really funny. “Now YG does music thats “well made” ” I wonder what the author is implying by that. hehe.

    Many are saying that his album is a “growing” album in which we see Taeyang’s skills as a singer, composer, and performer improve. I think it’s a joy for me to watch as well.

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