07.15.10 ~ Taeyang at SOLAR Fan Signing Event

Fresh off his #1 win at M!Countdown Taeyang appears in good spirits at his Solar fan signing event. I love that smile. Check out the video and pics below.

pics under the cut

Sources: Sunriseyb@youtube + DCYB + bestiz

Special Thanks to Vic@bbupdates for helping me with this post!

42 thoughts on “07.15.10 ~ Taeyang at SOLAR Fan Signing Event”

  1. haha YB & his plaid shirts again~ sexy as always ^^
    awww he’s super happy & hyper lol. Glad it went well XD

    1. I love the way he lightly walks up the steps all swaggg. Then his spin is like AHHHHH so cute.

      I would be screaming my head off too. I don’t even blame the fangirls.

    2. omg he is soooooooooooo sexy just like that!
      i feel like jumping off from wherever this fancam came from. hahahahaha.
      opppaa!!! opppaaaa!!! lol, can hear the screams. omg it’s deafening! i want to call him that too although im older. lol.
      he’s so adorable too!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing the fancams. I was in such a bad mood this morning but seeing a little piece of heaven has made my day a little less stress.

  3. He’s been looking so happy and goofy lately it’s been driving me insane…..a happy kind of insane though! Great to see him getting over all of his troubles from last year and finally being more care-free.

    This man can rock shades and plaid shirts all day!!!! Sexyyyyyyy

  4. I love to see Taeyang smiling so brightly. He looks totally cute.
    May he receive even more blessings in the days to come. 😉

  5. This man’s too cute for words, it should be illegal. I mean, who can rock shades AND a plaid shirt like that? Hmm? XDDD

    Like all of you, I’m happy that he is enjoying himself and being care free after what happened last year. *tears of joy*

    If I were there, I’d be screaming like all those fangirls there, it’s YB!!! *OPPA!!!!* XD

  6. OMG!!!!!!!

    He is always wearing plaid now. I’ve seen him in like 293875329857 different ones.

    I love his face. His walk. His smile.

    TY have a signing in SO CALIFORNIA!!!

    gahhh. (=

    I’m so happy for him. He’s like walking on Cloud 9 (=

  7. here’s a vid of TY saying goodbye?

    ahh, he went close to the fans! so lucky! the security guards were reaallyy nervous, lol

    1. omg! he’s so close… *dies*
      I love how happy and hyper he’s looking these days.
      He looks amazing ❤

  8. Sheesh~~~ everything I see something like that I can’t help giving myself a kick for not being in Korea just 1 month later so I could experience all this. Just imagine seeing him live in person!! I was even right at Sinsa where he was spotted taken photographs!! Damn, damn damn!!

  9. just realized that there were drinks on the table next to him… hehehe in case Bae got thirsty?

  10. There’s a video of the fansigning from Y Star News

    Hope someone subs it. I want to know what the guy fans said!

  11. how many shirt like that he has in his closet??^^ well it totally awsome he should wear it often cause i found it suits him and it look super cute on him…i wish i could be there…huuuuuuuuhhhh…unlucky me 😦

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