Teaser of Taeyang and Seungri on Strong Heart

Just from the preview I can tell it’s going to be a laugh riot. I wonder what kinds of stories Seungri plans to spill, I mean share about his hyung.

Source: bbupdates


27 thoughts on “Teaser of Taeyang and Seungri on Strong Heart”

  1. Juri, Juri, Juri….that woman just can’t seem to get enough of YB. But I don’t blame her! This episode looks like it’s going to be lots of fun. YB dancing and SR spilling the juicy details….can’t wait!!!

  2. oh man….they both look soooo good in this! I really cant wait for it to air…and YB just look super duper yummy in the cardigan!!! I really like this look…

  3. Tae, you little playboy. He is letting lots of females kiss that cheek of his.
    And I’m guessing his cute and flustered expression at 0:23 is his response to Seungri’s “Doesn’t everyone originally start off as just friends?”
    Another show that I cannot wait to watch.
    Thanks a lot for all these wonderful news/previews Janelle.

    1. What’s happening to our shy YB? He’s becoming quite the ladies man. If he’s letting all these women kiss him I think he’s gonna need some international love as well. Where’s my kiss? It looks like it’s going to be another funny show. You’re welcome. 🙂

  4. Ohhh!!! This teaser is getting me excited!!! Juri has a taste of YB yet again! LOL~~~

    Can’t wait to see what Seungri has to spill about YB~~~ That little maknae is always with the juicy details…XDD

    Me thinks it’s gonna be lots of laughs just like the first time YB went on SH~ >w<

  5. WoW!!!! I just watched this video With Taeyang and seungri appearing on Strong heart. The video is gone now!! It was only a half hour ago. Aagghhhh!!! I wanted to watch the preview again!!!

  6. so jung juri just couldn’t get enough of yb the first time around and decides to go for seconds. wise lady. LOL !

      1. Jung Juri is a Comedian. She’s a fixed guest on Strong Heart and is the self proclaimed ‘Idol Killer’. The last time YB appeared on the show she did the LOAM dance with him and while he was on the ground she jumped him. The other guests had to rush to YB’s aid, pulling her off of him. But I think he enjoyed it because he was grinning from ear to ear.

    1. the woman who pounced on yb the first time he was on strong heart, same woman who got to peck his cheek in this preview.

  7. cant wait to watch this! lol seungri, spill the juicy details (: and taeyang, of course looks sexy as usual, love his outfit ❤

  8. someone could already set a team to translate it…!!!!
    PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!!!! (I don’t understand korean…) =}

  9. YB is having fun getting kisses all the time. IU will feel rejected since her kiss seemed to be just another kiss. he’s really gonna lose that “innocent and shy’ title the next time we see him. and i should be one of those friggin lucky girls.

  10. hahah.. poor taeyang..
    tasted by that aunt again….
    and sengri is toooooo funny!!!!
    he perfect suits variety show!!!!
    hope can see him more appear on this kind of show

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