Unofficial “I Need a Girl” version 3; Kay’s pick!

So, I finally found an unofficial version of “I Need a Girl” #3 fan vid, which in my opinion, combines the best scenes from both MV’s into one awesome video. Check it out~

The editing is done really well, I would have liked the scene with him being touched by the noonas, but hey, I’m totally loving this version.


41 thoughts on “Unofficial “I Need a Girl” version 3; Kay’s pick!”

    1. I agreeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! The oficial version should be like this one, with parts of the first and the second version, both really cool!!

      I just missed the part where TY “pokes” the girls arm at the beggining… he lookes sooooooooo cute at this scene!!! >.<


    1. Yes/No

      He did go on a date with her – a blind date. I figure it went well cause she asked him to go to her concert. He went.
      They are still in contact and talk quite a bit. She is just a really good friend according to Taeyang.

      So Yes they went on at least 1 official date. As to whether or not they’re dating – no one knows for sure but official word from him is No. It’s up to the individual fan/person as to whether they believe him.

      I don’t think they’re dating YET. Maybe in the future but he wouldn’t have said anything if they were actually dating but this may be setting up the ground works.

  1. alot better! if i just watch the 2nd version, i feel like i’m just watching the live (which is good)…but then mv isn’t suppose to be something the live is trying to compare to…i don’t think i’m making sense…hopefully it makes sense to someone else lol!! i really like this version, props to whomever did it!

    1. Like other posters have said they’re elements in both videos that when put together make a pretty decent video. I think most fans thought that was what YG was going to do. So I really like what this fan did. I think YG should take a look at this.

      1. I agree, I’m glad someone has merge the two and got certain clips that fans love and fit well together. I also agree that YG should look at it as well.

  2. love love love love, took some of the great clips from the first and added to the second. man love this I want the download bad,,,, watching on repeat

  3. wow this is nice! an unofficial INAG video with the best scenes from the 2 videos! nice editing…precise and sharp! thanks!

  4. nice one! If YG had released a version like this, it would have been great! There’s balance to this video i like it.

  5. this my opinion dont hate:

    the only good editing is the GD part. I feel that the video is hard to watch after watching v1 and v2 many times. It seems like the v1 scenes are here and there and no feel with v2. (that dont make sense i know) =)

    1. kind of agree. I’ve seen better MV1and MV2 mergers. But this one isn’t bad. I think this is the 3rd merge I’ve seen and I like it. Wished YG did an official one but I would rather have Superstar than anything else.

    1. 4 songs – LOAM!, INA, JAF, WUA! – plus the talk. That’s a lot of choreo-heavy songs! I really really hope they show all of it (fingers crossed)… I’m so excited – I can’t believe we have to wait 3 days still! T.T

      Hopefully, YHY took the opportunity to also invite YB to Radio Heaven. I’d love to hear an extended chat between the two. <33 Isn't it about time YB goes on a radio show? (impatient)

      1. Can’t wait to see the LOAM performance! He looks like he’s deviating from his normal LOAM performances so I’m so excited!!!

      1. OMG did he ask that girl in the audience to kiss him on the cheek @2:09?
        lucky her
        he definately will get a girlfriend this year(i wouldnt be surprise if he already have)lol
        i cant wait to see this clearly
        when is this going to air?

        1. OMG!…LOL…I couldn’t believe that he let the girl kiss him for REAL! LOL…that’s so unexpected! HAHAHA…I wished I was her! LOL

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