Taeyang tackles photography?

Recent pictures of Taeyang taking pictures at “Garuso-gil” restaurant in Shinsa, Seoul have surfaced, causing one to speculate whether he’s taking on photography as his next art to master ~

42 thoughts on “Taeyang tackles photography?”

  1. Lol well if he is, then I wish him all the best! Looks like he’s having fun too. Probably he’s taken it up as a hobby\interest or something.

  2. how can he make such a simple plaid shirt looks so good. Don’t worry Tae I know all about cameras, let me teach you. hee hee hee.

    On a more serious note, that is one AWESOME looking camera. would not mind taking photos with that.

  3. how does he make everything look so hot? damn.
    i’m also missing him wearing his fitted hats. anyone else?

      1. aww, really? my album hasn’t come in yet *grumble*

        but yeah, his hats are missing even when he’s been doing grp activities! actually, when’s the last time he even wore one?

        1. last time was when bigbang doing there japan activities and he wear it like every how they went to in japan wasnt that long but his going for rnb not hip hop so yeah during only look at me and where you at he wore hat

    1. Lol. I thought I was the only one who had noticed that he hasn’t been wearing any hats lately.

      He’s looking more adorable than ever though.

  4. Gawd I love his style. I love it when he wears normal clothes. Look at how NOT tight his jeans are as compared to the jeans he wears on stage. I don’t understand why YG wants to change his style. To me its such a in integral part of who he is. Kind of like the mohawk. I’ve seen it for so long that that I just feel like that’s him. Taeyang would not be Taeyang without the mohawk. Even lol Harang loves it.

    1. YG didn’t make Taeyang change his style. The stylist noonas did and it’s only for performance outfits. And for some reason BB’s outfits too. BB’s style seems to be skinny jeans for the past 1-2 years and I could always tell YB wasn’t a big fan. I can’t recall ever seeing him in skinny jeans during his off time. He looks best with slightly baggy pants.

    2. when i see other idols sporting mohawk, i would be like ‘hey you know who made that popular’ XD

  5. there’s another really cute pic on soompi. He waving from the balcony to people on the ground. He’s so cute.

  6. Are they filming him for a show at the same time? I think I see cameras in the bg.

    Taeyang! Don’t worry! You can take pictures of me anytime! 😀

  7. his not taking pictures but actually filming a video … there’s a mic on top of the camera and i seen it in another picture filming something , i think it has something to do with the show that will be filming him …..

    but i almost died when i first seen it … taeyang holding a camera ( it can’t get any better for me , photography is my passion and he’s will … )

  8. ughhh….i wanted to use the first picture as the wallpaper for my touch but the dude in the background ruined it

  9. again, the shirt really suits on him…^^ love it^^ its ok if he’s interest in photography…picture do express word right^^…it would be great if he makes it as his hobby^^

  10. wow, our bae do photography, so amazing,
    hey, does everyone know, tae yang is dating with snsd yuri. what a cute couple.
    pls give me your ideas. i like his look like in the i need a girl live, not in the mv, a hairy look, i don’t think i really like it. how about you guys?

    1. i dont think that they’re actually dating, i think they like were seeing each other kind of thing, & now they’re just close friends kinds of thing.. LOLS♡

  11. LOLS! gosh, does every guy i fall in love with have to like the same things as me?! LOLS, 🙂 lols such a beautiful thing photography is, btw lols taeyang should use nikon cameras, they’re the best, because i have one! lols, ♡

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