[COD]Taeyang & his littlest fan – HaRang!

Taeyang, HaRang, HaEum, and Sean

We haven’t  had one of these in a while have we?  Recently Sean from JinuSean took his two little ones to watch Taeyang perform on Inkigayo (07/11) and snapped a picture to commemorate.  Look at lil HaRang’s swagga.  He learns it from the best Taeyang and his poppa, Sean, himself.  I think he’s even rocking a Chrome Hearts t-shirt too! (I could be wrong)  If we didn’t know better, we would think Youngbae and HaRang were father and son.

HaRang, watch out boy.  Some of these fangirls, like me, are all ready to jump you.

Source: Sean’s Cyworld + Stardaisy212 on Twitter

30 thoughts on “[COD]Taeyang & his littlest fan – HaRang!”

  1. This is how I imagine YB’s future kids to look like. Harang is sooooooo adorable. Just like his hyung

  2. yeah, Taeyang looks the father of Harang rather than Sean oppa, he’s indeed the little Taeyang haha

  3. OMG~~~
    but taeyang looked too young to be a father
    more suitable for good hyung(big brother) and adorable donseng
    and im sure tae will be a good father in the future!!

    1. that would be too cute for words… and we’d all be squealing for joy or something… Sean’s children are adorable… YB is just too good to the kids…

  4. Aww, just look at them. This is totally adorable!
    I really don’t know who’s cuter.

    Hopefully, Taeyang too will marry a girl awesome as Jung Hye Young and have extremely cute children like HaRang, HaEm, and HaYul.

  5. GAH! cute! If i have a boy that looked like YB, i’d make him dress and have the same hairstyle as YB (if he wanted to of course)

  6. adorable as ever 🙂 and Sean makes for a very good example to YB, not just as an artist, but as a person, husband and father.


    Ur name sounds so much like an asian. Your european rite?
    TY and HaRand cuteness overload<3

  8. Sean needs to watch out before people, like me, end up going to Korea just to kidnap these kids! They are too adorable! And of course…TY is looking mighty fine too!!! 🙂

  9. Just too adorable for words. Hareng is such a cutie pie & his sister is goregous. Taeyang’s mini me & small fanboy.

  10. Sean should be warned. If I ever get to go to Korea, damn, i’ll make sure to hunt down that Harang boy at whatever cost and jump him. lol.

    (he’s not the only one. Tae should be very worried too…….)

  11. OMO….harang and ha Eum has grown already^^ they are super cute and YB looks great^^ he looks as if he is harang’s dad^^…YB is going to be a great father someday…i’m 100% sure of it^^

  12. harang is super cutee^^ when im older i want a son like him hihi. when young bae gets a baby he will be a good father 🙂

  13. i said it before and i say it again,Harang’s got some swagga! hahah,he’s just too adorable,and so is Haeum! they’re soo lucky! and Oppa is lookin’ so cute and happy,he’s gonna be a greaat dad! aweeee!<33

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