STAR SEE-THROUGH: Petite charisma, Taeyang

This week’s Star See-Through’s spotlight is on Taeyang, who recently released his first full-length solo album with ‘I Need a Girl.’ Looking at his small physique that is bursting with charisma makes even the selfishness of ‘Only Look at Me’ seem cool. Now, shall we get to know more about Taeyang, whose charm paralyzes all women’s sense of reason?

Name: Taeyang (real name: Dong Young Bae)
Birthdate: May 18, 1988
Measurements: Height 5’8”, weight 127lbs
Blood type: B
Debut: August 2006 as Big Bang
Hobbies: Basketball, listening to music, watching TV
Specialties: Rap, dance, beatbox, singing, English, Japanese
Nicknames: Dong Taeyang
Education: Daejin University School of the Arts, Drama/Film studies


Part1. Charm

#1. Vicious practice bug
As a child actor, he joined YG when he was in 6th grade, took the part of ‘Little Jinusean,’ and his dream of becoming a singer grew after seeing Jinusean. After surviving eight years training along with G-Dragon as a YG trainee, a position rumored to be especially hard and difficult, he made his flashy debut with Big Bang in 2006. Explaining that ‘the driving force behind everything is practice,’ they say that he practices singing and dancing for an average of at least 5 hours a day. The results? He received the compliment that he dances really well from JYP, who ever gives out compliments, so that seems enough, right?

#2. Looks at girls as if they’re rocks, shyboy
Unbelievable! It’s a fact that’s hard to believe, but they say that 23-year-old Youngbae has never dated in his life. He, who still trembles in front of girls, says that it’s his dream to marry his first love, and that’s how innocent this boy is. The proof is the shot of him with national fairy Kim Yuna, sitting far away and looking straight ahead. That boy, what’re we going to do with him?

#3. Explosive charisma
He shoots the most innocent eye smiles from off-stage, but he owns that double charm that transforms him into a completely different person once he steps on stage. His trademark is that innocent eye smile that children could be jealous of, but it’s a whole different story once he’s on stage. We want to yell ‘oppa!’ at his beastly charm that makes him rip his shirt without hesitation during his performance.

#1. Petite… but chocolate abs
You can’t tell that he’s small just from looking at his upper body, but his profile lists his height at 173cm (5’8”). But you all know that his true height is much small than that, right? We’ll introduce the magic item that covers his small stature. First of all there’s his abs that look like they’ve been carved with a knife. Just looking at that piece of art carved into his stomach makes his total height totally out-of-mind. Also that New Era that he wears crooked at 45 degrees and his hightops that hide height-adding platforms do all they can to help. But Taeyang! You know you’re still awesome without all of this, right?

#2. That killer eye smile
Just looking at that picture of him winking is enough to lose your breath. Look at those half-moon eyes that are enough to make all of us slowly melt. That so-called ‘killer eyes smile’ makes the innocence of a 5-year-old come out of a 23-year-old young man! Is there anyone in this world who wouldn’t fall for that smile?

#3. Mohawk hairstyle
That mohawk hairstyle that is reminiscent of a marine has become his trademark. The truth is that this style is a hairstyle perfectly suited for him that was found after many trials of reggae style, mushroom cut, and more. That it brings out his own unique charisma is obvious, but it also adds about 5cm to his height, so it kills two birds with one stone!

Part2. Contacts

#1. Taeyang’s list of BFF
The person that has taken the most pictures with Taeyang as of late is none other than Sean’s son Harang. Harang, sporting a mohawk and with enough hip-hop feel of his own, is being called ‘Little Taeyang,’ and can brag of being 100% in sync with Taeyang. Composer Teddy is a senior of his that passionately cares for him, and G-Dragon is his BFF that spent eight years together with him and can’t be left out. Of the same age, Taeyang is carrot to G-Dragon’s sticks, and together leading Big Bang, they have proven to have a fantastic friendship.

#2. The ladies that yearn for Taeyang
Singer IU is confidently revealing that Taeyang is her ideal type whenever she has an interview. Now world star Yoobin of Wondergirls is also pinpointing him as her ideal type. And recently, it has been revealed that designer Kim Jae Hyun of clothing brand Jardin de Chouette is someone who really cares about him. It’s to the point where she put Taeyang’s image on the brand’s signature character, having received inspiration from him.

Original article HERE
Translations by Seungie


50 thoughts on “STAR SEE-THROUGH: Petite charisma, Taeyang”

  1. 2ne1 also likes taeyang
    in interveiw bom,minzy and do says that he is really cool
    dara said that there like a family but then she work with him in ineed a girl and she now probably has a crush on him keke~

  2. Hardware and software. lol. The author of this article is so friggin hilarious! hahaha.

    Thanks for the article. Grinning from ear to ear.

  3. what a great profile. Loving the momentum that he is gaining. Seems like the k-media is really starting to get behind Tae and his work.

    The photo of him with Harang is too precious for words.

  4. Thanks for the article ^^
    lol this is very interesting; especially #2. The ladies that yearn for Taeyang; they should add Yuri to that *just kidding*

  5. OMO: “That it brings out his own unique charisma is obvious, but it also adds about 5cm to his height, so it kills two birds with one stone!”


  6. Hardware and Software. hahahaha.

    I love how this article was written. It’s so light and fun to read even if I’m not his fan. =)

    Gaaaad I have this HUGE crush on Harang. If I see that lil kid one day I might just crush him with a hug, or pinch those cheeks, or just kiss him continuously. Hehehe. He’s just too adorable.
    But if it’s Bae, it’s a whole different story. I might just use all my energy to stop myself from fainting. hehehehe…

    1. Props to the person who made this.. This mv is much more enjoyable to watch with the concept of the first mv and the second mv!! I love this version so much better!!

    2. this is indeed so much better! 🙂 good job on editing the two MVs and putting them together. 🙂 Can someone send this to YG? hehehehe

  7. “but it also adds about 5cm to his height, so it kills two birds with one stone!”

    lol of course.

    i love that picture comparing him to a puppy. so cute.

    1. omo yeah that puppy comparison is so cute! I really want to screen-shot and crop that part out and save it somewhere haha 😀

  8. It’s YB’s ability to bridge the gap between his sweet and sexy side that I find so appealing so I think this writer got it just right. YB is the complete package. 🙂

  9. So what is Taeyang’s true height? I heard he is really 5″6. I know it cant be 5″8 because TOP IS 6ft. He would only be two inches shorter than TOP. He is way shorter than TOP. I love him still. i’m 5″2 Yayyyyyyy!!……as if it really counts.LOL!

  10. I just saw the KBS photoshoot interview of the boys. Taeyang and Seungri sing a bit of a korean version of Tell Me Goodbye which makes me wonder if this was the one that belonged to Taeyang? idk.

    1. LOL no, I think Seungri and him are singing a parody version to the interviewer because she asks Taeyang if she would be okay to marry

  11. yep yep this article is right. his infamous eye smile is what trapped me into this love i have for him now. hardware #2 is completely correct. 😛

  12. two things i completely do not understand: one is why the interviewer wanted so badly make him small (really, at the end of the article one may think taeyang is something like 5cm tall…!!), and the other is if youngbae had born in 1988 how can he be 23 y-o????????? if he’d born in ’88, he should be 22 y-o…!!! (am i counting it wrong????? o.Ô )

    1. In S. Korea, when you’re born you are considered a year old cause they count from conception. So that’s why he’s 23.
      Taeyang is short (about 5’6, not 5’8′) but I don’t think they had to exaggerate his height that much. However, it was still a cute article.

    1. I think it’s like a BTS for his album/music video. Maybe like another form of TYtv? It’s supposed to air July 16 in Korea.

    2. It says the first broadcast will be on the 16th, which makes me excited/hopeful that there will be multiple installments.

  13. good read, except for the continuous jabs at his height. it’s mentioned every 1/3 articles, everybody knows already.
    guess it’s just their way to make him seem less perfect and more down to earth and real.

  14. spotlight’s on our man! 🙂 the article is funny except for the constant jab at his height. His photo with Harang is really **sighs*** too cute for words…

  15. everything about him is just wonderfull..its sweet that he wants to marry his first love^^….height doesnt even matters to me and its doesnt matter at all….he has a great personality and a loving heart and that is what matters the most.^^ …

  16. We’re about to be hit with a lot more YB. YGTV is back and guess who has their own channel – YB!!! It will follow him around making his album and preparing for his comeback. SOOOOOOO excited!!!

      1. don’t really know. It’s not just YBTV, but all of YG. I’ve seen cameras with him around at certain places. So excited.

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