07.11.10: Taeyang “on” Inkigayo with “I Need a Girl”

Yesterday’s performance on Music Core for download: “I Need A Girl”

Though his vocals weren’t perfect today, I felt like Taeyang was “on” tonight.Β  I think he’s finally owned this song and the choreography to the point that he could probably do it in his sleep.


54 thoughts on “07.11.10: Taeyang “on” Inkigayo with “I Need a Girl””

  1. kind of bummed yb didn’t win tonight. from what i know he’s leading in the hanteo chart and has a higher rank than suju on the online charts. zzz.

  2. I think it’s already to the point in which he could promote another song already lol. His performances do get better with every performance however vocally it’s either good or meh. Id like to think that maybe 2-3 weeks is a good amount of time to promote your title song anything longer than that it can get pretty stale. Anyway the dancing is on point as usual just needs to tighten them vocals a bit and all is good.

  3. @Tofumon : i agreed with you… i think Taeyang was “on” tonight : )

    look at Jihye face hahaha… i think she knew hehehe ^_^

  4. yeah he could to this in his sleep now just look at @1.36 of his performance he really feeling it. i think this is his best performance dance wise but vocally is not good today.

  5. is there something wrong with his voice or i just heard a vocally tired Taeyang? either way, i feel his becoming more and more comfortable with the dance routine…

  6. taeyang’s tired no doubt. he’s been filming, having interviews and what else? oh yeah.. dating Yuri.


    Anyway, who won??

    1. Lol, that’s funny xD
      Super Junior won. Taeyang is on Take 7 though, so he has a chance of winning next week πŸ˜€

  7. honestly i dont think there’s an award in kpop that could possibly do our YB justice. i suggest an award(s) created specifically for him cuz at the moment he’s started a trend in kpop and before kpop catches up to him…they had better get the boy some awards cuz he sure deserves them…loads of them!

  8. His voice is pretty hoarse today. Boy needs some rest. How just two music shows next week, YG? It’s not comeback week anymore, don’t make him work too hard.

    1. idk why, but i like how his voice was kinda hoarse here. i like the way he saved the ending of the bridge & just went “ooh baby” breaks the usual routine. he’s being more freestyle here, i can tell, not just thru dancing but singing too. it’s not perfect but i don’t think it’s that bad as you guys are saying.

  9. Wonderful as always though he did sound tired, especially during the beginning. The backup dancers NEED to change outfits. Seriously.

    I like his personalized shirt too

    1. Hahahaha!!! darkasnight that was funny!!!! “The backup dancers need to change outfits”!! OMG!!! I was feeling that way too!!! I know it’s the theme right now but it would be cool if they have some more fun with different color outfits. I kinda miss Taeyang’s fitted hats and his Jordan sneakers and his hoodies sometimes. His new look is okay too but he seems more comfortable when he is dressed like that. He still looks good now. I like when he wears those button up plaid shirts too.

      1. Haha, thanks. I doubt they’ll change since next week is most likely his last performances since Se7en will probably be performing the following week. Plus, he’ll have to be in Japan for the Mezamashi concert.

        *sniff* Anyone else sad? I want him to win all of the music awards next week too!

        I also hope that he’ll go on multiple radio shows. That way he could sing other songs off of his album. How great would it be if he sang “Superstar” or “Take It Slow”??

        1. Idol groups vs. solo singer thing is always getting on my nerves. An entire group definitely has more fans than a solo singer. plus, it’s Suju’s last album. i think their fans are fighting hard. I want him to win too but i’ll try not to care since Taeyang doesn’t. YG and i should have a heart to heart talk on this.

          I want him on radio shows too! wouldn’t that be fun?? i want take it slow but i’m not putting up high hopes cuz of the lyrics. hehehe

        2. ^ He wouldn’t stick around for the pre or post concert I hope, just do the concert (because he has to). Once again, I do not understand why his promotion periods are always thwarted by Big Bang activities….same thing happened during WD and WUA which led to the inevitable delay of his album but right smack during his promotions, he just can’t sit back and enjoy his time here without Big Bang obligations….I get he’s in Big Bang first and foremost but I just don’t think it’s fair to him and his fans. He’ll be completely tired out…and finally all that crap about his comeback has been sorted out. He’s finally got an MV, a week after the climax of his comeback, his album is just only on sale and he hasn’t even begun second song promotions….what gives? Why does he (and us) need to deal with YG’s half-assed promotions; this album should have been out earlier, given YB enough time to film a great MV….he shouldn’t be the opener to Se7en’s big game, and I can’t help but feel he is….

          Sorry, I needed to rant.

        3. Don”t think this is necessarily a bad thing. He did promise the Japanese VIPs that he may go back to Japan to promote his solo album so he might do it during the BB concert too. Which would be awesome since Solar isn’t doing too badly there and could mean opportunity for better sales.

          And as far as I can tell, he likes promoting in Japan since its so organized. So we’ll see. He only really has to bring JiHye anyway and not all the back up dancers.

        4. he has a second song promotion? 0.o

          anyway, more than anything, i wouldn’t want the boy to be exhausted . i know this week is a very busy one. try to imagine.. practicing his own dance routine, interviews, filming, big bang’s performance… aish… oh and deal with IU and Yuri fighting over him. and you know how he gets when he’s all tired (no more depression please!). But i guess that’s what he gets for being a big bang member. we just have to deal with it. i bet he’s not happy either and we definitely will feel the same way.

        5. Didn’t YG say that Taeyang and Se7en would be promoting together? Or did I just make that up myself lol I always thought that they would be going against each other and promoting at the same time.
          Hopefully it’s like that. I’ll be supporting both of them either way. πŸ˜€

    2. @kay
      If what YG and BB have been saying is true then Se7en wont have long to promote either considering that BB is suppose to comeback at the end of August. That would make their promotional time about even. And it will be the same amount of promotion Gummy got. I think he only gives solo acts long promotional periods if it’s there first time – like Taeyang with HOT, GD is Heartbreaker cause they need to establish themselves. Or maybe it’s a new formula YG is doing, short promotions. I too want a 2nd song promotion (SUPERSTAR please).

  10. I agree, Taeyang was “on” tonight!

    Even though he was not vocally strong in this performance, he was really feeling this performance… i love it but hopefully, he’ll still get some rest. πŸ™‚

  11. With each performance of “I Need A Girl” I am loving it more and more. The movements are coming easier to YB because of it and he owned the stage tonight on Inkigayo. I love when YB is like this. He looked so relaxed and comfortable. His vocals were not perfect and you could tell that he was a little disappointed by that when he was done, but baby you have nothing to feel bad about because this latest performance rocked! I absolutely loved this stage.

  12. This was possibly my favorite performance of INAG. The emotion was all there: the playfulness, flirtation, giddiness and it made all the difference for me. Vocals were ok, not bad by a long shot.

    I haven’t seen YB look so happy in a TV performance … perhaps ever. AND he was working the camera and the audience.

    I’ll have what he’s having.

    1. Okay, after watching this 4 times in a row…I am SMITTEN with this performance. I am grinning like an idiot every time he smiles. Times like this makes me realize that I am indeed a ridiculous and unrepentant fangirl…sigh.

    2. i so agree. it was my favorite performace too. it was so lively and playful. and i love your description, there was a lot of flirtiness. not only did he flirt w/ jihye, he flirted w/ the camera too! this is exactly the performance that i want to see! now i believe him saying that he’s burden free, and im very happy for him to overcome the dark days .

    3. me too! after watching it twice, this has become my favorite INAG performance. he has become so comfortable doing it that everything just flows smoothly and perfectly. his flirty moves and his adorable smiles add colors to the performance plus the fact that he and jihye have amazing chemistry on-stage! i’m glad that he’s genuinely happy promoting his album and he will be all smiles everytime he will perform.

      Youngbae Fighting!

  13. Yeah, he’s getting better and better. =)

    Personally, I don’t think winning a chart would mean something… Of course, if he get one, it would be nice. What I wanna emphasize is that we don’t have to worry when he did not get one.

    YB is soooo happy (I can see that from his face), and we are all blessed to see his great performance. What else do we need? =) I’m happy that I can start my Sunday morning with YB

  14. Haha so lateee….. >.<

    Okay first off….WOW THE STAGE!!! I LOVEEE it~ It's so pretty! I think I really enjoyed the dancing in the performance the MOST out of all, he's got it down perfect now~ The vocals werent that bad actually, yea he does sound tired but it's still good and we know he has that trademark rasp at some points LOL….

    I'm a little sad he didn't win, for my sake, I like to see him get them (lol and for the upteenth time, I know awards don't matter to him)….I hope he does start promoting a different track to pick up his comeback, INAG is a much slower song, so I hope the next song is more upbeat to get things going~~~~

    Thanks Tofu for posting and letting me get my beauty rest ~ke ke

  15. You can hear fatigue in his voice but what can you expect the poor boy has been promoting nonstop. Everything else was “on” point. I love watching his performance because you can see with each performance he gets more comfortable and, as a result, find his zone. He was actually playing with the camera with this performance, he’s definitely in his element with this one.
    PS. I love the back of shirt. πŸ™‚

      1. If she did do it herself…much respect to her.I have little patience with it comes to things like those. lol And if she really did do it, she should totally make a whole bunch of them and sale them lol. =D

    1. During his HOT promotions and specifically his solo concert he wore a black vest during LOAM that had the same intricate bead work. It was his side profile from the cover of his album. He also wore a red jacket that also carried the same pattern.

  16. just wanna say that i LOVE the fact that GD wasn’t performing with Bae this time.

    *runs away from GD’s fans* AAARGGHHH!!!!!!


    *runs even faster*

      1. 2nd. I love GDYB. And you know how hard GD works for YB. There is so much love between them that I’m jealous – I want a friendship like that. GD is YB’s biggest fan – like YB said they’re “soulmates”.

        1. lol toozdae08..I thrid haha. Btw GD gave $850 worth sneaker to YB for his comeback. The white sneaker that YB wore in Mcountdown is from GD. GD’s one is black.

      2. and did i say i hated GD? He’s my second fav for goodness sakes.

        it’s fine once in a while to see taeyang perform alone you know.

  17. I really hope YB’s win last time wasn’t a one time thing..
    Anyway, I agree his voice was kinda tired but the performance was polished. It keeps getting better and better ^_^

  18. it was a great performance but i cant help being curious and worried bout him cause since his album released, he’s always busy with his SOLAR performance into varies TV show and interviews…did he got any good rest??? aigoooo T.T anyway, you did a great performance all this time YB get enough rest and FIGHTING!!!!^^

  19. he looks really2 tired…i knew it by his facial expression even though he tried to hide it but istill can see that he’s very tired….poor YB… T.T

  20. i dunno why but I loved that head thing YB did from 1:36-1:38 πŸ˜€

    ^sorry I just HAD to comment about that for some lame reason haha

  21. i admit that this wasn’t his best vocal performance…
    and i was actually expecting dara to perform with him. hehe
    but i still like the choreo πŸ™‚

  22. i totally love the dancing part after 1.36,, those moves he’s making with his body..damn. just like the mv #2 the part (you’re my) imaginate thats standing in ur room and dancing like that. thats really amazing right πŸ˜› love yb

  23. the best performance for INAG so far!!!
    the soft face express the smooth dance and the chemistry with ji hye~~~~~ all perfect
    i think the perf with GD must catch more people’s eyes.. esp. GD’s fans
    but i hv to say.. taeyang rocks it even he’s by himself!!
    and what’s more.. it can make people concentrate on taeyang..
    cuz it seems everytime GD appears.. many ppl only get crazy for GD!!
    but hey~~~ it’s taeyang’s comeback~ girls

  24. i think every performance taeyang oppa gives his best . And we should not look at his performance but how effort he puts in , in every performance . ilove you OPPA !

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