Meet the ultimate Taeyang fanboy

Sorry all the fanboys out there, but you can’t really beat Choi Hyun Joon of vocal group VOS in being the biggest Taeyang fanboy.  Recently, he proudly flaunted his copy of the the Deluxe Edition while wearing the “Taeyang SOLAR” shirt to a radio show with the great Boni, a Taeyang fan herself.  This is not the first time Choi Hyun Joon has openly expressed his love and admiration for Taeyang.  The man has covered  “Look Only At Me” countless of times (another one, and another)) and even said that even though Taeyang is a hoobae, he wants to be just like him.

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Think you’re a bigger fanboy?  Show us!

Source: BigBangUpdates; MBC

47 thoughts on “Meet the ultimate Taeyang fanboy”

  1. i want taeyang. since u-kiss and 2am and wondergirl have come to singpaore ready. than when is bigbang coming to singapore? i want to meet taeyang.>.<

    1. yeah!! i agree with u!! Big Bang need to come to Singapore & meet up with their VIPs!! i’ll be there just to see them.. hehe.. 😛

        1. yeah malaysia..
          kpop always go to thai n s’ngapore..
          malaysia is between them…why they evn can’t stop

        2. too hot to handle i guess and singapore always has this petition thing going on to bring kpop stars over but i don’t see any in malaysia…

  2. i think YB shd do a SEA tour-cum-concert where countries like S’pore, M’Sia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc so that; his fans could catch a glimpse of him!! so; YG PLEASE listen to our request!! 😀

    1. LOL! should i wear the shirt and take a picture too?? ahahaha jp rofl ultimate fanboy…
      nah i wish I could sing =(….. or i woulda been signed to YG already rofl

      1. Qui, you should fight for your title!
        Considering how many covers you’ve done and the fact that you were hanging out with Taeyang puts you in a good position for this title lol.

      2. Qui, My jaws drops everytime you comment. Do you realize how precious you are to this site? Thank you for that inside information about 2ne1. I’m always amazed when someone who works in YG communicates with us, the international fans (/@o@)/ please always pass on our passionate love for them ❤

  3. He’s a cutie!! They should do a duet together. Ty with Boni and Ty with iu and Ty with this fanboy (:

  4. I’m the bigger fanboy! I have my own version of SOLAR in the making!

    And the rest of them to follow! Just you wait! xD They’ll all be up there soon!

    1. so cute. haha you’re gonna make a dance cover for each song from SOLAR? fanboying extreme! XD
      i like your smooth freestyles.

  5. he’s yummy that guy is…jinjja masisseoyo ; ) funny i never heard of him considering i pride myself on knowing all the good looking ones!
    but my ultimate one has got to be G.O!

  6. its nice to see that there’s actually boys who admired on YB…cause the way i see it, the amount of YB fan are all girls…and i hardly seen a lot of boyfan of his except for my brother^^ and choi hyun joon…^^ but its nice to know that theres actually boys admired his work and himself^^

    1. Agree its cool to see the fanboys be more visible. Yeah I think that is a misconception though. Its my understanding that Tae’s got a pretty strong male fanbase of fanboys who like his music both in and out of Korea which is cool. His girl fans overshadow them because of all the spazzing lol.

        1. woah!

          my bro, on the other hand, will always answer ‘taeyang’ when we ask who’s the best. (my sis older loves 2pm and hates big bang) and my bro will sing ‘wedding dwess.. oh nananan wedding dwess!’

  7. Haha.
    I remember when WUA was released, Hyun Joon was also one of the first celebs to put it as his BGM on Cyworld.
    He is really such a cute Taeyang fanboy. And has a voice to die for as well. 😉

  8. lol awe so cute. let the fighting for the ultimate taeyang fanboy begin lol. may the best man win 🙂

  9. Yeah, he’s got the deluxe edition he wins hands down.he must have ordered it like right when it was available. Lucky.

    1. Actually, according to the captions under the photos on MBC, his fans purchased the deluxe copy for him. He’s such a known fanboy that his fans gave it as a gift. ^_^

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