(Interview ②) Can Big Bang’s Taeyang make kimchi fried rice?

Taeyang, who has come back as a soloist and earnestly begun his activities, has also become a “neungle-dol” (sly-idol). Not only is the style of the song different but even the lyrics are not typically done by soloist. Not just his songs, but his personality has changed as well. He isn’t the shy and quiet guy he used to be. He has become bright, which is kind of new. Even people in the industry exclaimed “He’s become brighter” and “What happened to Taeyang?”

  • Are you asking if I can make really good kimchi fried rice?

In his new song “I Need a Girl”, the most catchy part of the lyrics is the  “kimchi fried rice” part. The lyrics, “I can make kimchi fried rice well. A girl who can eat well instead” are a little silly in some ways. Why did Taeyang choose “kimchi fried rice” among other more refined food choices? The question is a little silly too, but it’s the question his fans are asking about.

In this interview, Taeyang gave a brief answer. He smiled, saying ” I can only cook two foods. They are kimchi fried rice and instant ramen. I couldn’t put “I can make instant ramen well. A girl who can eat well instead” [in the lyrics]

This new song is truly “soft” and it seems like it doesn’t match Taeyang’s “image”. But Taeyang says, his performances are more fun than ever and his face is happy, like his lyrics. Because of this, fans speculate whether he is going out.

Taeyang flatly answer, “I’m not going out”. He said, he’s found the reason for his “brightness” elsewhere instead.

  • Love song? I don’t have a girlfriend… It’s true that I envy relationships

Taeyang reveled, “Personally, 2009 was a very tough time for me. My heart wasn’t so good and I was beginning to have doubts. I lived in a closed mind, that’s why I was cold and distant.

He also said, “But then I thought, if I live like this, I may not be able to sing anymore. So I tried to open up my mind as much as possible and I’m trying to live with an open mind. The dark aspects in my life have vanished, which disturbed not only my life but my music. I thought, I should open up my mind and put more sincerity and sensitivity in my songs and I’ve tried to live like that”

Also he explained, “I gained strength after changing my personality. I’ve got my goals and my values about the music I want to do. After going through and overcoming this confusion, I think I understand my life a little better”

I asked Taeyang an embarrassing question, “Song like yours, what do you think when you see people in love”?

Taeyang thought deeply for some time before speaking. He answered with a smile, “Actually, I thought people who go out look “stuffy” when they go out. I wondered what kind of emotion you would have while being with someone. I’ve now changed. I feel better and I envy them a little”

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Translations by MYOKOON@ALWAYSTAEYANG (do not remove credit)

32 thoughts on “(Interview ②) Can Big Bang’s Taeyang make kimchi fried rice?”

  1. sly-idol. =.= i dunno what to make out of that term given to this dude here. he seems to be so ready for a relationship but he’s still so shy(which i don’t really mind. I’ll come along and grab him kekekekeke)

    Taeyang seriously, i’ll eat whatever you cook!

    Taeyang reveled, “Personally, 2009 was a very tough time for me. My heart wasn’t so good and I was beginning to have doubts. I lived in a closed mind, that’s why I was cold and distant.
    -you know YB, i can feel that in your performances last year. Thanks for the better change in you. ^^

    This new song is truly “soft” and it seems like it doesn’t match Taeyang’s “image”.
    -i think people were used to that emo side of him. another reason why the song didn’t do well before? Honestly, i was like that. he was always in pain onstage and suddenly when he’s all smiley i was like..’eh?’.. but it’s all good now. i’m used to it YB. you go do what you want to do!

  2. I can’t express how much i love all these interviews…
    A big thank you to the reporter for asking all the questions we were also curious about and thank you to TY for opening up. (also a big thank you to Myokoon for translating!)
    I’m really glad TY came out from his dark age. Am glad he’s got his goals now and knows the direction to which he should head towards now as an artist. Not gonna lie, I’m still wondering what really happened to him in 2009, what made him have doubts, and what made him close his mind…I’ve still got all these questions in my head. But I guess it’s not for me to know, and TY has every right to his privacy. Am just really really happy he’s all well and focused now.

    Taeyang, keep shining as you always are.

    1. babyan, I am very curious about what happened to hime 2009 too. I remember a while back when he first came out with where you at and he seemed okay. When Wedding dress came out and he did his first live performance for the song, his face expression showed that he does not look to happy. Every Wedding dress performance seemed like that. I would like to believe that it had something to do with the fact that only two songs were released at the time that was supposed to be on the album. A lot of music drama business, YG not being too clear at the time about Taeyang’s activities so on and so on. Oh, I am not saying this is fact though. It is just funny that when I saw the very first live Wedding dress performance, I was confused about his facial expression or when Big Bang did interviews he would have the same or like( ILOVEMYBAE) said, emo like thing going on, he was very serious. I know The song Wedding dress is supposed to be sad but even after the performance he looked the same. I am swearing it had to do something with his album that he did not appreciate but can’t express openly and then to have doubts as a singer at the time? I wonder. But like I said, it is just my little Taeyang theory. It very well could have been something completely different. I am just so happy that he does not look like he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders so much. Taeyang is a worrywart anyway. I am so glad that he looks so happy now and more talkative. GO YOUNG BAE!!!!!

      1. YB has mentioned in several interviews the most recent ones being his live radio interview (SBS Love FM and GQ Korea article) that he was working hard on his album and the fans were getting restless to hear the songs so he released WUA and WD as teasers to get the ball rolling so to speak with the release of his full album. During his promotions for WD he still had commitments to BB in Japan since they were also doing promotions. So he was literally flying back and forth between Japan and Korea to fulfill his obligation to the group. WD wasn’t doing too well in South Korea, his album was stalled, he was having issues within the company due to his musical direction and style (they wanted him to change) so all in all 2009 was not a good time for YB personally or professionally. But while all this was going on his international recognition through YouTube was taking off. People were slowly discovering YB’s music and that’s how I learned about him and as they say the rest is history.

  3. man I wanna say that he’s lying about not going out. Maybe cuz of all the signs he gives out but everyone wants to get an interview out of him on his inspiration on ‘take it slow’. That’s wut everyone is dying to know not about kimchi lyrics. Lol

    1. If Taeyang was really going out, we still wouldn’t know because out there dating is done so differently. Dating on the DL is the thing out there. I wonder if he has been going out too. Ahh, we don’t know what goes down “in the bat cave”. Out there, mostly Korean men enjoy all the perks of being a idol star So even if some of them show to the world that “oh, I am not dating”, there is always secret flings.LOL!! Hey, look at what TOP was doing at the time when there were articles I read about him secretly dating a woman older than him. TOP and the woman he was dating were sneaking around like crazy. I wonder if he is still with the woman? I can’t remember if she was a actor or a singer.

      1. Oh, yeah, Young Bae, you only know how to cook Kimchi fried rice and instant Ramen noodles? Aww, that is too bad!! Don’t worry about that Young Bae. I sure wouldn’t mind cooking for you because I sure do know how to make Korean food!!! I can make all that for you……all that!!!!! LOL!!! I would love to feed you to death!!!! Hahahahahahaha!! You wouldn’t have to worry about oodles of noodles no more!!!(triumphant super hero music) I will save you!!!!Haha!!

      2. i kno rite? he has gotta have had a secret fling. lol i have no idea. hm i wonder how dating in korea would be like in comparison to US.

  4. Whenever I hear him talk about the pain and depression he went through last year, it just breaks my heart! To think that he qas suffering so much and none of us even had a clue. Thanks goodness he had an awesome support system that was able to pull him out of his funk. YB fighting!!!

    And don’t worry YB! I’ll adore anything you cook!!! But don’t worry….I won’t mind cooking all the time for you. 🙂

    1. i had no clue either.. those expressions from WD must have been real.

      “Thanks goodness he had an awesome support system that was able to pull him out of his funk”
      LOL! gotta thank Mr. and Mrs. Dong for that!

  5. I’m super happy that the dark cloud that covered YB for most of 2009 has lifted. He was so sad last year. He seems more at peace now which is good because he has so much to be thankful for. YB I’d love to eat your kimchi fried rice as long as you promise to eat mine…. 🙂

  6. its good that the clouds have vanished allowing the sun to shine as bright as it can! 😀

    Taeyang hwaiting!

  7. This really makes me wonder too if the emotions he put in Wedding Dress were real. Did he like someone and that someone went to someone else? Is that why he suddenly went on a blind date despite his super busy schedule? Aigooo… But of course unless YB opens up about this issue we, as fans, will never know. Heck, I would never believe that he went out on a blind date with Yuri if it didn’t come out from his own mouth. Who would have expected that? 😀

    YB, I am glad that you found your shine and star again. Keep on being happy! Its nice seeing you that way. I like the happy YB. Its a joy to see you perform. Keep up the good work and CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUCCESS! 😀

  8. gosh…i really want to make kimchi fried rice someday….i seen how they make it but i havent got the opportunity to try making and taste it yet….it would be totally hilarious if it was ramen instead of kimchi fried rice^^ i totally understand what YB opinion on dating..to tell ya’ll the truth,i didnt had an actuall dating experience either..so i’m really bad on dating boys….i have BF before but i was to young at that time and didnt even knew anything about love and dating..and i never touch including holding hands with my BF….haha..this i share specially to all TY VIP’s^^ now i know how it feels to fall in love and hope that i can experience a real dating someday^^

  9. “Actually, I thought people who go out look “stuffy” when they go out. I wondered what kind of emotion you would have while being with someone. I’ve now changed. I feel better and I envy them a little”

    How cute can this boy be?
    In all honesty, I’m really wishing Taeyang can get his first girlfriend this year. I just don’t think it’s fair at all that a sweet boy like him hasn’t yet experienced such an amazing thing as love.

  10. To all YB Fans on this site please don’t hate me for giving my statement for my analysis about YB on DARA? just curious… ok, to start off, for all we know I guess all of you watched YG TV before, Ayt? Ok, in the interview of Taeyang He answered the question about the Kimchi Fried Rice, according to him he can only cook 2 dishes and that Kimchi Fried Rice and Instant Ramen, so instead of putting Instant Ramen that’s it’s not match to the Lyrics of the song he change it to Kimchi Fried Rice instead. So, relating to that accidentally as we all know and see in 2NE1 TV, DARA loves RAMEN a lot instant or not she loves it. And on the second thought, YB like to be in a relationship and envy those who are in it BUT why is it he’s hesitating to be in a relationship? for my own speculations, He’s waiting for DARA because 2NE1 have the Oral Contract to YG not to have Boyfriend until they are allowed to so Dara and Bom still have 1 and a half years to be allowed and Minzy and CL have 3 and a half years left. Fans of YB or Ji Hye please don’t hate me for this, I’m not pushing Dara to YB because I’m an Appler but If YB loves DARA and treat her like his princess I’ll be happy as their fan “loyalist”. Just analyze it first before give me a shocking and super honest fan comment… Thanx just connecting some details and situations because of YB’s Song because according to him “BOSS IS THE ONE WHO DID THE LYRICS” and who is the BOSS? he is! Love this Site a lot been addicted to it since INAG came out, and I asked my brother to have YB’s Hair and he did it for me hahaha

    1. In After you fall asleep song there’s a part where I left smiling:
      “I’ll call in the morning, good night, baby”

      I hang up, but my day’s just begun

      This phone number I saved under a guy’s name

      I send a text, “Tonight, let’s have fun again”

      Not even my closest friends know about you

      Hongdae or Myoungdong, we can’t go there

      Why do I deal with all this hassle

      Like a schoolboy smoking in the alley

      If this really dedicated to someone why they should hide, YB Fans, why? is it YURI of SNSD, Ji Hye, or DARA? what do you think, this 3 girls are the only I can think YB can be so secretive about, why? Because, Yuri is managed by SM and a rival company, Jihye is the company dancer and always with him so i think there are some rules on that,k and Dara because she still have the so called No Boyfriend for 3 years contract that now lower down to 1 and a half years… Trivia YB FANS

    2. Actually Dara also loves Kimchi fried rice. In the Korean documentary about her that was filmed in 2004, her sister cooked it for her and brought it to her to the studio to eat. The mom said that Sandara loves the Kimchi fried rice that her sister prepares. The documentary is in Korean but has been subbed in English in Youtube if you are interested in looking it up.

      1. so that’ll be 2 of the dishes? Man, I wish I’m Dara love YB, I even asked my brother to make his hairstyle same as YB and as a good brother he did it… If he really likes DARA I envy her but love her as well *sobs*sobs

    3. Well there’s been a lot of speculation since the release of this album. YB has said in interviews that this album is ‘him’ in terms of of where he is in his own life. In interviews prior to this one he has talked openly about his ‘ideal’ woman. Fans have speculated that he means Dara. The song that he penned “Take It Slow” talks about a woman that he’s loved from a far but can’t be with right now….and we all know about the contracts artists have to sign. At the end of the day whether YB has interest in Dara, Ji Hye, Yoobin, Yuri, IU or some every day women he happens by chance to meet I just want YB to be happy. As fans I’m sure we all want this despite our own strong feelings for the guy.

      1. YES… even our heart as a fan will be in tears because of that, we all been wishing for him to be happy… Wish I’ll be one of the girls who can usually deal with even by far I can talk to him and even be an assitant or as a noona coz I’m younger than DARA by 1 year…hhhhmmmmmpppp

  11. Sorry guys for spazzing again but I can’t help it, it makes me crazy… in YB song You’re My… in the last closing part he mentioned… You’re my candy, my lollipop candy, wherein all of the other part he uses sweetest… and you remember DARA singing LOLLI LOLLI oh LOLLIPOP on the first stanza of the lollipop song where BigBang and 2NE1 did a collab? oh my He’s absolutely right when he said that all of the songs relate to him the new TAEYANG, it relates to his IDEAL GIRL and they can’t be together because of complications… Hope there’s still a Superstar who will show this romantic gesture to me… I’m 25 and for heaven sake I’m SINGLE, so taeyang don’t worry you’re not alone and in fact you’re famous and a lot of your fans wish to be your GIRL

    1. It’s fun to wonder though, isn’t it? He has such mad chemistry with the women that he works with (Dara, Ji Hye, Aimee) and as fans we all like to pair him up with our ‘ideal’ woman. I can’t say one way or another who this woman is that he’s singing about. But who ever this woman is she’s one lucky lady because YB is an absolute sweetheart! 🙂

    2. More Food for thought… Dara loves chocolates and ice cream. Also if you did deeper you will find out that Dara and YB share a lot in common including difficulties they experienced during childhood and family background. Try to connect the dots of the JiDaraYang friendship and the events in 2009 and you will understand why YB was down. If you really want to investigate – you have to go back to Dara`s Me2days and pictures of 2NE1 in 2009 and you will find ninja YB.

      1. @Aubergine: really? thanx for the info, it makes me more spazzing for Dara and YB… grrrr sorry YB fans can’t help it… I love GD as well but his not that all out if he really have feelings for DARA… Oh well let’s just support and hope that YB will choose the right girl for him and please people love DARA as well let’s pray for her to find her prince not lke what’s her EXes before

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