(interview④) Taeyang “Last year was difficult, to the point where I doubted the singer’s lifestyle”

Big Bang’s Taeyang opened up about his difficult year of 2009 and the emotional distress that was hard to talk about.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Taeyang revealed, “2009 was a hard time for me personally. My emotions were to the point where I felt doubt about being a singer,” and, “I got along by closing off my heart. That was why I didn’t talk much.”

Taeyang recently made a comeback with his solo track ‘I Need a Girl.’ With a smooth feel and sweet lyrics, it’s been said that there’s been a change from Taeyang’s previous style. Taeyang’s changed image and especially his brighter personality is surprising music critics.

Taeyang revealed, “But all of a sudden, I started to think, ‘If I continue this way, I won’t be able to sing.’ I made an effort to open up my heart as much as I could and I’m living that way now. A lot of the dark areas that were interfering with my life and of course with my music have disappeared. I’ve decided that I have to open up my heart in order to put sincerity and emotion into my music, and I make an effort to continue living that way.”

He went on to say, “Changing my personality gave me strength. It seems like I have more goals in terms of music in the future, and more values,” and explained, “Now that I’ve gone through some chaos, I feel like I know more about life.”

Taeyang took longer than expected with his current album. Originally set to be released at the beginning of this year, the album got pushed back to the second half and pushed back again. The album’s title track got changed and the music video that had been released online got deleted soon after. Amongst fans there was worry about whether there was a problem.

About this, Taeyang expressed, “The album title ‘Real’ that was initially announced was one of many different versions,” and, “It was a strong contender for the title, but it was never set in stone. It was announced as if the album title we had decided on had been changed.”

He contined, “The word ‘Solar’ came up while we were working and it felt like a good fit, so we just changed the intro and title.”

Regarding the music video he says, “There was an episode,” and, “After we finished filming the music video, I didn’t have a chance to view the finished product because of my schedule. The company had confidence and released it, but the reaction wasn’t as strong as we thought it would be. The day before it was released, I got back home at dawn because of my schedule so I went to sleep instead of watching the music video that was released online. I checked when I woke up and saw that the video went down. The reaction wasn’t good so everyone thought that we would have to refilm it.”

Also, “I still haven’t seen that music video,” and with a smile, expressed his gratitude towards YG Entertainment saying, “Where is there a company that immediately responds to fans’ opinions. It’s a huge deal to make plans to refilm a music video because of this reason.”

Regarding why his album release got delayed, “I learned that not everything can go the way you plan,” and revealed, “I felt burdened. And so working on the songs got delayed. Each song took a long time. And I worried a lot.”

Also, “But still, I’m really satisfied now,” and added, “The thrill of wanting people to listen is greater.”

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Translations by Seungie

41 thoughts on “(interview④) Taeyang “Last year was difficult, to the point where I doubted the singer’s lifestyle””

  1. these interviews are a lot more interesting than the Asiae ones. I’m a little curious about the problems he was facing but that’s his business. So happy he’s happy.

    1. I discovered YB last year so I had no idea that he was so sad. He expressed in interviews about being spread too thin in terms of his solo and group activities not to mention his peeps back home not loving his new direction with Wedding Dress. International fans on the other hand loved the song and I watched every WD performance with giddy abandon. I’m so happy that he’s doing so well now, with the release of SOLAR and its success since then. YB deserves all the love in the world for all the hard work he’s put in over the years. He’s just an incredible artist and musician.

    2. He was also in the recording studio laying down tracks for his full album. Due to his busy schedule with Big Bang couldn’t put his whole heart into it. Issues within the company about his new direction, the album being pushed back etc….

    3. I agree. These interviews seem to be revealing a lot of TY’s personal problems he experienced last year that no one even knew about. While they were promoting, he was being a professional and put up a happy front for everyone to see, so it pains me that he was in so much pain. Glad to see that he’s solved his problems and is happy now. A sad Taeyang is a sad ATY community.

      1. I had no idea he felt this way so while I was happily rediscovering my love of dancing, singing and writing YB was totally and utterly depressed. I didn’t find out about it until his GQ article back in January. Watching his WD performances helped me to rediscover my love of dance but to know he was so conflicted while performing last year is bittersweet for me. That’s why I’m so happy this time in YB’s life has passed. I love watching him perform and now that he’s enjoying it again it’s a double treat for me. I prefer happy YB to moody YB.

  2. Thanks for the interview. Glad that Taeyang is beginning to open up now. It was kinda frustrating knowing what he was going through & how he was feeling. To me Taeyang has never had it easy. But what makes me happy is that he is able to pick himself up & learn more about himself as an artist & also develop as an artist. All the hardship & pain he felt did not happen in vain because solar is doing great wonders. Proud of you Taeyang xxx

  3. I’m glad TY’s in a better place now.

    “The album’s title track got changed and the music video that had been released online got deleted soon after. Amongst fans there was worry about whether there was a problem.”

    “The word ‘Solar’ came up while we were working and it felt like a good fit, so we just changed the intro and title.”

    Confused by these 2 quotes….

    So INAG wasn’t the original title song? Although the second sentence is talking about INAG mv 1.

    Also, they had a different intro other than Solar? Not sure about the changing the title part either.

    1. No, INAG was never the original title song; YG thought it would be a much better title song than whatever they had chosen so they decided to switch things over to INAG. That’s what he means by “title track” and I think he’s referring to INAG about the music video. Basically they changed the title track in short notice, which resulted in filming the MV at short notice and then the MV got taken down because fans didn’t like it….

      The title of the album wasn’t SOLAR originally either, they didn’t have a name exactly but “REAL” was a contender but then they liked SOLAR so they used that~

  4. i find it kind of worrying when the company releases a MV that the artist himself hasn’t even seen yet … *sighs*

    1. Personally, I don’t understand why this MV had to be rushed to the point where he ddin’t even get to see his own music video. It shouldn’t have to be that way~ I’m still annoyed with the lack of budget for it…oh wells, if he likes it, it’s fine then

      1. Budget maybe the wrong word to use, cuz the 1st mv had cost quite a bit.

        lack of quality flowing content, may of been a better use.

        And artists don’t always screen the mv before its released, they usually trust the directors to finish the final product and watch the mv during the premier. In his case he had a schedule and KO’d during premier/take down time.

    2. It was clearly a rush job and would have benefited from better sets, more rehearsal time, more time in post production. The most stellar thing about it was Shaun’s choreography, which was not shown in its best light by the camera work. Even MNET had better camera work and editing. YB’s former MV’s have set a high standard and this was clearly below par. YG owes YB another MV.

        1. Word.

          He does owe it to YB.

          1 week to shoot a music video for an album in the works for 2 years~……yea…not cool~

        2. MV’s are usually shot within 2-3 days…. and edited by weeks end, no matter how long you’ve prepared the music.

        3. @…,

          if i’m not mistaken, LOAT was filmed in only one day, and yet that MV was so much better than both versions of INAG. MV1 looked cheap, choppy and rushed(also pimp-y YB, ugh..). MV2 was simple, had more dance in it. Honestly, i’d love it of they were to mix both the MV together. Still, the first one wasn’t getting good response and the MV2 was rushed… YG better take planning classes next time. he’s wasting money, time and energy(in this case particularly goes to Taeyang).

      1. @…. That may be true, but I still believe more prep time (for better sets at the very least) and shooting time ( so they could retake various camera angles and do following shots) would have made a big difference. It would have shown off both the dancing and storytelling aspects better and given them more to work with in the editing room. And we do know they were rushed in terms of rehearsal time.

        As a point of comparison, WUA was a 20 hour shoot and they already had the sets ready. Conceptually, it was a simple dance video with 3 people but execution made a big difference and it was shot beautifully. INAG is actually more challenging since the dance had so many details not just in the main couple but in the other couples dancing in the background. I love so many things about the dance and it was a pity to not capture it in the video.

        The video was not a bad one by any means, but there are clear ways (to me at least) that it could have been better if they had the time to do it. They made the best effort they could with the time available, but well, we get what we get.

        YB’s MVs have been a big factor in getting him international fans. It’s the main form of promotion abroad. Spending more time on getting his videos right is a wise investment for YG and with the recent success in I-tunes charts, I hope he realizes that there are opportunities there. I hope that he does shoot another MV for the album and it turns out as epic as WD.

        1. Lol, I love how everyone talks about the situation as if they were there. Seriously do we really know what went on in the editing room or during the shoot. Well maybe Qui n Richard but other than some time frames given in interviews we don’t.

          *side note*
          I’d also like to get everyone off this pitty party of YG neglecting the guy. Sure he said he was depressed with personal things causing him the close off his heart, lose his feel for music etc. but now he says he’s in a good place but all that’s focused on is how he was yada yada

          btw if you watch LOAM its a good mv, unless you watch it closely because it was edited horribly.

        2. Yes you are absolutely right, but I think the outcome of the MV tells us a how the process went down. Its like homework. If you spend more time on it, learn the material, work out the details, double check your answers, you’re more likely to get a good grade. I think the same logic applies here.

        3. LOL…of course I was speculating..we’d never really know. But I’m just judging by the results and what I would have wanted to see more of especially since we see the live choreography often. I’m guessing time was the major factor since we do know they were pressed for time since the schedule was packed and the 2nd video was unplanned. At any rate, I’m looking forward to the next one and I’m hoping for better planning and quality control.

    3. I’m so confused which version of the MV hasn’t YB seen yet, the original or fan service…I mean dance version? The original has grown on me but I prefer the new one.

    4. Sometimes I wished Taeyang wasn’t so brutally honest. I’m a little disappointed and frustrated that Taeyang took such a little part in the making of this MV. I feel like it was really irresponsible of him. I understand that he’s extremely busy, but it’s just as bad as saying “I recorded the songs and let the producer do his stuff. Because I was so busy I didn’t even get to listen to the songs before the album was released.” Thougth the MV is peripheral, it is still a peice of work that represents the artist so the artist himself should see the production from beginning to end. This doesn’t make sense to me.

      As for the MVs, I agree that both were extremely rushed. To be honest, I found the first one a little distasteful and uninspired. I felt like the entire MV was concieved in like 3 hours…I mean what was there? “Youngbae just sing a bit, dance a bit, and look adorable” The second MV definately had greater potential, but still felt like it didn’t do Shaun’s great choreography any justice. Quite frankly I’d rather watch YB’s performances since they’re pretty much the same, but I’ve always liked seeing YB live more. The song and choreo pretty could’ve carried a storyline that would’ve made it more worthwhile to watch and make.

      I know Youngbae is stressed as hell and from these articles, I know he’s been going through a lot the past year. I know my disappointment with the MV is not helping, but I guess I expect so much from Youngbae because I know he has the potential to produce great work. Sorry Youngbae~

      1. I can see why he left it to the producer though. I mean the guy has done other mv for Taeyang and YG before and they all turned out great so I can see why he would trust the guy.
        I’m sure that the mv idea sounded great it was just the execution that was pretty bad. And YB didn’t get to see the final execution. For me the problem with the 1st mv is the execution – not so much the idea. I also wanted more story.

  5. he is so amazing! as well as his alubm, we are all waiting for it to come out on CD! ahhh i want mine to come in!

  6. I just finished reading all these Newsen interviews and I love them to bits.

    I am glad Taeyang was able to recover his smile and determination.

    The more I know about him, the more respect and love I develop for him.

  7. I’m glad that he became more open minded, life is too short to live in depression. Aww, they re-film it because of fans….YG is awesome ^__^.

    YB fighting!

  8. all the frustration and hard work totally paid off so theres no need to worry about YB…you’re beyond everything now and what matters the most is that you continue your journey as a singer and keep shine bright for the fans that always support you….FIGHTING!!!!^_^

  9. whoa. it was certainly a long process TY had to go through for this album. Glad TY is alright now and happy.
    anyway, I’m wondering what the music critics in Korea thinks of his new album? because I know that his HOT album was very well received by critics so…I wonder what they think of this Solar album.

    1. yeah we haven’t heard anything yet. HOT got a lot of good response from critics, entertainers and music lovers. i’m curious too.

  10. Quickly touching upon Taeyang’s depression: It seems like Taeyang was not very grounded and confident in the past year. He’s “doubting the singer lifestyle”… I wonder if that means he feels jaded by the industry…found that being an artist was not what he had expected. We’ll never know.

    1. I don’t think thats it. I think it’s more on the lines of what Seungri(in hahamong show) and he said(past interviews). The style of music he wanted called for emotions he couldn’t fully express since he was inexperienced… ok well face it wasn’t even a novice so it made it that much harder to deal with. Add that with the probable physical/mental fatigue of japan promotions n practices and the fact that he obsesses over the littlest things, its like they threw out the shovel and brought a bulldozer to dig the rut he was diving into.

  11. “It is well-known that YG family cares each other like a family.”

    I think it wouldn’t hurt if you care for YG too, even a little. You’re making YG look so bad in planning, marketing, managing, promoting, as in everything. Give him at least some credit!

    1. I think YG does pretty well for his artists. Its just that there was a mistake with this MV, which they recognized and tried to correct. We’re just hoping that it will be better next time.

    2. hmmmm I agree,YG isn’t a director the last time I checked. He probably didn’t see the MV until it came out and then immediately took it down. They always use the same director for YG artists so they trust him to do the job and pay him. Its Taeyang’s MV,not YG’s so I don’t get why all the blame is going to him. I remember during GD’s Heartbreaker MV making, YG came in after everything was decided by GD and the director. He just came to support and hold the dog.

  12. Personally i like the first MV. I don’t get why the fans didn’t like it. Although the 2nd MV is nice, its kinda plain, its basically just the whole performance accept in MV format, so just a dance version basically.

  13. I had no idea how depressed and down he was during Wedding Dress,it was actually Wedding Dress that got me into Taeyang in the first place and I was really awe-stricken by the sheer awesomeness and talent he displayed in it but I guess it all came at a high price for him.However it shows what a great musician he is,I mean to get out there and deliver the way he did I never would have guessed otherwise.

    My respect for Youngbae couldn’t get any higher right now,the man is one in a million.

  14. I was also afraid and confused why the album was delayed . And since the album has been delayed i haven’t got much updated . I was disappointed with YG because the album was delayed not knowing that taeyang oppa had problems . Its good that oppa had make some changes in his image , his looks more happy and cheerful now than before . ~Fighting Taeyang oppa .

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