07.10.10 – Taeyang’s 2nd performance on Music Core

First some goodies for all of you:  downloads of a couple of the recent performances!  Thanks to the good  people at YBMania & me for the reuplaod.

No G-Dragon today.  Jeans + sneaks = happy.

I think overall his performances are improving.  His vocals are much more controlled considering how nimble this song requires him to be.  Along with the intricate choreography, Taeyang keeps proving to us how professional and what a perfectionist he is.

31 thoughts on “07.10.10 – Taeyang’s 2nd performance on Music Core”

  1. Yup yup…his dancing seemed more on point in this performance. His movements seemed a lot more fluid to me. Guess all the good news is doing him some good!

    1. oohh yeah. I’m wondering what the good news is doing to him too. What he’s thinking about all it. I wonder if there’s some sort of change of plans coming from YGE to respond to this surprise.

  2. Another enjoyable performance; the nerves have definitely gone & he seems to be having a great time on stage. I also loved the stage they gave him XD
    Looking forward to inkigayo tomorrow~

  3. he seems to be enjoying his performance on stage nowadays.. so nice to see him so happy!! if he’s happy; we (his fans) are happy too!! 😀

    1. MC doesn’t have a winner I think.
      Only Mnet, Music Bank and Inki have winners. I kind of like that because it puts the pressure off a little.

  4. Another fantastic performance by Taeyang. His dancing has become more fluid and he seems to be enjoying himself more on stage. His vocals were also really good. I just love watching him and Ji Hye dance, they have some serious chemistry. Once again I’d like to thank YG stylist Ji Eun for putting our boy in such slamming outfits, he looks delicious in his black dress shirt and tight blue jeans…..

    1. yeap i agreed with you… he’s awesome : ) i think this is the best I Need A Girl live…

      i like his black long sleeve,tight jeans, black sneaker

  5. If you look at Jihye she puts on a smile once in a while…just like Dara in the MV. Before she was always so serious and sensual. Now she looks like she’s starting to enjoy the performance.

    1. In the earlier performances she really got into her role, smiling and acting super cute but I think her natural state is very sensual. She feels comfortable exuding those feelings.

    2. Ji Hye has some tight moves. But aside from some seriously needed costume change for the female dancers, I think Ji Hye also need to work on her facial expressions more. For me, they are a bit too contrived. A more natural smile, some more of acting coy and sexy but not too overtly sensual.

  6. the performance was awsome^^ and yet there’s yuri again…aigooo 😀 *joking 😉 but i’m still envy of her…hehe..sorry yuri^^..its was a great song to see LIVE^^ 2 thumbs up from me…. ;D

  7. jihye is THE bomb! i swear i have a girl crush on her, she so awesome (y). but anways i think taeyangs performance definitely improved. the performance was more light weight, like it just naturally came to them while in the other performances you can see them both thinking, spesh taeyang. but now i think he is really enjoying himself and singing inag. 😀 😀

  8. I feel like this is like a rebirth for Taeyang.
    He seems to be enjoying his performances more and more.
    I love those little gestures of his and the movements are also more fluid.
    And how cute, his friend was the one to introduce his performance.

  9. This was a really nice performance. Clean and crisp, as usual…..
    Still, I wish Ji Hye would get a new outfit! (jeans and heels would be nice!)

    1. I wish all of them do actually.. all the dancers.

      does anyone notice that every stages have been different? did they set it up for him only or it’s the stage that everyone uses? Cuz i remember back when we all complained about the WD stages. hehe

  10. A really good and well performed performance. Everything was just on point. 🙂 I really do think all the great new has helped him a lot you can see it him.

  11. He seems so much more comfortable performing this on stage now. Keep on being sexy …Taeyang FTW!!!!

  12. jihye felt a bit holdback for the ending pose.. haa..
    cos there are spikes on TY’s shoulders.. oopss..!

  13. his shirt looks really cool but dangerous! hahaha…

    it was another great performance… his moves are almost flawless and very smooth…

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