Taeyang makes shining debut on iTunes overseas

Oh yeah…Who said it?  “I expect only world domination.”  DASSSS RIGHT. Me (+Teddy) keke.

This is news we all already knew, but this is just one of the many many articles circulating Korean newsites right now.  Taeyang is making huge waves in the country and outside.  Honestly, this came to me as a pleasent surprise.  I knew Taeyang had a huge international fanbase, but that this big.  As of right now, he is #87 in the overall TOP ALBUMS chart – which in includes ALL albums sold on iTunes from all genres.  Congrats Taeyang!  This is such a feat – unexpected, but wonderful nonetheless.  Don’t forget to support him by downloading his album from iTunes!  This is one way of telling Taeyang how strong his international fanbase is!  Go us!

”]Korean singer Taeyang of popular idol group Big Bang has made a shining debut in North America, placing his solo album “Solar” high atop Apple’s iTunes online music charts.

According to a press release by agency YG Entertainment on Friday, “Solar” came in at No.1 on Top R&B/Soul Albums chart of Canada iTunes and No. 3 on the U.S. site. It is the first time and the highest that an Asian artist has ranked on either charts.

YG explained that Taeyang’s iTunes chart entry may be considered significant for two major grounds; first, the album was recorded in Korean and sold in English-speaking countries, not to mention the U.S. being the biggest pop market in the world. And secondly, one must have a billing address in the U.S. and Canada to make a purchase on iTunes, meaning it would have been impossible for fans in Korea to buy the singer’s album.

The deluxe edition of “Solar,” a limited 30,000-copy release, sold out when it hit the stores in Korea on July 1. The regular edition will be out in stores today.

“Solar,” the first full-length album by Taeyang, includes the title track “I Need A Girl” featuring fellow Big Bang member G-Dragon and YG labelmate Sandara Park of girl band 2NE1.

“I Need A Girl” claimed the No. 1 title on Mnet music show “M! Countdown,” which aired yesterday, and its music video will be unveiled this afternoon.

Born Dong Young-bae, Taeyang was the first Big Bang member to debut as a solo artist, releasing his first mini-album “HOT” in May 2008. The album produced two hit singles “Prayer” and “Look Only at Me”.

He also released two digital singles “Wedding Dress” and “Where U At” last November.

”]Source: AsiaE
Credit: bigbanghaven, 21bangs


71 thoughts on “Taeyang makes shining debut on iTunes overseas”

    1. I know I am already so tired from spazzing last night. YG your killing me, but I love it.

      Congrats Young Bae, we international fans finally got a chance to PROVE very very loudly how much love you have overseas. Please please make some overseas concert tour dates.


    soooo glad that taeyang is doing soooo well internationally!! and they said his album wasn’t up to peoples expecations.. im sure his international fans are very happy right now!

      1. I’m pretty sure he is the first Asian to get so high on the r&b charts. Epik High did it on the hip hop one.

    1. Kay, just a question if you have facebook, you might want to add up Kanaru Productions or Qui himself. He posts some snippets here and there.

  2. Haha new MV version of INAG.
    9PM Korean time…. which is 14:00 in Hungary hahaha I don’t have to stay awake XDDDD

  3. Omg my bby is JJANG
    man yg made a smooth move putting taeyang on ITunes man.
    PPL this is only the biginning to WORLD DOMINATION XD

  4. This just shows how popular YG is internationally. If Taeyang can accomplish this much success by himself imagine Big Bang and 2NE1 on iTunes, YG would rake in some serious dough. (I’m all for YG re-releasing BB & 2NE1’s previous albums on iTunes.)

  5. I read somewhere in allkpop that Taeyang won just because it was Mnet and he definitely would lose in other music shows. WTF?? what are they talking about really? it’s like he won because YG’s relationship with Mnet. and INAG wasn’t no.1 in any charts… >.>

        1. What the F**k
          taeyang won cuz he is the best.
          Plus u r right (toozdae08) he doesnt care so it doesn’t matter what others say.
          TAEYANG is JJANG

  6. So proud of you Bae! See, see, World Domination baby!

    Wooohooo, I hope he does a tour. I can’t buy on iTunes though, but I’ve already ordered the Deluxe Album.

    Congratulations Baebae! =)

    BTW What time will the new MV come out?

    And we should trend this on Twitter. Like YBworlddomination or something? Any suggestions?

    1. its ALLLL over Korean news…I’m sure everyone knows about it.

      No rubbing…it has pretty much been smeared in their faces.

  7. WOW. Definitely wow! He is so happy right, I presume. Oh YB, that’s how your music reach our ears! hope he release a thank you message pure in English for his international fans. Album of the Year, definitely!

  8. I find it really funny that this was the hugest thing ever till this morning when the news of TY-Yuri hit and everyone is over on that thread in kpopland freaking out. Life in fandom is so much drama.

  9. Completely off topic – why is there a cyworld miniYB dancing to Superstar? Is this a sign he will be promoting this?

    And in other news – YB is majorly bringing in the comments on news blog articles these days. The hate article, the I-tunes article and now his blind date…boy is making waves.

      1. that song.. breakdown – i really feel that’s gonna cause a problem. It sounds soo similar to a Chris Brown song. I hope it doesn’t start anything! Plus, someone already said it reminds them of Leaving by Jesse McCartney.

        I hope nothing happens – this is his year!! (=

        1. The usual YG antis are just trying hard to find something. I wouldn’t worry about it. There would be a major commotion by now if there was really anything since the album has been out a week. Bringing it up on boards just gives these people more attention and brings out all the haters eager to jump on the bandwagon. I’d advise to just forget about it and focus on the good things.

    1. cause he’s big news! 😀

      I really think he;s gonna start promoting Superstar soon. Maybe today at KBS?? *hopes*

  10. Nice!! Taeyang has taken the first step towards WORLD DOMINATION!! Now if only we can convince YG to let him come tour in America and worldwide I will truly have a spazz attack!!


    I heart you so much hubby Bae! <333

  12. i had to say somethin as well!!! well al just say exactly whats on my fb wall…’Tae Yang killin it on the charts…worldwide beiby!!!’

    1. wooohooooooo HERE’S BAE’S WORLD DOMINATION baby… 🙂 im loving the international fans of bae more and more and more and more and i love ATY more..

  13. its a shame i can’t contribute to the selling in US and CANADA intunes charts….but no need….Solar is number one R&B album in canada and no2 in USA already!!! :):):):) i bet he feels on top of the world already. sob sob…growin up so fasst……doing what he loves, making sweet sweet music (take it slow :P) and chatting up girls (damn yuri and IU kissing him!!!) hahaha. hope he really finds a good gf….i prefer non-celeb….gives us all hope in the end:P

  14. SO PROUD ! =)

    but I`m pretty sure Jay Sean claimed this already , unless they meant to say east asian then yeahhh ; I`m just saying .

    1. i think the difference is that Jay Sean is a BBA plus he sings in the widely recognised English language so he’s had a pretty smoother ride compared to our boy…’I’m just saying’ ; )

    2. the thing is that
      Jay Sean is a British singer even though he’s Asian and his songs are in English while TY well his songs are all in korean so yeah this is something to be proud of

      he’s still going strong

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