Taeyang confesses to a blind date with Yuri from SNSD

Big Band member Taeyang made a surprise confession on the SBS show Strong Heart today saying that “Last winter, I went on a blind date with SNSD member Yuri.  Even now we stay in touch and are doing well.” Taeyang recently released his first full solo album, Solar, which contains a song titled “I Need a Girl” – was this song a true expression of his feelings?

During the taping of the show, Taeyang stated, “I have never dated. But, this year, I would really like to meet a girl that I like and try dating.” This then caused Big Bang member Seungri, who was seated next to Taeyang, to make this surprise announcement.  “It seems that Taeyang-hyung really wants to have a girlfriend.  He even went to a SNSD concert without telling any of us other members,” Seungri said.

An embarassed Taeyang explained how the blind date was set up saying, “During the past year, I was working so hard on my album I didn’t even go outside and only focused on making music.  It was so hard on me then that a friend of mine told me, ‘I’ll introduce you to someone so go and meet them. She has a good personality and if it goes well, then it would be a good thing.’ So I went to the meeting place. And that person turned out to be SNSD’s Yuri.”

He continued, “I went to the SNSD concert by invitation of Yuri.  Even after that concert, we would call each other and get along well. But this year, Seungri entered Chungang University this year, in the same major and class as Yuri! So I became worried that Seungri would find out about the relationship between Yuri and myself.”

How serious are they? Well, Taeyang went on to say, “If I was in a really deep relationship with Yuri, I would not be able to make this kind of confession here.  We talk often and talk a lot about music.  We have become really good colleagues.”

“MC Kang Ho Dong then ended Taeyang’s topic by asking him to send Yuri a video message through the show. For The video message, Taeyang stated : ” You’re one of the good few friends that i have and i’m sorry that i revealed all this. I hope there aren’t any accusations and let’s continue to stay close ”

This episode of Strong Heart will air on July 20th.

Translations by Soompi News


232 thoughts on “Taeyang confesses to a blind date with Yuri from SNSD”

    1. yess! very funny, and very surprising! loll
      but it’s good that they still remain friends.
      Its good for him to meet w/ others, take chances…experiment..as a normal young adult should 🙂
      ..im tying to suppress the jealous fangirl inside of me..lol

    2. I am so happy he’s getting out and meeting people. If this girl can make him happy….then please Yuri, keep Taeyang happy!

      It’s no wonder I went “WTF” when Daesung spilled the beans on him randomly going to an SNSD concert…that was the most randomest thing ever, but totally makes sense now~

      1. hi kay, when did Daesung spilled the beans on him randomly going to an SNSD concert…? is that from an article or show? i wanna know!

        i also want to take this chance to thank you for updating us taeyang fans and iVIPS… its my first time buying an album from itunes or anywhere online.LOL. and i feel happy about it. i just wish i could get hold of the actual album – normal version. =(


        1. It was during the Haha Mong show. Man…YB has been keeping secrets from us!

        2. I think it was on the Haha Mong show. I’m not sure since some of the translations for that segment were confusing. Apparently the story goes like this,

          Sooyoung (from SNSD) was on the show and said Taeyang asked her “I like your LED, what kind is it?” or something like that.

          Daesung then mentioned something along the lines of “Ah, so that’s the mistake he did!”

          Curious, as you’d expect Daesung was asked to elaborate and he recited what Taeyang said, “Damn! I asked them about the LED, but I didn’t ask them (SNSD, that is) about the other thing!”. Which is what I assume it to be something like greeting them and saying how much he liked their concert or whatever?

        3. Aw no problem~~

          And here is the link for when Soo Young mentioned Taeyang coming to their concert (starts at 1:04):

        4. the HaHaMong show a couple months ago. SooYoung was talking about how he was at their concert and afterwards was talking, congratulating them or whatever…and said something referring to what LED lighting rigs they used and whatever. Then Dae busted in with a realization bubble and brought up why YB was flustered after coming back cuz he didn’t know how to keep up the conversation or i guess remember what else he meant to say…

        5. wait suengri said taeyang didnt say to any of the members going there but how did daesung know,these must have a great bro relationship.

        6. yes i remember this. dae was hilarious on the show. i didn’t notice that bae went to SNSD concert on his own though. definitely more gossips to come on strong heart. we’ll see how seungri spills the beans on this one. ❤

      2. Yeah!! Mid-reading this article (thanks Kay for the info!) I remembered he went to an SNSD concert. When Daesung mentioned that, i was like… Are you seroius?!?!?! Really? Out of no where? Why is he…

        but after releasing he went on a blind date (extremely jealous that it was Yuri, but completely funny) it makes sense!!

        awwwwww. bae bae.

        i still want TaeYuna!! (=

        1. i agree! TaeYuna is too adorable!

          reading this made my heart break a little. our bae is growing out of his shy shell! 😦 i dont know how i feel about that .. 😛

      3. @cudy, it was after the blind date that they knew…pretty easy..cuz SR knew now too..and they went last Winter so it’s a longg time…LOL

    3. Man at least he’s talking to girls…

      All this news….fits with his song soo much. lol.
      We should compile a list of all the celebrity fangirls who have crushes on him….what a long line. I bet some of the fanboys would get in line tooo. lol.

      1. I know there are!

        I ran into a FB page of a guy with a birthday cake that had TY’s picture on it.. and a TY cutout cardboard.

        He was snuggled up to it&&He took pictures of him kissing TY’s album and such.


  1. OH MY GOD

    I’m not even going to say anything.

    But I need a boy, you need a girl,
    let’s meet up 😉

  2. I think I’m happy…yes I am…this is too cute ^__^. I think that friend is Dae Dae, he went on a blind date and nobody knows? Nice.

    YB ❤

  3. Im happy that he’s dating n all but at the same time I’m …. D:

    YooBin, come back to Korea! Lol xD

    1. Me too! … First IU now Yuri.. Who’s next? D: lol
      wonder who’s the friend that set them up…

      1. … me (=. i wish! but i hope he doesn’t go on an insane dating frenzy!

        I just hope he finds the girl soon (=.

        he needs to be happy and not played with hehe.

      2. can we hunt that friend.?. tell him/her that setting up yb on a blind date is a serious criminal offense.

  4. That makes sense. If he was serious about her, then he wouldn’t confess like that.

    Now that’s one person off my guesses of Taeyang’s crush.
    Now my best guess would be Dara. What do you guys think?

      1. But even so… that would still give fans a thought.
        And if YB did like her, then he wouldn’t want that relationship to be public.
        He wouldn’t want the girl he likes to be bombarded by death threats.

        1. reverse psychology? idk. it can be, but that’s too dangerous for Yuri .. especially she’s being paired with Nichkhun in CABI.

          I still can’t believe how insane Korea gets with stars )=. I really think he wouldn’t say anything at all though. He seems to gentlemen like to do that lol.

      2. Lol i was thinking the same…. But lalely, I’ve noticed a change in Kpop and Idols…. He wouldn’t be the first to put something like that out…. Hence, the other girl from SNSD (I forgot her name) expressing her liking for another male idol in SH, then Shindong….

        1. which girl from SNSD? if its just liking its just like expressing her ideal guy, so it wouldn’t make that much of an issue. with shindong, i mean, let’s face it, he’s the least favorable for the female suju fans, so they wouldn’t care too much. if it was donghae, or siwon for example, that would have been a riot.

          so i guess, yeah… YB is very protective, i don’t think he wouldn’t want the girl to suffer bec of him dating.

        2. I don’t know if it could be called “just expressing her ideal type” She went on to say, how she would get dressed up and put make up on whenever she knew they would have schedule together, and she would always look at his schedule to see if they were gonna be at the same place. The girl’s Hyoyeon….. Yuri was there too, and she seemed pretty shocked at her confession….. She described the guy and one of the Mc’s asked her if it was more than a crush and something like that, don’t remember exactly…. If you really think about it…. When would an Idol be that verbal about his/her feelings for another idol? Even if the name was put out there, I think that’s pretty scandalous, looking at how secretive they must be in Kpop.
          I do agree with you, with the fact Shindong doesn’t the same problem, as Siwon or Donghae would, if they did the same. I still look at such events, as a bit of a change in Kpop….. IN the past, no matter who you were, you couldn’t open up about such things, it was some sort of sin. now I guess, they are a bit more open

        3. yeah. it’s about time idols to come out in the open. its a good thing that they’re slowly realizing that dating is not a sin in the industry.

          i’m happy for bae, really… it’s just too much to take in one day. Bae is giving us a roller coaster ride of emotions. first elation for him topping itunes charts, and then IU kissing him, and now him with Yuri.

          my heart is literally bursting. and i’m not exaggerating it. haha!

    1. honestly all fangirling aside. i think YB indeed has got a liking to Sandara. i really don’t know why but i’ve felt that since the beggining eventho i more of a GD-Dara shipper.

      oh well. whatever makes him happy.

      1. to be honest, i am more of a GD-Dara shipper,
        but the way he talks about Dara.. I don’t think he thinks of it as a Noona-Dongsaeng relationship.

        HE PICKED DARA OVER HIS BESTFRIEND. (on who he’s most thankful for) He said it with such a cute giggle and a huge grin on his face too.
        it was really cute though.
        I think that says a lot.

        1. i know right? everytime he talks about dara, he seems to be giggling. i dunno.. and he’s comfortable with her, anyone can see that.

          Yuri is one of the few girls that i like in snsd. but.. i’m not really comfortable with this couple.

          it isn’t like this with IU or sandara or anyone.. but… i dunno.

          my heart is bleeding. haha!

  5. This is so SCANDALOUS. really….rarely do artists come out and say things like this and this is like SNSD and BB….SM and YG…..oh my.

    Taeyang has got some courage~~~~

    WGM anyone!!!!! OMG OMG. PLEASE?

    1. Take this all with a grain of salt though. All teaser articles for SH imply more than the actual story to get people to watch the show. They’ve been doing this since day 1. It’s probably not as big a deal as it sounds.

    2. If Youngbae gets on WGM I’m renouncing Kim Hyun Joong as my “guy to date” and making YB my “ideal man” and “IDEAL OVERALL”


      And from footage of BB TV in Japan, he’s got knife skills, I’m sure he can cook. (wasn’t it GD who also said “I love it when you make rice?” LOL)

    3. I’m worried now. for both parties. IU’s crush is a normal thing that we all can take but when taeyang reveals stuff like that, it’s just so…=.= i dunno what to expect.

      WGM—> two wives kekekeke

      1. he didnt actually reveal it because since suengri said something that was really weird,about him going all by himself at a snsd concert then taeyang probably wanted to clear everything why he went to a snsd concert in the first place anyway.

        1. I’m sure they discussed everything before revealing it…..and plus it’s Strong Heart, everything is supposed to be scandalous like the show name…LOL…I actually find it cute…TY seriously need a girl already…he’s at an age where he wants to finds a girl for him to start a family, so I think it’s right….afterall, he’s human too…

        2. seung ri’s gonna die (literally) if taeyang gets into trouble and losing Yuri as his friend. i mean, the dude rarely goes out and make friends!!

          Seung ri hinted according to allkpop. >.>

          Oh well, better wait for the MV!

  6. It’s probably true that they’re just friends since why would they even share it on SH if it were otherwise. (Just imagine the commotion in their fandoms!) Unless its a fantastic fakeout in the “so unbelievable no one will suspect its true” sort of thing. Either way, just the possibility of them dating is major hotness. From what I know of both their public images, they’re actually a good match.

    1. They’re really good looking, I won’t lie…..

      I can see why he would like her, she’s quite a polar opposite. I mean from what I know, shes pretty funny on shows and outgoing and stuff…

      1. The second I hear they’re at a prayer meeting or they go to the same church though….then I’d really think something was going on.

      2. My Korean is quite limited but from what I could tell, comments on bestiz weren’t bad at all. Girls saying they were jealous of course but nothing hateful or crazy. Can anyone confirm or tell us what’s the overall reaction? 🙂

      1. I have a feeling Seungri is going to get his butt kicked after this. He just loves to reveal everything about his hyungs….naughty Seungri!!!

  7. OMG….
    It’s great he’s going out and meeting people. And Yuri is gorgeous and one of the best dancers in SNSD so they have something in common haha
    But wow, I never imagined them together, but I’m glad he’s making friends and gaining confidence to meet with girls.
    Next thing you know he’ll have a gf pretty soon aaaaaah -_-

  8. Awww,…. I’m really happy to hear this…. I know how much of hardworked YB is and sometimes just being focused in such things, can make us lose a lot of things in life and feel depressed and really lonely…. I can say so for experience, now hearing his giving himself the chance to meet people, that’s really great…. That can cheer someone up, not saying something is going on, but just having the experience, is such a great thing. I’m happy for YB!

  9. This article almost made me cry….they better just be friends….this almost totally DESTROYED my SunDara illusion.

    1. I still have hopes for that illusion though. I know they’re special. can’t wait for dance mv.

    2. yeah it okay your not alone lol
      taeyang went talking about dara it just brighten his face since she is dara(star) get it,my joke ~keke~

    1. nahhhh. I think they’re just as shocked….but for the most part they’re a lot older and won’t do this.. iono I could be wrong…maybe Yuri-fanboys will be angry at Taeyang lol. But they know they can’t compete with that peice of fine-ness.

      1. omooo..totally forgot about those darn crazy SNSD fanboys…they’re freakin creepy/over-protective/loud…. –___–

        1. Kind of hard to hate on YB since he’s been known for being the most innocent guy dating-wise. The whole shy church boy who can’t talk to girls thing. It’d be like major bullying. Especially since he’s so up front about it. (They might actually get upset that he TALKED about it at all but from the looks of the article, he didn’t really volunteer the information as much as he got ratted out.)

          Anyways a dating scandal for YB? Isn’t that something different? Bet you everyone’s gonna start looking at the INAG lyrics and comparing now….

  10. I like Yuri, she is pretty and looks smart. But I prefer TY with someone like IU who is more sweet and caring type. TY looks too innocent for Yuri :D.
    This remind me of Taeyang watching SNSD’s sexy performance.

    1. pretty funny watch this video again now whit different feeling.
      pure YB looked like a innocent primary school student sitting there and watching.
      and now he mayyyyyy be (just maybe) the adam of yuri?!
      crazy~ hah hah

  11. I actually like the YB-Yuri pairing….it can be called TaeYuri!!! Haha….but unforutnately for TY, I guess it wasn’t that serious.

    Glad to see that they still keep in touch though….who knows? Yuri might be able to hook TY up with the girl of his dreams! TY…..we’re all hoping that you find true love soon!!!

    1. shush!
      who cares and no taeyang is like the same height as her not shorter but maybe same height or a bit taller.

      1. But if Yuri wears heels, she’s prolly taller. She is still one of the taller members of SNSD. Now, if it was someone like Taeyeon, the height wouldn’t be an issue, and they can b called Tae-Tae or something like that, lol

  12. oh. my. god.
    D: Sure, it’s nothing serious, but… omg.
    I’m a little hurt. lmao.
    Now only if he’d go on a date with Yoobin.

    1. looool SONE ❤ VIP here…i love both snsd and big bang…i really find the whole FUED BETWEEN FANCLUBS is really childish -__-…i really hope this shows that all singers are in good relations with each other!!…

      TaeYul FTW ❤ this couple is HOTTTT!!

  13. This took awhile to sink in LOL. And he says he has never been on a date psssh. But I’m still an IUxTY shipper 😀

  14. see IDOLS DO DATE….err secretly!! Kim TaeWho something is probably right all along!! kekeke..that’s nice that YB is going on dates..he needs to explore and find the potential GF material!!!

    1. I hope theres no fanwars…people need to understand their idols have lives~ like real lives where they actually like talking to people and like to have relationships~


      1. I’m liking my summer so far lolz.. soo many interesting news about my idol. I wish him the best in his future and all of his endeavors.

      2. Totally agree!

        They drink, play games, shop and do other things like everyone else even date but on the low down ^^

  15. for a moment there my heart sank…. 😦 as much as i want him to find someone this seem to come out of nowhere!! my poor excited heart just went V_V_V_________

    LOL!! anyways Im also glad I like Yuri alot. She is very pretty and seem like someone who can get along with taeyang. I can just imagine the date lol …

    YB: so…. you’re from SNSD?
    Yuri: Yea… *stares around*
    YB: Cool… *looks down*

    Taeyang probably was so shy! lol he probably was freaking out. I wonder if he overloaded on cologne??

    1. LOL

      YB: Hey…you’re…uhm…..
      Yuri : Yuri
      YB: Yes! The one with the hot bod-……nice vocals~
      Yuri: -_-
      YB: So, wanna date?

      haha, i’m being random….I would have loved to see their reactions upon seeing each other

      1. LMBO!!! That would be funny since I cant picture taeyang saying those things 🙂

        “the one with the hot bod…nice vocals~” cracked me up! But yea she does have in my opinion a nice body. Not too skinny!

        Hmm.. does that mean Taeyang likes a girl who has some meat on them? lol 😉

        1. Isn’t Yuri an MC for Music Core? so I’m guessing they’ll be seeing each other soon right?

  16. i am officially not coming to snsd’s concert in december. seeing Yuri is making me bleed. ..

    oh bae, what have you done to me..TT-TT

  17. Okay my heart stopped for a minute there! cuz taeyang dating is like a WTF news to me. Thank god they are not a real couple yet. i have nothing against her but damn it what will ever happen to IU??? she’ll be so heartbroken!

  18. TY actually send a video message for Yuri.

    For the video message, Taeyang stated, “You’re one of the few good friends that I have and I’m sorry that I revealed all this. I hope there aren’t any accusations and let’s continue to stay close.”

    cr: AKP

    He sounded so sincere

  19. somewhere in seoul, IU is either eating gobs of marshmallows or using the big ass plushie as her punching bag while singing “it should’ve been me~ it should’ve been me-eh~ oh noooo….”

    1. awww.. poor girl. but really that thought is mirroring the emotions of the majority of Taeyang fans! haha!

    2. im kinda scared for him now that he’s said this. and after reading about how he was going through trying times before. i don’t want it to happen for him again. i love it when he smiles. i wanna give him a hug of luck!!!

    3. LOL. this comment FTW!
      I’m rooting for her! lol.

      Seriously I would be happy for him…..
      *pulls out my teddy bear and bag of marshmallows*

    4. LMAO poor IU…your not alone. This was a big blow to all fangirls heart. Gonna need some time to come to terms with this one.

  20. im glad it wasn’t yoona!
    and OMG this is very shocking but im happy for him! yuri is my fave out of the group and taeyang is def my fave.. so my two faves pairing up together would just be awesome **

    1. I feel so bad now~ all eyes are gonna be on them….

      Seungri!!! *grrr* he had to go and put Tae on the spot!

      Taeyang should have said he’s friends with their manager

      1. since suengri said something that was really weird,about him going all by himself at a snsd concert then taeyang probably wanted to clear everything why he went to a snsd concert in the first place anyway

      2. u guess YB’s too honest to come with a lie, he would probably get all uncomfortable after lying so might as well tell them…anyway its all the naughty magnae’s fault!! hehe 😀

  21. yeah. it’s about time idols to come out in the open. its a good thing that they’re slowly realizing that dating is not a sin in the industry.

    i’m happy for bae, really… it’s just too much to take in one day. Bae is giving us a roller coaster ride of emotions. first elation for him topping itunes charts, and then IU kissing him, and now him with Yuri.

    my heart is literally bursting. and i’m not exaggerating it. haha!

  22. I’m sad it’s not Tiffany, ‘coz I like her. haha!! But I like Yuri too, seriously YB. ANYONE!! please…haha, well not anyone, just a good one.

  23. Awwww. I’m happy for him… =)
    No wonder he went to the SNSD concert. Dae said he didn’t say what he wanted to say. hahaha. Remember, Dae knew mostly of Baebae’s secrets. hehe.

    I love Yuri too. She’s so pretty and a great dancer.

    I’m gonna support those two. I hope if something deeper is going on between them the netizens and fans won’t tear them apart. I don’t care if they even keep it a secret. I love him to death and I’ve BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR HIM TO GET A GIRLFRIEND.
    I thought I’m gonna be sad though, but instead I went all giddy. hehehe.

    Claps for Bae for being so honest! weeeee!
    Yuri don’t deny it ok? =)

  24. And actually, I’m a bit scared of Yuri’s fanboys than Bae’s fangirls. I hope they don’t spread some false rumors.

    1. YES. I am more afraid of Yuri’s fanatic fanboys than Taeyang’s fangirls. Taeyang’s fans have been waiting for him to meet girls but her fans~ no clueeee.

    2. how scary are fanboys actually? all i’ve heard about is fangirls being crazy, attacking idols.

      1. They’re pretty crazy~~~ I’m actually more afraid of them than females…here is to hoping some of them like Taeyang and are his fanboys~

        1. Really???? i mean sure fangirls spiked drinks and send hate letters but really, what can a fanboy do?? *facepalm* Seungri ah.. why did you make your hyung confess??

        2. yeah, I’m not worry about fangirls at all actually…I think all VIPs want him to get a girl already…but SNSD fanboys…they’re scary……didn’t they rape and stabbed some girls at Dream Concert in 2007 or 2008? It’s kidna scary to even think back…every year at Dream Concert, there’s always drama…

  25. Hmm…so I won’t lie, like every other YB fangirl out there, I freaked out when I read this. Like Bae on a blind date? Please no!

    But, it’s good that Bae’s getting out there, meeting other people, like more females and breaking out of his shell. I’m relieved to know that Yuri and Bae aren’t together, but it’s nice that he still keeps in contact with her. And now, I will go watch the Big Bang documentary to remind and relive BaeBae’s innocence that makes him so irresitible.

  26. Sorry to any Yuri fans but I stick by my words that YB deserves better!!! sigh…….I’m a little bit depressed right now. Even though me and YB were probably never going to happen , It still stings to read that hes now dating.

    1. LOL. They’re not getting married or something!
      I’m sure it’s just something like “lets hang out…” lol.

  27. YB on a blind date with Yuri?? this news made my heart stopped beating for a while & i mean it.. seriously; what is da person who set up da blind date thinking?? why fix YB with SNSD member?? i seriously dun fancy ANY one of them (sorry if offend any of SNSD fan here).. if da person set up a date with other girls; i dun mind but just not SNSD gals.. *bleah*
    but’ glad to know that he’s opening up himself to the world (it’s not as if he’s clamming himself in his own lil’ world in da past).. YB; go ahead & experience LOADS of things but not with SNSD gals.. hehehe.. xD

  28. I’m just scared, if this blows outta proportion and Yuri gets really pissed off then he’ll lose one of his closest friends; that’d break my heart….

    1. That’s what I’m scared of too. It’s already hard enough for TY to even talk to girls….he doesn’t need to lose one of his close girl-friends over this incident. If it did happen….Seungri would be in big trouble from me! Might have to fly to Korea to kick some maknae butt for ruining TY’s friendship like that!

    2. that’s what im scarred about (and said on the “marshmallow” bubble too). cuz the last thing that i wanna see is the depressed side of YB again cuz he grabbed his cojones finally and said “Im tired of being alone, sick of being single” and putting his heart literally on his sleeve by going about getting him something looking like a companionship…and people can’t take it. let the man be a man dammit!

      1. are “cojones” what I think they are and is that even a real word!?

        ~omg the word makes me laugh.

        And yes, i think all idols should grab their cojones and confess!

        1. i understand how u gals feel!! aarrgghh!! why must SNSD gals take one of the members of all of boy-groups in Korea?? WHY???!!! T_T

      1. hey, chill. we’ve read that of course. this is just the common (and bitter) reaction of a heart broken girl. haha!

        the new MV better come out fast.. it needs to break this thought and have my Sundara, madhatter moment.

        in the mean time. drowning myself to sundara fanfictions. TT-TT

        1. hahahaha. they’re just friends.
          come on, it’s Dara he’s getting something ya? be happy that he hasnt made a statement that he and Dara are just friends.

    1. u guys shouldnt judge her like that
      his friend probably knows her as a good person to set them up

  29. Im a lil’ heart broken but hey at least he is getting to know people outside of YGE. I say what ever makes him happy makes me happy! (goes into a corner and cries)

  30. O___O <-my face when i saw this! my two biases from BB and SNSD together?!
    TY doesn't mean Taeyang anymore; it's Tae+Yuri lol.
    but seriously… i'm happy that he's meeting people, let alone GIRLS!
    this couple, WGM PLEASE~ T_T

    For the older fans: drinks!

    This one is on ATY. lol.

    I have to say…everyone’s comments are so funny. lol.

    1. lol. thanks i’ll take both. it hurts but all u want is for him to be happy. i do wish he would come to usa and meet me……then we wouldn’t have to worry about him dating anyone else. LOL

    2. I don’t drink.. but can have the marshmallows.. Now I couldn’t hear Marshmallow song from IU without crying.. T-T

  32. sorry, that just doesn’t work for me. ok fine, it was a blind date and he didn’t know who the girl would be, but the couple itself just does not work, in my opinion. i just can’t really imagine them together. xD
    i just don’t think that an snsd girl coupled with a big bang member would look good or be good together…then again, i don’t actually know any of them personally…but still! personally, i think taeyang should date someone from 2ne1 (*ahemdaraahem*) but if he’s happy, so be it.
    either way, i am just so relieved they aren’t together. >_<

  33. hopefully YB is true to his words – he & Yuri are simply just gd working colleagues & close friend..
    i dun mind him hooking up with other gals but just not SNSD gals (i must emphasize AGAIN).. hahaha..

  34. all we need to ask is “hey youngbae. who’s that lucky girl on your mind?” i mean he must have a picture in his head in order to set the time(this year) right? haha. skeptical!

  35. wouldn’t this mean that the statement “taeyang has never dated before” expires?? kekekeke

    1. it finally does, and some people can quit holding their breaths cuz he likes them girls, girls…girls he do adore~~lol

  36. AND here’s TY deciding to respect Seungri as a man. tsk.tsk. I bet he is taking his words back. Be prepare Seungri-shi and your big mouth.lol

    1. I don’t think YB would do something harsh… but I don’t know GD… hmm.. would he do something for his bestfriend? I think he would..

      But it would be delay since SR still in the hospital.. 😀

  37. Kay… you forgot last statement :

    ” MC Kang Ho Dong then ended Taeyang’s topic by asking him to send Yuri a video message through the show. For The video message, Taeyang stated : ” You’re one of the good few friends that i have and i’m sorry that i revealed all this. I hope there aren’t any accusations and let’s continue to stay close ”

    WOW… i think taeyang really fear losing Yuri after he revealed this secret realtionship…

  38. i was so worried when i read the article!!!! like what???
    but was quite relieved to read the last sentences.
    hay… breathe. hahahaha
    im thinking now maybe it was Sean who set them up because if im not mistaken they belong to this religious org. Minzy was in a pic with some SNSD girls.
    i really hope they’re JUST FRIENDS. hahahaha. that do happen between two people of opposite sex. just friends. hahahahah
    oh well, YB, just be happy, ok? i know someone’s crushed right now. LOL. but ah, Sooyoung is my favorite from SNSD! she’s way cooler! and i like Tiffany too!. Yuri, i dont care about her. please be just friends, ok? hahahahaha

    1. id rather Sooyoung, Tiffany or Jessica if from SNSD.
      Sooyoung coz she’s a YB fangirl, and she’s my fave from SNSD.
      Tiffany coz i just like her. she’s got this sunny charisma.
      and Jessica, i think is a dork.
      im not really a fan of SNSD. just based on what i see when i see them 🙂

  39. Anyone know how the Korean fans are taking this piece of news? Cuz I know us int’l fans are going crazy!!!!

    1. LOL, it seems like fans are more excited about his itunes charting than this~ that’s what it seems on the k-boards

  40. oh YB! What other surprises do you have in store for us fans??? hehe! I like Yuri, and it’s a good thing that YB is able to date now, so cute. and it’s about time that he dates!

    Looks like Seungri is getting back on his hyungs for putting him in the spotlight before with the stories about the models, etc.

    Some fans need to chill, they’re just having a boy and girl relationship, it’s not like they’re officially dating (which I’ll not be surprised if he is – with Yuri or with other girls, knowing YG family’s history with secret relationships — hehe).

  41. 1st initial reaction from the title: NOOO not one of the plastics

    2nd reaction after reading: Whew!

  42. i’m cool with this. they’re friends but if they do go out then i’ll support them. i also like Yuri, i think she’ll be a good close friend to him.

    i also like the fact that there are more people in YB’s list of close friends and he’s making friends outside YG plus he looks happier these days so that’s fine. hahaha

  43. WOW. this website is so unfair to dara . when dara was in inag mv this website was like all upset with dara. but know that taeyang confesses that they went on a blind ths website can only say OH. MY. GOD. WOW. wtf. im guessing the writer likes snsd?

    1. No one was upset with Dara at all~

      Having Dara dance in a music video is completely different than finding out Taeyang went on a date with someone. How you’re correlating these two is beyond me~

      If this were a topic on Yuri being in Taeyang;s music video, I bet all of us would look up Yuri’s dancing skills and talk about it.

      So really, I do not understand the point you’re trying to make here. I still like Dara and never been an SNSD fan in my life.

  44. Nooooooooooooo, i have to admit im jelous ='( this messed up my day :(… But i guess if he is happy, then im happy, i love u taeyang!!

  45. hahaha it’s funny how most of us are happy he’s finally talking to girls!
    okay, so here’s fans’ fav for Taeyang : Dara, Yuri, IU, Yoobin.
    All the girls really have got good personality. So i personally don’t mind any of them. AS LONG THEY DON’T BREAK HIS HEART. *overprotective mode* ehhehehe. 😀

    I really think he’s just friends with Yuri though. That boy is just so honest! hahaha.. Taeyang oh Taeyang…
    and I bet many gonna tune in to SH for that epi. SH’s known for their marketing strategy…. >:)

    1. LOL.. i love all this 4 girls… but of course i hav my no. 1… I really wish Dara, but i know that dara has something special so, i go for IU coz its better if the girl can depend/love you deeply kekeke….

  46. You know, if any of the Big Bang boys get into a real relationship we’re not going to know about it till yeeeears later. YG is the home of the secret relationship. They even keep it secret from each other. (Well, they’d certainly keep it secret from Seungri. Especially now.) They’d certainly not go on a talkshow about it. It’s like the YG Guy Code.

    1. omg so true!! loll
      We’ll probably find out about taeyang’s real relationships when he announces that his ‘wife’ is pregnant or something..
      Mr. YG most definitely talked to the boys about girls…and how to hide them LOL…being the expert that he is

      1. ROFL.. I can imagine.. TY in his future solo albums press conference or in his TV interviews.. where he would make a special announcement where he tells everyone that he already married for a year now.. and they are waiting for the first born..


  47. well…this is surprising, i’m happy for Youngbae i truly am but i cant deny the the fact that the little fangirl within me died a bit…haha LOL but i’m glad at least he lets us know about these things!

    Taeyang hwaiting and be happy! 😀

  48. i was shock when i heard the article’s tittle but when i know that theres nothing serious happen between them, i’m happy^^….he deserved to be happy with someone and i respect on that…and always wish every hapiness in the world to him….if i love him soo much,i’m willing to sacrifice my feelings towards him if he finally found that girl someday…

    always be happy YB^^ ❤

  49. but seriously it seems like i’ve heard this news before somewhere but cant recall where or when….

  50. i’m glad that TY is coming out of his shell…if you really think about it, i think that if ever he is dating someone special he’ll not make it known to the public, coz it seems that that’s the trend in YG, unless he wants to deviate from that..hehe…and if im not mistaken, they’re also not allowed to have girlfriends yet, coz i remember daesung saying something like after 5 years, he’s gonna make a scandal…lol…but then again, we’ll never really know…=)

  51. To be honest I recent dream taeyang to dating actress
    Jung yoo mi from drama “que sera sera” and lead in recent film ” my boy friend is gangster”
    She has pretty real face ,no plastic, small size. and her every outfits during the promote are amazing and fashionable. She really can act too.

  52. TY already 23 yrs old but he never dated?poor him, he deserved be loved by someeone he likes….i’m just curious if his new song ‘i need girl’ is his HONEST EXPRESSION/CONFESSION to yuri? i dont why, i mean this is his first time he mentioned about girl on national t.v and it turned out to be another top korean girlgroup right now, yuri…..wow, he is so brave and seems he really really likes her…..

    what do u think guys??

  53. It is crazy how dating is done in the S.K!! Secret dating is the SH%$!! Ya’ll ain’t know? Hehehe!! “Strangers by day, lovers by night” is the motto! I heard that even sometimes a relationship could go on for years, even children were produced and their buddies wouldn’t even know. Yes, dating is done very differently over there. Over there you have to be careful about being to direct and modesty is the way to go.

  54. i do really like Yuri…but for YB NOOOOOOOO! lol..i have nothing against her but it is so strange why i am not liking her to be paired with YB..but if YB likes her, i could not think of any reason to accept it…but for me Yuri is better off with Strong Baby Seungri!

    what a relief though, they are just friends!

    1. I feel with you! xD
      I have nothing against SNSD but I find Yuri somehow.. how should I say that? …boring? no.. but too quiet… too shy. Young Bae is shy and it’s enough for one person to be shy. lol

      I would rather see him with Yoona although I hate her, because she had too much rumors with guys like LEETEUK and NICHKHUN xD but she looks like she can be happy with Young Bae (:

      omg… how deep am I falling? I paired him up with Yoona. xD

  55. i said to myself,YB need to have someone special in his life coz he’s so damn lonely.
    but now that there’s this possibility that he’ll have a girlfriend soon,why do i wanna hold him back?
    but whoever makes him happy
    may it be IU,Yoobin,Yuri or Dara,i’m happy.

    now,excuse me while i’ll drown myself drinking baccoli.

  56. yeah, i don’t like SNSD ~^^ I had expected some other girls…uhm, like IU :>
    It’s kind of making me sad -..-

  57. tớ không thích TY với YR tí nào cả.hix.tự dưng đọc được entry này thấy hụt quá.thế mà trước TY bảo muốn yêu 1 người rùi làm đám cưới luôn.Không lẽ muốn làm đám cưới với YR ???


  59. Noooooooooooooo!!!! 😦 when i read this i hace to. Admit i got a little jelous =/ but i hope he fines a great girl one day that makes him truely very happy, he deserves it. I love u taeyang!!! <33

  60. Okay, can somebody please answer this? When is the episode with Taeyang and Seungri going to be aired? Has it already? And if so can i get a link to the video? thanks.

  61. Well he said that they are just friends …I believe him fir now … I think Dara is cute with Tae…she appears to have a sweet personality..not like some of these other girls.. I’m glad they used her for the new “I need a girl” video, not that other chic with a bad facial expression from his other live performance.

  62. Well young bae, I guess it’s over between us now …I was so moved by your song I could of sworn you were talking to me!! Talking about how we finally have each other now… It’s all over now…

  63. Still I feel like this relationship is not gonna go any further.. I mean c’mon Yuri has sooo many guys to choose from (many close guy friends), why Tae Yang? what are the chances Tae Yang isn’t just a friend to her? Ahhh the mystery… I wish Tae Yang the best and Yuri

  64. ahw they are both innocent and sweet. but hounestly i dont think they are maed for each other.. she’s pretty, for real. and still i think he can get an even prettier girl 🙂

  65. I have no problem if TY in a relationship.. but Yuri?… I have a BIG PROBLEM with it… But with others (IU, Yoobin etc), I’ll give my support.. 😛

    But I don’t think TY has some deeper feeling for Yuri other than treating her as a friend…

    As some have mentioned before, it would be years before we know YB’s romantic relationship…

    As we know, YB is serious about real relationship.. and from we know, some girls idols still bound by the contract and their unreadiness to commit.. many still think that they’re too young to start being serious..

    But I hope him the best.. Hope he finally meet his ideal girl.. and make him truly happy…

  66. something just crossed my mind, not sure if anyone’s mentioned it yet because i really can’t be bothered reading through all 200+ comments, but could this possibly have been YB’s FIRST EVER DATE ?! chances are that it isn’t, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if it was.

  67. 산다라 became friends with 영배 and 지용 in December 2004. 산다라 and 지용 attended same acting workshop from March to July 2005. Sometime late July 2005 영배 called 산다라 if she could be his 여자 친구. 산다라 was beside 지용 in a no. 1 bus. 산다라 answered they’ll talk about it the following day. 영배 called 지용 to say that he confessed to the girl but it seemed like he was rejected. 지용 answered that they’ll talk about it the following day. 지용 told everything to 영배 the next day. On August 2005, the girl left Korea. Everything else unfolded when the girl returned 2 years after. But the 3 remained close friends as ever. They shared the dream of becoming stars. And now, all 3 of them are.

  68. @ friends@family
    waaa… i think i know that story and the people behind it…!! there’s no confirmation about that yet but i can feel that story is about those 3…

  69. I know I’m a little bit late here, but you all have got to be civilized about this. I’m pretty sure most of you are pretty much fan girls, am I right? For you fan girls hating on this, so what if he’s friends with her or even dating her. You don’t have to dislike Yuri. He can’t help who likes or who becomes his friends. For all of you who is fine with this, you guys are well good fans. For those who want more, well okay, just don’t go too far with your conclusions. Lastly, I personally like this. I like the idea of SoshiBang, since well SNSD and Big Bang are the two top groups in Korea, so it would be cool if there were at least one couple out of them. So it’s nice to hear them being close with each other. Plus he could really be dating her. For one, their first date must have been good for her invite him to her concert, probably to meet her members. Second, they call each other and are close, but that could mean anything, because close doesn’t really describe much. He could mean something else, I mean he was able to sneak to an SNSD concert without the others knowing, he must be sneaky and smart. Third, if they were just friends, wouldn’t he tell his members. Why would he be scared that Seungri might find out? Fourth, he had to make the confession to explain the whole situation about him sneaking off to the concert by Yuri’s invitation. Fifth, they don’t have to be in a “deep” relationship, but could still be in a relationship. Remember, Taeyang is the type to take things slow to really know the girl. Or, he could be using reverse psychology to not cause any scandals, because the two could be in a deep relationship if they talk a lot. Lastly, why not Yuri? She’s a really cute girl, and can’t opposites attract? But the good thing is that we all know that Taeyang has a good friend, that’s female and from a different company. Also, I really don’t think anybody from the same entertainment label would have a crush on each other, since they all tend to be very brotherly and sisterly with each other.

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