Round 1: ‘I Need a Girl’ English & Korean covers

As aptly said by some of you….”Let the covers…BEGIN!”
All the covers so far are FANTASTIC, but I gotta hand it to the lady below. I’m assuming she’s not Korean by decent but her Korean just wowed me and nice vocals too~!

Some piano covers~

Gonna throw in a “Superstar” piano cover that’s fantastic

Email any covers you find and I’ll add them to Round 2~~

36 thoughts on “Round 1: ‘I Need a Girl’ English & Korean covers”

  1. Yes!!! Let the covers begin!!! Hahahahahahah!!!! This is great!! People love him from all over!!

  2. i like the fourth cover (the acoustic version).. it sounds so jazzy & upbeat.. hehehe.. plus; the lyrics is pretty cool.. 😛

  3. wow, they’re all really good! i like the 6th one the best though then #4. major props to everyone though.

  4. awesome! so nice to see girls and guys showing their talents, and finding inspiration to do so using taeyang!
    cant wait for more!!

  5. wouldn’t it be great if there was a website that everyone can send these covers for taeyang to watch!!!!

  6. awesome! this song really derserves MORE love. i think if Wedding Dress won those who love to dance, this is more to those who love to sing.

  7. Wow…our man is just blowing up! So many awesome covers already! i guess Taeyang and Teddy knew what they were talking about when the decided to make INAG the title song.

  8. nice piano cover for INAG and superstar. the fourth video is amazing! The best and my favorite one so far. His first note got my jaw dropped in amazement. seventh video isn’t bad either.
    first video.. wow.. I wish i can sing in korean that fluently..

  9. found this video in YT…it’s cool and good how she combined the first and second INAG Mv and she use Take it Slow as da background music!

    1. omg. fcuking awesome video. and i really enjoyed INAG covers compared to wedding dress. and i enjoy singing INAG more actually. wedding dress, is too hard to pull off. so i find myself loving different aspects of YB songs, which i really like (:

  10. awesome! looks like the trend of Taeyang covers will continue 😀 too many awesome international fans not to!

  11. i was just like wow with the first vid.
    i’m jealous of her Korean.
    how could she do that?
    it’s so hard for me to pronounce and more so memorize Korean lyrics.

  12. how about dance cover? isn’t it included?
    this one is pretty hilarious dance cover but overall he did quite well.. 😀

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