(Interview ①)’Dancer’ Taeyang,”The reason I don’t stick to dancing but R&B

Taeyang came back. He’s not the group Big Bang’s Taeyang but ‘Youngbae’. It’s Taeyang’s solo.

Recently Taeyang has been promoting his track ‘I Need a Girl’ after releasing his first solo full album. Taeyang, who has released the most solo songs amongst his Big Bang’s members, came back once again with his own full solo album.
Taeyang’s almost perfect stage performances among Korean idols have been highly praised. Numerous people in the pop scene and/or managers watch him intently with high interest. The consistent words from their lips are [we] “WANT”. Regardless of popularity ranks, he is a member who received the highest grade and concern.  The general evaluation is “he’s in a different league from other idols”.

  • The reason I don’t stick to dancing but to R&B

Taeyang is like that. He doesn’t like the term “dance” but rather “R&B”. He came back, not with a strong hip-hop or electric genre but R&B. Some fans, as well as other people in the industry, wondered why? “Why doesn’t he show his strong hip-hop roots that he can show a strong performance in?”. He decided on a soft R&B song like “I Need a Girl” as the title song (different from some fan’s desires) instead of stronger songs in this album….

He answered, in one word, something like “Ah~~”. This means, if you have been watching him from his debut, you would know the reason.

In this interview, he answered to the question of “Why don’t you stick to dance songs but instead “R&B”. He said “It’s the question I hear the most”. It’s the question fans were curious about as well.

After making a pause he said, “My basis is R&B. It’s a genre that I can expression the most and want to do the most”. Taeyang confidently answered. “If I made a “dance genre” my specialty, I would also be comfortable doing music this way. I mean, it would be easy to choose songs and then decide how to promote it. But I want to pursue things I want to sing and the music I want to do. It’s may just be because I’m at the young age of 23″

And he continued to explain, “There be short cuts, but I don’t think this way is wrong either. Watching my activities, you will be able to understand why I stick to R&B”.

  • Not greedy for #1 spot

He said, “There are “doing as I’ve done” and “what I shouldn’t do”. If I’ve done as I’d done the process or result would have been easy, but that wouldn’t have given me the satisfaction. In some ways, it would be an album that only a minority was satisfied with, but I think it’s my first step. Making this show my true color is more important. Now it may be difficulty to understand but as time goes by, you’ll understand why I stick to R&B”

Taeyang revealed, “If I wanted to do promotions where I would be winning in Korea, then I would change it. But I’m not greedy for the #1 spot. Rather than #1, I want to do music that I want to do and sing songs for people who recognize me. Low rankings on the charts do not change my greed for true “music”. But I am a little sorry to president Yang Hyun Suk.

And he added, “I think my emphasis [in the musical direction] was not wrong. I was happy that my songs were being responded in North America. I hope people see me rising”

Taeyang explained about his release being delayed. “Actually, it took a long time. There was also the burdens. It’s true that the album release was pushed back because of these burdens. But after the album was released, I was happy. I’m working with this feeling [of happiness]. I’m so excited that I can let people listen to my songs.

Original article HERE
Translations by MYOKOON@ALWAYSTAEYANG (do not remove credit)


75 thoughts on “(Interview ①)’Dancer’ Taeyang,”The reason I don’t stick to dancing but R&B”

  1. Now this is what you call a true artist!
    Hes not greedy for the number one spot,
    he just want express music his way!

  2. one of the gazillion reasons why i love this guy..
    this is the real deal..
    im really happy that he’s happy right now.. 🙂

  3. After watching him since his debut, I can totally understand what he means. Although he’s an amazing dancer, RnB allows him to express his feelings. It allows him to be who he is. Instead of taking the easy way and making songs that are easy to dance to, he would rather produce what is closest to his heart, RnB music. And if some of those songs are also dance songs, then even better.

    This is the Taeyang we all know and love. He makes music that people can listen to and love, not to be number 1 on the charts. He even apologizes to YG for not focusing on being number 1! Can a man be anymore perfect?

  4. he is indeed in a different league. not an idol but a true artist. eh does what he likes and does it in his best. what’s the point of being no.1 if people will forget you and your music in 5 years time. ? i say go and break out of KPOP cliche.

  5. gahhhh. my love and respect for this man cannot get any higher!
    he’s so sincere and humble..always true to himself. Honestly, what more can one ask from him. Doing the music he loves, sticking to what speaks to him, and investing in something he believes in….as his fans, we can sense all of this from his album and his live performances. No wonder he had such a good response from N.America.
    And for ppl that still question his choices, with sticking to RnB…I think we are already seeing signs of why he he;s not letting the genre go..just look at the response he got from his international fans.
    It’s def. a sign of more things to come from youngbae…esp in an international market!! gahhh can’t wait for his future!!!!

  6. Agree with above. I get so frustrated when people r like he should have promoted a diff song…well yb isnt aboit being popular and sticking to the mould. Im glad other idols and managers watch him and recognise that he is above the rest..in his own league rather…that u cant and !houldnt compare him to other korean artists. Taeyang shouldnt be sorry to yg since its merely emphasising why yg is the best manager ever! U truly r the greatest yb. X

  7. Yayyy!! He said he was happy we(Americans) responded to him!!! YB!! Did you see?? You’re #2(we’re pushing for #1) on iTunes! We REALLY want to KIDNAP you 8D

  8. It makes me proud that i can safely say to my western friendz ….how much im so obsessed with yb and hia music…he is an artist i proudly tell my friends about and that i hav every reason to be biased. I would never reli say i like 2pm and mblaq…becUse u kno they do I
    What they r told to and dnt write their music…dnt hav strong and influential thoughts as yb. Sorry had to comment again

  9. YB is always R&B…and i clearly support on him…the way i see it, he really suits on R&B rather than dance…his dance moves are amazing….but his voice are meant for this type of genre(R&B) and i really love it…it depends on him to decide on what he wants for his music cause that’s what he can do to express himself….i’m 100% support you YB..no matter what you choose…^^ FIGHTING!!! ^_^

  10. You can tell he’s passionate about what he does. Most of the time, artists are just in it for the money or for power. Taeyang? He doesn’t mind if he’s dead last, as long as he gets to do what he loves his way.

    What a humble man.

  11. good article so can those people who are depressed over his single chart standings chill out a bit. If you appreciate it and he’s happy with it his main target for now.

  12. No matter what YB will always stay true to himself. He creates music to please his tastes and hopes the fans that enjoy his music will follow. As we’ve seen over the past few days the fans have spoken and we love what your doing YB. Keep up the good work!

  13. Damn. i love TY’s interviews. I’m glad he stuck it out w/ what he wanted to do even though it wasn’t the easiest path to take.

  14. I’m so proud of YB and all of his accomplishments; makes me very proud. I’m also happy that he is aware that he is reaching out to fans outside South Korea too. One step closer to international stardom XD

  15. Well, I think it’s good that he’s not comforming and just making me music that would satisfy the majority. And it’s pretty cool that he metioned us and is happy that we love his stuff. 😀

  16. I love this article and every day I grow a little more respect for him as a musician.

    He is still young so there will be many more genres to explores and sides of himself to discover.

    I am just glad with the fact that he is doing what he sincerely likes. In the end, it is up to him to decide the direction he wants his career to take.

    All that is left is for him to find his girlfriend. I really can’t stop myself from liking this boy and wish him all the best. He’s one of a kind. 😉

  17. Thank you for the translation, Myokoon!

    Some of Bae’s recent interviews are really worthreading, like the one he did with Nate yesterday, and then this one. I nod my heads very hard while reading this one. Everything is well said. He is always honest and sincere. I feel like I need to protect him from extinct. xD

    Say no sorry to YG, Bae.You have done a marvelous job! I am so glad to see a smile back on your face.

    1. I know right! but then again almost all of his interviews are like this,you know,it comes from the heart,always so sincere and honest like you said donkey(:D)

      “I feel like I need to protect him from extinct. xD” haha so true but then there is only ONE of him so no need to worry about extinction since he is the one and only =)

      1. That is true. He is the one and only. I can imagine how hard it is to stay true to your values especially when you are a celebrity. I am so proud of him!

        And I am loving these interviews. This probably is the best decision that YG has made so far, to put him on interviews. Thank you, YG!


  19. there was a slap in the face in there for all those people who told him to conform. His individuality is showing, and that courage Jiyoung talked about. GD had previously mentioned that YB was the bold one when they were kids, and though he’s quiet and at times adorkably shy, his inner fire and tenacity shows.
    And his recognition, right there about his Stateside supporters is one step closer to a real “thank you international vips!”

      1. “He always sticks to his convictions – whether it’s music or his hair.”

        Couldn’t agree more.. but this is so funny.. ROFL

  20. TY baby. You’re just so damn perfect. Definitely in a different league than other idols.
    You’re loved by many. Know that.

  21. TY baby. Why are you just so damn perfect. Definitely in a different league than other idols.
    You’re loved by many. Know that.

  22. yeah i hope the complainers that use to be”im taeyang number1 fan” finally shush because he explain why.

  23. ithink his humble,sincere etc and hardworking and talented made him sucessful even if he didnt really cared about it.

  24. respect and love for true musicians. also, this is a reason why i like YG so much – artists can express themselves

  25. So humble yet determine..you can not find another artist like YB.. Thank you thank you thank you! You’re one in a million and that’s right who gives a ratsass about charts and ranks? A true artist focus on the music they love!! Get ’em YB!! 🙂

  26. Omg I think I feel in love with taeyang again he is a True artist. Man I love that he is not greedy and that he is doing what he loves to do. This man right here is worth more than any artist here in America IMO.

  27. i’m falling more and more in love with Taeyang
    that’s where i get inspiration . . we’re very much d’same when it comes to music . . we really don’t want to be no.1 but simply just bring music, sing and perform even without anything in return

    i love him

  28. I am so glad that YG gave international fans a simple way to show him support – I-tunes was a great way for him to know that he is so loved overseas and that all his hard work is bearing fruit. It looks like he got a real boost in confidence because of it.

    I hope he knows that this is just the beginning for him and his international fans will continue to grow in number as more people discover his music. So to all I-fans, good job and continue to spread the word…

    1. I work in a senior assisted living place and they now know youngbae. For reals.

      “oh so did you get that album from that nice korean singer?”
      “yes ma’am.” :BEAMS:
      “we’ll have to play it one time…”

  29. man,i’m glad YG gives free reign to his artists.
    and i’m glad YB made the right choice entering YG when he was a kid.

    i remember epik high’s enterview before about YB.
    they said they were shock when they listened to his music.they said YB was soooo good and they were like dinosaurs now.lol

    looking back at that interview it’s just surreal that they are indeed DINOSAURS now.i mean, epik high was the 1st in hiphop category to hit #1 spot in itunes.
    and YB is the 1st r&b korean singer to hit #1 in canada,#2 in us,#3 in japan.
    God, i’m so proud.

  30. This interview made me realize why I love him the most in the first place.

    He may not have the ‘face’ but he impressed me with his passion and voice.

    I hope he wouldn’t change.

  31. well said, Youngbae! oh! he has an idea how big he is outside Korea… keep the faith, Bae! in the end, you’ll surely get what you want and receive what you deserve…

  32. That is the heart and voice of a true music artists, he doesn’t care for rankings or wins but what his fans and what he feels.

  33. Great interview. One of those interviews where Taeyang is actually talking about his music and not something else.

    “he’s in a different league from other idols”
    ^^I love and hate this line. Love it because it’s so true. Hate it because i dislike the word “idol” being used on YB.

    I think he’s different he’s from the rest of most of Kpop in that he presents a different type of music and vibe with this performances. There’s tons of professionalism with everything that he does…dances are on point, vocals are tight. From head to toe he’s makes sure his performance is top notch. Even if he doesn’t always achieve it he always attempts to.

    More so, he’s taking on music that not many people take in mainstream kpop take on if they want to achieve commercial success. it’s easy to follow the trends, but much respect to him to try to stick to music that he loves and feels, and not music that sells.

    1. I actually think there’s a lot of professionalism in kpop and that everyone works so darn hard. What distinguishes YB (and the rest of the BB soloists) is that he is his own man and not the product of someone else’s vision. And it makes all the difference in how they approach their jobs.

      I love that YB’s performances seems to come from him organically… not just like something he learned and practiced till he got it perfect. He gets the emotion and feel right , and gives it a very personal style, so that it comes from a real place and never seems mechanical. He owns his performances and makes you feel that he really wants it. That he wants nothing more in the world than to be there in that moment because he has something he wants to say to us and share.

      1. I guess it’s not fair to say that only Taeyang is a professional in Kpop because everyone does work their butts off. I think my point was that Taeyang’s work to me has always carried a sense of maturity that result from his extreme attention to detail in everything that he produces, yet there’s something every organic and natural about it. (hehe I love that word – organic) I could gush on and on about “HOT” because I think it’s a great example of this precision. In addition, the songs are so intriguing like “Look Only At Me” and “Sinner.” The lyrics are terrible but it’s so nuanced so layered.

        You are absolutely right about how Taeyang owns every performance, every song. He expresses all the emotions, the drama of the music, persuades you that it’s real, makes you feel it. This is an rare quality. The only way to do it is to completely understand the lyrics, feel the music, and internalize every aspect of the peice. This has always been something that has kept me so attracted to Taeyang’s voice/singing.

        I dunno where the hell I was going with this.

      2. That’s why I have such a hard time understanding why YB feels he’s unable to fully express his emotions through his songs. The feelings come so naturally from him. He doesn’t have to have first hand knowledge to express it. When YB sings it comes from a real longing deep inside which is something everyone can relate to.

  34. totally agree Taeyang decision…being success is not to be greed is being truthful n be who u r…I will support u Taeyang… Gambateh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. he actually sounds very professional and very perservering showing a more serious side to him WE ARE PROUD TO BE FANS OF HIM!!

  36. taeyang is doing a great job. i really don’t mind if he stick to R&B because I love R&B. Taeyang is good at it and he doesn’t need to push hard by singing songs of different genre. R&B is not a niche market anyway. I actually hate it when other artist claims they sing R&B but they don’t sound like it at all.

    eversince taeyang performed solo, i never doubted how good he is. he always owns the stage with his great choreography and singing –overall all his live performances always creates great impact. good thing he doesn’t sing those bubble gum pop songs.

    YB is definitely a symbol of perfection.

  37. This is what Taeyang wanted. In one of his old interviews. He does not want to be only know in just South Korea but, he wants to be known Everywhere else and make music that will make people love and remember. I am very glad that Taeyang is sticking with his taste for R and B. I know it is hard to be a individual there because S.K is a collective society. It is about conforming a lot of the times. Not all of the time but most of the time. Taeyang thinks out side of the box. When he wants something, he focuses on pursuing it. There was another old story I can’t find anymore about when he first got introduced to Hip-hop and R and B. His mother and father did not want him to become a singer. They wanted him to become a actor. He did not speak to his parents for like two weeks until they let him! I was shocked because in most Asian countries, Parents heavily influence their kids decisions from the clothes they are going to put on down to who they decide to even marry. I am not saying this is always 100% of the time because things are slowly changing over there.

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