‘I Need a Girl’ MV #2!

It’s out and it’s up!! OHHHHH. god.

So it’s pretty much like the dance version we see on stage~ I think Dara did pretty well! I was hoping they would have changed the black-and-white thing for a change and made it more storyline-ish but hey, I am not complaining (not that much anyway). I love that little eye feast YG gave us in the beginning. You’re My isn’t my fav song but I loved the visual spectacular going on more than the song~ hahah.

Love it or hate it…. YG, make sure your check and re-check music videos before releasing them!

206 thoughts on “‘I Need a Girl’ MV #2!”

  1. waiting for HD..

    and ouch for the high parts of You’re My,,, (>_<) (I already cut it out on the mp3)

      1. I used the software “GoldWave”. (sound editor)

        With the cut-out, it sounds like an interlude 😀

  2. man oh man..the beginning..I almost died right there.
    He’s looks like a perfectly sculpted piece of art……lord

  3. The 1st 2 mins were absolutely break-taking. Taeyang just left me breathless waiting for more. So so so hot; boy my temperture was burning up! I’m so happy that “You’re My” was featured at the start. We had two in one XD

    Now there’s the choreography I was missing in the 1st MV! Looks like its the same exact choreography that we’ve have been seeing him perform live. Dara tired her best, but in my opinion was a bit stiff. Overall this MV is definitely better than the first. Thank you Taeyang 😀

      1. Dara wasn’t stiff at all. Watch the HD version of the MV. Dara delivered fluid moves. Her body wave was excellent. She was in step with the choreography. And she captured the perfect balance of coyness and innocence to the performance. Ji Hye’s live version of the dance is more technically proficient but Ji Hye delivers a more provocative and seductive feel to her performance which is not really what the lyrics of the song is all about. But a performance on a live stage has to be exaggerated for optimal visual impact, so Ji Hye’s rendition also works however I doubt if she could deliver what Dara did for the MV. Dara was the perfect choice for the MV and she delivered a brilliant rendition of the choreo with the perfect balance of innocent sweetness and sexiness.

    1. Agree, she was stiff and in scenes even forgets to watch her lines and poses. At least she gave her best… but we all know she’s not a dancer and following Ji Hye’s act is not easy… I’m just curious tho, why didn’t YG let Ji Hye dance in the MV?

      Yep, this MV has a better feel. I especially like the one where YB and GD were sitting back to back… COOL!!! way to go YB!

  4. I’m so sad right now. I’m at work and can’t watch this. And everyone is saying how awesome this is isn’t helping either.

    1. aww i hear ya. it’ll be all the more worthwhile when you get to watch it later after work. sorry for my lame attempt to cheer you up a bit 🙂

  5. OH MY GOD!! :O

    my jaw literally dropped when i watched da MV.. YB is HELLA SEXY & FINE!! hehe.. his abs is indedd like chocolate.. hehe.. 🙂

    INAG MV is worth da wait.. i like this version more cuz it showcase his dancing skills.. plus; Dara did well for JiHye’s parts.. kudos to her though she aint much of a dancer.. 🙂

    i hope this INAG MV will be popular once it’s up on YG YouTube’s channel.. hopefully it’s gonna hit more thank 3 million in views.. 😀 *keeping my fingers crossed*

    1. I hope so too that it will stay on their channel and the amount of views will hit the roof !!!!

      lol lets go for a record & hopefully get more than 3 million views~ 😀

      1. definitely!! 🙂

        i’m so gonna watch it like almost everyday (umpteen times) just to increase da views ratings.. hehe.. 😀

  6. love Your My
    but sorry Dara
    i guess am so use to Jihye that seeing Dara dance with TY, it kinda seem awkward and stiff

    1. It’s because we’ve been seeing a lot of him & jihye performing INAG dance routine together; we’re used to it. Jihye no doubt is a great dancer, but Dara also played her part well. lol I think we can all give this choreography a try~

    2. If this was the first version they released, then no doubt it would have made a greater impression. That’s a big boo-boo on YG’s part, having to compare Dara with Ji Hye

    3. The lead girl is really pretty, but I agree.
      She looked very stiff as compared to the back up dancers.
      I felt bad for her because my automatic reaction was to compare her with Ji Hye.
      Nevertheless, I still like this MV way better than the first one.

      1. stiff? yeah a two or three steps just that in the first few minutes on the video but as in very stiff? nah, she isn’t^^ and the rest she really did a great job!^^ happy for her and yb.. and look at those smile of yb.. awww!

        Dara is really good at dancing it’s just that don’t compare her to Ji Hye her profession was a dancer so she really need to do a good job but Dara was an actress, singer, dancer a model and goddess indeed.. Okei? peace out people!

        YB I really love your voice!^^

  7. AWESOME! two in one haha 😀

    Dara wasn’t the best at doing that routine but obviously dancing isn’t her specialty so well done to her for trying and learning the choreo in a short amount of time! 🙂

  8. wow i love the new MV! YB is sooo HOT and i love Dara’a dancing she’s not bad at all she even gave justice to JiHye’s dancing part…now gonna wait for HQ!

  9. Besides the first part when he is singing “You’re My” which was very reminiscent of D’Angelo’s how does it feel (THANK YOU YG, THANK YOU) its the same as what he is performing every week on the music shows. I personally preferred the first one because at least it was a video with somewhat of a story. The video offers nothing new at all. I would prefer to watch his live performances with Ji Hye rather than the video. But thats just me

    1. Well I totally agree with you. You’re my definitely reminded me of the D’Angelo video. Anyway, I like the old version too TT__TT

  10. omg… i love the combination of songs. love the you’re my part. very sexy taeyang. overall i enjoyed this video. go taeyang

  11. Lord oh Lord. The beginning. Umm. Yumm lol He looked amazing and of course sounded amazing although I could do without the high parts.

    INAG was just perfect. Dara looked drop dead gorgeous and so did Taeyang. They looked good and I could see the chemistry that was missing between the two of them in the first video. She delivered the choreo well in my opinion. Maybe a bit stiff if you’re nitpicking but she and JiHye are miles apart in dancing experience. She obviously doesn’t have the fluidity JiHye does but she makes up for it with her expressions lol So cute yet sexy.

    I’m really satisfied with this MV. There were so many cute moments between him and dara that made my fan girl heart break a little inside, but I love both of them and they did a good job. I hope this MV is well received in SK 🙂

    1. you’re absolutely right! Dara is stiff because she was taught a lil bit late and she’s not a dancer by profession, so please let’s not compare her to Ji Hye at least she gave her best to do justice on it… Ji Hye is the best on her Dancing skills while Dara is best on her being an Actress and Singer… sorry Wondergirls fans but I prefer to choose DARA than Sohee, Sohee had the looks and only the looks nothing else and of course she can act as well

      1. Um I would say Dara was stiff however she is really cute do it worked. Jihye obviously does it better. Taeyang look way 2 hott for eyes in this mv. G dragon was really cute. Oh yeah and Dara is a good actress and singer but not the best. Sohee is great!

        1. you want a dance version, then YG gives you a dance version but more skinship with Dara, all fangirls who are haters die with jealousy ryt now, you asked for it…hahaha…the MV 1 is already great then why asked for another one? now lets kill all the fanboys and fangirls with this skinship…me i’ll die in happiness…hahaha

          ohmo..bringing soheee???gush hahaha

  12. YB, how can you say your body is not as “HOT” as you thought it was? HOW HOT DO YOU WANT IT TO BE????? It’s perfection..:D I love the You’re My intro. Just YB, his smooth vocals, raw emotions, and his awesomely hot bod. I missed the “pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom” part though. That’s my favorite part. Haha 🙂

    For the INAG MV, yey that it has more choreo and dancing now! Finally Shaun’s choreo for INAG is in the offical MV and more people would get to see the genius behind it. I love the musical concept. I have to be honest that Dara was not as good a dance partner as Ji Hye, but I’m sure she tried her best. I really liked the GDYB part in this video. It just looks cleaner.

    Still, I hope YG puts up the MV’s Version 1 with the Version 2 in Youtube again. Both MVs have their own defining qualities and should be enjoyed by the world. We get the fun and playful YB in the first version, and the dancing YB in the second version. Oh wait, he’s also hot and shirtless in both versions!!! All the more reason YG should upload both!

  13. Omo….first two minutes were just straight deliciousness!!!

    So basically they just filmed the live performances with Dara. She was a little bit stiff but she tried her hardest so I can’t complain. Have to say though, she did look awesome!

    GD….glad to see his part played down more in this video than the first. He doesn’t seem as much as a pimp in this one.

    Loved both the original and this new mv. The original just because he was so damn playful in it and the new one just because the choreo actually told the story of the song (gotta love Shaun!).

    And YG, you sneaky bastard! Two music videos in one? Only you would do that!

  14. i wonder when will YG upload YB’s INAG MV on their channel.. i need to see a HD version of this MV!! hehe.. :p

      1. yeah i know.. they should have just leave it on their channel.. it’ll be great if they upload both versions!! 🙂

  15. ok i just left another comment bu it didn’t come up. so i will start all over.
    omg love the combination of songs. i love the you’re my part. taeyang is a very sexy young man. i also think that dara did a good job.

  16. i wished that tae yang dance without his shirt.. cause that would of just been soo soooo sexy..
    even though he is already sexy but he can even be more sexy
    yu kno wat i mean..
    dara did quite good.. i really like her..
    bless her
    GD .. my baby as well..
    cutie for life .. haha
    GDYB !! ❤ and dara !!

  17. Don’t brick me if I say Yongbae has more chemistry with JiHye than Dara. Dara is too stiff and here facial expressions are not good as JiHye. It is like I am watching the weekly shows. I prefer the first one. I wish they will uplad both version. And the bonus part “Your are my” is just epic. Hotness overload.

    1. Its cause this one was second, I don’t think its fair to Dara, obvious comparisons of her with Ji Hye is not right but hey, what can we do…

      Yg needs to put both up

      1. yes Kay, comparison of the two is not nice… Ji Hye is Ji Hye and all we know that her field is Dancing… Dara is DARA and her field is 2NE1…

    – is dead & went to YBHeaven – lol ;P

  19. I want 2 version to mix together (laugh)
    I love to see his dance move but I also love his adorkable side too!

    Better – More dance move!!
    Not so good – too white, too plain.Just dance around like on his perf.

    If YG mix them together, we could saw his dances and some little storyline… maybe?

    I prefer the old one as main MV ,just add more dance move from this ver. in to it and call them a dance ver. Like they did to wedding dress, It must be good.

        1. LOL~ it would be interesting….

          What scenes do people really like from the first MV?
          And this one?

        2. yes Kay!!! do it do it do it!!!!!! and if the hit of the edit one is high, maybe a YG will do a 3rd version!!!! lol~

        3. That great!! XD!!

          please count the scene when YB sitting on the armchair with bunch of Nuna crowd around him, touch his cheek and his jaw line. I love how he react to nuna’s action XD~!

          His “I’m gonna die happily” smile is EPIC XD!!

        4. for me the parts that i don’t like in MV1 are
          those scenes are NO NO NO for me

        5. haven’t watch the 2nd MV yet…but in the 1st MV I really love the ones when Dara has her hair down, she is so pretty!!!! (was TY wearing a white top or shirtless?)

  20. the ‘you’re my’ segment blew my mind, mostly because he totally got into it when he was singing, those expressions are just WOW, the topless part was just an added bonus. as for the INAG segment, it was good, dara exceeded my expectations, but definitely room for improvement, props to her though. i just wished there was more than one ‘stage’ , if you look closely, it’s the same stage all around, including the ‘you’re my’ segment. shaun described his choreo as a ‘musical’, they could’ve added more stages to assist giving that effect.

    all in all though, i’m totally satisfied, really glad that there’s less solo shots with them just smiling and looking pretty. lol.

  21. i still can’t get over with what’s going on at the beginning… sorry… i can not comment at all to INAG coz i’m still shocked and stuck at YOU’RE MY…


  23. i love it but when he sing the high notes of You’re My made me laugh is sound funny but love the MV poor Dara have to learn the dance for few days after she got back from L.A but she did her best.

  24. No offense but Dara sucks at dancing. If she can’t dance in heels, and can’t shake it in a dress, then stick to the lyrics and let her wear jeans and some flats haha. I still love her though. Lucky egg.


    2. jealous much? suck at dancing? dara? really?? you don’t see the smexy wave that she got? awwww..^^ oh I love YB!^^

    3. you want a dance version, then YG gives you a dance version but more skinship with Dara, all fangirls who are haters die with jealousy ryt now, you asked for it…hahaha…the MV 1 is already great then why asked for another one? now lets kill all the fanboys and fangirls with this skinship…me i’ll die in happiness…hahaha

  25. YB was hot and the first part was really wow… YB and GD looked awesome in the INAG MV… well, she tried, nice try tho, Dara, for the MV, nice try.

  26. my brain’s screaming right now!!my heart’s exploding!!my soul left me!!i can’t even comprehend.. gawd i’m losing it..

    oh well, here it goes.. I’m happy..no scratch that.. I’M ECSTATIC because 1st YOU’RE MY is included in the MV, when i first heard the teaser of it i already fell in love with the song.2nd i love this INAG MV dance version (i also prefer the yg version of WD,i cried on that mv)
    3rd. 4th. 5th. 6th……. still processing.. T___T

    in short i love it.. THANKS YG!!a million thanks..this is EPIC!!

  27. his body is hot as usual!!!
    but… i hv to say.. not many difference with the stage performance.. and what more.. i think the female dancer is better than dara

  28. i dont get all the ‘cringy’ comments as far as some parts of ‘Ur my’ are concerned, in my opinion he killed the vocals…wasnt good enough the first time he performed it live but the audio/studio version? come on its like ridiculous! oh well am YBiased and i just can’t hide it!

  29. sandara park did really great,
    and you can’t really compare her to ji hye,
    coz we all know that she’s a dancer right?
    just be contented on this 1 guys,
    and besides dara practised the choreo in a short amount of time, so i hope that you guys be good at this poor girl! stop comparing her to ji hye, she really did her best! you’re being so unfair!
    that’s all, peace out!

  30. I really love this buy 1 get 1 free idea! You’re my got me goose bumps (not because of the falsetto XD). I mean Bae’s performance was totally believable, and i can feel that he is sooo in love! XD

  31. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love it!!!
    so cute and sexy at the same time
    man, i wish Dara had more time to rehearse
    but im happy
    im happy!

  32. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think it’s a lot better then the original, that was a little “childish” (i don’t even know if the word exists!!!)… this one is clean, sexy and (kinda) fashion! it just suits them…!!! i just loved it!!!
    what i DON’T understand is why there isn’t any taeyang video at yg entertainment channel at youtube…!!! =/

    PS: taeyang looks soooooooooooo adorable when he smiles…!!! =}

  33. Yish! Was a teeny bit disappointed as I was expecting a whole new MV and not the same choreo we saw on stage. But having Dara in this choreo arrangement makes it totally different. Of cos JiHye is a better dancer but sometimes she can look a bit too stern. Dara is like a breath of fresh air. Her smile plus our boy’s charm really brighten up the whole thing.

    I also like the part when GD appeared sitting back to back with TY…GDYB Love!

  34. My verdict: good music video, Dara’s not the best dancer and was a little stiff in the beginning, but she looks extremely pretty in the video and played her part well. Her facial expressions were just excellent and she looked like she enjoyed the interactions.

    I think someone mentioned this before, but the chemistry is completely different and I like both a lot. With JiHye, YB’s relationship seems very mature and all of JiHye’s facial expression represent that. But Dara’s expressions are cute and rather innocent so YB seems so much more playful.

    I enjoyed both stages and glad there are 2 – we get to see two sides of YB.

  35. Hm… I like the fact that there’s more choreography, but it would’ve been nice if they kept some of the story from the last MV, or at least changed it to fit this one. Guess not. ;(

    … Dara is so gawk-worthy. ^__^

  36. yay!
    finally a dance version!
    love it!
    although, i think the girl dancer on his live performance was a bit better than dara here.

  37. I really like this one and of course TY looks damn FINE
    but I never knew Dara could be sexy!!!!
    This is ALMOST turning me into a Sundara shipper, still like my doubleYB the best then Tae-U

    this vid even talks about IU and her love for him

  38. i love both versions! dara did a great job she exceeded my expectations YB is just plain hot HOT HOT!and congrats to taeyang for being #2 now on itunes! yay!! hope he’ll get number 1 tom! heheh

    1. he’s actually still #3. I do hope he’ll climb higher though i know it’s a pretty tough competition out there.

      Anyway, THE MV IS HOT! 😀

  39. May I ask who did those 3 animations on the top right??? They are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! esp. when TY is with all the question marks…LOL~

  40. Awwww man. Your my was epik. The performance.

    His body…………

    Aside from that, I wish they added a storyline. It’s just a performance we see on stage ): I’m glad they didn’t take gd’s part out. It seemed that he was kinda shocked when he poked the girl. And it seems Ty ran into the chair. It cute thou.

    This was way better than the first music video (:

  41. I must says, I love both versions of INAG, the first one we got to see his dorky adorable side and the second one with the choreography ^__^. The beginning of the vid was awesome, but I’m not liking the high pitch voice =p, I think Dara did great, she did her best that’s all it matters. Overall, the video is awesome ^__^.

  42. I hate it how people are NEVER satisfied with dara…..obviously she’s not a frigging dancer so of course she would be stiff..my god. There’s always SOMETHING wrong, no?? The girl worked her ass off sheesh~ augggh if u like precious jihye, then watch the live versions…TRUST me there’ll be TONS of those~. Luv this vid btw

    1. I’m very satisfied with Dara. She did great. Just some jealous fangirls who are hating. Obviously she can’t dance it as well as Ji Hye but she made up for that in expressions and chemistry.

    2. I think she did great, especially since she’s not known as a dancer. Her facial expressions were definitely on point though. Loved the childish and playing hard-to-get expressions of her.

  43. hey guys! vid is up on YG’s official youtube channel already. lol

    anyways i must say this MV was great, but i kinda hope for a storyline like wat other ppl said. ive also read u guys comments here ndd yeahh i totally agree that YG should combine the 1st nd 2nd version, i think itll make the MV better hehe.

    another thing is i also agree that they should of had multiple stages for this mv. or maybe use a similar stage to the one he had on MCountdown last week?? idkk just my opinion. but like i said over all the MV satisfied me nd maybe at a special music show or awards Dara can perform with YB?? lol Sundara FTW 🙂

  44. gosh really some people still hates dara..my god..the girl tried her best..and her moves in the second mv is sexy..r u still not contented..and why always compared dara to a dancer..my god! i hope people appreciate dara sometimes..the girl is nice..can i ask you guys? if its the dancer who is in the mv and not dara, will people who is not taeyang fans will have interest viewing taeyang mv? i dont think so,dara can help. so you haters don’t always bash dara because me as a fan hurt so much.im not a taeyang fan but when i know that dara considered taeyang as his friend i started to like taeyang and wishing his album to become successful and songs going up, nervous in his performances and always monitors his activities..i hope dara haters stop commenting hurtful words toward dara..sorry and thank you.

  45. Dude… dara is hot and sexy with her movement in this video -_-;……
    I think she did damn goood because i saw her practice with young bae and shaun evaristo to prepare for it but considering she learned it in a short period of time where she practiced the dance for like a few hours for two days, all the while learning her new dance with 2ne1, which I have to say is freaking awesome and Mari Martin choreographed it. I think she was uber tired after practice but I got to eat korean bbq with her and Se7en =D

    I was in the room when YG took down the music video the day it premiered and I was like why?! in my head…all teddy said was he didn’t like the shots and what nots and not enough dancing, I was also in the room with the director who shot this music video and he was talking to YG but i didn’t understand korean ahaha.
    but I don’t know… i like it

    1. ooooo that explains why they took it down! thanks Qui!
      Yeap, i think she really did well here. REALLY SEXY. And I loved her expressions! hahaha.

      AND NO FAIR! YOU GOT TO EAT WITH SE7EN AND HER! >:) lucky you! hehehe.

      I love this new mv actually. ALOT. The shots were certainly better, and i’ll probably watch this mv like 100 times a day or something. xD

    2. yey! u like Dara!!!
      yeah, she did pretty good.
      i love the new video
      it’s so hard to concentrate on everything coz i keep looking at Dara and YB

    3. wow~~ tat was so amazing beyond words~!! Dara and Taeyang are sooo freaking hottt ^.^ Dara did a SUPERB job for the dance, she looks soo sexy and feminine doing the body wave and her facial expressions are soo kutee 😀 I LOVE IT!!!

      OMG!! u got to eat with Dara and Se7en?? gahh soo lucky, and 2NE1 having a new dance!! omygosh im sooo exicited ~! i can tell tat their comeback is coming closer hahahah yayyyy YG FAM LOVE!!

    4. Thanks for posting Qui~~

      I gotta give props to the girl for doing it in such a short amount of time~ I feel bad she has to be compared to Ji Hye and you can’t even help it cause of his stage performances~~ but both are good~~

      Sigh, I wish we knew the tru reason but I guess it makes sense, he must really not have liked the first one ~~

      1. Hi! Actually in an interview YB stated that they took it down because of the bad fan response (the first movie). He also said he was too busy with his schedule that he didn’t have a chance to see the first MV and still hasn’t seen it.

        YB is so honest!

        1. really?
          they made him do another MV when he hasnt even seen it yet?
          major WOW

        2. really? i kinda suspected the fan response thing too…but seriously he hasn’t seen it? hehe 😀

    5. Qui, i can imagine how it feels when you wanna disclose a little secret so bad but it’s not allow to say so. lol. i really enjoy reading your comments. thank you.

    6. whoah! qui the man is here! lucky you! yeap. 2ne1 just got back from the US and dara prepared with a short amount of time. well that xplains everything.

      she was stiff in a few places but she did well considering.

    7. LOL YG totally hated the first one rofl..
      i was thinking YG is soo boss that he can just say NO and shoot another music video in a few days…he must be ballllin out of control ahaha

      dude se7en and 2ne1 is gonna come out hard! like reallly hard!

      What 2ne1 did in LA is gonna be huge =D..thats all i can say but time will tell.

      Other than that I think the teaser to our documentary is coming out in a few days… you can see the awesome building… behind the scenes with Youngbae during the mnet comeback.. and much more but its focused on the choreographers soo yea… you can see process of making the dances =D

      movementlifestyle… out

      1. Qui….just wanted to let you know that you make me hate you sometimes. You keep on teasing us with your comments! It makes me go crazy, wanting YG to hurry up and release stuff!

        Just joking! You know we love you here!!!

      2. wow all YG fam making explosive comebacks this summer ;),I cant wait! and thanks for letting us know and another thing how is Taeyang’s English? 😀

        1. honestly i was kinda cringing when YB was hitting the high notes in You’re My… but he’s HOT no doubt.

          on to the INAG part — the dancing is of course love. =) I think that’s Dara’s trademark dancing, kinda stiff but hot and sexy, nonetheless.

          I don’t know which version I like best, if only they have more dancing in the 1st part, and the backgrounds and YB’s adorkable scenes in the 1st part in the 2nd part, then that would be THE BOMB!

      3. what they do in LA the only thing that i think is huge for them to go to LA is deputing for US maybe idont know but the last time yg said that 2ne1 will comeback at late 2010.

      1. wow shes realllllyyyy great
        i have been VERY patient with 2NE1’s hiatus. but with this… im not sure how long i culd wait!!! my girls doing hip hop! yeahhhh!!!
        ooohhh!!! i hope they do!
        i hope she pushes Bom and Dara ^v^ i know the maknaes gonna kill it

        1. Qui, when i read ur post i was like, uh oh, he’s like saying 2NE1’s not gonna do hip hop. lol
          but im so loving this too!
          i love her already. she’s very sexy too!

        2. ^oh thank you god! hahaha! a lot of us are hoping to see the girls bring hip hop. coz right now it’s like electronic and sexy in Kpop. girls need to represent hip hop!
          im so happy i can dance like Mariel!!! LOL

    8. QUI, thank you for that tiniy bit of information about 2NE1 incoming comeback. We really appreciate it. We are really dry now and itching for what YG has in store for blackjacks in 2ne1’s comeback. We want to keep in touch with them, and been repalying their past MV, performances over and over again. But, for now, we really support all the YG artists that has the same labelmate of 2ne1.

      As for the choreographers thing, I really appreciate them more now than ever. I do not see the essence of choreographing before but no, yeah, I REALLY appreciate it, and I’ll be your constant viewer in your groups account. It is really amazing.

      As for the MV, both sides did great. Love the overall performance. I can see the sweat and blood in this. And YB is looking good than ever. He must really be happy.

    9. QUI thank you very much!!!you don’t know how much we appreciate you for appreciating efforts of DARA, well you become famous lately ha, from ALLKPOP thread to OHDARA THREAD AND OTHER DARA WEBSITES…

      1. Qui is the man! giving us the inside info..

        damn I wish I could work for ML or Kanauru. I can go without pay if I get to go to Korea or hang out with dope choreographers. I can hold the lights up! ( I’m small, though :D)

  46. wow practicing i need a girl dance for few hours for two days and 2ne1 dance at the same time and dara still manage to show a sexy moves..seriously tiring..you really work hard dara.fighting.

  47. I dont know how to say this but I dont like this video. Its like watching the performances all over again I guess I was expecting something else… refreshing maybe… I prefer the other one alot. Even though it was random it was cute. The beginning was drool worthy but then Taeyang hit the high notes and my ears bled. It hurts me to write this… 😦

  48. admire Dara for all the stress she has to overcome…. because I’m sure she knows all the negative feedback and stuff especially all the comparing on the 1st MV and dancing skills…….and yes…. thanks to TY’s INAG, I’m starting to pay more attention and liking her now!!!!!

      1. lol~ I was just thinking how I”ll react if I were her, checked out her Kiss MV…she looks cute in the beginning and really cool (or maybe hot?) at the end!

        anyways… i still have to wait another 5.5 hours before I can watch the 2nd MV!!!! arrrrrrrrrrrrrr T___T…

  49. i really enjoyed it^^ and it was totally awsome and fun to watch..i didnt get envy of dara unni when i watch it..instead..i smile and laugh cause i was totally enjoying it^^ all i can say is that they really did a great job…the expression+choreogrph+excitement=AWSOME!!! 😀 love it^^

  50. Dara was a little stiff, but it was alright considering how hard she worked in such a short amount of time. I wish Dara and YB had more chemistry though. They barely look at each other directly in the eyes for more than like two seconds.

    and I see the stylists really love putting YB in black and GD in white whenever they’re together to emphasize the whole yin and yang thing they have going on lol. Cute.

  51. LOL!

    So funny. All I read earlier was “Dara is so stiff” “Ji-Hye is better” “They should have picked CL or Minzy because they are better dancers” “Dont expect us to be nice to Dara because this is a TY fansite.” Yeah, bummer.

    Then suddenly, Qui comes in and posts, and then the comments turn to “I love Dara in the MV!” “She’s so sexy” “She did well” LOL! Spot the difference?

    Hmm. Did Qui bring a magic wand and whisk all the bitterness and doubting and negativity away? If that’s the case, he should come here more, so people would start to appreciate.

    Sad really.

    I’m sorry, but I know a lot of people are thinking the same thing. Just that no one was brave enough to come out and say it.

    But yeah, kudos to TY and Dara. They both killed it. Especially for D who had a limited amount of time to practice. And TY is so touchy and happy and giddy, he’s making me fall for him more. 🙂

    1. No one is under appreciating Dara, but simply commenting on her dancing. So those comments are towards our appreciation for taking the time out to work with Taeyang’s MV but that doesn’t mean everyone is suddenly saying she’s got the best dancing skills in town, imo. Qui doesn’t have a “magic wand” but he’s allowing us to understand the situation the MV took place in; so no he doesn’t change my mind about her dancing but I really do appreciate her trying.

      Dara fans just need to chill a bit, no one is saying anything so terrible about her that her fans need to come in here and make it seem like we’re running after her with torches.

      1. Hey there Kay!

        First off, thank you for your efforts for this site.

        All I can say is that I’ve been a supporter for a long time, but I don’t comment much, but appreciate in silence. From now on though, the silence shall stop.

        Second, no, I wasn’t targeting you, nor the regulars here. I know most of them from the comments section that I lurk around. I am however, talking to the two-faced fans who use this site to comment about their dislike for Dara, you know who you are, dont bother denying.

        Third, no, far be it from what my comment has suggested, but I am not a super-fan of D. She’s not my 2ne1-bias, so yeah. I’m not one of her fans that are blind and deaf to her faults. What I am commenting on is only the change in climate about the comments ever since Qui commented. Please do read them again, you’ll see there’s a difference. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, just pointing out some stuff.

        For the people who hide behind the safety net called “expressing opinions” when in fact, they are already looking through things through biased eyes, shame on you.

        Once again, I am sorry if my comment has offended you in any manner. Props to you and the staff.

        1. Hey~ No, not offended at all. I think it was my emotions from our last thread with some Dara fans that got me a bit ticked in this response~You’re absolutely right in the fans using this site to drop hate comments for her; that a piece of quality control I can’t control. Thanks for visiting, and do comment often….it’s the age of silent lurkers coming out ~lol.

    2. Actually, you’ve pointed out one of the nicest thing about this site – that sharing opinions and discussion can actually change people’s perspectives and opinions about things. Especially if they’re done in an open and respectful way. You may not get everyone else to agree with you, but you can certainly get some others thinking.

      And its nice to know people take the time to read our looong comments and to know that we’re not all alike here. It was getting frustrating when some commenters from past threads kept generalizing the whole ATY community from 1 or 2 comments they didn’t like. We’re not a hive mind!

      1. I agree with you there bluemaid you just summarized everything I was thinking! lol

        to pick up one point:

        “It was getting frustrating when some commenters from past threads kept generalizing the whole ATY community from 1 or 2 comments they didn’t like. We’re not a hive mind!”

        ^tell me about it,I was getting so annoyed at people who were accusing all of us of being “rude” “arrogant” “Dara haters” etc, they were judging only from a few comments,knowing that no one here has the power to stop different fans from expressing their opinions as disagreeable as they can be sometimes.

  52. Of course Jihye should dance better than Dara …it’s her freaking job and she’s been doing it for god knows how long….but do you think the MV will have this kind of hype if it was Jihye on the video…and mind you I’m not underestimating Taeyang but having Dara on the video makes it more appealing and should I say talked about…in case you guys don’t know Dara’s MV for Kiss got more than 12 million hits in China..YG is no newbie in this business. He got genius PR skills..and don’t you guys think a little too perfect dance routine is a bit boring to watch sometimes…please just give this girl a little credit she did great and she looks hot…peace out!!!

    1. One of Dara’s Kiss MVs has over 21.5 million hits on Youku. xD She seems popular in China besides Korea of course.

      JiHye is an excellent dancer and all but yeah, having Dara in the MV will definitely raise a lot more interest.

  53. I’m not a fan of you’re my, but he looked damn hot w/out his shirt! And i definetly like this mv better than the 1st but both were great! Dara did a great job but just stiff during some parts. Good mv produced by YG!

  54. I’m not too fond of the music video. They should have add a storyline. I was expecting a storyline mix w/ a dance.

    Dara is sexy but she’s stiff when comes to dancing. I cringe while watching her. But she gave her best shot and I’ll respect that.

    1. @lily..I so agree with you on this one. I was thinking that YG would keep the concept of the 1st mv but add some dancing scene into it.. There was a lot of colors and personality in the 1st mv..and this mv just reminds me of his live performances. As for Dara..she’s a pretty girl eventhough her dancing isn’t up to par but her looks makes up for her weakness…

      1. i’m offended at “her looks makes up for her weakness…” line…are your implying that what she only has is looks huh?now i know why YG chose D for this MV..it is because of people like you…people who don’t know how to appreciate EFFORTS…YG chose D to prove that she goes beyond looks…dude with only 2 days of practice with jetlag?she’ll be up to par with your expectations?plus wouldn’t it be more embarrassing for JI HYE’s part if Dara’s better than her?considering that JI HYE dances for a living? i just hope that YOU’LL APPRECIATE HER BEYOND HER LOOKS…cos there’s so much more to her beyond physical things…

        1. @DDD…in my opinion yes her looks makes up for her weakness. I don’t give a rats ass on who I offend and I really have no need to appreciate anyone. Enough said!

  55. i’ve read a book yesterday and a part there says:”accept what you can’t change, and change what you can”…there’s a limit guys, so sometimes you just have to be contented…after reading all the complains for the 1st INAG mv, then the time when it was reported that dara will transform as a dancer, and for this 2nd MV, i can’t help but be sad for a moment…you know why? coz i have a great feeling that dara herself lurks everywhere, and i can just imagine how many stabs(you know the feeling when people tell you something they don’t find nice about you?like yeah you can get over it but it still hurts) she has to go through just by reading lots of such comments…but i know she’ll get through this, she may look fragile but she’s strong in the inside and i pray that she’ll use all the negativity to her advantage…so on a lighter note, i’m happy that YB and the rest of the YG family has papa YG as president…YG family is truly a family and i feel like i’m a part of it so forgive me if i got too emo…lol…this MV is more than satisfying for me…YB!!!!!i so ❤ u!!!DARA!!!!!i so ❤ u too!!!kkk…more blessings to come YG Family!!!=)

    1. aww.. u make me cry… but dont worry, Dara’s had to deal with stuff much worse than this. our baby’s gonna be fine. it’s ok, she needs to be pushed and pushed. good thing she’s got the determination. she’s driven so all these are good for her. it’ll only fuel her to do better. after all, she’s had the least training in all of 2NE1 girls. she’s only gonna get better every time. so cheer up! let’s all be happy for Taeyang.

      1. i hope PEOPLE WHO BASH her can feel what they’re putting on her right now…I LOVE DARA not because of her physical looks but I LOVE DARA because SHE ALWAYS DOES HER BEST TO PROVE HER WORTH…i hope people can also think on what she’s been going through and feel her strifes…PEOPLE JUST DON’T KNOW HOW HARD THIS GIRL HAS BEEN WORKING FOR…always trying to prove her worth…shit, i’m bawling my eyes out right now…

        1. really DDD? no one on here is “bashing” her..We’re all just commenting..take a chill pill home chick..is not that serious.

  56. I loved the first music video and I love this on too. Really, its hard for me to choose which one I like more. And sure they werent made with a huge budget but Taeyang and G-D’s ability to display emotions and work the camera was enough to entertain, and the music does the rest. Not to mention the music is what matters in the first place, not the video…and thats what Taeyang is all about. Also the dance version is for the fans and you guys requested it so now that you’ve had your cake and eaten it too its time to go to bed.

  57. I agree about the storyline part though, but i think they are working with a tight schedule and dont have time for the extra shooting also they are working on releasing new albums for various other artists and have to spread out their budget.

    If they use jihye in the MV then i can just see more of you saying MAYBE THEY SHOULD’VE USED SOMEBODY ELSE.. JIHYE IS THIS.. AND THAT…

    NO SATISFACTION… cant we be happy that dara gave her time and energy to help your IDOL OUT EVEN THOUGH SHE KNOWS YOU’LL CRUCIFY HER DANCING??

  59. I love this MV, Taeyang is great as always and his abs I can die for. I actually appreciate dara’s dancing, never thought she can be cute and sexy.


  61. Oh gosh, I prefer the previous video. We got to see YB’s little cute expressions, Dara kissing the Teddy Bear, the video was so random that I liked it
    …but thank God for “you’re my”included in the 2nd MV: YB’s abs are just fierce.
    I love Dara and 2NE1 though my bias is Bom and I hope Dara’s fan won’t be pissed when I say that yeah, she was stiff. It was kinda awkward when I first watched her.
    I’m still gonna give her props for her performance ’cause she had very little time to prepare this stuff.

    on a different note, I know Dara’s fans may be upset whenever one comments on her skills or comparing her but sometimes, this is just commenting, not hating. Well, I’m just saying…

    1. hey i love bom too! but dara’s my biased coz i really admire that girl
      anyways i love the mv. esp the first part? oh. that was hot^^

  62. woah~ I’ve been waiting for so long for this MV!
    In the first version he didn’t dance that much so I was a little bit disappointed. Now I’m happy (:

  63. o gosh… o TOTALLY love this one ! well, at least the beginning, i was like *drol* ghehe. i like the rest of it too ^^ good work YG and TY

  64. oh..the never ending comparison.. dara pulled it so well and her presence in the mv makes it more interesting, i love YB but damn dara my eyes are glued on her, her awkwardness a little bit is not a liability but i find it adorable.

  65. omggg… i love the TY/Dara Combo!!! did you guys look at TY’s facial expression??? like 2:41, 2:30, 3:36, and 5:15?? omg!! he is sooo cute!! and he look at Dara most of the time too!!!

  66. Watching Dara in the MV again…

    I saw it like 5 times.

    I’m a TaeDara fan now!!

    I want him to be with so many women. hahaha.

    Yuna and Dara.

    I want WGM even more now. Dara is soo adorable in the music video.

  67. asdifkhaklsdfjaskldfjaslkdfjakldfja

    that is all lol . I dun understand how he can turn me into a squeling fan girl grrrrr .

    OH mannnn I thought he was gonna go all d’angelo at the beginning ishh tooo bad , next time =)

  68. i love love love this new mv!! 😀
    i think we need to consider that dara only had a limited time to practise the dance, plus it’s an mv, meaning that there is still acting involved, regardless of whether it’s a dance mv or not. 🙂
    so i think she did a great job. ^o^

    sundara ❤

  69. I uber love the new MV. Taeyang and Dara has great chmeistry! Somehow it makes me think of unwanted thoughts…
    I’m surprised at Dara. I didn’t know she can be both smokin’ hot and cute at the same time… How does she do that?

  70. whoa! dara dance so classy and elegant! her style is simply awesome with that combined shyness and sexyness! hope they could perform this on stage. yb is enjoying this mv… he’s smiling throughout!

  71. Can i be honest? the You’re My part is really disturbing…=.= I just don’t like it even though he’s shirtless. Sorry.

    Ji Hye is definitely the better dancer but Dara’s expression is much more natural. I prefer this version more but the fact that MV1 was released earlier and had been disappointing, has influenced my anxiety for the second version. Dara looks pretty but her eyes looks tired though.

    Much much better because I don’t get to see taeyang being all pimp-like. and also, love the lighting. ^^

  72. Just a few questions…if YG didn’t like the first MV, why put it up? Normally, isn’t the president of the company suppose to review the product (MV) before it’s shown? Or did YG feel like regardless of what the video looks like to him he’ll release it because of the release date for the deluxe CD?

    Sorry. I’m just abit confused.

  73. Random, but YB bumped his knee around 4:43.lol. how cute.

    Love the MV and the overall performance. kudos to YG and YB and all the people behind the cameras including the choreographers. I more understand you now than ever. You must be proud of your work running in a MV.


  75. Want to post my 10 year old niece comment on another site. Food for thought.

    I’m wondering why they’re always comparing these two girls. There’s a reason why one is a dancer and the other a star. The dancer is expected to dance well, and the star is expected to shine brightly. And I think they both did their jobs very well!

  76. I actually love the two MVs. YG should not have removed the 1st MV, or at least put it up again.

    This one made me go Waaaah~ at the 1st part, Bae shirtless, but I can see he’s stressed because he’s breakin’ out.
    2nd part was really nice. Dara was so beautiful and sexy there. Plus I love that it did not completely followed the stage choreo. It’s an MV, there’s a need for more storyline in the dance.

    I love how both Bae and Dara can look so sexy and cute at the same time. ^^

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