07.09.10 – Taeyang Music Bank comeback!

Another fantastic performance but the shirt – not loving it – lol he looks like a college kid going to a rugby match. LOL


63 thoughts on “07.09.10 – Taeyang Music Bank comeback!”

    1. i feel da same way as u.. when i saw his shirt; i was like “WHAT!!”.. hahaha.. i dun like him wearing that shirt.. it’ll be better if he wore black/white/brighter colors for his performance today @ Music Bank.. πŸ˜€

    2. i don’t like the shirt too… just so — thank God Bae is a walking definition of hotness…

    3. Yeah, not a fan of the shirt. Agree with Kay – haha, definitely looks like he’s about to hit the rugby pitch. Not that I would mind seeing him running around in short shorts and getting all hot and sweaty……Anyway, minus the shirt, a strong performance! He just gets better and better!

    4. His shirt is not nearly as scary as GD’s red suit. All he needed was a pair of sparkly devil horns and he’s be dressed for Halloween.

  1. i’ve seen it LIVE on KBS today and it was awsome^^ but the black and white stripe pattern shirt really doesnt suit him well…sorry YB^^…you’re performance was great^^…but i stil..why MC Mong didnt win…its should be him^^ and GD are seen with one colour at a time outfit these days..but he still look awsome^^(when he gets his deluxe solar album he wear all blue and on the music bank stage he wears all red…what colour it will be next time???:) orange maybe^^)anyway,the comeback was totally awsome^^

  2. ATY, you guys have been on a role with posting!! I love every minute of it!!! Aaaaaaghhh I can’t wait for the video remake!!! I am like on this site everyday!!

  3. Great performance. Taeyang is just gorgeous. I loved when he was singing the SOLAR(intro) and couldn’t help but smile while he was singing, it’s like he himself is happy just to be on stage. And I agree, shirt isn’t all that great. What was his stylist noona thinking? It would have been better if his shirt was only one color, or if the stripew weren’t so…thick? I think we need to put Bae in a nice suit, just like GD, just so they can match. BTW, GD looks friggin’ hot in red.

  4. [off topic] here is an interview that i think you guys might be interested. will there be anyone willing to translate it please?


    1) he insists to make R&B music although he knows that the genre of music is not gonna be a bit hit in Korea.
    2) he was very happy as he learnt that the album is doing really well overseas.

    sorry for my poor english, i have tried my best.

      1. I’m excited about the translation too. It looks like he was in a really good mood to hear about the I-tunes ranking.

  5. another solid performance from taeyang!
    and LOLL at the crazy fangirl screaming his name at the beginning..hope she doesnt look his voice (but srsly, if I ever went to korea..that would be me screaming like mad :P)
    not a fan of the shirt, but the boy is still looking mighty fine.
    and just to update, Solar album is now #59 on itunes overall chart woot woot!!

  6. am i the only one liking his shirt? hahaha

    he really keeps on improving his performances, it’s like you can’t miss any of his performances!

  7. I really enjoyed this comeback performance. I thought YB looked handsome in his black and white striped polo shirt. It’s a different style for him for sure, but overall I thought it worked.

      1. Hi Kay! Do we have a tutorial on how to use GOMTV? I don’t know if it’s streaming or not! Haha. YG why must you tease YB’s international fans so??? I downloaded/installed GOMTV but not exactly sure how it works. I see YB’s hot shirtless bod but it’s not streaming properly.. The suspense is killing me!! XD

        1. i watch it even though it sort of lag.. haha.. but let me tell u; it’s worth da wait!! hehe.. πŸ™‚
          firstly; we’ve got his hot body for the first 2min plus (we get to think of naughty thoughts in our minds).. after that; it’s INAG mv with Dara.. it’s almost similar to what we see him performed over the week.. it’s more of the dance version of INAG.. hahaha.. πŸ™‚

        2. Anyway, let’s be happy because I hear that YB is now up to #2 on the US R&B Itunes chart and 59 overall.

          And BTW, he’s doing You’re My as an intro to the MV – shirtless…

  8. nice performance as expected of YB and i don’t really mind the shirt,he pulls it off just fine πŸ˜‰ haha

  9. I actually loved this performance…thought it was his best so far. His vocals were amazing, he didn’t sound our of breath, and of course, his dancing was on point. Didn’t like his outfit but eh.

    Too bad it was his comeback on it or I’m pretty sure it would have been him vs suju for the award.

    1. I thought his vocals during this performance were the best so far as well.
      And the shirt is okay. I actually felt like giving him a big crushing hug.

  10. Sex on legs Sex on legs Taeyang ❀

    This wasn't my favorite outfit on him. He should have kept the shirt he had on for solar for his INAG set, but I could really care less. He can rock a trash bag and still look dope haha!

    His performances get better every time! I think his leading lady complements him so well when they dance together :] I can feel the chemistry.

  11. another great performance! I really like that shirt. Not to blah..they really know how to switch it up. He looks good with anything on! πŸ™‚

  12. the shirt was okay, imo. i would totally go for it if he was lounging around in his dormitory but for the perf, it was a little too casual. maybe next time the stripes could be vertical!! πŸ™‚

    that said, the vocals for this performance was OFF THE HOOK. amazing amazing amazing! he’s definitly improving with every performance.

  13. hahah too much comments on his shirt XD i think it’s oke looking. i mean that shows he is not that serious. and i looks kinda cute ;$ dont hate me

    1. I HATE YOU!! no, joke. xD

      I also think that Taeyang looks cute in it. (:
      Hello? It’s Young Bae! He would even look cute with a clown costume although I’m scared of clowns. But I’m sure I would like it. xD

      And I’ve enough seeing G-Dragon wearing red after watching this performance. xD I luv ya GD! (:

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