Pictures of SBS ‘HEROES’ Filming + Another chance to win SOLAR!

Are you still searching for your chance to win Taeyang’s SOLAR album, well our friends at Maerong Radio are hosting a giveaway and want to give ATY bloggers a chance to win. Click on their name to follow the link to the contest!
And check out our girl IU kiss the man of her dreams (and ours~)

C: 별님달님 @ bestiz


75 thoughts on “Pictures of SBS ‘HEROES’ Filming + Another chance to win SOLAR!”

    1. Yeah congrats to her indeed! Looks like one person has got their dreams come true. How I wish I was lucky like her ….

  1. I’m so jealous! All of these people touching and hugging and kissing Taeyang! What about us!!!! IU must be going crazy!!!! Tofu must be going crazy! Haha

  2. Grats on the Kiss IU, you’re holding out till he makes his Comebacks finally paid off! one problem though, you pulled his mic into his nose lol

  3. IU is so lucky, she is kissing our boy hard huh, just look at her cheeks (lips). I can’t wait for the show to be air, and he looks so happy and outgoing ^_^

      1. awww. he wasnt outgoing and happy during your meetings w/ him?..that sucks. maybe he’s just stressed out from getting the first couple performances out of the way..hopefully he’ll be able to relax, and become more comfortable 🙂

    1. O.o I just saw this on naver, too. Apparently, someone set him up with Yuri late last year, and they’ve been keeping in touch since. He confessed this during the SH recording.

      Will do translations later if I can.

      1. Interesting, if you watch his Just a Feeling performance on Music Core last week, you can see him looking over at Yuri quite a lot. Makes one wonder.

      2. Ahhh what??? That would be an awesome pairing! She’s my favorite from SNSD so I wouldn’t mind them together! Too bad IU and Yoobin still beat her as my favorites though.

        1. So they met last year and still keep in touch? Maybe that’s why he’s been so happy lately!!!! Oh YB…you’ve been holding out on us!

        2. wow..I was thinking exactly the same thing! loll
          IU and and Yoobin are still higher than Yuri, but she;s my fav from snsd….
          omo, I feel like a mother ..sizing up potential girls … gotta add myself in there first though 😛

      3. really? i like her also in snsd. strong heart will be interesting! i can’t wait to watch it!

        i think there will be interesting revelations in SH! hahaha

        1. Oh baby… I like that pairing as well…. But something tells me, the one person who played as a matchmaker was Seungri 😛 I remember reading an article about him saying he would introduce guys to Yuri

      4. Wow…he gets the tall ones doesn’t he? (Sooyoung and Yuri are the 1st and 3rd tallest in SNSD.) Maybe the certain someone who did the set up would be Seungri? He did say he would find Yuri a boyfriend….

      5. Just a little more before full trans…

        It sounds like they’ve become pretty close. He called her one of his few close friends and said he and she talk often on the phone about music and such. I get the sense that if it’s not romantic yet, there’s potential for it to become so….

        1. Thank you! That would be pretty amazing. Could this become his first real love (If it hasn’t already on the low)?

        2. That may explain how he got to go to an SNSD’s concert.
          I’m just glad Taeyang is getting to know more people outside YG.
          It’s good for him to socialize and make friends. That way he can get to meet a good girl he can like enough to date.

        3. lol just to increase the hype.. watch this
          LIES Orchestra

          watch yuri’s reaction at around 1:10

        4. what a unique combination cuz pesonally yuri is my fave in snsd … i wouldnt mind if they really went out toghether…. ohh so that explains why taeyang went to snsd’s concert… when i was watchig the HAHAMONG show i was like WTF taeyang why r you going to snsd’s concert for? now that explains it all…….

        1. Guys if you think about it.. ‘Take it Slow’ makes sense now o.O I mean why he composed such a song!

      6. Wow! Didn’t see that coming! I was wondering what the heck he was doing at an SNSD concert lol. Now it all makes sense 😀

  4. IU, you are one LUCKY girl! this is your biggest fangirl moment! hahaha…

    Yoobin, you need to step up your game! hahaha

  5. I think she’s kissing on her hand! LOL…like Ji Hye when she first kiss TY in their first performance…If IU really does kiss TY, I think she’ll be afraid to get antis…but if she really does, lucky her! YG really does have a special relationship with SBS in terms of variety shows! I think most of BB’s variety show appearance has been mostly SBS for the past 3 years ever since DS’s regular appearance on FO!

  6. IU! honey, how many times have Unnie told you to stay away from BAe! and leave him to the unnies. you are too young! haha!

    i love IU! there was a time i loved her more than bigbang! haha!

    Unnies are so jealous! ultimate fangirl dream!

  7. I only want to say three things:

    1. I’m truly happy for little IU. She had such a huge grin on her face on one of the pictures I saw on 10asia.
    2. The fanboys giving Taeyang a little kiss as well is simply hilarious, yet adorable and cute.
    3. I wish I had Jihye’s body. She’s one hot mama.

    1. ahh yes, some do look like boys from the back, but they’re actually girls!! loll. female rugby players, to be exact. Hence the short hair ?? I dunno, but yea, they’re def. girls….lookin more like fangirls, at that 🙂

      1. Lol. I just read the text and was like wait, the short hair, but then I saw the bigger versions and the two players actually have longish hair.
        My bad. I’m so embarrassed. ^^;


    IU is too cute 😀 I can’t wait for this episode and I’m
    totally jealous of Yuri, gad damn her.
    JKJK , whatever makes him happy!

    Oh and the
    “Guys if you think about it.. ‘Take it Slow’ makes sense now o.O I mean why he composed such a song!” aka @Richard
    -_________- your gonna kill me. #$%^&*&^*(&(

  9. Look at her hand and her eyes. She prolly didn’t wash her lips for days.

    I’m jealous, but she’s tooo cute!!! (=.

    Baebae is smexy!! (=. i lalalalove!

  10. Awwwww so cute!!! But I feel bad because when I go to some BB fanpage, there is a lot of hate comments.. Oh well. They’re sooo cute 😀

  11. okay IU’s one lucky girl.. lucky lucky fangirl.. i have to be calm. whoa.. *breathe in breathe out* she’s so lucky..

  12. hahaha i wonder what was going through IU’s mind when she was kissing her ideal man, lucky girl

    They should get together already!! I like IU the best, shes cute, pretty and has an amazing voice. Man Taeyang you should get with her! You need a girl shes right there!

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