07.07.10 – Taeyang wins on M!Countdown!

Ah!! I told ya so~ Boy wasn’t gonna lose these tv awards πŸ™‚ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
Haha, I love how he thanked everyone, what a little dork~~

105 thoughts on “07.07.10 – Taeyang wins on M!Countdown!”

  1. grats yb, been one hell of a day for our hero.
    offtopic: what happened to that Legend Of Taeyang thing mnet was airing ? did it happen ? anywhere we can watch it ?

  2. taeyang is so funny he thanks every single things… his speech is so long… haha becoz he appreciate a single things…. love him!

  3. his award speech was just wow. he mentioned everyone, longest speech ever. so cute when he looked back and thanked the artists. you could tell he was seriously happy.

  4. Yay!! I’m so happy for him. This award and the how his album is doing on itunes. I knew he could do it. Never doubted him. Go yb!!!

  5. job well done Bae!!! Me and all of your fans are very proud of you!!! keep up the good work!!!



    he didn’t perform JUST A FEELING? and why Ji Hye is on YOU’RE MY performance too? i’m very, very jealous right now…. *frowns*

  6. What an amazing week it has been for Taeyang !! Woo hoo πŸ˜€ Congrats boo!

    No words can describe how happy I’am for him. Its been a long time coming, so he had a lot of people to thank. Lol he went on & on; & then he said VIP !! XD
    This is just the beginning, there are many great things coming Taeyang’s way & I’am so proud, glad & very happy to be his fan!

  7. Gosh great things are happening to TY!
    But am I the only one who feels like grabbing the writer of the “Slump” article and slam his/her face into a wall continuously, while screaming bitch say that again!!
    No…no one else? ok never mind

    Anyways congratulations Tae Yang totally deserve it.
    Going to buy it as soon as I get my new i-touch or the person that stole my original gives it back, which ever comes first.

  8. wow!! that’s all i can say now abt YB!! πŸ™‚

    i’m seriously happy & overjoyed for his success (so far) with INAG currently.. i bet this is gonna keep the mouths of those who doubt YB after da release of SOLAR.. πŸ™‚

    i like his thank you speech; da longest i’ve ever seen @ Mnet Countdown.. hehe.. πŸ˜€

    i also like it when he thanked all da artistes behind him.. he really seems HAPPY!! aww!! i fell happy for him too!! πŸ˜€

  9. Taeyang got a royal treatment from Mnet his the only artist i seen perform 3 songs for the second week of his comeback and they let him talk MNET sure love YG artist congrats Taeyang.

    1. yes, i was just thinking that! Wowow, 3 songs and a long interview? Dang!! Getting major Mnet love right there.

      Congrats Bae!! You deserve every win you get!!

  10. Congrats Taeyang! hope you win in Inkigayo, music bank, music core too! hope you will win Album of the Year 2010 too! your’s are pretty impressive going internationally, and mind you it is Japan, Canada and USA. -smug-

    1. let me -smug- with you too! hehehe. ^^

      the boy really looks happy, and today is just such a good day! got my deluxe album, itunes, and now this. πŸ˜€
      love his long speech btw, even when the MCs tried to cut him off, he went on and on. hahahahhaahahaha. that’s taeyang right there, and yg stan – they don’t bend to pressure. πŸ˜€

      congrats taeyang!

  11. Congrats yongbae!! Many moreee to come lol.
    I was hoping him to change outfit, but I guess he is matching with the dancers.

  12. big things come to those who wait…congratulations taeyang!! you definitely deserve the blessings you are receiving now πŸ™‚ you believed in your songs, album and all your hardwork is paying off…well done yg πŸ™‚

  13. hurray! congratulations Taeyang! i hope this is only the first of many to come! hwaiting πŸ˜€

    his performances are getting better every time! but is it just me or did he look less bright than the other INAG performances? i hope its not because of that dumb article…

  14. I’ve always been a firm believer that your name is your virtue. Now, aside from his stagename, his album track has the title Superstar and that, I believe, is already steaking a claim… As cheezy as it sounds, he’s professing that he’s more than just a “star”. It’s like Beyonce’s “Diva”, can’t get any more literal. Lol.

  15. Today has been amazing *sigh* I feel like such a gifted fan girl right now. Yesterday I was feeling like crap because of that article and I was hoping and praying that something would happen to make me bam in your face take that biatch to whoever wrote the article and I can’t believe that happened today. I’m seriously going wtf lol Everything’s happening so fast. xD

    Taeyang’s speech was making me laugh so much because he was thanking so many people. GD makes me laugh because of his constant bowing to other artists and Taeyang makes me laugh because of his humility and making sure that he truly thanks everyone. GDYB are just too precious.

    MNET have really given their all for YGE this time around. I think their stages have been the best and Taeyang sounded really good today. He does seem a bit tired though and since he’s performing everyday for the rest of the week he’s gonna be even more exhausted but I’m sure all the hard work will pay of πŸ˜€

    I wonder what tomorrow will bring in store for us. This has been such a rollercoaster week it’s not even funny -__________-

  16. I feel like a proud parent on my kid’s graduation as I read about YB receiving all this love after the criticisms he went through in the past days.

    No pain, no gain.

    We LOVE YOU YB!!! πŸ™‚

    P.S. For a 2nd i thought GD was @ M!Countdown from the thumbnail pic, it was actually Lee Joon. haha!

  17. Hmmm… I wonder what he was thinking before they burst in to interview him….

    lol its so funny how they all sound so happy and taeyang sexy deep voice is so low and serious ^^ gotta love this man πŸ™‚

    Anyways its been a good day for us Taeyang international fans lol I even posted it on FB “Taeyang #4 on US Itunes” and I have some friends leaving comments like who the heck is that?? Oh well as long as I know who is he I’m so happy I nearly broke into tears when I first saw the other post about him being #2 and #4 on Itunes πŸ˜₯

    1. LOL. I was laughing, GQ is such a fanboy, he didn’t know where to look at the beginning~ You could tell he was like…”what do I do, I covered this dude and now I’m sitting beside him”

  18. am i the only one that noticed tae get hit in the face but the girl at 2:44? then she was smiling after πŸ˜› and good job tae πŸ™‚

  19. ^ lol at the ” feeling like a proud parent” hehe. im so glad for yb. all smiles on his part. AND may i add jihye is smoking. girl can work it LOL! but yeah im just glad that this is a proof that yb is slamming down the author that wrote that stupid article.

  20. HEY GIRLS… is that IU in last video… look at 2.18 – 2.20 in a front seat wearing Black Shirt and cover her face

  21. hey kay, is there any word on when the new mv for INAG will be released ? do you think it’ll come out along side the regular album ?

    1. I don’t remember where I read it, i think it was from Qui of Kanaru on his facebook (i’m half brained from staying up all night) it might come out within a day or two.

      There is also another vid going to be released within the next week.

  22. Congratulations Youngbae for winning your first mutizen!

    I think he thanked everyone during his speech and he looks so happy and so hyper! hahaha

  23. I love this new arrangement of INAG since he gets to make a bit more eye contact with the camera.
    Also, I adore both Taeyang and Jihye’s expressions during the performance. They’re like fireworks.

    Congratulations on winning too.
    I honestly haven’t seen Taeyang looking so carefree during any of his past promotions.
    He seems to be truly happy this time around. Just look at him talking non-stop in front of that camera. He even thanked his dance partner Jihye noona. Such a sweet boy, really.

  24. I love his speech, he really took his time to thank everyone sincerely. yeah, take it slow baby! The MC, Chansung(?), did a great job to remind him to thank Big Bang. Haha.

    Btw, I watched the whole program today and I spotted some guy fans were there to support YB. You can tell for sure that they are YB fans cuz they were wearing the DELUXE tee. XD Actually I was very happy to see this, it’s time to bring in some fresh air to the tedious industry.

    Bae, don’t fellow that stupid rules, you create you own rules and play your own game! Congratulations!

  25. wow….the crowd all looks so young it’s crazy XD haha i see some non korean people there! woot woot (hope they’re YB’s fans)

    nice day

  26. Is it just me, or are all the performances like fast forwarded a little? The beat on both INAG and Just a Feeling are faster than last week’s performances and the tracks on the album…

    Anyway, i am so freaking proud! Been smiling like a silly girl all day long…

  27. I am so very happy for Taeyang!!! That’s right Taeyang!! prove em wrong!!!! Aha!!! I guess those guys that wrote that stupid article about him not doing so good feel real stupid don’t they? Good for them that’s what happens when you speak too soon!! It was as almost they were like standing around waiting for him to fail or something. That’s okay because his fans got his back. We are going to make sure that our boy doesn’t go under!!!

  28. Congratulations Bae..This boy deserves all of this..:) Just enjoying his speech…that is true happiness.

  29. I’ve been on a Taeyang high ever since yesterday. I’m so proud of our boy! He’s grown up to be such a great little man! πŸ™‚

    I’m happy that he won first and had solid performances last night. Hopefully performing for the next three days won’t tire him out.

  30. wohooo! Now i want to see that writer do an article on this! and I want to tell him, “You can’t put a good man down… that our YB right there, winning in MNET!” who’s in a slump now, you, you, you writer you!

    congrats, YB, way to go!!!! πŸ™‚ This vindicates him and all his hardwork… all the blessings for you! this is but the start…. πŸ™‚ wohooooooo! we are all happy campers here…

    YB is <3….

    1. The only semi-logical explanation I can concoct in my head is that the writer was paid to write that bad article.

      If they weren’t, and really did it to spite, then

      IN YOUR FACE~!

  31. he talked so much!! keke and hello handsome boy… why do you have to look so dashingly good in white during the interview?? and isn’t GO a fanboy?? he must had been..’holy shizzle!! it’s taeyang!!” and YAY for winning that award. I think i can rest in peace now. all i want has been fulfilled. ^^

    i wish I was Ji Hye.. did u see how he looked at her during You’re my performance? drool worthy, man. He must have been tired during Just A Feeling. The serious-tired look is back on his face. INAG was good as usual.

    I hope he win tomorrow on KBS. cuz i’ll be watching him on TV!! XD

  32. what are the numbers they are comparing?? are those sells of album? and how do they determine who win??? and 1 more Q, how come it’s only 2 artist, are they the top 2 who release album on july 1st?

  33. i love Solar album. rarely do i like all songs in an album, but this one is just great…

    Congrats Taeyang!!! and thanks to all the people behind this fansite =)

  34. well done YB^^ i’m soo proud of you….i’m sure that all the people that doubt on his capability are totaly shut their mouth tight now…haha…next time dont judge a bokk by its cover….cause you never knew whats special inside..^^ congratulation oppa^^ very2 proud of you^^

  35. I’m so excited to see that kVIPs are doing they’re jobs sp that TYis winning on the music shows. Extremely proud of the iVIPs for getting TY the success he’s gotten on iTunes.

    kVIPs iVIPs working together= world domination!!!!!

  36. just saying, since he got #3 now on itunes, if he doesn’t win the best R&B album for the end of the year awards, i’m gonna throw a fit. Not trying to disrespect other artists out there but seriously, the boy deserves that award.

      1. Korea of course. cuz i think if he wins in the US at the end of this year, the entire world is going to be like “who the F is that Tai yang??’

        so yeah, korea first. kekekeke

        1. Funny how my uncle was asking me the same thing. But then I won him over with the choreo. LOL

        2. lol…. not just you…. my mom and my sister too when they heard I’m always “my TY~~~ ” they were like… “omg……..how old are you….” hahahahah~

    1. I’m going to pray he breaks top 50. I’ll be content, but knowing us iVIP’s we’re over achievers like him… He’ll break 50.

  37. some more chart rankings (rnb album):

    Italy: 163
    Sweden: 171

    he’s on so many charts! I’m soo happy :))

  38. ahw so cute how he is thankfull to everyone. i love it to see him smile like that, in the interview.
    And like always.. his performance are awsome πŸ˜€

  39. Jihye-noona was there in the mirror..but then gone, then back again, ehehe! the stage idea this time too..gzz…YB is getting more comfortable now, yay!

    I swear that whole video was literally his acceptance speech..which was like 2 minutes (abit) gzz..!! haha, he really had to thank everyone and everything. He’s so thankful!

  40. oh my goodness…i loved how when the camera zoomed out, he was so short. xD ❀

    yayy congrats taeyang! ^^;

  41. This is my third time writing this….it won’t let me post =[.

    Congratulations to our Bae Bae…in your face whoever wrote that β€œslump” article.
    The acceptance speech is too cute, and the performances are awesome. I love β€œYou’re My” performance, especially with Ji Hye ^__^

  42. so happy for our bae! i knew he could do it. proud of what he’s done and glad he’s getting rewarded for his hard work.

    speaking of effort, he puts everything into his i need a girl performance. his shirt even becomes untucked because hes working those dance moves. hahaha, he keeps trying to tuck it back in too. cutie πŸ™‚ leave it, bae! its sexy πŸ˜‰

    I WANT IT!!
    I WANT IT!!


  44. Wait, is there still no translation for the interview?

    Kay, do you have someone translating it? Otherwise, I can make a go at it (after dinner) if you want.

  45. I’m so late in replying this, one week break with my family and all… Coming back and reading all the previous posts made me sad, what with the fan war and then the stupid article…=\

    But seeing him winning the award and thanking each and single one of the people that were involved in the SOLAR album was JUST TOO CUTE!!!!!!!

    His constant smiles and laughs during the interview melted my heart, and things are better again….

    I’m loving YB’s change to the camera… It must be hard for him but it’s getting good results so far~~~ YB’s smiles always make my day~~ ❀

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