Full ‘SOLAR’ album is now on iTunes! — #1 in Canada, #3 in US!

Taeyang make #1 on iTUNES chart in Canada : R&B/SOUL albums!

Yay for iTunes. SOLAR is officially up there, so go and BUY IT people!Β  Seems like Korean fans are estatic like us. He is currently #2 on Canadian R&B iTune charts and #16 4 in the US! It’s so big, even the Korean media reported it HERE
Also, as a treat, Pandabobo has more Taeyang paper dolls out~!!! So check em out, I think this is the best yet! HERE

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408 thoughts on “Full ‘SOLAR’ album is now on iTunes! — #1 in Canada, #3 in US!”

  1. I’m so happy and so proud of him right now. Seems like Canada has good taste. And I should know, because I’m Canadian. πŸ˜‰ You show them YB.

    1. Haha, that’s how we do it!!~

      But other countries ain’t far behind…I’m so slow on how Itunes works, can anyone update on some other countries…the article picked up USA (#16) and Japan (#8)

  2. Aiiiiggggooo. Youngbae-boo is on my iTunes chart. Aiiiggggooo. I’m so proud of him.

    This is the best way for international fans to support Taeyang. This is the best for us to tell YG that Taeyang has a big international fanbase. Go us. We’re gonna rock it.

    1. This is really our chance….YG said in the article he’s really surprised at his charting when he read about it!

      I feel so empowered….we’re gonna turn this around, Taeyang is going to be SO happy!!

      1. EAT THAT YG!
        Yeah..I’m pretty shocked myself as well. I didn’t think the response would be this great.

        Obviously, time and time again, it’s been proven that Taeyang has such a international pressence. I’m surprised…but excited for him.

  3. Yay! For all the fans who bought the album!!! Wooohooo!!!! ❀ together let's make it to the top!!!

    1. Look at all the international fans joining forces! It’s truly a beautiful thing lol we’ve gotta keep it up

      1. I’ve got indie musician friends who are so amazed by this they’re now starting to show their support and spreading the word. (I’ve been doing this via my facebook status’)

        Convo via AIM:
        Friend: “16? O_O Oh wow, that’s especially great for someone who isn’t very well known here. Or rather, isn’t promoted here.”
        Me: “Get the album, it’ll rock your socks! :)”

  4. Is there any way we can request the youtube artists who have covered YB to do a shoutout so their listeners will know that its now on Itunes? Maybe send a PM so they include it in the video descriptions or on their channel? I’m kinda stupid about stuff like that and I just don’t want any requests to get buried in the comments section. (And not just just the english cover artists like JReyez, but the Vietnamese, Malaysian etc artists too? Heck even the more popular kpop remixers if they are willing…)

    1. That’s not a bad idea!~

      Twitter would be the fastest way to get the word across…but posting on their videos and then PMing them is another way as well~

      I would say, hunt down all his youtube covers and post it first off over there….because well, it’s the easiest and fastest way~

      1. I’m not on twitter and FB myself, but maybe the other fans will want to get the word out?

        Will try posting a bit on youtube later on too..

  5. INAG is back up at #137 on Canada’s R&B song chart after falling to ~200 earlier today.

    LOL, remember when I said I couldn’t care less about charts, Kay? I take that back – this is addicting! LMAO

    I’ve no idea how long he’ll hold, but I’m having fun in the meantime. And it’s such a respite from some of the negativity lately. I really wish YG had prepared the INAG mv to coincide with this release. What’s with this trickling approach they’ve got going? >.>

    1. LOL…I think we’ve all said it doesn’t matter and it still doesn’t but sometimes, its just great seeing such positive response and you’re right, with all this negativity, I’m glad he can count on his international fanbase!

      and goodness, that MV needs to be out asap!

    2. As far as the international community is concerned, Wedding Dress is the lead single. That’s how I’d spin it anyway…

    3. It only matters insofar as it can show YG that it is worth catering to the international market (provide english translations in lyric booklet, do international fanmeetings, increase physical and digital availability of the album outside Korea, do international press releases.) Aside from YB actually touring other countries, these are NOT difficult things to do.

      1. Yeah, but it’s better than nothing, I think it’ll even encourage Taeyang to think about releasing English versions of his song~

        YG seems like he had no clue about this, he’s very surprised..so let’s just keep surprising him!~

      2. I agree with you bluemaid. I wonder if YG is paying attention to the international fan base that Taeyang has. I know if things keep going the way that they are going, Taeyang will eventually will do international. I feel it!!

  6. I just bought the album on itunes, #15 which is very impressive..hopefully itll encourage YG to launch him internationally or at least in US or Canada because he has so many supporters here!

  7. I already bought the deluxe so when I heard it came out in iTunes I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy it, BUUUT then I remembered that ONE HATER ARTICLE =.= so I went to iTunes right away and bought it. OMG YOU GUYS!!! THIS IS SOO EPIC!!! HE’S THE ONLY KOREAN ARTIST IN THERE!!

  8. Bought mine too!! Go international fans.

    Though charts don’t really matter, I am just glad YB knows he has lots of love from international fans.

  9. Random thought, but if YB makes it to #1 on the Canadian chart, that means he’ll have beat out Usher, one of his fave artists. Now THAT would be incredibly cool. lol Boy would probably have a heart attack.

    Anyway, it’s really amazing how he’s being recognized internationally. He has so many international fans and I do hope he considers paying us a visit one day. World tour, anyone? πŸ˜‰

    1. I definitely agree, WORLD TOUR!
      It’s crazy how much international support Taeyang has..Korean reporters are going to have to eat their words…maybe even thoughts for thinking Taeyang isn’t good enough. Take that, haters!

    2. he won’t just have a heart attack, i think we all do and will be rolling into hospital beds.

      1. LOL I don’t doubt this.

        But dmui, I completely agree. All this hate just days ago, and now look at where YB’s at. It’s amazing, and he should be so proud of himself. I know I am! πŸ™‚

  10. yay!!! so happy! i wish i could contribute but it’s not selling in my country. i tried already :/
    but yey!!! great job guys!
    just keep us posted if u intend to go viral on this like the idea above^ i wanna join with the tweeting!
    yey YB!

  11. i really want him to win in m countdown tonight please taeyang fans most likely in korea help taeyang. he really deserve this.

    anyone knows his standing?????

    but looks like yg should promote taeyang internationally than in korea. he’s more loved and supported by fans globally.

    1. We can’t vote on M!Countdown~ It requires paying to vote and we don’t have the SSN’s to do it (they’ve changed it from previous years)

  12. For the record, I called it. World domination baby!

    Charts really don’t matter, but I just hope Youngbae knows that he is sooo well supported outside of Korea, and as Bluemaid said, hopefully this will encourage YGE/YB to think about international promos and whatnots.

    1. We can all look back on this moment and be like, “Yup….tofu called this straight up! World domination!!!”

    2. So far he’s got the ‘leading’ currencies:


      Think we can add more to the list? πŸ˜‰

  13. OMG,OMG!i’m crying right now.T T
    my young bae is doing so good.
    thank God for answering my prayers.

    i have been feeling shitty after that nonsense article yesterday.
    in response to that article,this…i can’t even begin to describe how i feel.i’m so happyyyy!it’s like young bae have been vindicated.

    i feel like a mother,so proud of my young baeyah~

    Baeyah,international fans will support you,so don’t worry.we got your back.

  14. A tweet by the iTunes distributors for Kpop that got me all smiley:

    @DFSB_Kollective #Taeyang makes #KPop history by becoming 1st Korean artist to debut Top 20 on iTunes USA R&B/Soul Album sales chart!

    Mnet’s documentary is aptly titled: “The Legend of Taeyang” <<cheesy as heck, but epic as hell.

    1. Wow! At some point months from now, YG will wake up and put HOT on I-tunes too. Let’s throw a party then too!

    2. Hopefully this makes YG realize just how much TY is loved internationally! We want him world-wide YG!!!!

  15. i thought the solar album will be available on July 15th? but yeah i am super happy for him..YB is well appreciated internationally..so proud of him!

      1. We should make it a competition between international fans. Which country can get Taeyang to #1 in the R&B charts =]

        1. LOL, if anyone can beat us Canadians, well~ I want to migrate to their country and open a fan club!

          Hah, nahhhh…..anyone who can support him through itunes is welcome =)

  16. So I am playing the album in celebration of this news and my friend who isn’t that into “K-Pop” starting singing the English part of the chorus of WUA!!!

    =] I am so happy right now words do not describe!

    1. @.@

      Wholy cow~~I love how we’re so excited for this. Now if only the whole bunch of us could work on those Korean charts lol

  17. how do you get to the rnb section in itunes?!? help!

    but otherwise taeyang great job! and they said his album was not that good…

    1. If you’re on the Solar album page, you’ll see Music > R&B/Soul > Taeyang on the left top. Just click on R&B/Soul and view the album chart on the left.

      You can probably go through Browse, too, but that’s how I view it anyhow.

  18. Congrats to YB! I’m so proud of you ❀ I just bought his album so now I just gotta wait to for my copy of the deluxe edition ^__^

    To the reporter of yesterday's article: in your face! what slump huh?
    Never doubt YB n his amazingness! And his fans that will help him get the regconition he deserves. ;P

  19. I must be crazy, but I literally have my iTunes open just waiting for that album to fill Usher’s #1 spot. xD lol If it happens I will cry from happiness overload.

      1. True, but for the Canadian chart…I have a feeling there might be a chance. I’m hoping, at least. ^^

      2. Check again. I just checked and behold SOLAR #10 for Top R&B/Soul Albums..on the US iTunes charts!

        Oh baby..Taeyang is taking over the world, one musical note at a time!

  20. I’m actually a bit teary eyed right now. All the Boy wanted was to be heard all over the world. And now he’s got proof that he is.
    He’s not in it for the money or out to prove that he’s better than anyone else. He just loves what he does, works hard and stays humble. I’m glad the international community is showing him some love.

    1. Amazing to see what a talented artist, with barely any promotions and not even an official music video for his title track, can do with the love he gets from his international fans. This just goes to show that TY’s influence is boundless….it can’t be contained in just Korea….he needs to be heard world-wide!

  21. I bet when I wake up, he’ll be up in the TOP 10!
    Make it happen people! πŸ˜€
    I already bought it haha, LETS GO, SHOW YB
    LOVE <333.

    HE'S #12 IN THE US!

  22. Just bought his album on Itunes and the CD is currently on the way. That would be amazing if he cracked the the top 10. Lets keep supporting our boy.

  23. wahhh~what a great news for YB… *crying for baby*
    we can do it On the TOP baby… tOP 10 in US..

        1. Can someone screencap it? Who knows how long it will last? For US, Canada and Japan at least…

      1. the writer who said that SOLAR was a flop—- well major in your face!!!! I hope YG realize how big our boy is internationally. He deserves this attention. He’s probably the only Korean singer who doesn’t sound Korean at all.

    1. OMFG!!!!!!! Top 10 in the US!!! We all wished it and it came true! I’m like freaking crying right now….who knew our Tae would come such a long way? While he might not be appreciated in Korea….I hope he knows that he’s loved world-wide!!!

    1. HAHAH~~~~

      I’m so happy for him! YG – do you see this….DO YOU!?

      INTERNATIONAL FAN POWER is what I’m talking bout

      1. Kay, can we do fan testimonials on alwaystaeyang on youtube? and send the link to YG so we can literally SHOW HIM HOW MUCH WE LOVE TAEYANG. I don’t want to believe that YG was surprised that he is doing well on ITunes internationally.

  24. EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK THE US ITUNE PAGE! Taeyang’s SOLAR has made it to the Top 10 for R&B/Soul albums.

    YG, we need Taeyang to do a world tour soon! This boy is taking over our hearts and the world…he’s going to give Usher a run for his money.

    Congrats to Taeyang for doing such an amazing job!

  25. Yes!!! I’m just happy that TY will get to see how loved he is worldwide. Let’s move it on up, guys!! Some of those albums have been out for months so surely it can’t be that hard to knock them out.

  26. CONGRATS YB!!!

    Thank you so much ATY for the freshest TY news and to his fans who continuously comment re: updates. I love YB too.

  27. Even with all the drama surrounding Taeyang’s comeback and with all the fanclub clashes, I will put it behind me and still continue to support him. We gotta support the whole YG fam. I’m still spreading the word and trying to get people to buy the singles. YEAAAH! Let’s get it to the 5th spot =]

    1. Also, he may be the least underrated Big Bang member at Korea, but he’s definitely the most popular overseas! Get it YB!

  28. Top 20….then top 10….now that’s left is top 5! If there’s one Korean artist that can do it, it’s definitely Taeyang! He’s making history right now! I’m so proud to be able to call myself his fan.

    1. Anyone else feel that it’s an awesome kind of weird to see him name on the iTunes charts surrounded by such influential American artists? You get all of these American names and them POW! Taeyang’s name. Haha

      1. Yea~ It’s so surreal, I mean, I just want to see his face when he reads his name 10 spots away from his favorite artists – Usher..and he surpassed Trey Songz…Alicia Keys who he opened for ….. I hope he feels extremely proud of himself~

    2. If he does tour in the US [which YG better get his shit together and make it happen] it would just kill me if it happens right when I go to Asia…. lol just a random thought.

    1. I’m so freaking happy it’s unreal! We are all witnessing history in the making….and it’s all due to Taeyang!!!!

    1. Now we’re all just waiting for Top 5!!!!

      I seriously am crying I’m so happy. After all of his hard work….Taeyang is finally getting the recognition that he truly deserves, even if it’s not in Korea.

    1. LOL, i know~!!!

      This is really crazy….first Korean artist to make TOP 5!?

      Can anyone tell me how he’s doing on European charts?? (ie. Germany, Netherlands, Hungary etc…) I can’t access it 😦

      1. Here in Hungary we don’t have I-tunes AT ALL.

        I didn’t even found an online store in Hungary?!!? x(

  29. Hey, there is an option to “share on facebook” and “share on twitter” on Itune, I just did mine on facebook, we should all do it!!!! =)

    now i wonder what will happen after the normal version is out!!!

  30. are you guys still on this?? o.0 gotta salute your determination my fellow taeyang fangirls!

  31. Holy Christ!!

    TAE finally goes global. BoA, time to leave. Usher, make yourself ready to fall… zomgz

    Go YB Go!!!

  32. OMG!! wow he is number 8 right now!! yay!!
    I just wish I could contribute, but I already bought his Cd …if only i had 10 bucks to spend!! grrr!! but im sooo happy hopefully YG get a hint and releases and ENG album soon!! or an all ENG song!

  33. Need. Just need #5 PLEASE!! :DDDDDD
    Time to SUN’RISE

    *future: Taeyang 1st overseas english album*

  34. if he reaches top 5, i’m happy to say that it is GREAT enough and an amazing feat as well. of course no, 1 would be the greatest ever possible, but i’ll be contented if he got that place. It’s history, y’all.

    1. They do know…well now they do lol the Korean media has been reporting this~ Well they only reported the initial progress but now it’s all over the Korean boards like wildfire; YG knows πŸ˜‰

      1. Do you have any links to the YB Mania discussion board on this? I want to check what they’re saying using google translator just for the heck of it.

  35. I just wanna say that, iVIPS are showing what they can do to show their support and that they are good at it. It’s time for some lessons, Kvips. ^^

    1. Dear YG Entertainment / Santa Claus!

      I want a YB World Tour under my Xmas tree.

      Thank you in advance!

        1. of course! πŸ˜‰

          (ps: by the way, Dear Santa, please give Lee Hyori new inspiration too XD)

        2. me tooo!!! ill even drive up to NY just to see him ,because i know he wont make a stop in Cleveland, Ohio.

  36. If TY found out this news before his performance today it would be awesome!!! Do you know how crazy he would be? I can just imagine all of the energy he’ll have during his performance!

    1. he would be smiling!! i think he knows already i mean how can he not he is probably the first korean artist to do this right?!?

  37. Jesus! I have work early in the morning and here I am, still awake at 3 am! WTH lol. It’s worth it. πŸ˜€

    CONGRATS TAEYANG! πŸ˜€ And yes YG better recognize.

  38. He’s #8 right now on the R&B charts in the U.S. right below Trey Songz. Awesome. Keep climbing YB!!! πŸ™‚

    going to bed
    will have sweet dreams
    want to wake up to him #1 damnit!!!
    Love iVIPS

  40. was just thinking how it sucks that those people will get curious about Solar and there’s no vid out in YT when they seacrh for him..duh!
    they better land on Wedding Dress MV!
    please Lord!

    TOP 5 TOP 5 TOP 5 TOP 5 TOP 5 TOP 5 TOP 5!!!!

    Seriously spazzing right now! This is so unreal! I can’t believe we were all here to witness this!!! History in the making baby!!!!!

  42. this is crazy! i keep on refreshing this page and everytime i do it, he goes up on the chart!

    Congratulations Youngbae!!!

  43. Oh to the M to the GEE!!!!!!!!! he’s #5 y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Taeyang fangirls unite!!!!!!!!!!!! wee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD can you imagine how excited i am???????

    makes my day ^^

  44. Further comment from YG. Very rough translation….

    “Taeyang was able to appeal to international fans through the release of WD and WUA last year. Thus, the interest in Taeyang increased in the international market. Even though we didn’t do any special promotions for this album, the international fans found his music through the internet. These R&B fans seem to have found Taeyang’s music well matched to their tastes.”


    1. WORD!

      YG, finally, we’re talking the same talk now~~ thank GOD. Now tell me, what are you going to do about his EXPLODING popularity!?

      silly, i ❀ ya =)

    2. Someone from YG PR should comment about there being 12453678 song and dance covers of Wedding Dress on youtube. In like, 5 languages at least. And that YB is a hallyu star on the way up. Time for the Sun to rise baby!

    3. Finally! I was waiting to see YG’s reaction to this news! I guess TY’s heard about it then! I bet he’s going to have a permanent smile on his face today! He can honestly say he’s done something no other Korean has ever done!

      1. Well, on the R&B Charts at least. Strictly speaking, Epik High hit #1 the US Itunes Hiphop charts and was like top 2-5 in other countries. But they did promote in the US at least. Not completely accidental like YB. And Tablo could actually speak fluent English when they did promote.

        But can you imagine… it’s a full Korean album, with no promotion except for youtube videos and the full album has only been out a week in Korea. And it is charting on I tunes in North America. YB hasn’t even been to the US since Hollywood Bowl in 2006/7 when he still had his cornrows. Big Bang has never even had a real asian or world tour unlike the SM groups or JYP. No matter how long or short he will be on these charts, this is still AMAZING.

        1. i know right?? the fact that he can reach up to this level just with the songs in the album is amazing.

    4. And hopefully they STOP taking down videos, cause like y’know that’s how people discover things over the internet.

      1. true. i want that MV so bad right now. but no pressure. let’s give em time to make the MV top quality

  45. I wanna thank all that iVIPS for showing people who thinks his album is a flop. I’m proud of y’all.


  46. i want to post this comment…….
    On Itune, there is an option to “share on facebook” and “share on twitter”, I did mine already~!!! and we should all do it to show our support!!!! =)

    now i wonder what will happen after the normal version is out!!!

  47. Oh man, if he can beat Alicia Keys~ I would love to see her reaction, the man that opened for her 2 years ago has now topped her on itunes~~~

    I love her but damn, TAEYANG.

    1. Kay….I can just see you having to edit the title of this post a bazillion times! Hahaha πŸ™‚

  48. It’s really late here in the West Coast (12:02am). Imagine later on the day when ppl in West Coast wakes up and find that Taeyang’s album is release on iTunes. That would help his rankings.

    Im hoping he’ll surpass Alicia Keys and perhaps Usher. ^^

  49. LOL.

    Guys, I bet Tae’s gonna come here and see what we’re up too~

    I mean, he has to know we’re promoting him like psycho fan girls!

    I bet he’s looking right now~

    Hi Taeyang~ *waves*

    -_- Kay needs to sleep.

    1. #4 on iTunes USA now!
      Good night, Kay! Happy dreams πŸ™‚
      I’ll sent you the interview today!

    1. How on earth can you sleep? I have like a ton of things I’ve been putting off so I can stalk the different Kpop threads.

      1. i’m silently shrieking right now (i can’t, i’m in the office!). i’m super happy for YB!!!

    2. LOL, no no, I wasn’t going to bed..I said I need to sleep~

      But god knows I should, but can’t *sigh*

      This is like..history in the making

    3. OMG!!! First he opened for her in Korea….and now he’s beating her on the US iTunes charts! I can’t believe how far he’s come!

      I’m so excited I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep!!! Good thing TY has a performance coming up!

  50. now will freakin YG open an all-english section of VIP??? i mean, got dammit…what is he waiting for.

    just this one person within barely a yr have made this much of an impact on THE ENTIRE WORLD, LITERALLY!!! and is one of the first to attempt in trying to open the floodgates to make people take notice that you don’t have to know english to appease to those that speak it in order to quote/endquote “make it” as a music success story. you don’t have to necessarily change who you are unless you are hella confident in the fact that the change will serve for the better. and unknowingly, YB is doing that. and honestly…BB won’t duplicate as 5 what YB has done by himself, period (exclamation point)!

    so…really, an acknowledgment just to say that “hey, we know about you. we hear you. thank you for the love and support” would more than freakin satisfy me at this point. make it happen, YGE!!! that’s all i ask right now cuz it’s 2 in the morning, i have to be up at 6 to be at work by 9. peace.

    1. I want YB to give a shout out to us, the international fans… yeah, that would feel great. ^^

      1. Wasn’t there a fan account where they passed off “ATY”?
        If I’m not mistaken it was that person who fainted…

        1. yeah but like a real video or message just saying… you know a simple shout out will do. ^^

    2. oh my god. if Taeyang actually gave us a shout out, like specifically us. Oh, god save me.

      I probably wouldn’t be on the site cause I would be recuperating in the hospital from my nearly fatal heart attack LOL

      1. oh no! our poor hearts!! just thinking about it makes cramps in my heart and my throat goes all dry! haha but seriously that would be like EPIC if he did that!

        we could all have heart attacks together! haha

    3. YES! YG just open a goddamn english section on your site for foreigners cause darnit there are plenty of international fans waiting. Seriously, why YB? Why do you keep me awake when I have to get up early for work, geez might as well pull an all-nighter LOL.

      1. I’m feeling the same way!!! First all of this exciting news and then his performance in a couple of hours….I might as well stay up until I have to go to work!

      2. I know…How come 2NE1 fanclub, international fans can sign and BIg Bang can’t!?! That just sucks! I want to join!!!

  51. omo omoooo this is epic wow this cutie is makin kpop history, i m soo glad i bought his album XD


  53. He has to be No.1
    Just to show the world, that asian musicians are TOP.

    All of the nations of Asia PROOVED A LOT. (sse Namie Amuro @ WMA for example)

    This Is Proove. Not Promise.

  54. yo guys i need to sleep.,HAHAhA.

    now yg does know how to play the game..

    β€œyou don’t need to do what’s popular. What you do is popular.” -YG

    im so proud of him!!!! YG FAMILY FIGHTING! TAEYANG! sun is rising brightly!

  55. i so applaud all of you, US and Canada fans! you are doing great considering it;s still early in the morning there and you’ve all been busting itunes for Taeyang! amazingness!

    1. πŸ˜€



      TWEET IT

      And if you listened, covered, sang and enjoyed Wedding Dress, you owe it to this man!

    2. haha! the R&B charts are dominated by african-american artists! it’s amazing to see an ASIAN making it big in there! considering R&B as an almost “exclusive” genre, not to mention a hard genre for an arist to get on with!

      YAY BAE! i’m so proud of you!

      unnie’s going to but you food.

  56. I’m on iTunes. And I wanna buy the album…it says something like digital booklet when you purchase the album…what is that?

  57. It’s 3:30 AM right now for me. I should be sleeping (esp. since I want to get up early for M!C and I have a class later), but I’m too busy stalking iTunes and various sites. xD

    #4 in the US, baby!!!!

    I’m so proud of YB!!!!!! ❀

  58. I have to go…. I really enjoyed being here.
    See you soon.

    (ps: I want a NO.1. Thank you! xD)

    RicH from Hungary

  59. I have no idea where my last 5+ hours have gone. My eyes are bleary, my neck is core, my ass hurts… but I’m smiling ear to ear. ^___________^ Thank god I’m on the west coast.

    1. Join the club~~~~~~

      I will be on and off, this lady needs some sleep (im serious this time LOL)

      Please Bae, hold off world domination for a couple hours !

  60. Taeyang you sexy man you! I’m so proud you have interest all other the world! ❀ Your R&B makes me swoon. Keep it up baby we are here for you.

  61. im sure, right now, when all these other R&B singers wake up and see the iTunes charts they’ll be like “WHO THE HELL?”

  62. gahhh! ive been checking itunes every now and then for the past 2 hrs. still #4 in US r&b charts πŸ™‚

  63. fine if you all are going off to sleep, i’ll be off to take a 1 hour afternoon nap…

    Come on YB, go to 3rd place!! you can do this!!!!

  64. Good lord….all this publicity…because of youtube and fans who were dedicated enough to translate and promote on his behalf in North America. I hope the momentum keeps and that word of mouth will get people to at least give the album a chance. This is just the beginning folks….

    I wonder when YG will discover Amazon?

  65. I’m just feeling so happy for Tae now! I do know that most of the albums on itunes were released for a few months now, but to think that he’s up there with them! and to think new ppl will find his music! …makes me so freaking happy for him.

    Next target : Billboard Chart! One day it will…one day. if not now, maybe next album. *cross fingers*

    1. yes…. i kinda feel like we’re beginning to expect too much out of him again but oh well, go for that if you will.. XD

      1. hahaha i guess it’s good to target? lol. okay, maybe need to keep my hopes down a lil bit. ^^

  66. i just love that gif posted at the right topmost part of the page
    imagining YB’s reaction to this
    just humbly smiling like that

  67. I’m going to go to Korea Town tomorrow/later today with friends and sit down at the canteen everybody eats at and listen in on the buzz…and maybe incite more hype.
    SURELY they’ll be talking about THIS.
    I might even pick up a Korean news paper for good measure…
    HELL I’ll go to the Mcdonalds in 42nd street to see if Wedding Dress is still playing…(I might even make a request to the management to play it. XD)

  68. just a lil something i came across earlier today. thought i should share it with u guys. its an acoustic&english cover of Taeyang’s INAG. i must say the translations stayed true to the original lyrics. awesome cover! check it out πŸ™‚

  69. Awesome news!!.. And to read that his album doin kinda bad??!!.. I think not!!!.. He just needed his fans ALL OVER earth!!.. Lol.. Keep it strong Taeyang!!!.. FIGHTING ALWAYS!!!

        1. oh cool.can u let me know more details about this? i mean can i trust u to give my address and all? lol i already e-mailed u btw

        2. Of course you can trust me. My intentions are not to make money out of YB fans. I love him, so I support him. I accidently bought two copies because I wasn’t sure the first place could guarantee me a copy of the deluxe and I wanted it so bad. I’m just trying to help other YB fans out since I got an extra copy and I know it’s limited.

          Just wanted to explain myself – and FYI, I’ve already replied on your email!


  71. damn toy story 3! i cant believe i missed out on the spazz for taeyang world domination itunes…. but anyways im so proud of bae, even though most of you guys are now asleep im wide awake down here. im so proud of out boy but mostly proud to be an international taeyang fan! muahaahahahahaa i just got his deluxe couple hours ago and bought inag on itunes. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ im happy for our bae :Di bet he cant stop smiling his beautiful smile right now

  72. I am back, whazzup?
    No #1 yet? Oh c’mon, what R U doing? Still sleeping, when a sensation is borning? XD

  73. Yes!! in your face that Taeyang’s-abum-is-a-slump writer!! muhaha!

    this is EPIC! just goes to show how well his talent is recognized internationally, unlike in South Korea where he is ridiculously underrated.

    YB must be so happy! πŸ˜€

    1. That writer must have buried himself underground out of shame. That’s what you get for writing an article without looking at all sides of the story!

      1. haha i know right! this was like the perfect comeback! he was just writing in terms of S.Korea but wham! this is international, still a slump huh? tcha. muhaha

  74. from shaunevaristo’s twitter:

    “all i gotta say is TaeYang is on Itunes!!If you support ME, you need to go cop his album “SOLAR”! he’s already #4 for top R&B, lets go!!!”

    yey! support yb! support shaun! support yg! ❀

  75. I think the rest of S.Korea is now on bated breathes as they watch his numbers rise.
    Like the sunrise that’s happening right now in NYC XD
    Goodness I need to sleep.

    Btw, I call 8 am he breaks to 3rd.

  76. wow!! YB’s #4 @ iTunes?? damn!! he’s popular INTERNATIONALLY!! hehe.. πŸ˜›
    if S.Korean fans doesn’t know how to appreciate him; let us the International fans appreciate him!! let’s SHOWER him with LOADS OF LOVE by purchasing his songs in iTunes!! hehe.. xD
    Go YB!! HWAITING!!

  77. guess what guys!!
    YB’s competing for #1 spot in Mnet Countdown!! let’s all pray he’s gonna win #1!! hehe.. πŸ™‚

    1. i hope he wins too, it’d be the best way to close the day. MC Mong is solid though, so it ain’t gon be easy.

    1. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! the dude must be hella stoke right about now, first the itunes breakout and now finishing the night off with an award. so proud of him.

    2. OMO!!! yes he won!! hurrah! *gone crazy and wild hfffdjnjehfn* muhahaha in your face to that writer! DONG YOUNG BAE jjang!!!

  78. YB WON!!!! i’m so proud of him!!! just after 1 week of comeback; he already won #1 @ Mnet Countdown!! i’m so happy!!

  79. woot woot!!! he won MCD!!!! yeah baby!!! killing the iTunes charts and now winning MCD!!! Now I’m waiting for him to win this whole weekend!!!

  80. Hell, yeah! Awesome perf, adorable interview. All in all just an amazing day for us fans.

    Now g’nite all! –.–

    1. Er, spoke a little too soon. But, they’ll be up soon. ^^ Interview plus YM are up.

      I need sleep…

    1. Yeah, from what I can see on the Itunes music store it says he’s number 4 in the US.
      Perhaps that chart that you linked doesn’t update real time like the itunes music store via the itunes program?
      Not sure…

  81. Kay or Tofu need to wake up and post on his win!!! Hahaa…poor girls…all worn out from the earlier excitement. πŸ™‚

  82. i think IU has watching his performance LIVE at 2.18 – 2.20 she’s wearing BLACK SHIRT and seat at front line

    1. ahaha are you talking about the girl that lower her head down when the cam almost go to her?

      I’m so happy for our boy ^__^.

  83. Can’t believe I missed catching MNnet live! Still, so freaking happy for him~No 4 (and still climbing???) @ itunes and No 1 @ Mnet!!! Congratulations!!!!

  84. OMG!! I just checked itunes lol he’s still #4 ^^. Im waiting on my deluxe! I think Im going to buy it also on Itunes just to have it as backup for when my cd gets scratch from being on replay πŸ™‚ so happy hopefully they mention him on VH1!

      1. yeah can’t believe it
        i think this is day chart
        while the one we been looking at on our itunes is realtime chart
        that is why the number keep moving up and down


    im from sunny singaporea and urgh, i cant purchase solar from itunes. SERIOUSLY, its not only america / canada that loves taeyang

  86. Yay, I wake up to so much excitement. Finally, our boy is letting everyone know that he has arrived and everyone is stopping to take notice. International love for YB. First stop…itunes…Next stop…world domination…like Tofu said lol.

  87. just read this on YB’s soompi thread:

    KOREA: “WHAT???”

  88. It’s already #3!!!! Too bad I can’t buy from iTunes because 1) I don’t have a credit card or iTunes gift cards (is that the right term?) and 2) I don’t live in the US and the album in the Philippines iTunes store. 😦 I’ll just buy it from YesAsia.

    1. Really???? (dont have ITune at work…. can’t check….. T___T…..) anyways…….YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Adette, every bit helps. I’m buying both YB albums on DVDHeaven on Friday when SOLAR drops. As long as we’re supporting YB that’s all that matters. πŸ™‚

    3. hi there! you from the Phil too? you can get YB’s album from online stores in multiply. YesAsia might charge you more…

      i’ll be buying SOLAR from a seller for P850 and that’s the cheapest i found for solar here in the Philippines..

      BigbangPH also is also taking orders. last time i checked they still have a couple of deluxe available.

      YAY! filipino VIPS!

      1. Yes I am. πŸ™‚ That’s another alternative I’m looking at since that’s how I got Bigbang’s “Remember.” But wow, 850 PhP?!? That’s cheaper than I expected.

        1. thanks! I know of another seller selling the deluxe version for PHP2600 which is pretty steep. 😦

  89. haha! skyped sister who’s in VBC. told her to get Taeyang ‘s Solar on itunes canada.

    she told me i’m stupid. apparently she already got it last night! haha!

    yay! no. 1!!!

  90. Taeyang’s currently #3 on US R&B charts and #85 on the main chart! wow he’s really climbing the charts really fast! pluss he just one a mutizen on MCountdown too! gahhh! Congrats Taeyang! πŸ™‚

  91. I’m so proud go head baby proven everyone wrong!!! so much criticism from some fans I’m so glad hes doin so well.

  92. I’ve been up all night and woke up early to watch Taeyang move up the iTunes charts. I’m really proud of YB this is major for not only him but for Kpop as well. I hope Young Bae continues with his success so us international fans can see him in person one day.

  93. YAY!! CANADIANS, let’s continue to support our TAEYANG!! for Western media to recognize more about TAEYANG!

  94. I just bought my SOLAR album from itunes!!!

    I’m so proud of Taeyang!

    now, let’s make him number one

  95. YAY! Taeyang is #3 on US R&B/Soul charts πŸ˜€ Lets make him #1, above Usher whom he’s influenced by!!!

  96. today i downloaded SOLAR from iTunes, too! =)
    I should admit that irritating hater’s article made me to do so..

    I’m so so glad that international fans treat YB right…kk Hope I can see YB’s face when he checks the website to find himself placed at #3!

    1. My card just went through FINALLY – thanks goodness…it makes me feel SO GOOD haha….

      And that digital booklet = WOW.

  97. i have to say.. even though we all hated the reporter’s article, it couldn’t have come at a better time. w/ YB’s album just released on itunes, the article gave us a goal to make TY succeed and show him/her that YB is loved worldwide and is definitely NOT a failure.

    (of course i do believe that YB would still be doing really well on itunes without the article, though i do believe the article did help him on the charts slightly)

    So…. thank you reporter?

  98. Done downloadeded Itunes last nite (sorry… only use window media for the past years….) and I’ll go buy his songs tonight!!!! still waiting for my deluxe to arrive tho….

    Aim at #1!!!!! to everyone live in US, let’s do it!!!!

  99. he is currently number 1 in Canada, so happy for him! im just curious what would be the reaction of artists here as well as in the US.

  100. His normal version album will be released on Friday in South Korea. (Deluxe version seems to be sold out)

    You can place pre-order from websites like YestAsia.com or YGeshop.com. There’s really good post about purchasing SOLAR. =)

  101. I was looking on iTunes Japan and in the RnB songs category, all of TY’s songs except Solar were in the Top 200! (INAG was on it twice)

    Anyways, I thought that was amazing!

    I want to give a BIG shoutout to everyone who helped support TY!! You guys are AWESOME!! I heard that people from other fanclubs are/were supporting TY as well so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    1. yey! amazing!!!!
      YB should be proud and happy
      and when the new MV comes out im sure he’ll do better in Korea

  102. I am sooooooooooo proud of my boy!! Show us some love YG and bring him up to that world tour…Gosh I would so see him…Congrats on the iTunes and the Mnet Countdown…

    1. OMG! IU did the part of JiHye’s kiss in INAG! (so did other people apparently including the Korean national football team but whatever) Oooh… can’t wait…

      1. Oops! Fail reply… this should be under your comment in the other interview thread with Seungri

        1. I was wondering if that was IU, now I am even more excited, can’t wait to see what tofu’s reaction will be

  103. something sweet I found in Wikipedia:

    Taeyang’s solo album SOLAR solidly ranks high on the world’s best digital music jukebox, iTunes. With a loving and supportive fan-base worldwide as well as his sweet and powerful vocals showcased in his new solo album, it’s no surprise that Taeyang’s SOLAR album ranks prominently on the iTunes’ R&B charts.

    Rejoice everyone!!

  104. something sweet I found in Wikipedia:

    Taeyang’s solo album SOLAR solidly ranks high on the world’s best digital music jukebox, iTunes. With a loving and supportive fan-base worldwide as well as his sweet and powerful vocals showcased in his new solo album, it’s no surprise that Taeyang’s SOLAR album ranks prominently on the iTunes’ R&B charts.

    Make way for the SUN!!

  105. oh, is that her? aww she must have been soo ecstatic!
    looks like he performed INAG and JAF
    i see members of mblaq there too. are they also guests?

  106. LAST time his wedding dress was a HIT everyone love it but didnt seems that big in korea even through wedding dress is a korean song.He was famouss on us.Have alot More international fans instead of korean fans i dont think korea knows he was such a popular guy outside korea and i hope all of them now start liking taeyang by how good international fans taste in music like.

  107. I love love love love it!!!

    See how international people will love his music???

    I’m just too happy. Really happy. So proud of him.

    That is why even if he’s not on top in Korea, he’s top internationally. which has a lot more competition. I love it. =)

    Go support his album in iTunes! Let’s trend him in Twitter if he reached number 1 in other countries. =)

    P.S. Kay, I bet it was you who made him number 1 in Canada. hihi. =)

  108. Doing my part as an international Canadian fan I just bought both HOT and SOLAR from DVDHeaven. I’m so happy right now. I can’t wait to hold these CDs in my hand because it will be the first Korean music I’ve ever owned. YB has been such an inspiration for me and my four year old son this was my way of saying ‘thank you’ to him. I’m so excited.

    1. So happy for you! I have the HOT album already, just waiting for my SOLAR album, which will arrive at the end of this month. It’s a bit long but it’s worth the wait! =)

      Even if I’m not a fangirl, I love the whole album itself. =)

      And yes, Bae is such an inspiration for all of us.

  109. YO, so came home from work and my deluxe version was waiting for me hehehe. AND now his #1 and #3 in the states side? This day was great, for serious.

  110. First time to comment here. But this post deserves major pimpin. What a huge accomplishment for Taeyang and international TY Fans! He’s already 82 in the overall albums chart in Itunes. Congratulations to TY and everyone who helped produce his Solar album. I bet YG underestimated how huge TY’s fandom is in the US and Canada. That’s a full korean album there and it made the charts.The negativity of some of the last posts about TY and BB have definitely been eclipsed by this one. Who says TY and BB’s losing their touch. They’re just getting started. I’m glad the international fanbase is as solid as ever to show support for Solar. I hope TY fans who are not VIPs will also support him when BB’s time comes.

    1. It was really touching to see the support of everyone from the YG (and general kpop) international fandom. I think this is a major opportunity for international fans to show YG that it is worth doing a little more for the I-fans since we can be a significant market for all their artists. They’re too good to limit their market to Korea! YG Fam FTW!

  111. #3 ?? thats insanee ! & #82 on the overall? if this doesn’t tell YG to do some tae yang international activities, i dunno what does.

  112. Holy shit balls. #4 in the US??? I wonder if we could request his song on the radio hehehehehe. I’m in shock! Congratulation baebae!!!! This ought to shut that reporter up!!!!

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