IU response song “I Need a Boy”

This is for my girl TOFU, who is the biggest IU fangirl I know!

Thanks jessica for the tip~And because I love this cover so much – DOWNLOAD
It’s rumored Taeyang will be the first guest to appear on SBS’s new show HEROES where IU is a fixed guest on the show. I want a live version of this!! And I want to see how other ultimate fangirls respond to this song (Yoo Bin rap version anyone?)

103 thoughts on “IU response song “I Need a Boy””

    1. Omg that would be awesome!!

      Haha, I think all the YB fan girls need for form a union….IU, Yoobin, Soo Young, Lyn, Gil Hak Mi, Son Dambi, Whale….I’m probably missing some other ladies~

    2. yes!!! that’d be so nice! YB on piano, she’s on the guitar and Yoobin raps. Taeyang featuring IU and Yoobin. ^^

  1. IU gets SO much love from YB fans its funny~ I think this is the first time fandoms have so much love for each other~ YB fans are IU fans and vice versa…

    why does she have to be so YOUNG lol

    1. young? she’s my age. >.>

      hehe kidding. She’s representing the younger fans like me i guess.

    2. LOL, well its young if you want to put them together as a couple…he’s 23 (korean age) and she’s 18…..it’s pretty young. She’s barely legal LOL But I still think they’re awesome together….

      Oh man, I want a rap version from Yoo Bin so bad~

      I don’t know but I’ve got IU’s version on repeat~ Maybe cause – as a girl – I like singing along to this version LOL

      1. hmm someone gotta contact yoobin who’s all the way in US, LOL
        She’s 18? okay, i’m even younger. Nevermind. ^^

      2. oh i forgot to write..that i too love this version. it’s on repeat and since she has already transpose the notes to a female’s range(i don’t know if you can understand this, forgive me), i can sing along too. ^^

        1. Yea, she did transpose it up a bit~ I think it just flows more cause it’s also just acoustic – the guitar and her voice, couple of backups~ not bad at all….

          Piano and guitar, Taeyang and IU, he needs to fulfill her fangirl wish! lol (and ours)

    3. OMO! OMO! I don’t care. These two are gonna get married and have little adorable guitar playing dancing monsters for kids.

      Lol This is such a love call. IU..I have so much respect for you. You are the biggest fangirl I know.

      1. @Tofu OMG! Where were you? I’ve been waiting for you to comment since this article was posted. lol.

        Since the universe seems to be listening to YB-IU shippers, maybe we can send out positive thinking vibes for that duet? Slow Motion’s been done already so maybe something by Eric Benet & Tamia (Spend My life with You) since they’ve both separately covered those artists .

        But Old Mcdonald in Korean would do as well. 🙂

        1. Goodness. That is like the perfect song for them. Youngbae’s voice would fit so beautifully. And he loves Eric Benet too.

          Pretty much anything would do for me. I mean ANYTHING.

          I hope the producers pick up on IU’s fangirlism and make use of it. This would definately make me watch all the variety shows in the world.

  2. and they say I NEED A GIRL is not famous!!?? IU already started covering it! she’s pretty.. and has a nice voice!

  3. I love this so effing much!!!! Formal collab, please? XD If she can do it with Seulong then she can do it with Youngbae too~

  4. This is so cute. She’s such a YB fangirl even covering his songs lol. This is like a love declaration from IU to Taeyang lol.

    1. LMAO……
      Now THAT, would be halarious but then again, he did say he wanted candy and ice cream in “You’re My”…now I’m imagining him say “Marshmellow” in a really deep sultry voice~

  5. awwww
    she’s really got it bad for YB, yeah?
    good luck on their guesting 🙂
    she’s so cute!!!
    i really love this one song of her and think she should do more rnb ballad 🙂

  6. Lyrics? Anyone have translated lyrics? I want to know what she said…is is about eyesmiles perhaps? 🙂

    1. I know she changed this part~

      The kind of girl who looks better in jeans than a skirt

      ^ Something about, “The Kind of guy who looks cooler in Jeans and something”

    2. Yea i LOLed at that part she said boy who looks better in jeans than shorts and next part she eats kimchi fried rice well and she wants a man who makes it well. while original lyrics said i make kimchi fried rice well and i want a girl who eats it well

  7. Watch, someone’s bond to mix this digitally, like how poopiness on soompi mixed LOAM and LOAM part 2.


  8. Aww, I like this version! But I would sooo love it if Yoobin did a rap version. ❤ lol then it would be total DoubleYB<3…haha,

  9. This is love! IU and Yoobin both need to battle it out for TY hahahah. Both should do covers and let TY choose which one he likes best and then voilà! Instant couple :).

    Amazing how we all want TY to get a girlfriend…..as long as it’s either IU or Yoobin…..we’re the craziest fans ever! Most fans would go psycho at the thought of their idol having a girlfriend, but not us!

  10. What a shame that she’s so young! I would love to ship them hehe.

    She always does some great covers (She covered BB’s lies and that’s on my ipod) so this is just another great one to add to the list!

  11. I wish they’d posted the pre- and post – performance chat, too. I wanna hear her spazz, LOL!

    IU’s adorable, but I can’t help thinking all this full-on fangirling is only going to make YB more embarrassed and bashful around her. Or will he be all mature anddoting and oppa-ish about it? ^^ Can’t wait to see them interact on HEROES!

    Btw, IU changed the second verse to go something like:

    A boy who looks better in a V-neck than a (dress) shirt
    I really like to eat kimchi fried rice
    A boy who can make it well
    A boy who’s cute even though he’s older
    A boy who’s manly, but knows how to be sensitive
    Though he usually acts aloof, when we’re together…
    You know what I’m talking about…

    LOL, can you say… YB? Although I don’t know about the V-necks – I think that’s more DS’s thing, no? ROFL

    Too cute.

    1. LMAO. Oh my goodness, she’s SO SMITTEN, i love her~~~thanks for the translations!!

      During her fanmeetings she said that Taeyang does know about her crush (lol how could he not) and that he cheered her on and told her to work hard!~

      1. I expect this to be even more awkward than the Daesung -JiYoung (Kara) pairing on FO. I hope they get a lot of good natured ribbing from the other guests or at least throw in some fanservice for the shippers. And a duet..<3

      2. Yeah, I know. ^^ But I’m still imagining YB acting the part of the supportiive oppa, saying all the right things… while all the time blushing like mad! ^^V

  12. omg i freakin love IU! sooooo talented!! and covering taeyangs song just makes me even more happy ! 😀
    theyy should hoook up! “D

  13. It makes me wonder how the song would have faired had Taeyang just used the piano like in “You’re My” and made this a sort of acoustic version. Not saying I don’t like his version, but just saying that this one adds in a little different flare which I’m liking – and maybe the rest of Korea would have liked?

    Just my thoughts….

    1. I actually like the R&B version (?) of LOAM that YB did for Big Show 2009 and the SBS Gayo Daejun more than the original. It’s not fully acoustic but I imagine it would be equally fantastic as one.

  14. I really love this little girl’s voice.
    Her first EP is still one of the best I have had.

    Just look at her promoting Taeyang’s title track.
    She really made that song her own. 😉

    1. I love her covers. She, Wheesung and Lyn have made covers of some kpop hits that I like way more than the originals.

      1. MTE
        Whenever IU, Lyn, and/or Wheesung go to Sketchbook or Chocolate, I end up loving all those songs I usually find not so attractive.
        They’re all great artists.

  15. YB’s version is still better
    but i love the idea of these two being a real couple in real life
    they just so perfect for each other

  16. Can I just say I love you IU? I love Bae’s fangirls in the music industry.

    I love how they arranged it too like this. It sound so nice. But I don’t think this kind of arrangement would let Bae perform it weekly on music shows, especially when we all know HE HAS TO DANCE. Radio show guestings proved that. =)

    How about a duet? IU and Bae with Yoobin and GD. I miss Yoobin.

    1. Plus you really know a song is good when others are doing a cover it, especially co-artists. =)

  17. I like both versions they both add their own flavor to the song but on another note YAY the album is out on itunes…just bought mine!

  18. hahahahaha i love her version! it’s so cute!
    can anyone post all the eng trans for her version please?

  19. Well, you can get all the lyrics including INAG by following the blog’s “Lyrics” link. Just replace every “girl” with “boy,” and voila, you’re set! ^^

  20. I just found out that IU covered Karina’s Slow Motion.

    Remember when YB said that was one of his favorite songs last year. She is so into him. I’m a little concern about the age difference buy I have to have hope for another fangirl. Go IU and YB. IuYang!!

      1. See I don’t like Britney’s version at all. But I could really get into this. I think it’s all the autotune in the original. It’s so nice to hear clear vocals. IU has a beautiful voice. Thanks for posting, Kay.

        1. Really?
          I think Brittney’s version is better, IU’s version sounds way too sweet for the lyrics of this song!
          It’s still good though.

    1. No offense to iu and iu fans but for some reason I was more intrigued by the girl playing the piano ( tomtom) she’s really good I love her voice to me I thought she stood out more. (don’t hurt me! I’m still a fan of iu)

    1. And whoa, did anyone else notice that Solar is #3 on the R&B album charts for Canada. o.O Awesome.

      1. He’s doing well on other R&B charts, too.

        When I checked, I think Solar was ranked like #18 in the US and #17 in Germany or something.

        LOL, I don’t even look at charts usually, but I was so surprised that I looked up some other countries, too. *^^*

        1. With news like this YB has nothing to worry about. He’s doing fine. Once SOLAR normal version drops on Friday we’ll see who has the last laugh. TAEYANG HWAITING!!!

        2. just another prove how hot is his album selling internationally. gotta shove this news up all the way to that reporter’s nose.

  21. i love both versions! can i join the IU-YB fanclub? 🙂

    they are perfect for a duet and i’m hoping they’ll have one when YB appears on Heroes. i’m definitely excited to watch that show. hahaha

  22. her version is nice!!!

    is this the start of the INAG VERSION/ COVER CRAZE??? Taeyang did it once again!!!! this is why i liked him so much… when his songs are covered by another artists…


    Literally squealed..like out loud.

    *runs away to fangirl some more*

  24. LOVE!! haha! As much as I love IU cover, I’d LOOOOOVE to see Boni do a version. She’ll probably do a great cover just like IU hehe!!

  25. Bomi!! I wanna hear her version of TAKE IT SLOW.

    now that

    would be HELLLLA epic!

    but IU – i LOVE her voice. one of my friends have a similar voice as her.. those raspy cutesy voice are amazing to hear.


    she’s totallllly FGing over TY.

    1. if she does that, it’s gonna create an uproar among the knetizens. cuz she’s still underage but of course, that would be nice. ^^

    2. oh yeah Bom! i can imagine her singing it,i love her voice!

      on another note: LOL at us ATY-ers fangirling at Taeyang’s fangirls! haha now when has anything like this ever happened anywhere else? only YB’s fans have the capability to do that without dying of jealousy first! 😀 lol

  26. IU’s voice is so nice i love it! i wish they showed her fangirling during the broadcast,which i’m sure she did 😀

    IU and Taeyang hwaiting! 😉 they should seriously do a duet together,how cute would that be? and lU would be so happy haha

  27. i dont want to be rude…YB deserved to date a girl who is worthy….not some girl that had a bad reputation at school as a BF stealing kind of girl….i dont know whether its true that she is like that or not but to be honest i dont want YB to date her…sorry IU but YB is not for you…maybe theres another boy for you out there but its defenetly not him….sorry^^ (p/s:i’m not used on being rude to people even if i really dont like it)^_^

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