Taeyang Talks about His Friendship with G-Dragon

Taeyang of Big Bang, who recently started his solo activities, has expressed freely on his feelings towards G-Dragon.

Through his interview with Newsen on the 7th, he thanked G-Dragon for featuring on his solo album.

“I’m greatful that Jiyong (G-Dragon’s real name) participated in this album. There is a lot to say about ‘I Need A Girl’, but it’s one of those songs that only G-Dragon can be featured in. Jiyong is my best friend and we talk about private matters a lot. ‘I Need A Girl’ is a song which is about a guy talking about love to his friend, so G-Dragon would naturally be the best option to collaborate with. He knows me more than anyone else and I felt that he was the best featuring rapper. So I asked him, and he did the best rap possible.”

The friendship between G-Dragon and Taeyang is well-known amongst fans. G-Dragon especially has praised Taeyang a lot, garnering attention.

In regards to this, Taeyang responded:

“I’m really happy that Jiyong looks at me in that light. He’s a friend who I’ve been with for almost 10 years, and we gain a lot from each other. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be this person today. He made me want to try harder in what I do. We have qualities which the other doesn’t have. This can be irritating at times, though it helps most of the time. I think we were a match made in heaven.”

Upon being asked about his feelings on G-Dragon as a singer, he replied:

“Even if I eliminate my personal feelings towards him on this judgement, he is still a good musician. There aren’t many people who can rap like him, and his musical abilities are amazing. However, he becomes an issue no matter what he does, so there is a lot of gossip about him. I feel sorry for him as a friend as he is sometimes treated in a deregatory fashion.”

Taeyang has recently released ‘I Need A Girl’ and started promotions. It has gained attention due to G-Dragon’s featuring.

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58 thoughts on “Taeyang Talks about His Friendship with G-Dragon”

  1. their friendship never fails to amaze me.. you can always feel the deep and strong bond they have everytime one talks about the other.. a match in heaven indeed!! they’re completely different, but, opposite attracts! ^^,
    but.. the last sentence is making me a bit skeptical.. i really don’t know how to react on that one.. *sigh*

      1. is this writer even famous?? or he’s just using GDYB to get some attention??! i want to kick his a**!!!! >.<

        –sorry about that.. i just don't really appreciate his comment–

    1. Perhaps the better way to have said that last sentence was: INAG has gained MORE attention due to G-Dragon’s featuring. 🙂

      1. But on a lighter happier and more positive note, i love the GDYB bond! (or should it be YBGD? haha I’m kidding!). It’s rare to see a strong and public friendship like this in the industry they’re in. And I love how genuinely they support and care for each other. I’m really happy and relieved that YB has a friend like GD. At least I’m certain whatever obstacles YB has to face he’ll know he’s never alone. 🙂

    2. now i feel like everyone in Korea seems to be thinking that way. GD featuring in INAG is to garner attention. I was afraid of this. >.> that last news about his album and the last sentence of this article…. -.-

      1. it’s kind of scary.. but if they think that way, it means they don’t really know Taeyang.. forget the charts, he loves what he’s doing and it’s his music, that’s the only thing important here.. besides, if we are truly his fans, we should support him no matter what! right??


        1. yeah of course we will always support him^^ feels even better when more people does but everyone has their own opinions on things. if they like him, they will. if not, that’s not our problem. ^^
          taeyang FTW!!

  2. GDYB will be together forever! After 10 years, their relationship is atill as strong as ever. I’m so happy that TY has GD by his side and vice versa. You can tell that these two genuinely love each other and would do anything for each other. “match made in heaven indeed!”

  3. This is really, really sweet. Usually GD is the more openly affectionate of the two, so its so nice when YB also gets to talk about their friendship. GDYB<3

  4. “. I think we were a match made in heaven.”

    Bae, you are too sweet. now come over here and lemme give you a hug for all that shit you didn’t deserve.

  5. GDYB love! TY has become more vocal about a lot of things lately. I’m liking that. LOL at “match made in heaven.” XD

    And I am choosing to ignore the last sentence. The article could have stood on its own without it.

  6. mm i have a question. you know that Mnet documentary that they are giving Taeyang? is it coming out today or they will only start filming today?

    1. I think I saw in a previous post (comments section) that it was airing at MNET today July 7 5PM KST, but so far I haven’t heard/seen any posts about it, so I’m not entirely sure. 🙂

    2. If it’s anything like the other “Legend of…” Mnet docus, it’s mostly going to be a compilation of past interviews and clips, no? Hopefully, there’ll be some new material, too. ^^

  7. Have always loved & been a fan of their friendship. Like i’ve said before, glad Taeyang has someone like GD to confide in and always talk to. 😀

  8. GD and YB has such opposite personalities yet they are such a perfect combo!! I’m just so amazed and happy to see how they help and learn from each other since they were 13 till now.

    I remember watching on youtube they said in the BB group, GD’s role is a father and YB’s role is a mother (isn’t this sweet???~^^~), and also when GD was sick and couldn’t go to practice, YB would stood out more and look after the group. I think they just know each other so well that they know what need to be done without saying in words. =)

      1. Oh, Tofu is going to spazz her butt off when she sees this LMAO.

        And wow, I love HER voice…she has to be THE ULTIMATE fangirl~

      2. Now I’m sooooo ready for them to do a duet together! They’re going to be on a show together right? Maybe this is IU’s way of going, “hey Taeyang oppa….wanna do a duet to INAG? I’m here of you need me!” haha. She is so adorable….best celebrity Taeyang fangirl ever!

    1. Aaaah!

      Cuteness overload! GDYB! IU!

      She’s amazing. ❤

      OMG! Kay! Its like Christmas came early…. 🙂 Didn't I ask for a duet? This could really happen….

      Now if Boss were in the MV…..


    I love this cover!!!! Go get on WGM already the both of you!! go make our fantasies come true!! kekeke. Such a fangirl. Now we need to have this duet for Yu Heeyeoul’s Sketchbook show!! epic epic. You people are gonna hate me for saying this, but I love this cover as much as or even better than the original. XD

    1. i think it’s the ‘accoustic’ effect. LOL ! if yb were to play his own rendition on piano, i’d love the song all the more. IU has this habit to perform her own renditions of covers which end up sounding better than the originals because they’re performed live and with instrumentals.

      1. Taeyang on the piano and IU next to him singing to each other. hehehe. SWEET. Live band would be so fine. Where did she perform this?

  10. I love how YB is always completely honest in his interview. If he was ever unhappy about something, you feel like he would just say it rather then maintaining his image or something

  11. This is supposed to a sneak peak at a much longer interview coming out later today. I guess he chose to use the GDYB angle to hook readers – why am I not surprised, ha.

    I’m hoping for something really in depth and revealing like the GQ interview, since he apparently answered a bunch of questions posted by his fans from DCYB, etc.. Those fans ask some pointed questions, and I love that they’re generally about the *music* and not the usual silly Idol questions. (anticipation)

  12. GDYB r awesome! taeyang rite people always point at gd good or bad! i feel sorry too but GD is strong! i love these two GDYB!

  13. Totally love this GDYB moment in his interview. It’s great to know that they cherish each other so much, through everything they’ve been through in the past 10 years. && it’s sweet how GDYB always talk about how their not the same, their personalities clash from time to time, but in the end it brings the best out of them. Such a great friendship, I hope nothing changes between them.

    And yeah, that last sentence, I’m going to pretend I didn’t just read that.

  14. GDYB Love!

    I’ve always admired their friendship. I know no matter what challenges they may face, they will always have each other for support.

  15. “were a match made in heaven”

    Gdyb!!!!!!! (:

    No matter what, taeyang and gd are so good together – I can’t picture any other type of friendship.

    I respect their friendship – it’s rare to see that (:

    Hats one good, solid friendship – it’s like beyond family. Crazy!!

  16. i think that this is very adorable and kind of them to speak of each other. it’s just very heart warming!♡

  17. i’m really felt sorry for GD too cause its true that whatever he does, theres always someting to say bout him by the media…keep fighting GD^^ and YB is soo sweet to praise his friend lke that…i really like the part “I think we were a match made in heaven.” really sweet^^ hope you both will always be friends no matter what…GD also deserved to give a credit for his effort…cause he help YB a lot as atrue friend^^

  18. i’m really felt sorry for GD too cause its true that whatever he does, theres always someting to say bout him by the media…keep fighting GD^^ and YB is soo sweet to praise his friend lke that…i really like the part “I think we were a match made in heaven.” really sweet^^ hope you both will always be friends no matter what…GD also deserved to give a credit for his effort…cause he help YB a lot as a true friend^^

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