Taeyang on iTunes R&B list + Korean chart updates~

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Some good news, Taeyang’s ‘I Need a Girl’ is #193 on the R&B iTunes list! I think it’s great to see Taeyang in there with some big names and hopefully it’ll keep moving up. Tell your mom, dad, grandma and everyone else to get this track!
Below the cut~ Korean chart rankings and my thoughts~

Dosirak – #6
Mnet – #4
Bugs – #5
Soribada – #6
Cyworld – #6
Naver – #3
Melon – #4
Monkey3 – #6

There has been some discussion on why Taeyang hasn’t been topping the charts and I’ll admit, I was also disheartened to see his rankings on the charts however this shouldn’t be the deciding factor on whether he will win awards or not (if that matters to some of you). He can win, let me make that clear right off the bat, his album sales are very high for the week and YG pushes up the release of the normal edition, its safe to say he’ll secure awards on at least of the shows next weekend.
Now, charting in the music charts in general..well it’s a bit hard to decipher the real reasons as to why the song is not doing so well. We all know Taeyang is promoting R&B – that’s first and foremost one of the toughest genres of music to promote so that’s got a lot to do with it. Secondly, my personal opinion is that there was too much “over-hype” surrounding the song. I mean, let me just list it:
1. YG releases info about SOLAR deluxe = initial hype
2. Title track has GD on it = more hype, fangirls gone wild
3. Title track video has Sandara in it = even more hype, fanboys gone wild
4. Previews, previews and more previews = more more more hype
5. YG releases statement that this is the best title track ever = wholy cow, we’re overflowing with hype
6. Preview of music video = oh my, hype nation
7. MV gets put up and then pulled down = wtf?

^ The above just organizes my reaction to everything released, and I was practically primed (psychology term) to have my socks knocked off and had CPR on standby – now considering that, I think what happened was a post-release withdrawal off “hype” and we’ve got fans scratching their heads going “Was this what I was suppose to knock me off my feet from YG camp?”. That’s not to say the song is so bad, NO NO, but when you get so hyped over something, I don’t think ANYTHING can really fulfill your expectations that you’ve created in your head and that’s another contributing reason.
Thirdly, Taeyang hasn’t gotten into his full mode of promotions yet, and we’re a bit confused what’s going on with his MV. There is no visual representation of the song, the performance does not match with what visual representation we would see (ie. LOAM performance choreo, was like the MV…).
Fourthly, Taeyang has more mature fans than fangirls, its a known fact therefore, those fans who might spend money on the album aren’t going to go spend money buying the tracks online or voting. Whether they still support Taeyang will be seen in his album sales; which are doing pretty well~
And lastly, you just cannot compare LOAM with INAG. LOAM was the first promoted solo sing from a member of Big Bang. Two years ago, Big Bang’s fanbase was much bigger, a lot of sales and voting was attributed to Big Bang fans voting and since them Big Bang’s fanbase has changed and it’s gotten smaller. I’m not saying all of Taeyang’s fans are Big Bang fans but a whole chunk of them are and a whole chunk of them have moved on. Also, kpop has grown music more since then, we’ve practically got a new group debuting each week – and most new groups opt for a “catchy” song to start building their fan base (in response to miss A doing so well). So expecting INAG to experience the same greatness as LOAM – well, that would be a miracle in itself.

Just some of my thoughts and reasons~ I think we need to wait and see. Charts aren’t everything and I personally think it’s horrible how music is charted like that, it really disheartens the musician to create music from a personal perspective rather than pleasing the audience but they’re not the only ones. American artists do the same (how many times as Snoop dog featured in songs?). It’s all about marketing, hype and consumer preference, but none of that matters really because I don’t think it’s true music if you’re just listening to a song because it’s topping the charts. It shouldn’t be at least…

^ whoever read that is love.

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  1. You have no idea how happy I was when I saw this at YBmania. This is great news for YB. His single INAG not doing well on the charts has been a hot topic around here as of late, but like other posters have said R&B is a very tough sell in Korea. This weekend was my first experience watching streaming Korean TV and I was shocked at the difference in musical styles. YB’s genre is so far removed from what’s popular in Korea right now it’s any wonder he doesn’t crawl into a ball and cry about it. But I know internationally he’s well. When the regular edition of SOLAR is released and he can show his stuff with some awesome stages and MV’s I’m sure his profile at home and abroad will pick up. At least that’s my hope. But this is very encouraging news for his international dreams

  2. Ok ,I read it all lol.

    yeah, I mean it’s all about the hype… YG never should have said that INAG would be better than anything YB has done before (or something in those terms…).
    Although I personally thinkd the hype was worth it cause I LOVE INAG, some fans thought maybe the song was beyond perfection and when it came out, well…you know the rest.

    But it really beats me why RnB is not successful in Korea. I mean, Rain is making RnB right? and he’s like very successful so why can’t YB O__o…

    Anyway, for the rankings… I still think it’s quite good right?? gosh, I so want to be positive on this.
    Let’s be patient but if a talented artist like YB does not win at least one award with THIS epic album, I don’t know anything anymore…

    1. Yeah, I agreed theconnectio. I would be so crushed if he does not win at least one award. He worked,slaved. and stressed over how to present his upcoming album. The style that he had when he had the hit “look at only me”, he needs that sound back. That song was a hit. I like his album now but I really feel a conflict going on with the sound. YB is really trying to create a sound that would appeal to everybody. I think for that to happen, YG needs more promotion from over seas. I know it is easier said than done being that a large amount here in the states don’t listen to or ever heard of K-pop but it is worth a try. Young Bae’s natural sound is R and B. He is so comfortable when he strictly does it. It is in him. I will continue to support him.H^_^

      1. I don’t know if its our conflict more than his conflict. I mean, in his interview he said “this is the kind of music I wanted to make”. I think, it’s us fans who are a bit more conflicted because with HOT we were presented with such a raw, R&B album that we easily defined Taeyang as doing that kind of music. Now hearing, this is the music he really wanted to do, so what was HOT? I understand this is a branch of R&B he’s attempting to do and with each song, you have to really connect with the emotions, feelings and lyrics to full understand it – but do the normal kpop listeners?

        1. That is what I am wondering. Do the normal K-pop listeners connect with it.

        2. people can change, Kay. =)

          He’s only 22, trying to do many experiments searching for his own color. I bet when he made HOT, it must be the one YB was hoping to do so at that time.

        3. HOT was a Album filled with songs given to him with him in thought. He even admitted that he liked the album but also wasn’t as proud of it because he didn’t contribute by writing/composing/adding more of himself into it.

          Surely HOT was a great produced album and debut piece for him, but like he said, this (Solar) is the album with the music he wanted to make and had a bigger hand in creating it. So this style of album is what i would probably define Taeyang’s artist type from

          About the live Performance not matching the MV(b4 it was taken down that is) to me it actually does. they couple key dance moves he did in the MV and the live tells the story of the song pretty well like the MV did so i was able to relate the two.

        4. totally agree with Ralph.
          this album is what represents YB more (maybe this is just my assumption but…) because he totally involved himself in the album production. to be honest, i liked this album more than the previous one.

  3. I really hope that Taeyang songs will continue to sell. I am no master film editor or nothing but just a pure fan. I make my videos simply because I personally love everything that he does. He is a very talented artist and I feel he need better promotion when it comes to the genre of R and B. I feel that his “Hot” album had more of a R and B appeal but I guess S.K still needs some warming up to do to the genre. No matter what I will alwaysl support him and make my little fan made videos and hopefully people that never new about him before will see all the sexiness that they are missing out on. I do see him caught in between what he loves doing and what the S.K market appeals to. It shows in his album.

  4. For a solo release SOLAR is an epic album. YB shouldn’t feel anything but happiness with the final product. In the end I’m glad he stuck to his guns and made an album that he would be proud of instead of thinking of the bottom line. And if it takes awhile for peeps to warm up to it so be it. Musical integrity should come ahead of hype in my opinion.

  5. Also, I think that the element that made people love Taeyang in the first place is a little less. People love to see his fancy footwork like Prayer and oh my, The live my girl performance which I still watch till this day!! Wedding dress and where you at was great too. I think I liked the fitted hats and jeans and some of those tailored Ne-yo like suits he had. The simple outfit he wore in his live performance “where you at” I thought was sexy. It is a big culture difference where here we thrive on grown and sexy and over there they thrive off adorable and cute. R and B can get pretty sexy sometimes.

    1. That is such a good point – I often wondered if all the sexuality YB is pushing in his music scares off most fangirls. I mean, sex and R&B is peanut butter and jelly so international fans expect it to some extent, but maybe there’s just too much sexy for the Korean market? They’re much more conservative in public anyway. (That would explain why Take it Slow is not moving at all while international fans almost universally love it.)

      Is YB just too sexy for his own good? Hmmm…

      1. Well when I see the Abracadabra or Hyuna videos (among other sexy vids), I think the sexy concept has been pretty much accepted right?…

        1. I don’t know about lyrics for other songs, but Abracadabra is more about a desperate somewhat psycho woman rather than about sex (regardless of what the video implies.) IIRC, even GD wasn’t quite as explicit in his album. Solar has quite a lot of sexual references in the songs that you can’t disguise as anything else.

          Sexy is a weird concept around idols anyway since all the sexualized performances shouldn’t mar the otherwise pure image they present to the public. So they are somehow insulated from their own performances. Even YB has always kept this whole “never dated” image inspite of all the in your face sexy of his lives. This is the first time I’ve ever heard an idol out and out singing about sex (especially in something he wrote the lyrics for himself.)

        2. Yeah, but there is also a double standard when it comes to sexy well, to a degree. It is a male dominated industry. I noticed some of the K-pop women can be very sexy. Don’t get me wrong though. It is changing….I’m sorry…..Take it slow lyrics are still playing in my head! Yum, Yum!!

  6. I agree with you Kay – Charting or ranking is such a disservice to music because it is not an indication of quality or even popularity with the general population. (For example, you can outsell the next guy by 5 units and rank higher but can be equally if not more popular in reality. Look at LOAM and WG’s So hot which were promoting at the same time. LOAM won over So hot on Mnet because of votes, but So Hot was HUGE in Korea. More than LOAM I think.)

    As you mentioned, YB fans are mostly noonas and guys. This demographic will take their time buying the album rather than downloading all the singles online. The rest of the general non-fan population haven’t even HEARD the songs yet. It’s way too soon to tell how the album will do.

    1. Taking this from Soompi’s Jung_BB

      “If you check MNET’s trend report of his Solar album, a whopping 55% are from the 30+ age bracket, and 30% from the 20+ age bracket. the teenagers only account for 9%. if you want to compare it to other songs that are ranked higher on online charts, teenage fans account for 33% of JoKwon’s, 28% of Miss A’s, 33% of IU’s, even TOP had 31% of the teens.”

      -Taeyang’s audience has always been older than the teens that idol groups like BB cater two. That’s why he and not GD had an 18+ concert.

        1. Most of YB’s fans and artists alike find most of his tracks to be un/non-idol like so that’s why they like it.

        2. because his music is more fitting for men to sing or groove to unlike other idol groups/guys (no offense intended). his image is also very much different to those of other idols who obviously do fanservice to their female fans, making them look more feminine.

        3. I think that fact that Taeyang as a solo artist isn’t a typical ‘idol’ is also a major reason why he isn’t doing so well on the charts. All other idol groups can depend on their fangirls / fanboys to get high rankings on charts.

          I think Taeyang’s music and concept is more…masculine? I’m not really sure what it is but Big Bang and 2PM tend to have more male fans than Super Junior or DBSK. Groups like Big Bang and 2PM just appeal to guys more because they are more masculine and obviousley Big Bang had the whole hip hop image in the beginning. Thats what i think anyway as a male taeyang fan

      1. May i ask… are those result from Korean Charts reflects the result of who would be winning an award in music shows?

        or those are just a result of trial-listened and not real time digital sales?

        Since I am a big fan… I feel a bit sad coz Taeyang’s ranking is going down in all charts.

        Aigoo… i wish he’ll win an award next week!!!

        1. No~ charts are based on voting and listening, the actually scheme for winning awards on television shows includes album sales~

  7. As long as Taeyang Keeps his shirt off, He’ll do great!!! Gotta love the lyrics in “Take it Slow”. OMG!! “Tonight we just bounce, bounce, bounce?!!!! All grown up huh Taeyang? LOL!! Sorry. I had a fan girl moment. I support him all day and his cute and sexy eye smile!

    1. That’s my point exactly. I have a feeling that as much as YB enjoyed taking off his shirt that move is going to haunt him for the rest of his career. It’s possible that he wants to move away from that…..or at least during live performances (not when it comes to MV’s 🙂 ) As much as I’d like to see ‘Take It Show become a video it will likely be banned in Korea which is unfortunate because it’s a beautiful song.

    2. i think he needs to stay away from taking off his shirt for the most part. Like it was said, most of his fans are older women and guys. Taking his shirt off would appeal to the younger crowd but they are for the most part the most fickle people.

      I think TY needs to continue to make music that’s really relatable like LOAM and WD. A lot of the songs on Solar are really sexual which could have scared off the noona fans, lol.

      1. This noona respectfully disagrees with you about taking his shirt off. 🙂 I think he likes showing off his body and should do so in his concerts if he want to. It’s not like he does it on broadcast (cough2pmcough). And I don’t think the sexy lyrics affect the noonas quite in the same way they do the teen fangirls (who are most of BB’s fanbase by the way.)….

      2. i wonder if TY is turning away his male fans as well? i can see guys liking TY b/c his songs previously were ‘cool’ but with this album being really sexual i can see guys feel uncomfortable and turning away.
        one of the reasons i liked TY was because his songs weren’t all about sex like western music was

        1. YB has said in interviews that this is the type of music he always wanted to do. If that’s the case I guess it’s a style that we’re just going to have to get used to. At least with this album. I was taken aback when I saw INAG for the first time. In my mind I thought YB was above all this overtly sexual music, but if he truly wants to broaden his musical horizons he has to grow as an artist. As of right now this is how he wants to express himself.

        2. Na, contrary to what you think. Guys like songs like “Take it slow ” and the likes. Ask your parents or friends how many kids do you think were made to r&b/slow jam/love songs. Those kinds of jams are the tracks we use to set the mood right. We won’t be the forefront of fans rushing to go to his inkigayo/countdown live shows but we’ll get those songs to play for our girls, to se the mood or even cool out to.

        3. I dunno. I know a guy who was/is a Taeyang fan, but he doesn’t really like this album. Maybe he can use some of the songs when he’s seducing his girlfriend or something, lol, but for him to listen on his own, not as “cool” as HOT, I’d guess.

        4. As a guy, I love his music because it’s soulful, that there’s something deeper (and because he just makes good music). I still think this album has so many song that I enjoy (almost all), which is almost impossible to find elsewhere so I’m definitely not going anywhere.

          I thought the overall theme of the album was more sexual, but it wasn’t really done in a fangirl frenzy way (except for You’re My) – he’s got lots of swagger (Move, Just a Feeling, etc), which I respect.

          I can’t speak for all guys, but at least within my friend group, we haven’t been disappointed (though the album may have been slightly over-hyped)..

        5. as a big male fan of YB, i disagree. his new album did not turn me off in any kind of way. like i said, i liked this album more. it has more YB feel to it than HOT in my very opinion. if you compare him to R&B stars like Ne-yo and Usher, YB’s new album is not too far from what they do, somewhat SEXUAL BUT VERY ARTFUL! I’m a huge fan of Ne-yo and his songs definitely talks about sex but I like what he does to all of his songs. YB and Ne-Yo for me has the SOUL that can make any SEXUAL songs an ART.

        6. I’m with you. really, i hated all those western music-hip hop especially- when all they talk about is women in bikinis, women on the floor, sex, drugs etc…- i like rap but not when the subjects are those i stated.and so, YB’s songs in the HOT album was so pure and that’s why i fell in love with him (sinner!!).. but some of his performances have always been sexy, haha all that shirt lifting… but i guess he needed to please the fans.

          but he’s getting older and my guy cousins told me once that guys have this special part in their brain that is meant for sex. and i guys YB is no exception. I’m starting to embrace that part of him after this album was released. but the song he compose most importantly, is beautiful. it’s not just sex up in you face, I mean that song would make every girl feels special when they are i his arms cuz it’s like he really meant those words. peace.

      3. i don’t really think that’s the case. i think the article has explained it better in its fourth point. it’s not about the sexual lyrics which for me is not too sexual because it has sense and is very artful, unlike most of American R&B.

      4. They may be fickle people but these people get groups like Super Junior and 2pm no.1

        Despite the criticsm of the constant ab showing. Fangirls still love it. For example Rain and his Love song performances.

  8. and we love you back, stars and Folgers! im really surprised about the itunes thing. go YB go!! but yeah, it’s gonna be a hella long time for the R&B genre as a whole (not just the Koreanized version or English-speaking singers being played *rather than exposed* over there) to be accepted by the homeland.
    and it is saddening to see how the BB love dynamic can change so drastically once there’s a solo project coming out from a member, cuz YB by himself got peeps reaching to their mid-20’s (me included).
    and somewhat…this shows where the company’s were going wrong when they were trying to bring Se7en, BoA, and WG over to the western music market the last couple years: by making them sing what’s essentially demos with vocorders to hide their accents or wear outdated gimmicky costumes…the masses are not really gonna buy that shit unless (and unfortunately as it is) there were peeps that already knew about them prior to taking on the mission. YB use a bit of english phrasing, but stayed himself in INaG. And look where that’s gotten him…
    I could only hope that some inclusion in that #193 spot were buys from peeps that are non-Asian (no racial, i myself am black). I could also hope that with this…we don’t see another se7en or WG episode that they got some initial exposure (Se7en being a “New Joint of the Day” vid pick on 106&Park in and WG being in the Hot 100/touring with Jonas Brothers/TV appearances in 2009) but then fall back to Korea where they know their fanbases will be strong as fuck.
    in total, my thoughts on this is even though it will take a freaking long time to get straight-up R&B to a high level in Korea, we can say that YB helped in making the small cracks since 2008.

    1. i originally had spaced between thoughts, but WP kept coming back with an error message…so…sorry for the huge ass paragraph-ness

  9. I also felt sorry for YB when his song wasn’t on the top on those charts…But I guess if YB or YG intended to put his song on the very top, then they could do it by making catchy, easy to be addicted song.

    But thankfully YB did what he wanted, and I am very grateful for his choice. I’m so sick of catchy songs…=)

  10. heheh don’t worry about digital chart

    bonamana by super junior doing worse than taeyang when it come out because their fans buying physical album rather than digital

    1. yes super Junior are not doing good at all in any of the online charts they are not even in top 10 in all of the charts what is saving them is the high album sales

      /i hope taeyang fans understand this and stop being negative all the time

      1. Well i guess we, YB fans are just like YB himself: we’re being worried for everything (related to him) everytime :))

    2. Also I think I looked at the number of downloads he had on the 1st day (and I can’t say for sure since I can’t read/speak Korean) but it was explosive. So he should be fine in terms of digital sales.

  11. My heart is aching for YB, I really hope he’ll win an award.
    He worked so hard for this, I still adore him no matter what.

  12. On most of the music sites they let you listen to clips of the songs w/o registering (although w/ some sites you’ll have to download their player)
    I’m sure if all of us listen online this will help move his songs up on the charts slightly….

  13. I really do hope he wins at least once. He’s worked SO hard for this, and not to mention he’s been waiting for a while to go all out with this album. And @toozdae08, thank you for the info. I didn’t know that YB’s fanbase was around of that age! Now I understand why he had to hold a 18+ concert. I’m glad that YB’s album is selling so well on album sales, I hope that helps him win, because he really deserves it. Some people were pretty disappointed at this album, it’d only make sense since the majority expected something BIG from a GDYB collab + Teddy’s producing + YGE in general. I don’t think they expected something so different. This album is a lot more R&B than the hard hitting stuff like Prayer and Sinner. I think his best songs were Wedding Dress, and LOAT, INaG is definitely up there though. I hope he wins soon 🙂

  14. for me, i’m quite disappointed that his songs aren’t going UP… but i understand why… his songs are matured, matured content and for matured people… teen fan girls can’t fully understand what does he mean by take it slow… or when he sings, move, move, baby don’t stop it… of course, they’re hooked with songs easier for them to understand…

    i understand that most of his fans are in college or working right now… they’re hyped about the album as well but the hype flowed when they bought the album, put it on their laptops, put it on their ipods, put the cd in their car’s player and practically listen to it all day while working or studying… they don’t have time to vote for each of the songs… i understand coz that’s what i do…

    what matters most is that i hope and pray, BAE is happy… and it shows with all the happy faces, smiling eyes, comfortably singing and dancing on stage, excitement off stage… that he is contented with how the album came out… and his smile will last forever…

    and cmon! it’s just the first week of his promotions… let’s continue crossing our fingers…

    1. The regular version of SOLAR is dropping on Friday so anyone who doesn’t already own the Deluxe pick it up. I’m really enjoying this album so I want to help YB anyway I can.

  15. its unfortunate that its like that in korea, in the us teenagers like the matured content, especially r&b and hip hop fans.
    definately buying the album on itunes even though i have all the songs 🙂

  16. Thanks for the post, Kay. It answered all the questions I had and I’m glad I got to read everyone’s comments.

  17. Thanks for posting this. Like I said if he is competing with BIG names I can accept, but now mostly are rookie. May be I prefer IR&B, so I consider Taeyang’s song a lot better than others. Anyway we can’t do anything about the chart right? So I shall just relax and enjoy his music.

  18. I believe that things will turn around for YB. The video should be back up soon, I think they took it down because people were complaining that some parts of the video were out of sync with the audio. But what makes it worse is that some antis are going around on youtube (I won’t name drop) and coming up with all these things that would dishearten old and potentially new fans. Plus, the TaeYang we see in INAG is different than the TaeYang in LAOM and WD. In INAG, he’s happy and smiling and being surrounded by pretty models and Dara. Hence inducing that lovely jealousy factor that some fans let get to them (Ex: JiHae). In LAOM and WD, the TaeYang we see is a little more shy, withdrawn, and of course, lonely. Just like WUA, INAG is an attempt for TY to open his heart to that super lucky girl that he will spend his life with. And just like Kay said, TY’s fanbase is more mature. And with other groups like 2PM and B2ST coming out with new music in the absence of Big Bang, some VIPs will move to the current thing. Another factor is YG’s plans to show BB and YB to international fans as well. Once TY gets his promotions in full swing and BB makes a comeback, things will get better.

  19. This is my opinion about the mv. I think YG took out the video b/c it was a raw/unfinished mv as a TASTE for the fans. I believe there’s a real, clean, finish mv that will be out soon. YG is probably messing with us. I think the finish/real mv will be out once his regular album is out.

    As for the chart, I believe it’ll soar once his regular album is out.

    I personally love this album more than his minialbum. I’m still waiting for my Deluxe to come in the mail. And I’ll purchase the digital copy once the album is out on iTunes.

    Like some stated, this is his type of music and I respect it. I’m sure he’s overjoy that he finally released his type of music to his fans. And I’m happy that this album is way different from the usual Kpop. Gosh, I’m sick of tired of the usual Kpop.

  20. I’ve read your post and totally agree with you. It’s seems like all this hype YG has created for us fans may have had a negative affect especially to those fans who are expecting songs that are genetically similar to that of WD and LOAM. Fans have had time to be absorbed in all the hype, sit and dream about this untouchable album with music that all people will love and then SOLAR is released and people are thrown off. It’s not what some people may have wanted, due to the hype and time to sit and stir in their minds. Taeyang has such a passion for music, especially R&B that it may be too strong in comparison to music idols who cater their music to fit what the fans want to hear which is quite common these days, with Korean artists and other foreign artists as well.

    Taeyang is so proud of SOLAR, it’s heartbreaking to know that based on the music charts, there are people who don’t appreciate his music. I think fans need to understand where this music is coming from and all the hard work that was put into the composition of this album- from the variety of content in the songs, to the large number of people who were brought together to make this album (i.e. Teddy, Kush, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Choice 37, Swings, etc.).

    But hopefully after people get over their initial state of disappointment, shock, or whatever it is, they will come to terms to listening to all the songs, realizing the esscense of each track and learn to love Taeyang as the wonderful music artist he is.

    SOLAR and HOT are both by Taeyang but the differences are great. HOT identified Taeyang as a solo IDOL, but SOLAR identifies him as an ARTIST.

    Can’t wait for more of Taeyang’s promotions to get going, because it’s just more of Taeyang for us. And plus, he’s going to be on Strong Heart this month, which will be refreshing since he’s not the type to go onto a lot of variety shows and through his recent interviews, he’s seem much more comfotable infront of the camera and happier.


  21. like Maxwell(who is for me one of the best singers..kkk)said:when you’re 20 yrs. old, you’re just a sketch of what you’re trying to be…and as a fan of taeyang, i’ll try to grow with him…songs like take it slow may suggest things but when you hear people with the same genre as his sing songs like this, it has a different feel to it because it doesn’t come out as perverted or anything,instead, it gives you the feeling of love, longing and respect…wakekek…

    1. Speaking of Maxwell, there’s this song by him that I absoutely love. “Submerge: Til we become the sun” Its definately about sex, but it’s such a beautiful song. It happens to be one of my favorite songs by him too.

      ^^Your point exactly.

      1. ❤ I find that the instrumentation and Maxwell's singing style gives the song an ethereal quality so it doesn't feel carnal at all.

        TIS on the other hand, is a real R&B babymaker right there. The only song of his that I consider of that type. Which is why it's so surprising that its the one he actually wrote. And one wonders how he got that so right…

        (BTW, Tofu – you totally called it on the TIS post that it would be a sexy song, lol. I remember disagreeing with you then – I couldn't be happier to be wrong.)

  22. As an ‘older’ fan, it’s true that I don’t raid the polls and rabidly buy every copy of every song/album in every format. Remember the article recently when YB said that his priorities have changed and he doesn’t necessarily need to be the best anymore, he just wants to make good music that really touches people? That’s how I look at this whole thing. In my opinion, it’s not so important that he tops the charts or gets the most viewcounts on youtube. He clearly has put out a solid album that we all LOVE and continues to transcend generational and national boundaries. Don’t worry…YB is definitely here to stay, regardless of where he lands on the charts.

  23. so yeah 🙂

    first of all, congrats to YB!!! top 193 without any promotions!!! yeah!

    now, as for the charts, i am sad as well, but im really not worried.
    international fans have been praying for Taeyang to go int’l so maybe YG will see this as cue to start pushing for it.


    i think YB will do fine. considering it took some time for a lot of us here to really like INAG, i am still hopeful that the song will go up in online charts! im so optimistic, but yeah, especially since they’re releasing a new MV.
    the teaser was hotter than the MV. MV turned out cute and adorable… so hopefully, this new MV will be hot as it should be i think.

  24. I read everything plus some of the comments. Of course I love you Kay =) LOL at the Hype hype! hahaha

    I really think Bae was a bit expectant of this. But YG wanted him to top the charts, hence he wanted to change Bae’s image and/or do something extreme. That is not Bae’s style though. Do you guys remember in his interviews how he had a hard time making this album? I really think whatever step he’s taking is for the better of his career.

    I just hope he doesn’t get too disappointed with the ratings, because he should know that he has a very solid fanbase, whose not too fickle, not all girls (thanks for saying he has a lot of fanboys too), and loves him and his music.
    I remember my bestfriend told me that his korean friend wanted to get out of Korea because of “idol music” but when he got here (to the Phil where you can here “Nobody” still, Super Junior and others) he still hasn’t escape it.

    I still wonder why they pulled out the MV. Are they going to release a new one? You know the MV, for me, was kinda nice. Because it’s something new from Baebae. I’m pretty sure though it’s so catered for the teen fanbase. But’s it great to see him be cute in an MV.

    EDIT: THEY ARE GONNA FILM A NEW MV. The article’s up at Allkpop.

  25. It would be awesome to see Taeyang win a few awards here and there, but honestly I can can less. I just care that his album sold out (sells out), and he’s releasing music to his fans. I am happy he is happy to perform. And I am happy his fans and critics love it.

    Kpop nowadays is getting on my last nerves, all these poppy, catchy, corny shit. Its annoying to see groups gain fame because a portion of a song. When BB (and 2NE1, WG) left the Kpop scene, I also left with them. Now that Taeyang is back, here I am. =)

    1. I just hope responses are good enough that YGE will continue to let him release more albums. My heart quivers a bit at times because I never know when Youngbae will release another album or if he ever will again because of his commitments with Big Bang.

  26. I’m worried about the new MV, we’re all already getting hyped about this too. What if we’re getting too hyped for it like we did for the first MV and it just turns out the same…

    I’m glad he has a lot of international fans, but not so glad to see that he has to try so hard in his own country for his music to make it. He’s so talented, but barely gets any recognition for it. This is what annoys, I bet not just me, but many of us.

    1. i agree with what u mentioned.. i really wonder what do korean people actually looks for in an artiste.. i mean; look at YB, he actually worked his ass off for his album but he doesn’t seemed to be recognised by his own people.. but instead; it’s the international fans who seems to shower him with more love.. 🙂

      i just got to know that most of his korean fans don’t really like his new style of music whereas; his international fans are open to his new approach.. i personally feel that artistes should give something new or refreshing to his fans everytime they come out with new singles.. so; when YB comes out with ‘Solar’, i was kinda surprised with his music approach (but it’s a good thing).. maybe they need to take some times to get used to YB’s new music approach.. 🙂

      sorry for my blabbering.. xD

  27. I don’t really care if Tae does good on the charts. I like him and that’s enough for me. I’m not the “average” person any way and I know my tastes don’t reflect that.

    1. random but just wanna say this. I actually like reading your comments. alot. lol. seriously… haha.

  28. At the end of the day whether he tops the charts/wins awards or not. I’m completely satisfied with the album. I pretty much love/like all the songs off his album and have the whole album on repeat since it came out. Even as a Big Bang fan, there would always be some songs off their albums which i don’t like. But never with Taeyang.

    I don’t like ‘INAG’ as much as ‘Take It Slow’ or ‘Wedding Dress’, but its still growing on me and ‘girl, i need a girll’ keeps going through my head haha

    Oh and just wanted to mention i’m in Hong Kong at the moment and have searched everywhere. I’ve seen Wonder Girls, Super Junior, Big Bang, GD, even newbie groups like Rainbow, ZEA albums. But nothing on Taeyang not even the HOT album >=/

  29. i pretty much love the solar album. me and my friends are young teens and we like taeyang personally i download his songs like candy! and i do agree that its a shame for someone to have to work so hard to please his own people if he comes to america i know everyone will love him as much as i do (although thats probably not possible^^) but hang in there i know you can do it! taeyang fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

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