Sandara Park transforms into dancer for ‘I Need a Girl’ MV

Sandara Park has suddenly transformed into a dancer for Taeyang.

Sandara Park had been filming Taeyang’s music video for his first title song ‘I Need A Girl’ from the July 5th to the wee hours of the morning on 6th. Sandara Park and Taeyang had already filmed the video for ‘I Need A Girl’ at the end of last month. The fan response for the limited edition album released on the first of this month was so great that to commemorate the release of the regular edition, they are filming a new music video.

YG Entertainment representatives have revealed to MoneyToday’s StarNews, (T/N: Korean news website) “During the first music video for ‘I Need A Girl,’ Sandara Park acted as Taeyang’s girlfriend but this time, she will be a dancer instead, showing off a cool dance with him.”

“Taeyang didn’t dance in the last video, so this time he will present a dynamic and sensitive dance with Sandara Park,” he added. Taeyang’s limited edition version of his album sold out on the first day. On the 9th, Taeyang’s regular edition album will be released.

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*Sigh* And here I was hoping an MV for Superstar or Break down! Oh wells, at least we’ll have an OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for the title song!!  – lol it was about time YG released SOMETHING.

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  1. Well, Ji Hye will be a tough act to follow no matter how cute Dara is. But I am full of positive thinking….this has to be good. No really, this HAS to be good….

    I wonder if they’ll keep the scene with YB six-packing her up against the wall. Because if they get to cut scenes, they have to keep the essentials….

    1. I see a lot of people wondering what’ll happen to GD’s part and whether it’ll still remain there or not on the K-boards~~

      Hmm….it still doesn’t explain the removal of the first video LOL. Oh wells YG – this better be good!!!!!

      *angry face* x 100.

      1. It doesn’t explain why they removed the original MV. I mean, couldn’t they just have released the 2nd MV on top of the original MV? Not sure what the marketing strategy here is. BUT, at least they were able to put a positive spin on this matter: to commemorate the release of the regular edition. This might sound weird, but I’m actually enjoying all the drama and suspense and controversy surrounding this. It keeps people talking about YB and SOLAR and you’ll see how much the fans really care for him. 🙂

        1. IKR… all this speculation over a non-controversy is good for the album. If the updated MV is good, yanking it would actually end up in more attention than it would otherwise. Now we get a more splashy relaunch at the same time as the normal album drops to give it a little boost.

        2. Yep! That’s why I’m so psyched for the new MV! It’s so exciting! I’ve never seen this kind of marketing strategy anywhere, or I’ve never cared about an artist this much that I’d pay this much attention to anything that’s related to him. Let’s hope the relaunch is WAY better than the original so that all the hype would be justified! 🙂

      2. well the first music video was criticized for plagiarism so it would be understandable for YG to remove it.

        I hope the dance routine would be the dance routine he has been performing live with.

        1. Plagiarism was never a question…it was one post on one fan board with someone having too much time on their hands~

      3. YG knows better than to reduce GD completely to a voice over. But if some scenes have to be sacrificed, it may be cut a bit shorter.

        They’d better keep the wink though. And the mike stand. And the shirtlessness (y’know, for continuity with Prayer and all…) 🙂 As a concession, they can burn all his scenes with a bowtie and those solo shots of Dara with the Teddy Bear and just laying there posing. At least she’ll be doing something this time…

        1. LMAO. Agreed. I found it random when she would just lie there smiling~

          Maybe this time there’s an actual story!

          Sidewalk+Boss+Fire Hydrant exploding ala Ricky Martin in La Vida Loca …. lol anyone with me here?

        2. Do you have the idea that who voice over are GD fans? Mind you GD is just helping/supporting Taeyang. How many second GD is inside the MV. Even Dara got more sence than GD. Coz of fans like you, I lost interest in supporting Taeyang, just like kvipz.

        3. @WTH
          Please read clearly, she said that “YG knows better than to reduce GD to a voice over” – which means that YG (and probably YB) know better than to make GD’s presence completely unknown.

          Relax, no one is picking on GD~ people need to just take the time to read *rolls eyes*

        4. @kay
          I am responding to this”Make GD’s presence completely unknown”. Why do you want to make him unkown when he is featuring. I read it twice before I respond this comment. I know you also read korea board and aware that fans are concerned about GD’ presence.

        5. @WTH
          No!~ you’re not understanding and once again you read it wrong!

          What she is saying is that YG would not make it so that GD is not in the video! Why would he do that? Why would we even ask for that? Omg. This is really frustrating….

          YG knows better – which means that YG knows more than anyone else that taking GD out of the video IS NOT GOOD. That’s what we mean!

        6. @WTH, No one wants to remove GD at all. It would not make any sense. This was what both Kay and I were saying — that he has to be retained. And that YG would definitely not remove GD.

        7. @ok if this is the case my apologies then. I still don’t like the idea of Dara as a dancer.

        8. @Kay

          We can but dream of the exploding fire hydrants (it was shot at night after all) 🙂 But maybe Boss can still appear. Hey, it’s still POSSIBLE….

          YB’s wingman…..

        9. ^ LOL. Boss for the win!!
          Maybe we can hope for a shirtless dancing in the rain scene or something~~ ^__^
          such pervy thoughts

    2. agreed with everything u said bluemaid!
      Im in love with taeyang/JiHye and the chemistry they have on stage, but as long as the mv delivers, I think i’ll be happy.
      At least there’s an explanation…although it’s an odd reason.
      Nonetheless….it better be worth the wait. LOL

      1. Hahahahaha @Kay’s MV idea LOL! now that you mention Boss,i was just thinking how much i miss that cutie!! i mean seriously YB’s got to include him on this comeback i mean hello oppa!! who’s been there for ya all these yrs? at least that water hydrant exploding will make him look like a super dog lmao! Anyway,kinda off topic..(ok..not really) keke

        On the other hand im excited there’ll be more dancing,rhat’s a HUGE part of YB’s personality,altough im dissapointed bc i’d like to have Dara off the picture….she annoys me,don’t take me wrong here but we’ve got the 1st MV whit her name and pictures all over the place,it seemed to be her video more than YB’s… would’ve been wise to just re-make the vid and have Ji Hye instead,whatever im hoping they keep the choreo we’ve been seeing,it’s just stuck in my head! so awesome! Way to go Oppa!!<33

        1. For my excuse, the INAG song means YB needs a girl and in the video it’s DARA, so she should be on the spot as well as YB because in the song YB needs a girl like SANDARA! and before you judge DARA let’s just wait for the result of it because Mr. YG will not make any decision unless it will be a hit. And guys give the girl a break I mean DARA she’s trying and proving herself since day 1 and she’s already improving and why can’t you just accept the fact that almost all the Bigbang and YG Family loves DARA because of her warmth as a member of the Family. So, just cut it out… PLEASE!

        2. @chinita Thanks for your comment. If you read further down the thread, you will see that a number of people do like Dara and are hoping she does well in the MV. So no need to defend her — we’re all hoping for a success for the entire YG Family, especially YB and Dara. While not everyone may not be a Dara fan yet, who knows she just might convert them this time?

        3. So excited again with the new MV and with more dancing by YB choreographed by Shaun. Always love his moves which justifies his beautiful voice and his such smexy body.
          @irma It is so funny how can you be annoyed by the Artist who was supporting a friend and the MV was not even her concept. Maybe you should direct your laments to the PD of the MV for doing and editing it that way.
          @bluemaid The same with your comment ” At least she’ll be doing something this time.. ” sounds making it personal. Don’t you think what she did and did not do in the MV were all the Director’s order?
          Simple comments but sarcastic in nature and can can be misconstrued as bashings…
          Love YB for his talents and character, the boy does not have a mean bone in his beautiful body… I have an open mind and that is why I just do not give my criticisms freely especially when they are groundless and like pointing blames… I hope all of these heartaches caused will not backfire on YB and will cause less supporters and invent haters… what comes around goes around…

          YB fighting!!! YG Family is LOVE…

        4. @beat 2pieces
          I think you misunderstood my comment. I actually think that making Dara just pose there is a waste of her talents since there is a lot more she could be doing. And yes, this is the director’s call – not a criticism of Dara. I made a comment further down saying that having her dance and act would be a good idea since she would have more contribution to the overall MV. Don’t conclude that we’re all against Dara here, coz we’re not.

  2. Finally! YG speaks up! I’m so relieved and excited with this news. Qui had already hinted that there was a good and positive reason why the original MV was taken down. So I’m glad this confirms it. a

    and also, MORE CHOREOGRAPHY and DANCING! 🙂 Will it be the similar choreo as Taeyang has been performing in his comeback stages, with Sandara dancing Ji Hye’s part? Expect more hype for INAG MV again! 🙂

    1. Well this is a first. After the MV was removed, I was wondering now what. Just like you, I for one is glad that there will now be more choreography! Now I’m highly anticipating the 2nd version, a whole lot more than the 1st. Dara’s dance is definitely one to look forward too!!!

  3. I don’t know if Dara can do what Ji Hye does but we’ll see. I’m excited. I was hoping that they would film Superstar cause that has been doing really well on the chart. It’s my pick for follow up track.

    1. Ooh! I am so hyped to see Superstar with done up with a live band. With the whole brass line and some funky bass ala Earth Wind and Fire or Kool & the gang. With the choreography done by the line of backup singers rather than the dancers. And a really hyped up audience just grooving along…. Really old school.

      Okay, getting carried away…. I love that song.

      1. Ohhh wonderful thought. I hope he does this for his concert. OMO. OOOLLDDD SCHOOOOL I dig this idea.

        Taeyang I hope you’re reading this.

    2. Dara can dance but she’s not like Ji Hye because she’s an actress and a singer and not a Dancer by profession not like Ji Hye she’s been a Dancer since Big Bang started so it’s better not to compare the two of them because it’s not nice… Let’s just hope that she can cope up with YB because she had the skill but needs more practice and training. So please people let’s just support all YG Family, let’s not dislike one person just because she’s the leading lady of the MV. ok? Let’s be happy

  4. no offense to Dara but can we get someone sexier like Jihye or Miran,oh god it’s getting worse..sorry i don’t hate Dara,it’s just I want some hot and sexy dance..XD
    nonetheless,can’t wait for the MV and I hope it will turn out to be good and mind blowing..sigh..I hope YG will consider using someone other than 2ne1 girls in the future for whatever MVs BB will release..

      1. Oh my gosh, envy for the DARA GIRL? she’s that pretty huh? please BB love her as their NOONA so can you just love her as that? YG knows how to market her talents and as the other members they have their time, right time to shine, it’s just DARA is much appealing to producers and singers as of now so why you hate her that much if the Girl helps her fellow YG Family beyond her busy schedule…

        1. Oh my gosh, envy for the DARA GIRL? she’s that pretty huh? please BB love her as their NOONA so can you just love her as that? YG knows how to market his talents and as the other members they have their time, right time to shine, it’s just DARA is much appealing to producers and singers as of now so why you hate her that much if the Girl helps her fellow YG Family beyond her busy schedule…

        2. chinita_25 you have gotto really chill… no one is hating on anyone alright. AND WE DO REALLY APPRECIATE IT ALOT THAT DARA IS TAKING TIME OFF HER BUSY SCHEDULE FOR YB’S MV. 🙂

          re : overexposure. overexposure tends to turn me off too actually. i’m not just talking about yg, i’m talking about other companies too. eg, sm. where suju promotes snsd and fx EVERYWHERE they go (including their concerts where they parodies either fx or snsd only, always taking pictures with them only, etc). Was a suju fan previously actually. Of course, i like to see them loving their own ones, but when it gets too in your face, it becomes a turn off for SOME.
          too much of a good thing, can be bad too ya know. that’s why we have a variety of everything. think about it.

          anyway, i know you love dara, and you’re a dara fan, but really, no one is HATING.

          and YES, dara IS pretty and i (like many others here) do like her. 🙂 (i don’t get about the envy part tho, unless you’re talking bout us envying her for getting to see yb shirtless! 😀 cause yes we do! )

        3. …no one’s talking about her looks here… If i don’t like the girl,i don’t, PERIOD. Im really trying not to be disrespectful whit all the Dara lovers here,and im not gonna start whit you,this is a TAEYANG blog and like someone said you can’t just expect her to get complimented all the time. I never said i don’t appreciate the fact she stepped up and helped Bebe whit his MV,that’s cool,but she has flaws (artstically speaking) like every other artist does,even Taeyang,if you can’t handle that,im sorry…but other people just won’t be that narrow minded.

          I think all you Dara fans have been so defensive,we’re not trying to pick up fights here,it’s just tasteless…if you want to read nice comments on her,you should go to a fansite dedicated to the girl herself….

  5. Whoo! anticipating for this, so is this what Kanauru and Shaun been talking about? ;D

    I wanted some dancing involved!

  6. Awesome! Hopefully this will get some of the antis off his back for the lack of dancing in this video……since they can’t seem to appreciate the intricacy of Shaun’s choreo. Let’s just hope that Dara’s dancing will be up to par with Taeyang’s…I mean she’s great, but she’s no Minzy or CL.

    1. On another note….I’m also hoping that he’s still his playful little self that he was in the original INAG video!


    wait so did yg expect people to not like the first inag? or did he take it off because of the bad response it had and decided to make another one right off the bat?

  8. hmm, this will be interesting. if this is going to be a totally new video, i don’t see why they couldn’t leave the old one up.
    wonder when they’ll release the mv?

    i’m also disappointed that YG didn’t move up the release date of the regular album.

  9. YAY DARAYANG………………………..THIS GONNA BE GREAT……………………..guys no bashing on dara unnie plss………lets just wait and see….ok?
    u gotta keep it cool…….

  10. I like Dara a lot, but her dancing isn’t all that great. I wonder how it’ll play out. sighs if only Minji was older…

  11. I am really anticipating this… While Dara is not a dancer of YGE I truly believe that she can do it. And you guys should cut the girl some slack… She’s helping out Taeyang and practicing for him as hard as she can. She is supporting him and didn’t you listen to Taeyang’s interviews? He wanted his Dara Noona to be there. He still wants her to be there. As much as I want Taeyang to make music that his fans will appreciate and love, I want him to make music and express his music the way he wants to. Let him express himself. He was sooo depressed last year. Shouldn’t we be happy that he’s actually being so giddy and happy right now? I know I am…

    1. And if you don’t want Dara to be dancing in it, I guess you better tell Taeyang coz he surely wants her to be in it… 😀

        1. Pointing out that Dara’s dancing might not be up to par with Taeyang’s =/= hating.

        2. No one’s hating. Just stating (their opinion that is)…

          Those doubting Dara’s dancing abilities – give her a chance to prove herself people

          Those defending Dara’s dancing abilities – chill. You’re in a Taeyang fan site, can’t expect flowers and chocolates for Dara from everyone~~


      1. Umm lemme pick up the phone and call the man himself right now.

        Okay I apologize for the sarcasm.

        I think you’re misunderstanding a lot of people here. They’re not picking on Dara just for the hell fun of it, but I think a lot think the chemistry between Ji-Hye and Taeyang are really irreplaceable from what we’ve seen in ALL of their performances together.

        I acutally don’t even know what Dara’s dancing is like because I, well, don’t really care for her. (I don’t have to like her do I?) I have a big girl crush on Ji-Hye so I natural am rooting for her. She’s smoking.

        This is not suprising because it wouldn’t make sense if they took Dara out because lots of fans would be disappointed. Some goes with G-Dragon.

    2. We’re all still allowed to have our own opinions. Dara is arguably(?) the least talented dancer (And singer) in 2NE1 so it’s natural for some of us to ponder how this is going to turn out and whether she’ll be able to keep up. They probably won’t do any challenging choreography for that very reason, which is a shame.

      1. Yup! All opinions are welcomed. But, at the end of the day, Youngbae still wants his Dara noona to be in the MV with him. 😀

      2. the least talented of 2ne1 ? but arguably the most popular member of 2ne1 who by the way has helped a lot with the hype of your idol’s album….so just be grateful for once…taeyang and yg know best than all of you guys,,and im sure yg being a great businessman surely knows where to put his money into….unluckily for you guys ,,not into the best dancer or best singer of 2ne1 but to the most popular and beautiful member of 2ne1 and that is Dara….who happens to be the only choice of taeyang..

        1. Everyone wants Dara to do well. She hasn’t had a chance to show off her dancing in the past so there are obviously doubts as to how it will turn out. But for BOTH her sake and YB we want her to do great.

          No need to defend her, the fans here are prepared to LOVE her if she makes YB look good. And who knows, this might be the chance to convert any non-Dara fans out there….

        2. I agree, being a fan of Dara and not really YB but I ordered his deluxe CD in yesasia and bought his $1.29 song in itunes. I just think that YB fans should at least be respectful of Dara for being part of YB’s MV. I know at least 2 of my friends who are Dara’s fans who pre-ordered his CD’s and planning to support him in itunes too but its not helping if we see comments like this.

        3. @aigook: you’re absolutely right… Dara is very supportive with all the artist in YG Family, so please stop the negative opinions and just wait for the MV and if it will come out awful as what you’re all trying to say well I think that the most stupid decision between YG and Mr. YG to put DARA on the video but guys take not if it will work out, you don’t have any right to bash her again… DEAL?

        4. @dizzuk
          i can relate to ur post
          i like GD a lot too but i bought his album because of Dara. ^v^
          but im supporting YB for YB. Dara is a bonus for me!

  12. im glad YG is finally releasing an mv for INaG but Dara as a dancer? no offence but ummmm… not sure if want….
    I would rather have JiHye as the dancer; she and YB have so much chemistry ❤

    1. If you don’t want it then please tell Taeyang that you don’t want it coz he surely does want his Dara Noona to be there… 😀 And as his fan… shouldn’t we be happy for his choices?

    2. Agreed, she would be great (Since my dream of it being Aimee are shot to hell hehe). The chemistry between him and Dara was just awkward rather than sexy. I was surprised and disappointed.

      1. me toO! I think they look akward together though I adore 2NE1…there’s alot more chemistry between JIHye and TY…

      2. Dara and Ji Hye were working with Young Bae using two different technicalities inherent in a medium: acting and dancing. They also portrayed this medium using two different characterization. Dara’s was introverted while Ji Hye’s was extroverted. Although the same music was used, it was interpreted at two different points of view: that of the director and of the choreographer. Thus, chemistry becomes subjective.

    3. i have been following this thread lately and it seems soon after the solar debut its full of negativity…why dont we just be happy for YB..and for the fact that Dara helped him for this music video instead of complaining and asking for someone in behalf of her to dance with YB, why dont we just wish her all the best.

      1. having an opinion does not equate negativity.

        having an opinion that does not match yours does not equate negativity.

        voicing your criticisms and analysis for your chosen artist does not equate negativity.


        1. i know your opinion is your opinion, no one could dictate what you want to say and what you want to express. i dont mind if it does not conform to my beliefs and judgment but i would like also to say that sometimes we need also to be sensitive. the issue is not about the appearance of dara, etc, but what i am trying to say lets be in YB’s side, hear him and feel him, be with him , in everything he does why dont we just support and fact we could be a critic but not putting others down because he/she for us is not as par as to this person.
          anyways, good luck YB!

      2. AMEN! Gosh I am really disappointed in you guys, are you really a fan of YB’s. YB want Dara in the MV, don’t watch the MV if you don’t like it, it’s noy like YB will die without your support.

        1. Dara’s going to be in it whether we like it or not – we know this and are just speculating since she is not primarily known for being a dancer. (She has different strengths as a performer. We know this and are NOT bashing her.)

          If you are new to the site, you have to know that we discuss a lot of things here. All the regulars are polite about it even if we don’t agree. The only thing we have in common is that we love YB but WHAT we like and HOW we react to things are different. Sharing opinions among each other can help us consider things differently, especially if people have good reasons for their opinions and take the time to explain.

          The fans here are awesome and are ALWAYS supportive of YB. That doesn’t mean we have to be brainlessly uncritical of everything he does. From what I’ve seen, YB fans on this site are largely intelligent, thoughtful, open and mature regardless of their age. We have high expectations of YB, but know that he has a lot to improve on. And we are excited to see how he will improve and are willing to go along for the ride.

          By the way, we also tend to write LOOONG comments compared to other sites. It helps to read the comment threads well before reacting since as a group our reactions can NEVER be reduced to simple spazzing or bashing.

          Off my soapbox now.

        2. this is fansite for taeyang’s fans so obviously all those here would like him to do well. they are just voicing their concerns that’s all. no need to be rude.

  13. O-M-G!!!!

    I cant wait for the release of the new mv!!! The first mv was already nice and now that another mv is in the works… With more dance scenes and sandara in it…WOW!!! I’ll just have another heart attack!!!

    This is another moment for us that likes SunDara!!!

    Hope they release thr new mv soon:) anticipating!!!!

    And with the album sales i thi k taeyang is doing great:) he’s happy coz he is able to sing the songs he likes and believes in and to make it number 1 is just icing on the cake:)

    taeyang is a great artist, devoted and all heart:) live this guy!!

    1. @ Ace Dy: this is a real fan.. not bashing on someone and trying to congratulate his FAVE ARTIST… yeah I’m new to this site and I know how to be a fan, we all have freedom in expressing our own opinions and comments but giving the Bad and Negative side of other Artist is Bashing or Negativity for the
      Artist… if you don’t like the fact that Dara is in the MV giving her Dance moves just don’t watch the MV just watch the live perfomances of YB together with Ji Hye because you guys love their chemistry… that’s it

      1. Just because someone is critical does not make them a bad fan.
        Just because someone is critical does not mean they are bashing.
        Your arguing with everyone here who has a different opinion does Dara no favors. Please accept that not everyone shares your views of Dara and are entitled to voice their opinion. We respect that you like Dara, but you also have to respect that not everyone does.
        As mentioned many times earlier, the results will speak for themselves. Some of us may change our minds once we see the final MV. But until then, everyone is entitled to POLITELY voice their opinion, in favor or against or anything in between on any topic related to YB – including his working with Dara.

  14. Oh this will be interesting.
    Dara can dance, I remember watching a predebut dance practice of the girls

    So, I’m sure she’ll be good. But I wonder if they’re going to use the same choreography as the live performance or change it up a bit.
    I’m excited though. I can’t wait to see the final product since the first one was a disappointment.

    PS: I feel a bit bad for Dara. This is the second filming she has for an MV within in a space of a few weeks and now she has to learn choreography and be able to deliver it well or YB fans and non fans will diss her if she doesn’t. Good luck to her.

    1. I know. Dara now has a lot of love from me considering how hard she’s working for Taeyang. I’ve always enjoyed Dara because she’s such a nice girl, seeing her put in this much effort is amazing.

  15. oh well.. about minzy or Cl/?? to be chosen.. i don’t think it wouldn’t make any difference if minzy is older coz yb will still choose the person close to his heart. and that is DARA noona.. 🙂 hihi..

    hope this time, the MV will meet the expectations of Yb’s fans.. ❤ ..!!!

  16. Taeyang should have opted for his original dance partner (JiHye) in the MV instead. I saw Dara’s pre-debut dance (dancing to PSD) it was okay but not at par with JiHye’s smooth and graceful moves. Anyway, they can always edit and do a number of retakes, right? And I think Dara will push herself harder to the limits… or maybe Shaun can simplify his magnifico of a choreo…

    And I have to sigh with you Emi, if only Minji were older…

    1. Yes, nothing against Dara or anything but bb Minji would be amazing. ❤ I've been wanting to see Minji and YB dance together (or against each other) ever since those pictures of them running together lol.

    2. His original dance partner is Ji-young :D. and he doesn’t really fit the image of the girl for this part heh.

      I’ll just wait and see how this mv goes YG hasn’t really disappointed me within the time i’ve been following them.

  17. wahhh! news finally!
    i have been waiting
    but the reason? sure?
    im not convinced 🙂

    but Dara!!! yes! im happy!
    i love them both!
    i hope she does great
    aigoo, i see some… it’s ok
    ill watch the video first

    Dara fighting 🙂

  18. OMO!
    finally! i wanna see some dancing on the VIDEO!
    they’ll make a new one?!!!
    can’t wait to see it!

  19. i think dara is still in the MV since they used her in the first MV. the second MV is probably more of a continuation of the first since afterall, nothing really happened in the first MV between the two.

  20. Why are some people acting like we’re hating on Dara just because we acknowledge that she doesn’t have the best dancing skills out there? Taeyang is someone that’s known for his dancing, so of course if his music video is all about his dancing….we’re going to want his partner to be someone that can handle the level of dance moves we’re already expecting. We bring up Minzy and CL because they have proved to be awesome dancers. We bring up Ji Hye because she’s Taeyang’s go-to dancer. She’s the one in all of his videos and the one he’s paired up with in the concerts…..Also, half of us have girl-crushes on her!

    So please stop saying that we’re all being negative or that we’re bad TY fans just because we don’t accept everything he says/does immediately. TY himself said that’s why he likes his fans….because we’re able to tell him the truth about his actions. Whenever he’s unfocused, he’ll see what his fans are saying to bring him back into the game. I don’t think he would appreciate us loving everything he does just because it’s him doing it.

    Sorry for the rant but some comments (not just in this post) were starting to annoy me.

    1. amen to that!
      ppl would’ve said the same if, let’s say, Bom were to be in the mv. no hating going on here, just ppl expressing themselves in an open and honest site.

    2. *claps* haha..YB likes it when people critic him, that means people really care about him and his work. I recall him saying that. If some of his fans think that Dara isn’t the greatest dancer in the 2ne1 (yet still looove Dara) they’re criticing her..not hating. also they want the best for YB that’s why they have said that..nothing more. to some people the 1st MV was a doesn’t make sense to make the 2nd one a disappointment as well. I love Dara..i agree she isn’t the best dancer, I prefer JiHye =) But if YB wants Dara, then I’ll support him.

      ps. to be honest, I think if someone were to only compliment when it’s only half-assed done…just means that person doesn’t really care..but when someone really gives you things that you can work on is more of a compliment because they honestly care.

    3. worrrrd!

      “I don’t think he would appreciate us loving everything he does just because it’s him doing it.” <—- completely agree with this statement.

  21. Finally, YG will be releasing the new music video for Taeyang’s tital song. I guess with the whole thing about that one scene which is essentially like 3 seconds long that was claimed to be similar to a scene from Pharell’s N.E.R.D video (which it is), it’s best if they remake the music video.

    I think alot of fans were looking forward to a music video with more dancing since this is Taeyang were talking about, and now hopefully with this new msuci video, fans were be happier than they were with the first one?

    But I wonder if their going to refilm GD’s parts or maybe they’ll cut and edit and make the new music video using both new and original scenes?

    Dara unnie isn’t the greatest dancer, but I have seen some instances where her dancing isn’t that bad. And I’m sure she’ll want Taeyang’s video to look good, so she’ll push herself extra hard to do well. And with Shaun’s guidance, I have faith in Dara unnie.

    When will it be relased?!?

  22. never thought that this thread is full of negative vibes….why don’t you just focus on buying Taeyang’s album so you can help him win a music award or at least his standing on the charts….
    positive vibes would help , you know….

    1. bet you that those who are complaining don’t even have his album but instead do the free download….hehehehe

      1. Don’t really understand what you’re talking about?

        bad vibes – nope don’t feel em~
        complaining – nope don’t see it… all ATY regular bloggers have been polite and sensible in their comments, I only see Dara fans getting defensive when someone comments on her dancing. Why did YG release this statement if he didn’t want people talking about Dara’s dancing? He should have stopped these sites from reporting the news in the first place if her fans were going to be really sensitive about it.

        Taeyang has dancing abilities that even JYP envied it’s only fair his fans question Dara’s abilities to keep up, that’s not saying she wont ACTUALLY I’m looking forward to seeing her prove everyone wrong~ I’d love it if she did amazing cause then I could add her to my list of fav dancers in kpop~~

        1. hmmm..and yg should have gotten someone else if he didn’t like Dara’s dancing……that;s why he reported this because he is proud of his talent and proud of Dara.

        1. pffffffffffft enough!.we are here to support YB, and the rest of YG family! when’s the mv coming out? gawd…be positive, good karma awaits to those who think positive. YB and Dara worked tremendously for this, lets relax and wait until YG drops the bomb.

      2. thats really disrespectful to say. i think that you need to chill a little and move on. no one here is bashing dara, in fact we want her to do well. ive been a fan of her ever since shes been an actress. i dont understand why you have to be so immature and say this. honestly i dont think that dara is up to par with the dancing skills that teyang has even though i love her to bits thats just the reality but it doesnt mean that we are putting her down and dont want her to do well. i actually want her to do well.

    2. @ aigook

      Welcome to ATY! As a newcomer, you may not know that we really are really opinionated, critical and demanding of anything YB related. But we do it because we love YB and in no way diminishes our support for him. Like a mom who corrects her child, we can love him inspite of pointing out what we don’t like or agree with.

      Same applies to Dara. A lot of the fans here actually like Dara, and some are even shippers. So don’t generalize. But if we can recognize YB’s weaknesses, we also know that Dara may have hers. But as I mentioned earlier, we are rooting for her and want her to do well. We want her to do SPECTACULARLY. Especially since she’s doing it for YB.

  23. as much as i like 2ne1 a lot, i also don’t think Dara is the strongest dancer to be paired with YB. however, i think because she was already his ‘love interest’ in the original INAG music video, she has to be the one to dance with him.

  24. big sigh….this is now becoming a battlefield…lol…keep this in mind:words are powerful, so let’s all be cautious…as for me, i want to say more but i’ll just keep it simple…i love them both, and i can only wish the bestest of the best for the two of them…chillax people…lovelovelove…=)

  25. And I have to sigh with you Emi and Sujini…. if only Minji were older…… still YB choose dara to be part of his MV.
    If we really Love and support YB…..please respect his choice anyway Its Taeyang oppa’s MV and not ours..and if some of you doesn’t like Dara unnie…. and you want Ji hye, CL, Aimee and MInzy… make your own music video and feat them.. peace~~!!!!!.

    Taeyang Oppa…I’ll support you no matter what..can’t wait to see the music video.~~! YB FTW~!!!!

  26. finally, more choreography in the video… and finally, an OFFICIAL VIDEO to shut up the negative vibes…

    i hope dara lives up to expectations JiHye has put up… it’s not that i don’t appreciate dara’s dancing but JiHye has showed a lot of chemistry with Bae… it’s going to be tough for dara… well, her consolation is that Bae will surely help her get on the groove…. plus, dara is working very hard… she’s just so lucky to be with Bae… all her filipina fans that loves Bae will be dead jealous again… including me!!!

  27. oops. you had it already. hahaha.

    Anyways. I can’t wait for the MV! But like you I wish they have released an MV for another song instead. Like Just a Feeling, Move, Superstar, or Breakdown, or After you Fall Aslepp, You’re My, or Take it Slow (yeah I just enumerated all the tracks without an MV). Hehehehe.

    Dara’s dancing is not so bad you guys. Plus I think she really wants to help Bae. That girl is just too supportive of anyone. (I’m still praying though you bring Bae to the Phil Dara, c’mon, hahaha)

    Since we all got too hyped for the MV, I’m gonna throw out all my expectations and just wait for the MV. Because I love Bae (and Dara and GD) ^^

  28. Hi.
    Since we’re on the topic of disappointment, I will speak about disappointment. I’m a little disappointed that this is a blog I write for and invested a lot of time into and I don’t feel comfortable reading the comments or commenting here anymore. Something is seriously wrong with the picture here.

    Thank you to those readers/bloggers who really understand us and get what ATY is about and where we stand. Thank you for supporting us. We keep you in mind everytime we make a post.

    1. Aww Tofu…it’s just growing pains since there are a lot of new commenters who just react before reading or may have trouble with English slang. ATY has gotten so popular it was bound to happen. (Err…congratulations?) Please don’t get discouraged. And don’t stay away…we’d miss you too much!

    2. Tofu, get your butt right back here missy!

      LOL. kidding.

      I don’t know why people come here expecting this to be like every other fan site~

      1. Y’know it might be about time ATY came up with a little code of conduct pasted on the front page. Something like : “All opinions welcome but leave your guns at the door.” or “Bashing is when criticism is only meant to embarass or hurt, or is unreasonable or rude. We don’t bash here, but we do criticize.” or “This is a Taeyang fansite. He is nice, polite and hard working and lives good music. Just like us.” Or “This is a Taeyang fansite. All outsiders welcome. But come with an open mind and open heart for YB. That’s the only thing we have in common.”

        Or something….

        1. That’s a good idea. It’s actually tiring that every time we express our opinions we have to defend ourselves against people who take our opinions as “hating” and “bashing”. I don’t appreciate being called as a false/fake YB fan just because I have opinions on his choices. I can still love/support him AND have opinions, right? 🙂

          I enjoy reading the comments on the ATY posts because I see how much we as YB fans are diverse and have different perspectives. Tofu and Kay are doing an excellent job at providing this venue for YB fans to get together and discuss openly. I hope we can all respect that. 🙂

        2. @Amanda – OF COURSE….

          We take out so much time to write these long analysis and comments for our artist~ I mean, you have to be a fan to want to do that!?

        3. YES! Sigh. I guess people have different definitions of being a “fan”. I like ATY a lot because I see some healthy discussions and really constructive criticisms. We all love and support YB, but we air out our opinions and concerns since we always want him the best for him. I’d choose ATY over other fan sites that only sing praises and compliments on everything YB does. 🙂

  29. LoL he released the info?!
    but dara is trying to dance well for the sake of the music video though. I see them practice hard with the guidance of shaun. Ji Hye was helping out dara also.

    1. HAH! Qui, we kind of guessed from what all clues. lol.
      Welcome back to US of A! But I’m sure you’re missing Korea right now.

    2. is he not supposed to? haha…
      it’s cool that dara is trying her best. well, am anticipating the new mv now!! 😀

    3. “Ji Hye was helping out dara also” ok music to my ears,at least she’s trying to catch up some of that JH flava lol..welcome back famous Qui (not being sarcastic at all,i mean it!)~~

    1. I think it will be intact. I think it will really disappoint GD fans if he wasn’t in it. And it would be weird to have GD’s rap, but not see him. lol.

    2. i’d say, that there would be even less vips supporting him if Gd’s part got cut. I’m sure they would let it be there.

  30. Hmmm…after all of these comments…I just have one more thing to say….

    “Can’t we all just get along?”

    No one here is trying to bash on anyone. We all love TY….while else would we be here? We just want to see him succeed in all of his endeavors. Anything we say should be taken as our own personal feelings; we certainly don’t expect everyone to feel the same way as us.

    To those that are bashing each other, for whatever reasons, let’s just call a truce hmmm? We are all lovers of kpop….of YG family, so let’s act like one kay? Like a family, we should all support each other, even if we don’t always see eye-to-eye.

    Also….Kay and Tofu….you guys are awesome!!! Don’t let hurtful comments get to you guys because most of us love and appreciate you!!! We are so thankful to you guys for creating this wonderful blog so it hurts me to see you guys hurt or disappointed….

  31. dunno why but i prefer choose JiHye

    bu if YG and Taeyang want sandara in that Remake MV

    i have no problem… i can still enjoy…

  32. You know the best thing about Shaun’s INAG choreography is the storytelling aspect of it. As far as actual steps go, it isn’t difficult though the blocking is unusual. What really makes the dance is the expressions of the dancers, and the way they act out the story. Many have observed that it is like a musical and that the acting is what made it work. I agree with this. In fact, JiHye has danced with YB so often we almost take it for granted that she will be partnered with him. She only stood out particularly well here since she “acted” her part so well so we all took notice.

    In this particular aspect, I am excited to see what Dara does with the role. Dara is really good with expressions – its a major highlight of 2ne1 performances for me. And she is a decent actress in film too. Now that she has something to do in the MV more than just posing, I think she can really improve the overall feel of the MV.

    And to those who feel she was awkward with YB in the first version, I think the problem was that there is a line idols cant cross unless they want to upset jealous fangirls/fanboys. Dara couldn’t lay a hand on YB or vice versa (especially in the shirtless scenes) without causing a minor/major scandal. But the dancing should be okay. So I have high hopes.

    1. I love Shaun’s choreo from the very first time i watched the performance. really. he’s a genius at that.
      the dancing should be okay. yeah i second that. but the chemistry between Ji Hye and Taeyang is really great, they’ve always look like a real couple. Could Dara and taeyang creat the same chemistry, or even better? i’m doubting it but i’m keeping an open mind still. I’m not gonna expect anything from YB anymore. (Did that for the music video and album but none came close)

    2. You are absolutely correct on how it is suppose to be a musical. It was what shaun said ahaha. He wants to change the game of Kpop but he always does with his dance steps, concepts and what nots. YG ent is pretty much gonna dominate the kpop scene….especially with the upcoming stuff…so stoked!
      i was suppose to be on set for the music video shooting =( but the tickets were to expensive to delay another day.

      1. Hi Qui! Thanks for all your updates! We’re dying to ask you 10,000 questions but are holding back so you can get over your jetlag….

        But any little tidbits you want to share would be great. 🙂

    3. *high five* keke everyone should jus give each others a hug lol getting worked too much kekekeke =P . @QUI haha I knew it the dancing was awesome!!!

  33. Whoa, I just stopped visiting the site for a few days and it’s suddenly a war zone O_O (Okay, that may be an exaggeration.)

    One reason why I love ATY is that majority of the people who visit are actually sensible. At the risk of sounding a bit elitist, I normally don’t engage too much in online forums or communities in my other fandoms because I get turned off by fangirls who know nothing but flail and rant without much substance. I am guilty of that occasionally (aren’t we all?) but for the most part I try to say something meaningful about a certain topic. I’m actually glad I found ATY, because I know that whatever comment I post, it won’t fall on deaf ears.

    With that said, I really hope that everyone who visits here will be respectful enough of the views of others. Even among TY fans, we don’t always have the same sentiments but we keep an open mind about things. That’s what makes the whole thing work, I think. At the end of the day, we know we want the best for Youngbae and that is what keeps us together.

    1. At the end of the day, we know we want the best for Youngbae and that is what keeps us together.

      ^ yup *nods head*

      I almost think of us as bitter old grannies who like to nit pick everything YB~lol. Yes we go overboard sometimes but that’s the fun, that we can take this person we love and see all 360 degree’s of him through his fans~

  34. okay, y’all
    YB got the last spot for ‘TOP 30 most handsome artists list’.
    Dang, i gotta say, those who voted needs glasses cuz in my list, he’s no.1. of course, i’m bias hahah but he is handsome, more than SOME people who have higher places in that list.

    1. OMG i totally went “whaaaaaaaaaaaat D:¨ honestly how can YB be the LAST? 30th spot….uh huh,don’t think so,im not being biased here BUT just look at the boy,for God’s sake….i guess that’s what they need to do LOOK only at him lmao XD ~~

      1. I know right?? how can the kkap dude beat him to it??? That list is soooooooooooooo….=.=’

  35. I love 2ne1 but let’s be real here and take our fan-goggles off.

    The only reason Dara is so popular is because she was famous/known waaaaaaay before 2ne1. She is the least talented in the group, there really isn’t an argument against it if you watch the rehearsal vids. She wasn’t even supposed to be in the group to begin with. YG was just gonna use her as an actress.
    AND it only natural they use the most popular girl out of all of them to promote YB AND 2ne1 stuff that is going to come out soon. It’s a marketing strategy, nothing else. Some people look way too deeply into things.

    1. she may be popular to her Filipino fans but im sure she has gained a lot more since being a member of 2NE1. for sure she has many followers in Korea, China, and the states as well. it is evident she’s the most popular even in Korea because she gets the most media mileage. even with 2NE1’s hiatus, she still is talked about.
      but u are right.
      in acting, it will be Dara who gets picked.
      in singing, Bommie.
      rapping, CL
      and dancing, Minji.
      CL and Minzy are both great in singing as well.
      however, i do think that it was a personal choice of YB to have her as his partner since theyve been good friends even before BB’s debut.

      1. first of Im a big fan of Dara and she’s the main reason i’m a die hard fan of YG right now…I learned about all their artists because i was interested to know the entertainment she’s in to…and yes YG won my heart because they groomed best talents in Korea, they signed in Dara so it means Dara had it…every artists collaborated by her i will support all the way too…yes i know YB is really a talented guy and he deserves recognition…do you think with this negativity against decisions he made for his album will support him or help him???
        Dara made an effort and still pipol bashed on her…well we dara fans dont care, and i know YB loves Dara being friends for long already so you fans including me just support his album…

        I am still praying that YB’s album will be album of the year…i don’t understand why good music and R&B are not that appreciated…sigh!!!

        1. i told myself to avoid ATY for a while but cant help it lol
          i too am a Dara fan first before BB or YG
          i dont think im a rabid fan but i do really support her a lot. so maybe i am. lol
          anyway, i just wanna say that even the great YG couldnt say no to Dara. he had considered her for acting. GHS had shared that she was a singer first until YG asked him to try acting. see? this is what Dara’s determination does to her.
          i think as Dara fans, all we really ask is that YB fans don’t bring her down. because she has added to the hype of his album by starring in his MV and mentioning him on her me2day.
          it’s ok if u dont like her. coz i know there are plenty and it’s pretty normal.

    2. Actually, the fact that Dara can act really works for her being in the MV – what is needed is an actress, not a singer or dancer. She’s not the best dancer in 2ne1, but she’s probably the best fit for the kind of dance concept they have which is based on acting.

      And Dara’s charm and appeal counts for a lot too. He bubbly personality makes her a good fit for the song and the mood of the video. And she’s certainly a good contrast for YB, who’s well known for being shy and serious. Her popularity certainly doesn’t hurt either.

      If they can pull this off, I think it’ll be a win-win for all the fandoms involved. 🙂

      1. yeah, my hips cant lie to this song, im sure it is the same for Dara. lol
        i am really excited. i hope she doesnt hold back because i kinda felt that. maybe coz YB is so hot and so close. lol.

    3. “The only reason Dara is so popular is because she was famous/known waaaaaaay before 2ne1.”

      Arent you forgetting Bom? She debuted earlier with two collabs with GTOP but that didnt give her much of an edge, regardless of her vocal skills and sexy image in 2NE1. Yes, Dara was known even before 2NE1 but her popularity was only limited to the Philippines. Definitely an added plus in terms of experience but could only go so far in the grueling and highly competitive envt of kpop. Dara’s popularity in Korea now cant just be attributed to her past career. She’s gorgeous, charming and lovable. International fans just have to accept that Korea loves her for the whole package that she is.

      Least talented member? Arguably true but talent becomes relative when you lack the charm and physique. In Kpop that is.

  36. Dara is preparing for step up movie :}}

    TY has always been a good example. A promising artist and new cherry on top for a world of cuteness kpop, it is not easy to break the trend but he is somehow starting to turn it over. He has always been good. Gotta buy his INAG in itunes. :}}

    I’ve been letting my classmates and friends listening to INAG and they like it. I need to persevere them to but it on It’s okay for me to comment here right?lol

    anyways, the new INAG MV is gonna be a blast!

  37. I was one of those fans that was taken aback by the original MV. I have to admit that I wasn’t prepared for the image overhaul I now saw in YB. It took a few views of the original MV to change my mind. The live performances have been a huge treat for me because I’ve always enjoyed YB’s dancing and I think he has great chemistry with his dancing partner Ji Hye. I’m keeping an open mind that Dara can add her own flavor to the choreography that Shaun created. That’s why I love his work so much, because it tells a story. It was the reason why I love and still dance his LOAM choreo to this day. I missed YB’s dancing in the original so if that’s the concept they’re pushing for in this new version I’m on board.

  38. hey sorry i’m a bit out of topic here but i think it is important because, i just checked ibigbang and there was this “TOP list for handsome guys in korea” and guess what number taeyang …………….(30)
    1. Minho- SHINee (2494)
    02. Jung YongHwa – C.N.Blue (2129)
    03. G-Dragon – Big Bang (1774)
    04. Jokwon – 2AM (1648)
    05. Taecyeon – 2PM (1249)
    06. KiKwang – Beast(1099)
    07. Nichkhun – 2PM (1045)
    08. Kim HyunJoong – SS501 (1044)
    09. Jonghyun – SHINee (886)
    10. Dongho – U-Kiss (880)
    11. Doojoon – Beast (843)
    12. Onew – SHINee (699)
    13. Key – SHINee (670)
    14. TOP – Big Bang (623)
    15. Taemin – SHINee (561)
    16. Hongki – FT Island (511)
    17. Yunho – TVXQ (321)
    18. Jaejoong – TVXQ (257)
    19. Junsu – TVXQ (247)
    20. Daesung – Big Bang (240)
    21. Thunder -MBLAQ (235)
    22. Seungri – Big Bang (156)
    23. Yoochun – TVXQ (156)
    24. Heechul – Super Junior (148)
    25. Siwon – Super Junior (145)
    26. Kim Joon – T-Max (141)
    27. Soohyun – U-Kiss (130)
    28. Youngsaeng – SS501 (99)
    29. Changmin – TVXQ (75)
    30. Taeyang – Big Bang (67)

    i mean can we do something abt it …… this just made me depressed………………………………………………………..

    1. YB’s always ranking low in these types of polls. His popularity isn’t as high as those other idols because he’s about his music first and foremost. But don’t worry YB, you’ll alway be #1 in my heart.

      1. i dont understand why though………….
        i just feel bad that if he(taeyang) sees this than it might make him feel bad………………..i just feel>>>>>>> :[
        i just feel so anrgy and sad…….why ((((((((*_*)))))))))))
        but ya he will always be number 1 in our heart……ALWAYSTAEYANG………

    2. why dont you just sit,relax and wait for the new mv..
      dont judge dara u dont know what she can do..
      and dara is just helping yb.. we have different opinions and watever on r minds but please have some respect.
      dara doesnt did anything bad to you people dara is just doing her job! i bet dara doesnt like the idea of working with yb just look how ackward she is on the 1st mv……
      and fangirls shud tnx dara for not touching yb even once..
      aigoo! grow up people… be professional enough!

      1. huh???????
        wat ????
        im not talking abtt why dara is in the mv……i am well excited abt the new MV and i love the fact that dara is in it………and i dont think i disrespected dara or YB…..i just think u have misunderstood me………..
        i was talking abt y taeyang in number 30 in the poll

    3. handsome just a point plus but skill and natural talent is TRUE FACT OF LIFE : ) so don’t worry taeyang

    4. Silvertear, They ranked Taeyang at number 30?!!!! I can’t believe that he is last!! He is fine as hell!! I know why, because he doesn’t have that K-pop look 100% He has a hip-hoppish African-American swagg in how he dress walk and talk. He is doing R and B which some S.Koreans are still trying to digest. I love Big Bang and for their differences. G-dragon and TOP are cute as hell but the clothes they wear are sometimes to much. The fans over there love this look G-dragon is considered a fashion Icon. Daesung wins em over with traditional Trot when he does sing solo and seungri “The cute maknae” is your suave confident Justin Timberlake who’s style isn’t too R and B. Taeyang really is the only one who does have that American swagg. What is funny is that TOP and G-Dragon has it too but I don’t see them use it anymore. Remember when they first came out and they were all hip-hoppish and had songs like “foolish love and “until whenever” or Forever with you? The songs sound like something I heard over hear at home! There are a lot of elements that Taeyang has that don’t completely fit the K-pop scene and he is fine as hell!!! I think he has the best body in the group and have the cutest smiling eyes on the face of the planet! The fact that he is #30 on the list depressed me too.

      1. sheliene 12, dont u think that GD is overrated, i dont hate him but the fact that he is always on the spotlight and he always seems to overshadow everyone just makes me wanna hate him……..(sorry, but dont hate me for him, iam just a depressed fan)

        1. first of all, its not his fault that the attention is always on him, tht he seems to overshadow everyone, and secondly, try to follow him, then u’ll understand the leader.. he always tries to share the attention he received with the other members.. being his and BB’s devoted fan (which means YB included) i know what im talking about.. peace.. XD

        2. @rose
          i agree with u
          some people are just born having it
          i used to be a huge fan of GD but ive laid low coz i found fangirling him is so unhealthy. lol
          im now more into YB coz i totally enjoy his music compared to GD (i love some of it, but it’s not what i can find myself always listening to. im still an RnB girl by heart). but im saying that GD has a way of making u go crazy. lol.

    5. since i don’t agree with this kind of list where my Bae, our Taeyang ranks the lowest… i created my own list:

      1. TAEYANG (lol! ofcourse… he’s my number 1)
      2. Jung Yong Hwa
      3. G Dragon
      4. Kim Hyun Joong
      5. TOP (coz of his TURN IT UP video)
      6. Seungri
      7. Eun Hyuk
      8. Daesung
      9. Hee Chul

      that’s about it since i don’t know most of the guys on that list up there…

    6. well. you guys gotta give fangirls some credits. lol ^^ Kfans are obsessed with polls. They have been doing polls like every week or even more often in way too many sites online. haha
      You see how on Earth Minho is number 1 ? No offence to Minho. But there are a lot more handsome guys than him for sure. Dont take it too serious though. You may consider it Real when some of those well known and reliable one like Gallop poll or Arena doing on that topic and we can clearly see what K netizens think of their idols.

  39. @bluemaid : agree with everything u said abt Dara. To me, I don’t see what’s the big deal having Dara, though I can understand why pple are getting heated up over the choice. She may not be the best dancing machine but I’m sure the big bosses and Sean wld have consider all things b4 deciding on Dara.

    And to the dara shippers, take it easy. Though maybe once a blue moon, 1 or 2 users here may get a bit testy perhaps due to pms or adolescence blues or what not, ATY is mostly a peace loving blog where even though we may not all agree with everything, we disagree/discuss in a healthy manner but most importantly, we are all here for one sol reason – Taeyang.

    After all, Dara or not, we will get another new MV to look forward to! Can’t wait!!

  40. ok, not so into the fact that dara is going to be a dancer just for the new remake of the MV. didnt see no need to remake the MV cos it was already AMAZING! couldnt tell with any plagiarism cos some people really gotta quit causing shit for others! yeah i dont think that dara could match up to ji hye either, cos she’s like amazing. so seriously, dara, im not to fond of that , lols! she’s pretty, i’ll hand her that, she certainly doesnt look 26 or so, lols! ♡

  41. Well, I don’t know anything about the Dara girl other than she looked awkward on the first MV.

    But then again, the whole thing was a mess, so I guess I’ll just wait to see how good of a dancer she is before saying anything else.

    Hopefully, this time the MV will be worth watching just like LOAM, WUA, Prayer, and so on…

  42. Abt the list, I really don’t take this kind of thing seriously anymore but can’t help but lol at Jokwon being No 4!! I love Jokwon cos guy sure can sing and is so damn funny but handsome????? LOL~~

    And Key winning TOP and Taeyang!!!??? Get real!! ROFL~~~

  43. yeah, wasnt much dancing in it. but i really enjoyed the fact that he was smiling and looking cute. i think dara was just made to do her job, but still dancing is not her strength, i think dara is like more of the acting industry than to be in the singing industry. she’s an amazing actress, just not so great at singing or dancing, thus she is the most popular in the group. personally i love CL & Minzy, the more dancey adorable ones, they have great talents, CL is amazing at rapping, & park bom has the voice of an angel, & then theres dara, she’s pretty & popular. so yeah, kinda my view on 2NE1 members. LOLS♡

  44. Dara can dance. The steps are not extremely difficult to learn. It is not like she has to break dance or anything!LOL!! I think she will do fine in the remake. I just hope that they don’t take out the shirtless Taeyang parts!! Hahaha!!! LORRRD MERCY!

  45. uh? my first time to post here and this is my opinion. Taeyang is really good in everything he does…. that is given. YGE is known for their over the top marketing strategy…..that’s a fact. So why we should bother on who should be and not in the MV? Why should drain our wits in extracting reasons that she/he must be like this or that? I mean, let’s wait for the MV to come out and from there we start giving our opinions. YGE has been in the industry for so long now…. who are we to question or think who’s better to cast in the MV? I bet YGE see something that we missed out. bcoz of our OTP’s [let’s face it].. chillax guys, let the MV speaks for itself and let’s refrain from saying anything that we might regret the moment we see the finish product. And besides YGE don’t choose their talent by mere beauty only…. one should have the talent and the x-factor, and I think they’ve seen that in both Dara and Taeyang together….

  46. omo, i thought i am in AKP?? ahahaha!!

    well good luck YB and Dara..!! show `em what you got..!!
    show `em the chemistry that they are looking for..

    i know dara can pull it off.. !! and don’t worry people..dara is most loved in her hometown.. so international fans does not matter anymore for me..:)

    kekke 🙂 and i think YB should work hard to please Knetz.. hihi.. not that he is not loved but he should take gd’s advice.. !! interact more with the audience and look `em in the eyes..!!!!

    good luck DARAYANG… ❤

  47. I’ve been a silent reader for the past few days or after taeyang release the MV INAG to be exact, I always visit ohdara, alwaystaeyang, dara ang taeyang soompi thread. Like some of you said that the fans of taeyang knows how to criticize and made comment to his performance, and taeyang gladly accept that criticism to be able to improve his performance, maybe some of the fans of taeyang are very familiar with this kind of situation and I think that as fans it’s your OBLIGATION or business to sometime make a comment on his abilities and performance, and I respect all of you, for that. But in the case of DARA is different, your approach with TY maybe is not applicable with dara. To criticize her abilities, compare with other 2NE1 member or with other dancer is not your business even she’s involved with MV of TY… Dara has solid fans, and some of them are reader of this thread, just be sensitive to the feelings of others. They are fans and it’s very obvious that they will stand and defend their idol no matter what… As far as I know when I visited their thread, they did not criticize TY or any other artist, they are just focus how to admire and accept their idol… As fans you are the one who will understand them. WE can’t do anything, because the MV is already finished and also the songs are in the market… Once and for all try to focus on taeyang album rather than criticize his partner or his song.

    Fyi, I like both of them and I respect each other opinion, I’m just trying express that please try to be sensitive with others. And please go hand in hand for the album of TY (both fans of DARA & TY).

    Thanks and God Bless…

    1. Dara fans are always welcome here. But you have to understand how this site works – everyone is free to post their opinion. Everyone is free to disagree with one another’s opinion. The only thing that remains constant is we deal with each other politely and with respect. Respect means that we accept that we all think differently and that sometimes we have to agree to disagree.

      Some people here like Dara. Others do not, for various reasons. Others can like her but not see how she would be good for this role. These are all valid. I have not seen anyone bash Dara here. By bashing I mean just trying to be hateful about her or by being rude. Saying that they think she is not the best at something is NOT bashing. Its just how they feel, and saying that is OK.

      If you feel that some fans are too sensitive for this type of atmosphere, then I am sorry. But we cannot change the spirit of this site to suit them. Perhaps they are better off not reading this thread? Which would be a pity, since I think a few well chosen words of why you feel Dara would do well in this MV might convince some other readers to change their minds. But calling other commenters names, or saying they have no right to their opinion would certainly not change anybody’s mind.

      We know we cannot change the mind of YG regarding this issue. But we are certainly free to talk about it. We’re mostly friends here and that’s what friends do right?

      Its nice to know you support YB. And as I mentioned before, all of us are rooting for Dara too. We want everyone in YG family to do well. Why not?

      1. I respect you guys, really, you have been doing an awesome job all throughout and I appreciate your effort in trying to handle this situation but I have to say that you’re somewhat being cocky up there.

        1. I’m not one of the admins, by the way, just a regular reader. And I wasn’t trying to offend, just the opposite actually. Sorry if it came across as being cocky.

        1. The admins here aren’t cocky they are mature adults, but by looking at your writing you seem 10yrs old. Next time you feel the need to comment here drop the caps lock.

        2. Cocky? The cocky one I see here is you. “PEACE OUT AND BTW YOU NEED TO THANK DARA FOR YOUR GINORMOUS SITE HITS FOR TODAY.” if this is not cocky I wonder what this is call. =___=””

        3. aigoo!! what was that for? the admins here aren’t cocky,,and no need to say those things i’m a fan of dara but don’t say those things your just making dara have more haters.

          p.s. i love yb! and yes i’m also a yb fan and a lurker.
          peace out!

      2. @bluemaid I had been lurking here for a while because I love YB and trying to find a home for my fangirling. I think I did not misunderstood your comment, my reply is just an opinion so no need to be defensive. I apologize if I offended you. And I DEFINITELY DID NOT CONCLUDE that you are all Somebody’s Haters here. I will not mention any name in respect for the person. There are so many fans here who are lovable and level-headed. But when I scanned all the comments, some of them are not even YB nor INAG MV related already, they are just mere direct insults and not even opinions. I am afraid that even this site is being used by other Haters and letting or allowing that happen should not be tolerated. Even the person’s past, age and being the least of her own group are being mentioned which has totally nothing to do the MV and YB. This can be an open opinion site but should not be other Artists stone-throwing arena. A part of being a fan is being responsible and protecting your idol by any means and people he loves and who truly supports him. We cannot be selfish, irrational and alienate others.
        My second and last comment, not the fansite for me… Well, I am just one person less…

        Note: As a YB fan, I apologize to those who are offended and please let us all support the new MV and the regular edition of SOLAR… YG Family LOVE… Fighting!!!
        Spread YB love…

    2. Okay, let me first state a few things before I dissect some parts of your comment piece. I am not a Dara hater nor am I a huge fan, but there are things I like about her. After all, 2ne1 will not be 2ne1 without her, regardless of how people perceive her talent in whatever field (it’s been mentioned too many times here). And I love 2ne1 as a group. Take 1 member out and it’ll be too different.

      To criticize her abilities, compare with other 2NE1 member or with other dancer is not your business even she’s involved with MV of TY…
      Not our business? The mere fact that she is involved in YB’s video makes it our business. After all, she’ll help promote him. If she doesn’t do a good job (but I’d like to think otherwise) then that’ll affect YB in some way, even if he did ask her personally to be in the MV. For all his talent, no person can say that YB makes the perfect choice in every single scenario. You can’t blame some fans if they think that things should have been done differently. People have different tastes after all. But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop supporting YB.

      Dara has solid fans, and some of them are reader of this thread, just be sensitive to the feelings of others.
      Conversely, Dara fans (and probably also TY fans) have to toughen up without coming off as too harsh or childish. For one thing, this is a Taeyang fansite. And while we welcome almost everyone who has an opinion, new visitors have to get used to the fact that some people are here just for Taeyang, and may have negative views about other YG artists. I personally believe in YG Family love to the point that I like all YG artists, but others may not share the same sentiment. So I guess we all have to be prepared for those kind of things.

      Fans are focusing on his album no doubt, and criticism is part of that focus. After all, we criticize not to bash but to help him improve.



  49. i think. the better way to handle this is to close the comment thingy .. so that people will stop commenting.. wahahah..

    just stating my opinion.. !!! kekkek..

    it will be an endless battle between fans. so there.. just close this and wait for the MV.. 🙂 😉
    hihi ❤

  50. LoL fanwar !!!!
    Alwaystaeyang becomes 2ne1 members comparing site. To be honest I don’t like dara or any of 2ne1 feature in Taeyang mv. Jihye is already perfect for him. No offence to them but this is just my personal opinion and preference. I wish YG will never do this again to any of BB and their solo album.
    I find 2NE1 a bit overrated. I don’t like them tagging along BB. It will be much appreciated if they are 2NE1 and not a replica of BB/ female BB.

    1. they’re both under the same company and we all know yg family is tight so it’s not impossible for them to work together or work along with each other. 2ne1 “tagging” along bb?? lol. everyone knows it’s YG who makes the decisions.
      thinking that 2ne1 is just a replica of BB is a bit being narrow minded im sorry. 2ne1 is 2ne1 and i say they’ve already proven their worth through the numerous awards they’ve received and the various compliments they got from different people. 2ne1 and BB may have a similar “feel” but still, they’re different. they’re both unique. it’s actually funny that im explaining this. haha. if you really are a yg fan, you should know what im saying.
      can we all just support them?? im sure BB and 2ne1 would love to see their fans supporting them as much as they support each other like a family 🙂

  51. i hope Dara’s dancing skills are a good match to Taeyang’s~

    Also, i cant help but think that the new MV is not just to commemorate the success of the Deluxe version because having read here and there that Korean fans didn’t exactly like the first one, maybe YG thought its best to show off YB’s dance skills like the past ones(also a better liked mv is bound to help listen to the song more)…its just a random thought but i have to say i’m happy there will be another version of the MV! 😀

  52. I hope the mv delivers…but how about the what-ifs? We just have to wait and see…yg has a lot up on his sleeve…all the works for taeyang:) nice! He really takes care of his artists and gives them a chance to be part of the planning…taeyang has given and shown different parts of him from his past songs and i like his new image which is happy, light and cheery…but i do miss his shy and seriousness sometimes…but golly, when he smiles esp in the INAG mv, it’s like a burst of sunshine:)

  53. reading some of the comments here made me feel a bit sad.. especially the one saying she’s really annoyed by dara.. 😦

    nonetheless, please continue supporting her and YB.. thanks you..


    1. *thank

      I was referring to this comment BTW..

      “..she annoys me,don’t take me wrong here but we’ve got the 1st MV whit her name and pictures all over the place,it seemed to be her video more than YB’s…”

      please don’t get annoyed with dara for simply following what YG wants to be in the MV.. she is totally not at fault here.. 😦

      1. to anonymous: i think the person who said she is annoyed of dara is jealous of her. she prolly cant stand the fact that dara’s face is all over her lovely yb’s video..

        you know im starting to think that some people here prefer that jihye girl coz if SHE’S in the video, there won’t be much scandal since she’s not an idol unlike sandara. i’m pretty sure that the second video will create kpop ‘scandals’/darayang suspicions..and yb fans prolly wont like it that he is gonna be paired up with another idol~~

        so thats why they prefer her, not jus coz ‘ooh, she’s a better dancer than dara’

        I BET U 100 BUCKS IF IT WAS A DIFFERENT GIRL THAN SANDARA AND SHE ALSO DOESNT HAVE ‘DANCING EXPERIENCE’, it wouldnt have been as big as this so called ‘war’ we’re having on this thread~ :/

  54. To be honest I agree with hazel.
    YG should find A list actress such Han hyo joo or Lee hyun hee instead .Dara is not the same lavel as Taeyang. I think YG use taeyang to help 2ne1 comeback. Because still 2ne1 cannot beat SNSD now in Korea.
    * Dara is 26 , then should let her do something more precious at her age better than up load m2day ,so pathetic

    1. The last sentence there was not necessary, and was pretty mean. A lot of people like her M2days, me included. What does age have to do with it? Its not like she’s hurting anyone.

      And its too soon to tell if any other actress would be better – I think she could do a really good job since she actually has both the dance and acting training.

    2. that was uncalled for. i agree that i don’t think she’s the strongest dancer but hopefully she proves us wrong as YG has chosen her for the mv. i do enjoy her me2days.

    3. i forgot to add that, i am actually a 2ne1 fan, and i only got to know big bang after liking 2ne1 *ya i must have been living under a rock hehe* so let’s just hope everything works out well! especially now that i read so much about taeyang from alwaystaeyang! much adoration and respect!

    4. your comment was really unnecessary…… taeyang was the one that wants dara to be in his mv and dance with him… and 2NE1 doesnt need help from taeyang either cuz in KOREA 2NE1 is more popular than TAEYANG as a sololist… i noe most of TY’s fans wont agree but 2NE1 is probably consider as the top 3 girls idol group now among WG and SNSD… and since when does age have to do with updating ME2DAY… so are you telling people that is over 25 to quit me2day?…. DARA is the ME2DAY QUEEN afterall… without dara and gdragon me2day wont be as popular as now….

    5. what do you mean she is not the same level as YB? get your facts straight my dear…i am not defending dara here but am also defending YB’s choice and you brought uncalled remarks by bringing girl groups here, bashing 2ne1 and dara which in fact YB and these girls are from the same company. if YB is helping with 2ne1’s comeback then why should we questioned it, its a two way process..when bigbang debuted seven and the rest of the YG artists were doing it too. im sorry dear but who is pathetic here?

    6. WTF? First of all, SNSD debuted 2 years earlier than 2NE1 so it’s not fair to compare? And actually, according to the Hanteo charts, 2NE1 surprisingly sold more albums than SNSD last year. 2NE1 came in 3rd in sales for 2009 only next to G-Dragon (#1) and Super Junior (#2). That’s one freaking amazing feat considering that 2NE1 only debuted that same year.

    7. wow, you’re RUDE.. sayin her life is pathetic coz of her me2day’s and that ‘she’s too old for that??’ i bet u never got to have fun in ur life, sorry im just sayin the truth. her updates r not pathetic, it’s called LIVING HER LIFE. she’s 26, you know and that’s still young. just because she doesnt have a kid or is married like some 26-year olds today doesnt mean her life is pathetic, if that’s what you meant by ‘doing something more precious with her age’

      man NOW i really feel sorry for dara, its comments by peoplelike yuh why she has to always try hard to prove herself. everytime she tries to do dancing and singing, people r soo quick to judge her.

      ugh and i HATE when people compare snsd to 2ne1,so dont even get me started on that stuff. sure their popular but for them it takes showin off their body :/

      i’m gonna shut myslef up now….ALLOF US NEED TO STOP BEING LIKE THIS……coz it WILL hurt taeyang too…it might turn people away from him who are jus starting to be fans of him..more love aand less hate

  55. For god’s sake, ppl loves dara when she gave signs on the MV before TY official comeback in Me2Day.. now fans become anti-dara?

    I am sure everything YG and TY decided is about promoting the album the best they can. So let’s us just support watever he does and stop criticizing! VIP loves TY too much but please stay rational! I am sure TY wants us to love and enjoy his music rather than arguing on the controversies


    1. I think ppl are just over reacting from peoples criticism. I wouldn’t call the fans anti nor bashers as their statements are not even close to that. There is too much comments stating the same thing over and over again and from the jest of its mostly people surprised at the sudden inclusion of the dancing. To me it’s just a preference thing as I think many people expected it from the first MV but now they made a statement talking about another MV with dancing which could have been easily done the first time around. Personally I don’t really care who he gets paired up with as long as the MV flows well. Of course all this was probably done for marketing purposes so who really knows lol. Anyway can’t wait for the MV. ^^

  56. *Yawn* LOL, man this is crazy lol srsly I think ppl are just getting worked over something so minor. Since I both stan the hell out of Dara and Taeyang this joint collaboration is like a win win for me. From my perspective it seems a lot of people are just stating as to why Dara was chosen to dance when someone with more experience could have been better suited for the job. Although I can agree to some extent that Dara’s dancing might not be up to par as the resident YG choreographers/dancers I still want to see how it plays out because as an entertainer its up to you to take challenges that is given and perform it to the preferred style and then some. Sure everyone “wants” the “best” but hey what do I know unless you personally do your own choreo, planning, stage, concept then hey your above us all lol. Haven’t seen the MV yet and im hopeful that it turns out good and some misunderstandings could be set aside and just enjoy unless you really like working yourself up then go ahead do it lol. Anti/bashing blahblah hmmm I don’t think people are doing that at all but then again some people have a strong vocal opinions of the disappointment which could be interpreted as hate and or bashing but I guess it depends on the persons point of view. Anyway whatevs do what you wants I’m happy for the MV lol maybe in the future people will too kekeke.

  57. I’m pretty sure many Dara/2ne1/GD/Big Bang fans are mad pissed at Taeyang’s fans right now, including me. I love all YG family equally and I like the fact that they all help each other out and many fans take that for granted. The fact that many Dara & GD fans are also supporting Taeyang and YB’s fans are bashing those artists? Dara gave the most publicity to the MV and you guys know it. At least give her credit for what she has contributed to the MV. Why get pissed at Dara when YB & YG are the ones who asked her to feature in the MV?

    Yeah, Dara’s not the best dancer out there but it’s not like the routine itself is that hard. Chemistry is more important than her dancing skills. Her dancing is just decent. It’s not like she doesn’t have any rhythm at all. Just because you guys don’t like Dara, don’t start bashing her and start bringing the rest of the 2ne1 members.

    I really didn’t get the GD vs YB fanwar before… but now I get it.
    Here I was, trying to advertise Taeyang’s song at Dara’s & 2ne1’s fansite… I didn’t even see any criticisms or negative opnions at Taeyang or their coupling & I come onto this site and YB fans are so rude at Taeyang, YG, GD, 2ne1 & Dara. Whatever. I still love Taeyang but the people on this fansite are just plain arrogant & rude.

    1. “I come onto this site and YB fans are so rude at Taeyang, YG, GD, 2ne1 & Dara. Whatever. I still love Taeyang but the people on this fansite are just plain arrogant & rude.”

      firstly,you do know that YB and Taeyang are the same person right? O_O

      Next,please don’t judge everyone here as Dara-haters because to be honest not everyone was bashing her,i for one do like her and i’m sure many here do too.However there are some people who seem to dislike her but that’s just their opinion,we cant change how/what they think so don’t call a whole community of fans “plain arrogant and rude” because that’s just unfair and untrue.

    2. noone is hating on Dara here
      we just discussing if Dara is the right choice because we has never seen her dance properly before
      even Taeyang got criticised by us in other article, so does that make us his haters?
      no because at the end of the day we still love him but just because we are his fans doesn’t means that we can’t voice our opinion

      i don’t mind Dara to be in the MV but i just don’t like the fact that some people already claimed that TY should be thankful blah blah that Dara is helping him to get more popular,and they only bought the song/album because of her

    3. “I still love Taeyang but the people on this fansite are just plain arrogant & rude.”

      Isn’t it a little rude to say that, I mean, everyone is entitle to their own opinions. I’m a Taeyang’s fan, and I have nothing against GD or Dara, heck, I love SunDara. To say we’re rude just because you’ve read some of the comment is a little ignorant, don’t you think?

      1. @Skyhigh:
        “firstly,you do know that YB and Taeyang are the same person right? O_O”
        – Of course, I do & no, I’m not saying everybody here are Dara haters, that’s why I said “SOME people.”

        No. There are people bashing her on here. Yes, there are people on here who gave criticisms, but some of those are just really uncalled for. Someone called her pathetic and useless at this site. Some people even went as far as bringing the other 2ne1 members, comparing & bashing them.

        Yeah, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and I just stated mine. Maybe it was a little too harsh but I was really pissed at the time. Also, I’m not really referring to all the people on here, just the very rude ones.

        1. @Kim- OK then if you think only some hate Dara then why call the whole fansite “plain arrogant and rude”? that’s my point,its not fair to stamp everyone with that if its only some that’s pissed you off.

  58. I’m starting to fall in love with I need a girl, so if they did create a video with more dancing I would totally love this song even more!! I wished they did a video for his other songs b/c they’re so good just like ING. But oh wells, I can’t expect so much from YG, but can’t wait for it to come out! Thank you ATY for the news weekly!!!

  59. WowXD
    This is intense>.<

    Wonder when the MV will come out…ehehe.
    Definitely cannot wait!
    This is so exciting!….right?…hello?xD

  60. I think we’re being a little hard on Dara here…if you take a look at the past music videos, no lead female has ever even like danced with YB…Dara’s the first and I have to give her a lot of credit and props for trying to match YB in the standards. I think we need to not speculate so much on how she’ll dance until we’ve seen it.

    Now I love Jihye – she is an amazing dancer and I think YB + her on the stages are great. And here comes my shallow comment (don’t kill me), her face isn’t extremely pretty and just doesn’t sell as well as a major actress or Dara’s fame. In the end, the real YB fans don’t really care, but it’s a money-making industry so it does matter. For instance if you told me some random dancer for Ne-Yo or Usher were in a video, I’d be like ok…so what…but if you told me Keri Hilson or Alicia Keys or Rihanna were in the video, I’d be 100x more likely to see the MV. So, I think it makes complete sense that Dara is in the video and I expect her to do a great job.

    Anyways, my opinion: this video is going to be sick – to have a major female lead dancing next to YB (or any major male korean singer) in an MV hasn’t happened before and will be making this video reach that next level. Can’t wait.

    1. i agree,there’s no point prejudging Dara’s dance skills to be really bad compared to Taeyang’s because we know she’s not THE greatest dancer but we need to see what she comes up with,i mean gotta give the girl a chance before saying anything coz you’ll never know she might be better than we expected…never judge a book buy its cover…

      i do hope this MV turns out to be EPIC! 😀

  61. wow…this is crazy. all i want to say is hurry up and premiere the new mv…lol. thats all i care about. i respect anybody that is willing to try and give it their all. GO YG FAMILY!!!!!

  62. (I’m back from the holiday!! ^^~) after reading all the comments, I guess I really should get a smartphone to RSS on ATY…. lol~

    anyways…. It’s good to hear they will have a MV for INAG, altho I do like the 1st one, and personal… I think

    TY + Dara: cute couple, both are shy and young, reminds me of teenager lovers in highschool/college, it’s like TY’s “first love” lol~

    TY + JiHye: not sure how old is JiHye, but to me, they are more of a mature sexy type couple… make me think TY is older than me….lol~

    conclusion: can’t really compare Dara with JiHye… because both ladies give me different impression… therefore I think TY/Dara dance will be and should be different than TY/JiHye~

    Do we know when will the new MV come out yet??? *can’t waitttt!!!*

  63. What! One of my wifeys is dancing with TaeYang! Noooo! She and the rest of 2Ne1 are mine!

    On a serious note, I can’t wait for the next MV!
    I’m not to worried about who is dancing with who. They know what they are doing . So, yeah. I’m just going to wait for the next MV.

  64. I just want to say thanks, to all our regulars and even those silent ones who dropped in to mention the type of site we are, whether people who have never been here understand it is up to them~

    This is called ATY for a reason, it’s a Taeyang site. So if you expect anything but him, then you shouldn’t really be here. Don’t expect crazy fangirls in here, or sunshine and roses every morning from us…because we don’t do that here, never have and never will, although we have our fan girl moments once in a while (~lol)

    What you can expect here is a level of maturity from our regular bloggers. They are the most exceptional people you will meet when you come to kpop fandoms, in my opinion, and I don’t exaggerate. We provide news, they analyze it, dissect it to pieces, contribute their thoughts and you know what we do here – we respect it.

    If someone came here saying “I really hate the way Taeyang dances” you know what we’d do? We’d go “Oh really, you know, can you tell us why you think that?” and we’d actually listen – we don’t bash you if you say that, and we don’t expect you to love every bit of Taeyang with your body and soul. No, save that for your boyfriend, girlfriend, mama, whoever you want really…but yes, seriously, that would be my first question to anyone who posted that here. We’re not fans who will jump on anyone’s back to defend their idol – to me that’s shows insecurity and I am in no way insecure about Taeyang just like other fans shouldn’t be about their idols.

    To those who think we’re being cocky or arrogant – I’m sorry, but which sites have you been to before that makes us seem cocky? There isn’t anything here to be cocky about. Being intelligent enough to discuss and talk doesn’t make you cocky – it makes you a fan. You don’t have to be here or comment or discuss with us, but while you are here, we expect common courtesy and the ability to listen to others. If you can’t do that, then by all means, no one is stopping you from clicking that X button on the top right corner of your screen~

    1. Kay, well said. ATY, is like my second home. It hurts me to see this site be in the center of all this hostility. Everyone has different views and things to say, that’s a given. So in the end, all we can do is just talk and agree to disagree. Something that, I believe and truly feel ATY tries to aim for. This site isn’t designed to disrespect anyone,especially TaeYang and he stands for, is just a place to openly talk and discuss things.

    2. Thanks Kay, you’re awesome ^__^
      This is funny, I feel like every time we have a hot discussion, people think we’re rude.

    3. Kudos to ATY staff! 🙂

      ATY has always been part of my YB fandom. Although I rarely give long comments and join discussions, I appreciate and respect those who give their opinions on anything related to YB. I’m just a little sad these days because there have been a lot of negativity instead of having so much happy vibes since he has released such a wonderful album but I know Mr. Sunshine will always make our days brighter whatever happens! 🙂

      Kay and Tofu Fighting! 🙂
      YB Fans Fighting! 🙂
      Taeyang Fighting! 🙂

      On a happier note, would anyone know YB’s schedule for this week because I’m excited to see him perform again on stage… thanks! 🙂

      1. Janelle Marie Fighting! 🙂 (sorry, i forgot you… hahaha 🙂

        To everyone in ATY Land, Fighting! 🙂

        1. It’s alright. 🙂
          Mnet documentary ‘Legend of Taeyang’ on July 7th
          YB will be filming Strong Heart on July 8th
          YB will be appearing on Sketchbook on July 13th

    4. A level of maturity from your regular bloggers? I just want to point out one thing. There was a blog post here and in the write-up, the original poster commented “ummm Sandara…you’re a little too close there.” First of all, it wasn’t Dara getting too close because she was just standing there. It was actually Taeyang getting too close to Dara instead but because of that one line, there were negative comments towards Dara which she did not deserve. I wish your writers or bloggers could be a little more neutral.

  65. oh my! a lot of new comments since i last checked… and a lot of people don’t get what DISCUSSION means…

    oh well! *sigh*

  66. Well I was too late to read all your comments guys (2 hundred are too much for me!! LOL) but I read some of them…
    anyway, I really don’t know what’s up with the YG crew, I mean they had like a year (I’m exxagerating a little bit) to film ONE and only MV with a good storyboard or whatever…and when they’re done filming it and releasing it (after some hype of course) they remove it right after YB dropped his album???!!!
    All these efforts (and money waisted) for…what?? Is this a marketing trick or something cause i’m REALLY surprised about that move…
    Of course we’ll never know about the real reason of the video removal and I’m kinda frustrated…

    And why do I always have the feeling that when it comes to “market” or “sell” YB’s songs, something bad always happen… anyway though I love the previous MV, i’m looking forward to see the new one…
    Let’s hope EVERY FAN will be satisfied which is like…impossible lol

    1. You make a good point – they did have a whole year to film this MV with a good storyline. Well here is to hoping this MV makes up for what’s been going on with his whole comeback~~

      1. If anything this latest action by YGE has shown me the power of K-pop fans. Don’t like a video the company who created it will forget it even existed and will shoot a new one. I’m happy that the new MV will be showcasing YB’s dancing. He can dance with anyone he wants to as long as he’s happy with the final product. I can’t wait to see the new MV.

    2. Contrary to Kay I find your point a bit off. We don’t really know exactly when INAG(song) was recorded for them to go into the planning of what kind of MV they wanted for it. Added with the fact that when making a album you go through a ton of songs before you choose your title song, figure what image you want to go with it, what choreo(if needed) then what kind of storyline for a MV time would be a bit less. Seeing as it was shot mid/late June also, It could be assumed that they didn’t work it out till then (Though I may be wrong).

      Side note:

      Now I honestly don’t know if it was a marketing trick, cuz like you said it would be a waste of money in those production costs, But I figured YG was probably discontent with the end product after seeing the final choreo for the song and wanted to redo it. You could say he did almost the same for Wedding dress when they came out with the YG edit version. I know it’s a business but we need to stop thinking YG is always trying to trick us or gives fishy marketing for YB.

      Most of YB’s marketing lies with himself, I know management needs to do their part and they do, But when compared to other members he doesn’t really put himself out there. A simple thing like me2day gave hype to 2ne1 Gummy GD and Daesung cuz they each went on their own to promote like that as well as going on a variety show here and there (some more than others). And like YG said he’s cool with it, if you wanna go, go, If not he’s not gonna force you to go do it(varieties i mean). So that’s less exposure YB has given for himself. Sure his music is good enough to gain fans who like that type of music, but honestly if he wants more recognition he needs to stick his face out a bit. Sure he’s “Big Bang’s Taeyang” but that doesn’t help him get closer to fans like say Jokwon who just goes on a show makes a face shakes his butt gets a few laughs and a few more people interested in him.

      Even the biggest stars World wide had to do their own grunt work promoting styles any way they could even if they were from a big time group, its just a part of the game. Too bad there are no more shows like Xman/loveletter, but well losing track of my thought thats my rant for now.

      Btw, Who cares if Dara is in the MV. If her Dancing didn’t cut the bill YG would Cut her from the vid. lets just wait and see

        1. Well I can’t help but thinking that the marketing part of it is quite fishy. All these aspect you mentionned like the choreo, storyline etc…should be figured out or thought through waaay before the vid release. ( I mean, that’s just my opinion, considering that I don’t know anything about the entertainment industry)

          And IF yg wasn’t satisfied with the final product, well don’t they have like preview sessions or whatever to see the video and figure out whether releasing it or not if someone is discontent??

          Anyway I do agree with you that YB needs to expose himself more on variety shows or etc. He might not be comfortable with it but I think it’s an essential part of the job.

      1. I completely agree with that part that he does need to do his own marketing IF and this is just a IF, he is interested in garnering more fans….Yes, sticking his head out a bit more WILL indefinately help him. That’s not to say he should go on more variety shows (lol, I’m a self-proclaimed variety show junkie so I would love it) but I think that….there is no HARM in it. Many big stars do it, there’s nothing bad about it besides maybe just letting fans have more of a look into your personality and your reactions to situations – all in all I think its fun…

        There is mysterious and then there’s too mysterious LOL. I just think that YB is super halarious, he just never has a chance to show it, and that’s what I want to see. He really does the most random things and doesn’t even need to try ~~ gah. someone put him on WGM please! (I will continue my protests because I am convinced YG is listening to me ~LOL)

        1. See the mystery intrigues me. If YB doesn’t want to stick his neck out more to self promote they’re fans like me who will to learn all they can about their favorite artist. But that’s my quirk. Not all people are like me…… 🙂

        2. ^ LOL. Naw, we love the music, variety and comedy is just a bonus….. personally, I think him and Boss should have a variety show LOL…”The Adventures of Bae and Boss”

        3. Right, stick em with BOA so they won’t have much problems with Japan Korea conflicts. Or someone who’s promoting over there.

        4. ”The Adventures of Bae and Boss” <—- That would be such an epic show, I would pay to watch it.

      2. Young bae would care. There were already rumors as far back as the Wedding Dress promotional period that he wanted her to be in that MV.

        Also, Dara’s dancing has to be considered in the light that she arrived from LA only that weekend and did not even have a full day rehearsal before she was rushed with a jet lag into filming.

        And let us not impign on a mindset that she has to dance like Ji Hye because I don’t think she has to. She will have to give it her own style and interpretation. Like singing.

  67. Kay & tofumon,

    thank you for making this site! and to the regular bloggers thank you for contributing in the comments! I really love coming here and reading people’s different thoughts and opinions. I like reading the looong, analyzing comments, not so much the spazzing & fangirling comments lol (but it’s nice to read some once in a while) ^__^b

  68. I can’t believe aty was a center of hostility! And you guys had to waste time in frustrating ):

    Aty fighting!


    but this is why I love this website. Were respectful and opinionated – we also want the best for taeyang.

    and that list – I saw it on shinee’s facebook. You would not believe the look on my face to see gorgeous taeyang in last place! Rediculous!

    1. Yeah I saw that unbelievable list. I know people have different tastes and stuff, but common YB, last???!!

  69. to finish this argument and criticism, as fan of both TY and Dara… I hope that dara will be pull out to this MV, since SOME you say that she’s nothing compare to the other artist… To stop hurting other feelings and questioning DARA capabilities… Maybe we can wait for 2NE1 album so that DARA can proves herself to the others…

    @addette ,yes they are just opinions and I respect you for that…

    Just calling the attention of DARA fans who is a constant silent reader or a commentator also, if you are sensitive with the issue, just try to avoid this site… to avoid argument with others.. I know how you’ve been through all these years from the hurtful comments before when she’s (dara) still in the phils. to the present when she’s is in korea… I know all of you are already matured to this kind of situation…

    Thanks and God bless…

  70. Hey.

    I’m not sure where all this infighting is coming from. This is ridiculous.

    Anyway – heads up. YG just posted a notice that YB will be on sketchbook on the 13th.

    1. I don’t know what happened either, but for a second, i thought I was on an idols’ site.

      Anyways, great to hear this little piece of news. Sketchbook is pretty much the only Korean music show I can watch without cringing and going berserk.
      This will be the perfect opportunity to hear and judge Taeyang’s vocals better. The program has an incredible sound system so we can expect neat performances.

      I’ll be definitely looking forward to it.

    2. thanks for the heads up!

      another good news… i hope he’ll perform his other songs like Superstar! that would be so exciting!

      BTW, sorry for my post above, i just realized i put a lot of smiley faces… hahaha

  71. wow… two hundred something comments already and the new INAG MV hasn’t even shown yet…wonder how many comments later when the MV is actually out?! I think everyone should just all sit back and relax and wait for the MV to come out before we start speculating in advance..judging people…giving “constructive criticism” etc…. PEACE!

  72. I read all the comments posted and I must say ATY staffs (Kay,Tofu, and Janelle Marie) I salute you all for handling the “hot” situation really well. You guys are the best. Keep it up 😉

  73. thanks ATY for making this forum site exciting and interesting 🙂 for all the efforts the admins and moderators are doing to keep the sanity in the site..thank you..for welcoming different shippers, faboying/ fangirling, thank you…we respect what the forum site holds…

    hope the INAG video delivers…well we could drop all the expectations and just wait and appreciate…taeyang..fighting! 🙂

  74. i seldom comment on any posts but this article is absurd as well as some opinions with no basis at all… TAEYANG is a single entity from BIGBANG, he is supposed to make it different!!!!!! as well as the other members to show those retards that everyone of them can showcase different types of music that they are good at…BIGBANG as a group is in another level that is surely the best out there….(.no argument there- 5 heads are better than one ) BUT TAEYANG still is in another league on his own NO one is comparable to him as in NO one( korean artist wise) he’s the whole package given the looks and the talents no one can touch him even dbsk members sorry but that is the truth.(taeyang is a performer dance is fluid like a black man dancing,voice- to die for ,intonation and deliverance not maybe in english but reaches your heart not maybe diva like but definitely addicting and cool and after every performance the end result will be WOW! i want more!!)..maybe kpop are lurking with fangirls going gaga over looks and sounds that are catchy with no sense at all, with songs that are hideously boring and forgettable… and the lists goes on. I cant concord why people keep on complaining about INAG and his album. People should just try to listen to everyone of them they are good. they give you different hype, mood and feelings… the album is a variety of music its like neyo’s album or lyz so rnb and taeyang!!!! it reflects the direction hes taking and you will feel the hard work he put into making it… TRY to listen to MOVE, JUST A FEELING,SUPERSTAR, TAKE IT SLOW, AFTER and so on where u at and Wedding dress IS IN FACT included in the same album why ask for something like that when you have it in the album-crazy people!! people tends to forget that those songs are INCLUDED in the album!!!! INAG is a good title track because its different from the other previous songs that he promoted(WD AND WUA) i dont know why these people dont get it..i dont care about music charts we all know that hes doing great not only in korea but international as well, he was selected by alicia keys,brian mcknight etc to performed before them at their own concert that goes to show how good he is as a soloist you dont need those number 1 in music stations as long as the album is doing good its what matters most… TAEYANG have so many international fans if kpop doesnt appreciate him and his music damn with them they are missing a lot as for us international fans WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT TAEYANG hes our number 1

    ps- i like dara too as long as yb is happy then its good for us too. yg family

  75. I wonder if the choreography is gonna be the same as in his live performances. Or are they gonna create a completely new choreography.

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