[Eng subs] Moon Swings interview clip on Shimshimtapa

Seems like YG is bringing on a new rapper to the team? Moon Swings, from “After You Fall Asleep” on Taeyang’s new album was recently on Shimshimtapa with hosts ShinDong (Super Junior)  and Gyuri (KARA) for an interview where he spoke about getting to feature with Taeyang!

Translations – Myokoon
Encode/QC – Kay


17 thoughts on “[Eng subs] Moon Swings interview clip on Shimshimtapa”

  1. Swings! I bet the Quiet was super jealous of him since we all know he wants to work with our boy Taeyang too. Backstage he was probably like, ” Ay Swings, hook me up with Taeyang aiite?” Haha

  2. LOLZ….. oh btw when the MC asked him “who do u like” did he answer BOA? cuz i think i heard something like BOA but i might be wrong cuz it got cut off after that… hmm i wonder does swing really like BOA?….

  3. Haha, he seems like a cool guy. I like how he raps, “after you fall asleep” is one of my favourites, ‘coz of his rap.

  4. swings is a modest one isn’t he … ? sarcasm … the quiett sure does live up to his name though … LOLOLOL

  5. i actually really like after you fall asleep not only because of taeyang but because of swings rap. i replay it everytime i hear it. i like how he;s chilled.

  6. LOL This guy is soo funny!
    Swings was in a group with Tasha (Yoon Mi Rae) I wonder of Youngabe could get the hook up with her. I would be such a happy fangirl.

  7. Swings chill. I love his little evil giggle in here at the beginning like his intro in After You Fall Asleep. :]

  8. LOL this conversation was so laid back and informal~ Swings seems so honest and funny.

    haha Gyuri’s excitement is so obvious when she keeps drawing in breaths so heavily whenever Taeyangs name is mentioned 😉

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