Taeyang makes German newspaper via ATY bloggers

Talk about international love~ Taeyang was recently a special feature in a German newspaper with the help of two of ATY bloggers who wrote this article about Taeyang and his upcoming SOLAR album. As dedicated fans, they’re brought it upon themselves to make Taeyang famous in Germany! Props to them! Below is translations from the article.

Learning the Korean language for a few months now, our reason for this is 22-year-old singer Taeyang (real name: Dong Young Bae). A few days ago, his album “SOLAR” was released. On the release of this second album, one could see he worked with a lot of emotion and love. With his successful single “Wedding Dress” he not only conquered South Korea but also the whole of Asia – he was successful in European countries such as Norway, the Netherlands and also USA. Taeyang has had a lot of success! On the inside, Young Bae is a very shy but considerate person, who gives his best in everything he does, and is also known as a perfectionist. With 13 years in the music industry under YG Entertainment, he debuted with his current band Big Bang. Since 2008, he has been pursuing his solo career. As a matter of fact, when the release date of Taeyang’s “SOLAR” album was announced, other stars replied that they would not release a song during this time because of Taeyang’s well known success to top charts!

You can send the writing questions at TyKD@live.de or visit their site http://tykd.wordpress.com/

*Names have been requested to remain disclosed.

67 thoughts on “Taeyang makes German newspaper via ATY bloggers”

    1. it would be so awesome to do one here in England but since its an English speaking country dunno how people will take it,probably ignore -_- gah

      1. dont be too sure am a black girl in London and dead crazy about Tae yang (Big Bang and the whole kpop culture) My British born chinese friend got me into Kpop and I know of a lot of her friends of all colors who are equally crazy bout TY. go for it…al give u a hand if u want ; )

        1. who knows the way to make taeyang conquer england plz step 4ward … truthfully im rubbish with technology promoting, organising full stop but if anyway had a idea i would b willing to back them up all the way … it would be sooo amazing if he came here one day ^_^

        2. Hey i’m from London too(Middlesex),well i’m actually South Asian myself all my friends(well,most of them) are k-pop lovers and we’re from all sorts of descents:Indian,Sri Lankan,Chinese etc lol so i know better than to say NO one would like it.

          but the thing is when we talk about k-pop our other friends are like “WTH?” so thats why i was a bit skeptical as to how people would react to it,if at all,but don’t get me wrong i think Taeyang has the best chance of possibly all k-pop artists to succeed in the UK,USA etc.

          And guys it was just my thoughts i wasn’t planning on doing anything lol,i don’t really know how to get around to doing something like this myself but if someone ever plans anything i would willingly help too, besides its stronger if people get together and do it rather than just one person,hey maybe we should! ahaha lol πŸ˜€

          i can actually imagine such and article about YB now ahaha and to be a part of it….would be awesome… πŸ˜€

        3. @Kay your Indian right? i thought i saw it somewhere! woohoo i’m Sri Lankan! South Asian YB fans in the house baby! lol

      2. I’m from England (South Asian too – Bengali) – and with my Kpop fangirling friends we thought of ways to get kpop known in the western world – one really really great one is by radio – sometimes the radio, hosts/djs hold comps like whoever texts/calls in first can request any song and we’ll play it, no matter what – I had a chance once but missed it!! grr….

        Also you can also CALL in and request songs – always request kpop songs, then if the dj dude/dudette is like what song? I’ve never heard of it, you could say “You’ve never heard of this song?” and just get everyone of your kpop friends to do the same, eventually a listener or the dj will look up the song and may even play it! – I think western peeps will love kpop if only they listened instead of judging it by their preconceptions. I mean, it’s a lot better than Biebs or the JoBros, right?

  1. Yeah Europe!
    Gosh how awesome is that. I believe I should try my best & hopefully get him to feature in the British media too! Talk about international love XD

  2. can i just say one more time (if i haven’t already) how much i freakin love this fandom that we will do some sane, safe but just as random things like this to get our boy’s name out there??

    makes me so proud to be YBiased!!!

  3. haha, that’s too awesome. glad TY’s name is getting out there (w/ some help of course! ;))

  4. Hmmm .. now that I see this, I think that there is a chance to make Taeyang more populair in Holland. He knows that he was at the top 3 on the Funx Chart .. and there are a lot.. but really A LOT Kpop fans out of here. But there are also a lot of people who don’t know him/them (BigBang). Hmmm I will think about it, and maybe somehow.. you’ll hear more of Taeyang in the Netherlans! =D


    1. Like me.
      omg~ I can’t believe it that they wrote something about Taeyang at the newspaper in Germany. I’m from Germany too and never seen him here in magazines, newspapers or in asia shops. :))

      Hope they will also sell his singles/albums here in Germany :))

  5. Good Job guys, I freaking love ATYers. I think I’m going to write here in Texas, US. World domination, baby.

    1. I know! It’s about time people in the US really know about him! Man…first the Netherlands and now Germany….the US is seriously lagging in this!

      Congrats to TY!!! One step closer to world domination!!!!!

  6. I guess we gotta keep on shouting, writing, posting and screaming Taeyang, Taeyang!! This is great news. I can see him spreading even further. I can’t wait till that day comes. I know he is going to do it!! He is too talented not to.

  7. Omg!!!! Im so proud of him, he deserves this, he has worked too hard. Soon sol will be everybodys sol. Keep shinning bright taeyang!!!! .<3

  8. NICE ONE!!! *claps, claps, claps*

    i hope Taeyang hears about this…. i’m sure he’d be so proud of his fans… this will truly inspire him to do better!

    how can his filipino fans do the same? HE SHALL BE KNOWN ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!

  9. Taeyang is also well known here in the Philippines plus his collaboration with a popular artist in the Phil Sandara Park, i just visited Philippines because of my nieces and I asked whats cool now a days here in the Phil and voila!!!a picture of Taeyang and Sandara park on their laptop screen saver, take note a known high school in the Phil almost all students have their laptops and my niece says everyone was really talking about Taeyang and his comeback, Filipinos now are really into KPOP and BIGBANG IS A HOT TOPIC, especially Taeyang…

  10. Man, YB fans are the BEST!
    It’s great seeing the fans spreading the YB love around the world^^
    I am also South Asian, and I recently introduced YB to some of my friends who are Bengali & Arabic (they totally fell in love with YB after I showed them the WUA & WD mvs, lol)
    Also, when some people danced to WD at my school EVERYONE loved the song, you could hear everyone listening to it after then.
    I just hope YG knows how popular TY is overseas…so we just gotta keep spreading the love!

  11. OMG that is amazing am sooo happy for him wow.
    Way to GO BABE!!!!!!!
    I wish babe all the best with this album his not going to disappoint anyone.

  12. Props to the ATY bloggers who did this. πŸ˜‰ I’m sure Qui can show this to TaeYang… show Taeyang some European love. Nice work you guys…

  13. Good job to ATYers! πŸ™‚

    I hope Taeyang can see it and see how much he inspires people and how much he is loved around the globe! πŸ™‚

  14. awesome!!
    wow…now I wanna try to get an article about taeyang in one of my local newspapers
    spread the YB love!

  15. i’m really happy that international fans are making a move for BAE’s world domination..

    yeah a MOVEMENT for BAE’s world domination..hahaha

    International ATYers UNITE!!weeee.. if someone’s planning for philippines count me in..


  16. I was in K-town (NYC) the other day listening to the album on my iTouch. this girl sitting by me in the canteen i was eating at flipped out and was like “you’re a fan too?” Then a sea of korean people were looking at me, a short filipina girl. I felt proud, “YES, I LISTEN TO THIS AWESOM MAN!”

    I’ll have to peruse some of the korean news papers and see if they featured his album. Better yet, I should drop by the book/music store and see if they have anything on him.

  17. you forgot to mention canada πŸ˜€
    i should get some people to write about him here too! hehehe
    yeeeeh thats right! the other singers better fear! cuz taeyang is the best! WOOT! πŸ˜€

  18. that’s cool!! i wonder when will they do that in Malaysia? the fandom here is pretty much towards SJ and DBSK and SHINEE and Rain…. no YG artist. but wedding dress did get famous. I think we need Caprice’s cover to get really famous for the press here to find out about Taeyang.

    1. hello fellow Malaysian!

      the main reason why they are famous because they all had a concert here… (except SHINee) haha. concert creates hype = leaves girls fangirling = fan forever.

      i think kpop here is pretty big already, doesn’t matter who is or who isn’t. so, wanna write to a newspaper? πŸ˜‰

      1. YO!!!
        *waves waves*

        yeah they do(yg, go bring BB over!!!) and Malaysian girls love pretty looking boys or the ones with aegyo acts. but i gotta say that my male cousins love big bang, which is, pretty rare and awesome since they think Kpop is gay…(but they thought BB were japanese.. oh well.)

        newspaper… hm. why not epop magazine?

        1. Galaxy?? πŸ˜€ (if newspaper i’m thinking The Star since they have a column on music)

          yeah. they love guys who shows that they are cute/have cute personality more than their music actually. kind of silly but that’s how some korean companies market them. they market their personality and the stars themselves. less of their music. hahaha. but yea many that think Kpop is gay loves TY. because i’ve got many friends who love him! (and don’t quite like kpop in general) he’s more appealing to ppl who prefer epop i guess. πŸ˜€

        2. the Star?? hey my family subscribes that newspaper!! Galaxy’s cools but they are more focused on western entertainment right now. Not much of Asian stuff the last time i checked.

          i gotta say, you and i are probably one of those small numbers out there who look at talent first that the looks. or at least, that’s hot it is to me. I was just lucky that this talented guy happen to be good looking too. kekekekekeke

  19. from korea to germany…wow.!!!! YB oppa…you’re awsome….you did a really great job….WORLD DOMINATION!!!!! LOL^^

  20. Woot!! So happy that YB’s getting so much international love!!! Props to the ATYers for getting Tae Yang’s name out in Germany! πŸ˜€

  21. wich newspaper is that??? im from germany and live in berlin but i saw nothing of it…its not a popular newspaper i guess…but the inet will do the rest to spread it all over the world xD…jute arbeit mΓ€dls^^

  22. I think YB will make it because he has the talents to showcase to the world. πŸ™‚ I came to adore Bigbang and Taeyang because of who they are and what they can show. I specifically liked TY because of his passion for music not because he collaborated with anyone.

    1. lol
      yeah we all need a boy with a body like Taeyang, sexy when shirtless!
      it’s a loooooong line!

      nice lyrics!

  23. OHEMGEE!!!
    Which newspaper is that?
    I sooooo want to cut that article out of the newspaper and frame it xDDDD I SWEAR!!
    I probably sound like a creepy fangirl…xD
    Can someone tell me?

  24. ahaaa ….
    that amazing article wrote by my Sistaaaa πŸ˜€
    im so proud of her πŸ™‚
    She keeps fighting!!!

  25. Awesome! I know a lot of people like Taeyang in the US but mostly Asians, other people too though. XD Dang we need more fans who are writers to get the news out! XP

  26. OMG,
    im soo angry

    guys, we are k-pop fans, we are here ic germany, netherlands and so on, somethting special…
    Im from germay, and on my school just 5 people like k-pop, were special, but wehn everybody hears k-pop

    it isnt like that anymore…

  27. “*Names have been requested to remain disclosed. ” sorry, but I guess every person that has a little bit of a brain could scroll up read the first sentence of the article and see the names there… i mean even if one of them is turkish you will see the other one hahahaha

  28. Alle deutschen VIP’s und Kpop fans sollten sich mal zusammentun …
    JYJ wollten ja schon herkommen und Rain ist im Mai hier.. Wonder girls waren schon in Frankreich was auch nicht so weit entfernt ist
    Zsm kΓΆnnte man es bestimmt schaffen die hierhin zu holen

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