Taeyang and Seungri to appear on “Strong Heart”

Recent solo comeback artist, Taeyang and fellow member of Big Bang will be appearing on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ along with Seungri. Taeyang appeared earlier this year on the program and will be making his second appearance on the show. Seungri has joined his band mate to support his solo activities and created a laughing uproar with G-dragon last time he was on the show as the first guests. Many secrets and laughs will be revealed for the broadcast of the episode in July.

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I knew it~ I wanted him on a variety show and it happened! I can’t wait to see what Taeyang has to share on Strong Heart this time!

101 thoughts on “Taeyang and Seungri to appear on “Strong Heart””

  1. Ahhhh…Taeyang on a Strong Heart again! Can’t wait!!! He seemed much more open on Strong Heart last time than other shows….I’m sure Seungri will be able to open him up more.

    Hopefully he’ll show off some of his dancing skills again…although after nearly getting raped on stage last time…who knows? Haha

  2. i swear someone from the camp is listening in on our convos cuz whenever we say something…we get news related back to it. thanks YG!!!

    1. Haha this has happened twice now~!!

      First time, I clamored everywhere I wanted him on Strong Heart, and bam, week later he was on.

      Haha, recently I want him on WGM …… YG are you listening?

      It’s time for stars and Folgers baby!

        1. LOL.

          I think it would be just adorable but totally invasive. His first experience with a girl on national broadcast television~~~

        1. lol anyone!~
          But I’ve been a huge WonderBang fan since forever, so I’ll go with Sunye and Taeyang however I think someone with a crazy personality will make the dorky Taeyang come out so someone who isn’t shy~

          I doubt it’ll happen though~ with this comeback and then BB comeback, he won’t have time to do that much filming =(

        2. Not that its ever going to happen, but if I were to pick, I totally see him with one of the Kara girls. Either Gyuri (his complete opposite who would bully him to death), Nicole (who would be super cute, competitive in games and with strange Korean) or Gu Hara (who always does the unexpected – strongest girl, drinking with Hyori, friend of Seungri). Any of them would be a hoot with him. And they’re all shorter too….

        3. taeyang and sunny FTW !! i have a girl crush on her and hyomin watching invincible youth. she seems to be the friendliest of the group since everyone seems to get along with her, she’s fun, cute etc. etc. her name and taeyang’s matches as well.

      1. Yeah, i wan him on WGM too! It will really help him open up more…But the fangirl in me tells me that i will get jealous…Hee…sorry cant help it…he’s just too precious…:P

        1. Double YB for me. Yoobin has such a crush. And she couldn’t stop mentioning him the whole time she was in Korea. WonderBang FTW!!

        1. kind of an inside joke lol,but she’s referring to Solar intro,that’s what she heard,wich is obviously wrong keke ~~

        2. ^ What Irma said~
          I kept hearing “Stars and Folgers” in his intro~ so we coined it as the new ATY statement when things are going good haa

      2. Yes!! strong heart!! maybe happy together too? that show is soo fun!

        WGM—>My sister’s fav show. man, she’s gonna hate it if Taeyang’s comes in. and that’s probably because i talk too much about him at home.. hehehehe.
        I’d start paying that show serious attention if Taeyang’s in it. not gonna happen but i’d pick IU.

      3. … i think i’d love to see TY and Kim Yuna.

        they look so cute together.

        and there should be a double date – TY&KY with JoKwon and Ga In. Hahahha (=. I can see it now. The reserved couple with the Wild couple LOL.

        i wanna see TY in Dream Team since he is SOOO competitive (=

        i’m so glad he’s gonna be on a variety show!!! more of TY!!

        Thanks for the info (=

        1. I’d ship TaeYuna too on WGM caz of the footage from the world cup cf BB did with Kim Yuna

      4. Wouldn’t a lot of YB fan girls die if they saw him with another girl. I would like to see him with IU. From the previous interview seems like she has a massive crush on him.

        Haha IF he ever did go on WGM it would be so awkward hahaha, the first 3 episode would be pratically silent

        1. Yes. The only reason I would want Taeyang on WGM is if he was paired with IU. This would be friggin hilarious because Taeyang wouldn’t get close to her and IU would have massive spazz attacks the entire episode. That would be awesome. The Taeyang+IU fangirl in me would die happy.

  3. I can’t wait, Bae Bae was so cute on SH with Daesung ( and my deluxe goodies is being sent now ^__^)

    YB ❤

    1. IKR!! i got SO excited about this,Seungri never fails to crack me up and im sure this won’t be the exception,i SOOO wanna see the new dorky,bubbly YB come out again!!! SunDae FTW!!

      PS: my deluxe is on it’s way too,couldn’t be more excited i even dreamt about it kekeke! i LOLed bc the shirt was too tight on me in my dream,wich is totally impossible since it’s almost XL lolz!


    1. I know you love Taeyang and Taeyang likes his CAPS but there are other ways to show love dear~

      haha i’m so lame -_-

    2. I actually think Dara and Seungri are close too (offscreen) b/c there’s this one interview, Dara did mentioned that she likes SR’s noona the most out of all BB’s members or something like that…LOL…

      I seriously can’t wait for this episode! I haven’t seen SR in ages! LOL…and I know for sure, he’ll help YB open up more…I find it cute how their managers get SR to help out GD when GD was promoting Heartbreaker and now SR is gonna do the same for YB since he’s promoting INAG…wonder how SR is gonna reply about the fact that he didn’t show up to YB’s first broadcast! LOL…

      1. yes..I miss SR too. He seems to be enjoying his uni’s life a lot lol. Cant wait for the show.
        It would be nice if someone can provide the airtime.much appreciated ^^

  5. Can’t wait to see him on SH – I found him adorkably awkward last time (minus the dancing, of course – plain HOT!!) Hopefully his current goofy/hyper mood will carry over onto the show. ^^

    So, today he purportedly had mv shooting (?), on the 8th they’re taping SH… Does anyone know his broadcast schedule for this week?

    What I’m *really* looking forward to are some radio and music show appearances. I’m crossing my fingers he’ll go on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook – a meeting of two favorites! I’ve been a Toy/YHY fan since his debut in… was it ’94? -.-;;

    1. According to some twitter posts, he did have some sort of MV filming today. I’m not sure but I think it was the set art director (not sure).
      Where does it say they’ll be filming SH on the 8th?

        1. haha omgosh i love you guys’ unsernames ‘silly’ ‘…,’ and ‘stupid’ ahaha its so cute because there so random! 😀 i love it!

          oh man wat the heck his wrong with me these days,this is like the second time i’ve commented on people’s unsernames lol haha

        2. @donkey! i love your username too dunno whether you saw my previous comment on that post where YB was practicing choreo,lol i’m sorry, i’m being so lame and weird these days commenting on peoples usernames randomly and i feel like i need to let them know too! 😀 lol

  6. YES! can’t wait! instead of Daesung w/ him, it’s Seungri ;D
    haha loved the other Strong Heart episode with him<3

  7. Oh this is going to be fun! His last appearance with Daesung was so funny. I can’t wait to hear the juciy tidbits Seungri’s gonna share about his hyung, because you know he’s gonna have some stories. Better, watch your back YB!

    1. LOL! I totally second your comment Janelle!!! He came up with so much juicy stories about BB and GD, no doubt he’d share some about the “mysterious” YB!!! I can totally see him blush and smile awkwardly when Seungri says his story now… *melts* <- see, even seeing YB in my head makes me spazz, geez..

      I loved his last appearance on SH with Dae Sung~~~ It was just epic funny, but also so cutely awkward for him! (Like someone else said earlier)

      Stars and Folgers babe!!! LOL~~~

    2. I somehow fell afraid for YB since its Seungri hahaha .. Seungri mightnot holdback on the stories ^^ .

      I’m still excited ^^ hope they have live streaming too ..

    3. Seungri’s always spilling the beans about his hyungs. This guy cannot be trusted. The trip that wasn’t and his verse in ‘Being like Big Bang’ come to mind.

        1. gotto love Daesung for that. 🙂 too bad he’s not there to save precious YB. lol.

      1. I wouldn’t be worry to much cuz they’re like brothers…with GD & SR, they always have this love and hate relationship so of course, SR will go all out with his stories…LOL…but I’m sure SR will know how to keep things flow for TY cuz SR really admires TY. Even if he spill stuff, I’m sure he knows the limit cuz probably YG pull him aside to tell him what not to tell! HAHAHAH

  8. I want him to come on family outing!!!!!!! I mean all of the big bang members came on family outing season 1 except for taeyang!!!!

    1. It would be better if he went on FO season 1 though, since Dae would be able to help him, plus Jaesuk hyung would make him feel much more comfortable like he does for everyone. Anyways unlikely he will ever go on FO anyway

  9. Today daily chart.

    Melon – #5
    Cyworld – #7
    Dosirak – #5
    Mnet – #2
    Soribada – #5
    Bugs – #5

    OMG I can’t believe this. Guess who is topping in every chart.? 2pm’s jo kwon.
    Even miss a is doing a lot better than TY. I mean INAG is not that bad compared to them. But why? Why? Why? TY is competing with all newbie. Isn’t the song should top a bit higher? I am feeling really upset now.
    I am thinking if TY is being boycotted by his fans and gd fans?
    1. TY fans don’t listen the song coz GD featured the title song.
    2. GD fans don’t support coz TY’s fans bash GD.
    Being a new song, a member of popular boy band and absence from kpop given this factor I thought INAG will top the chart for at least 2 or 3 days. I would like to know what TY/YG and other YG family are feeling the situation. Gummy doesn’t do well although her songs are great. Now TY again…I hope he will do better.

    1. I don’t really think it’s because of those reasons.
      Like Janelle pointed out, RnB music is a hard sell in korea, especially w/ so many idols focusing on pop songs, and slow ballads. RnB is like an up and coming genre in korea, and although there may be some tension between some YB and GD fans,they only account for a small portion, and I dont think their fan’s disagreements can be blamed for the lower rankings.
      Actually, it’s really interesting b/c taeyang is the only idol I know that uses RnB as a base for songs. To me, he is slowly but surely bringing awareness to the korean public about this type of music, and that’s still a win for me 🙂

    2. ahh.. something really familiar to me already. Didn’t we see the same result during WD promotions last year? I feel sad, but it’s like “see.. i knew it was going to happen” kinda feeling. Can’t do anything about it.
      IMO these are the reasons from how i see it
      1. YG’s funny way of promoting Taeyang
      2. the gap between WD and INAG
      3. the fact that the regular version is released super late
      4. Korea’s obsession with pop candy flossy music
      5. The fact that he’s doing R&B
      6.the two reasons you put up there
      7. the song’s not an instant hit. It’s the type that grows but maybe it’s a lil’ bit too late?
      8. Jo Kwon and the gang is like the huge thing in Korea right now. of course the attention goes to him
      9. no official music videos
      10. Kvips are saving their money for Big Bang’s comeback

      1. Jo kwon’s song also don’t have offical MV. Come on no need to save money. This is Taeyang full solo album. BB’s album is still so far away. Arr I feel sad for Taeyang. I feel more disheartened when I read this comment from k-nitenzen…”Since BB has lost their popularity, other members have to back up”..

        1. I’m not to worried yet. We’ll see after the official mv because SuJu’s song isn’t doing so hot on the charts either even though ppl love the song. Part of it is ppl just bought the repackaged album so they’re not going to be buying the song online and also because they too don’t have an official mv.

        2. You forgot that one of the reason Jo Kwon is so freaking popular is because of WGM. I know that if BB were regulars on variety shows there would be no doubt of their popularity. But YG does not focus on their variety show skills but their talents as musicians. We can’t help it if Korea is not ready to handle the awesomeness that is Taeyang and Co.

        3. @ybtaeyangbb – I like the fact that Big Bang does not go on variety shows much because we get to look forward to something everytime they go on. At the same time, it said alot about their popularity because eventhough they’re not on variety shows alot, they still have the 2nd largest fanbase in Korea.

          As for TY not doing well on the charts, I think it’s just the fact that Korea isn’t ready for R&B in general…and INAG isn’t also the type of music that you’ll get hook instantly. U have to listen to it at least 10 times for it to fully grasp you in my opinion. And I know K-fans are not gonna do that like hardcore fans. Either, it’s a constant hit or not…

        4. ^^^Agree with toozdae: Fans will buy the album rather than digital singles. And all the first release of albums were sold out. JoKwon and Top only had digital singles so of course they would do better on the singles chart since there were no alternative album sales.

          The true test will be to see how the album will sell in the long run. Charts only tell part of the story. It’s too early to tell.

          And as everyone has mentioned, INAG is a grower… what we need is radio play so people can hear it over and over and gain an appreciation for it.

          As fans, we shouldn’t be too disappointed in chart positions since really, when does popularity have anything to do with quality? There are tons of great artists all over the world who never get the credit they deserve. Let’s just be proud YB stuck to his guns to create a solid album he believes in and loves, rather than compromise to become more popular.

      2. 10. Kvips are saving their money for Big Bang’s comeback

        This is unlikely the way it is there. First, you gotta know that most Kvips are GD bias. And from the bashing GD got in many many GD fansites from YB fans is one of the main reasons why the sell isn’t doning so well. Even Top’s Turn it Tup was doing better than YB’s INAG on charts without any promotion.

        GD fans might have felt so hurt and all so that they lost interest in supporting YB which I find it very sad. Cuz I know most of them were always very supportive towards anything BB or GD related. Perhaps not this case. T–T

    3. Hmm I don’t agree with your conclusion that the reason Taeyang’s songs aren’t ripping the charts apart are due to the GD-YB fan dynamic. There is a tension, but I don’t believe it is the only reason. Like how Dilani and several others have pointed out, the music Taeyang is doing isn’t generally popular in Korea. Plus INAG is not a “WOW” song. To be honest, I still don’t think it’s a title song because it doesn’t hit you right away. It doesn’t attract you on the first listen. It seems Taeyang’s promos have kicked into full gear yet either.

      As for Taeyang’s fans are boycotting him? I doubt it. They didn’t approve of it at the beginning, but most of them are okay with it and don’t mind the collaboration at all. And your reasoning that GD fans don’t support TY because TY fans bash GD…again its not a very sound. The hardcore YB fans definately don’t like GD so much (again a generalization) but they’ve don’t like him for a long time now. It’s not like this is the first time they don’t like him.

      Remember, Taeyang’s LOAM didn’t top the charts right away last time. It took a long time for the song to reach the charts. INAG hit the top of the charts when it was released..but now is falling. But still this is much better than what how he did with his mini-album.

      I hope the fact that he isn’t doing well on the music charts doesn’t change anything for you.

  10. I don’t know what to say about this. It’s unfortunate but not unexpected when you consider the style of music YB does. R&B music is a hard sell in Korea. As fans we shouldn’t lose hope, YB has yet to release his regular version of SOLAR when he does we’ll check back then. Chin up!

  11. Hope the korean fans will open up to R&B! How can they not love YB’s new songs! They are awesome and I have been kept on repeating the songs the whole day! (I am not being biased! :P) They are better than the so-called k-pop style songs!!

  12. I think YB would do well in america or internationally in general. In kpop industry there all this maintsteam pop and cute concepts. If americans saw guys in skinny coloured jeans dancing to some cute song they would think they’re gay. YB’s style and music is very much accepted in america after all Michael Jackson and Usher were some of his main influences. If YG promoted it well and got some good links i think YB would do amazing in the US. Unfortunately it didn’t happen with se7en. Like how Wonder Girls did the opening for the Jonas Brothers and immedietley after that they became so much more popular.

    1. ahh where did my comment disappear off too??
      anyway, Taeyang wouldn’t be Taeyang in the US. He’ll just be the next Chris Brown, the second Usher etc. At least, in Korea, he’s the pioneer or leader in that particular style. However, i do wish Korea could appreciate his music a lil bit more.

    2. I agree. I think YB should hit the US market soon. He has the talent and the looks to be successful. I’m sure that he’ll be compared to other artists, but that wouldn’t stop him from being successful. YB’s style and music is tailor made for the US.

      1. When a new artist debuts in the States they’re always comparing them to someone who came before (Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Usher and Chris Brown) until they’ve established themselves as a separate entity from the pack. We’ve seen already that YB has the talent and the determination to go far. The only problem I see YB having is America’s inability to accept an artist across racial lines. If they can be into YB for music sake and not get bogged down by the fact that he’s Korean I’ll be a happy international fan.

  13. Ugh I still havent watched the first time he was on strong heart, I cant find the episode with english subs.

  14. there’s this thing called viikii.net they have a lot of english subtitled shows. it might take a reallly long time for the to sub this episode in particular, but they have all the previous ones (=

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