What’s your favorite track?

Yes the most generic question, but a very important one.  It seems like we’re all across the board in terms what we think is the best track is off of Taeyang’s new “SOLAR” album.  Did “You’re My” pull your heart-strings?  Did “MOVE” or “Break Down” make you move more? Vote!

*I’m evil.  I’m making you pick only one. keke.  Pick the one you’re feeling the most at the moment.

What’s mine?  Read under the cut…if you even care. lol. Plus English translations for the track!

At the moment, and I’m sure for a while, I’m completely OBSSESSED with “Take it Slow.”  When I first heard it, I thought it was just “Okay” nothing too exciting.  Suddenly the song just hit me hard.  Real hard.  I’m absolutely floored by almost everything about the track from the main melody, the arrangement, lyrics, and down to Taeyang’s vocals.  Cat@lyst did a great job with the production.  I’m especially impressed that Taeyang helped compose the song and penned the lyrics to it.   The song is very grown and sophisticated, very grand and the vocals seem to sweep you away with it.  It’s sensual, but very sensible and tasteful.  Taeyang sings about spending a very special moment with a very special person (trying to keep it PG here…) yet you can sense this angst and fear in his voice like he’s holding her, but he’s already afraid that he’ll lose her when he wakes up.  Absolutely stunning.

Check out the English translation below.  Ladies, grab a tissue box and prepare for nosebleeds.

“Take It Slow” has me convinced that Taeyang needs to invest more time in composing.  He obviously has chops and talent for it.  I can’t wait for the live stage performance at his upcoming concert.

122 thoughts on “What’s your favorite track?”

  1. hard for me to choose between Move or Break down..
    but i chose Move finally!!
    dat’s crazy great songgggggg

  2. totally agree with tofumon. at first i listened to it, i thot it was ok….but then since yesterday i JUST realized that take it slow is SOOO GOOD! ive been listening to it non-stop today. its my favorite song from his album. but i must add, i really like break down, i dont know why its getting so little votes on here n allkpop! =(

    1. i listened to the tunes one by one when the album came out but the moment i heard break down i was like thats it! thats my song right there! i finished the rest of the album but i was sold already…. breakdown is the shizzleeeeeee……; )

  3. ‘Take it Slow’ is also my favorite. Love the voice, the lyrics, the slow beat, the soft melody. He’s amazing, and he makes you feel like a real woman.

  4. let me re-arrange the tracklist in accordance to how i think it should’ve gone and i’ll come back. but as for favorite tracks:
    I DIE at “TIS”,
    then there’s “Break Down” (which for the life of me, i truly believe there will be like a “stepping”/military-like dance routine done to this),
    and the “Move”,
    “You’re My…” and
    “After You Fall Asleep.”

    that’s my top five.

    1. Okay, so im just sorta re-editing my post…and i wanna know other peeps thoughts if they were to change theirs as well. So I rearranged the tracklist in accordance to how I felt that it should’ve flowed from song to song. The only spots I didn’t move were the SOLAR intro and Take It Slow. I’ll probably do the same thing again…but adding in the HOT tracks. But since we’re talking about SOLAR album here, here’s my revised tracklist.

      1. SOLAR Intro
      2. After You Fall Asleep (ft. Swings)
      3. You’re My…
      4. I Need a Girl (ft. G-Dragon)
      5. Where U At
      6. Just A Feeling
      7. Superstar
      8. Wedding Dress
      9. Break Down
      10. MOVE (ft. Teddy)
      11. Take It Slow

      So…yeah. If you guys have done the same thing and wanna share, reply!

      1. I LOVE ALL OF THEM but if I had to put them in order, it would be:

        1. Wedding Dress
        2. Superstar
        3. Just A Feeling
        4. After You Fall Asleep
        5. Where U At
        6. Solar (Intro)
        7. I Need A Girl
        8. Take It Slow
        9. Break Down
        10. Move
        11. You’re My

        WOW It took me awhile to put them in order >.<

  5. I knew from the moment I heard Take It Slow that it was my favourite song off the entire album, and I hadn’t even listened to the other tracks yet.

    I don’t know what it was, but something about Take It Slow really got to me. It’s this song that makes you feel as if you’re in love even if you aren’t, a song that makes you WANT to be in love. You can feel the emotion in his voice with or without understanding teh lyrics, and I think that’s the beauty of it. But after reading the lyrics, I fell in love with it even more. It’s simply STUNNING, and I love YB for writing such a personal yet sweet song. He should definitely think of composing more, because Take It Slow is absolutely breathtaking.

    Wow, long comment is long. xD

  6. Looks like Take It Slow is popular among us. I couldn’t agree more. I’m in love with Take It Slow. I think I mostly love the ballads on the album. Move would have to be my fav upbeat song.

  7. My two are just a feeling and take it slow. He wasn’t singing on that song but SANGIN’ TIS has been stuck in my head since the first listen.

  8. I’m torn between Take It Slow and Wedding Dress. WD started it all for me and has so much sentimental value. But Take It Slow has the new song advantage and I’m loving it sooo much because TaeYang wrote the lyrics AND co-composed it. The lyrics are just amazing. You totally feel his love for the person he’s singing it to. I hope he performs this live! Nice to see him seeing happy songs for a change. ❤

    1. Ohhh Wedding Dress. That song is a big favorite. I think that track was absolutely epic for a lot of fans because it was the track that got them into Taeyang in the first place.

      Wedding Dress is pretty epic. And notice that he also co-wrote this song! So I can understand why you’re conflicted.

      Youngbae, I AM TELLING YOU, write more music. *stares hard at YB*

      1. Yes! Epic is the best word to describe Wedding Dress. The impact of the song/video/choreography internationally was unbelievable. If I’m not mistaken, Teddy was involved in the writing of WD also, right? I hope we’ll get another epic song in this lifetime from Youngbae and Teddy, or better yet, from Youngbae entirely. He sooooo has the talent for it!!!

        I really hope Youngbae can see his fans’ love and support for HIS song, so that he’ll know we all want him to write more music! Let’s send him the results of this poll! Great idea by the way Tofu! 🙂

        1. Not writing the lyrics but he helped in composing it. The piano is once again him. Not going to lie though WD was epic. However WD also had an epic mv to help back it up to. I’m hoping that we get a mv for Take it Slow because I think YG will be able to see that it would do well in international markets like WD. A mv for this song would get banned in Korea but would help spread YB’s name out world wide.

        2. Maybe they’ll find a way to create an MV for Take It Slow without it having to be banned anywhere. They don’t need to take the song literally anyway. Just a good MV concept would do. I’d love to see Youngbae performing this. For sure he’ll make thousands of fans all over the world fall in love with him again and again 🙂

        3. I would love an MV for ‘Take It Slow’ but it would have to be tasteful, wouldn’t want it to get banned. Or they could cut two versions for the various markets. When YB does his solo concert I would love to hear this song live. I want to see him do all the songs off the album, if it’s possible. It would be such a mind blowing experience to see him perform live.

  9. you should have all of the above options… >.>
    hihihi anyway, um to me, it changes everyday. if i’m in the mood for I need a girl, i’ll listen to it, while imagining the performance, which makes me feel better. but right now, it’s take it slow. That song is beautiful. i love the arrangement, the lyrics(hahah imma perv), his voice, the flow, EVERYTHING..
    it will never be Breakdown for me, but the rest have the potential to be in the no.1 spot.

    1. even so, i voted for Wedding Dress because the song to me, is way more beautiful than take it slow, it’s pure, flowy, pretty, catchy, very nice melody, it’s my second Look At Me… i can go on forever, plus, now my whole school new Taeyang because of Wedding Dress and i used to be the only person in the whole state to actually know taeyang…

    1. i agree. when this came out i posted it on my FB wall and a friend became an instant fan. she was left wanting. so i fed her some YB music. the next day she has LOAM posted on her wall with the comment “i think i really like you already.” LOL. then i shared a link to his HOT concert. the next day it was up on her wall too. ^v^

  10. TAKE IT SLOW moves me when Im listening to it
    thus my absolute fave, knowing the lyrics just add to its appeal.
    but INAG i must say is sooooooo addicting! it’s also great to listen to. i love listening to Taeyang’s breathing 😛
    then Wedding Dress. but i enjoy it more watching the MV. MV is epic!
    Next would have to be Breakdown

  11. Can I choose 2 tracks?? I love I Need A Girl and Take It Slow. Have been playing both over and over again the car. And they really make good driving songs.

  12. i really can’t choose because i love the variety of songs in the album but ultimately, it will be between Take it Slow, Move or Just a Feeling…

    in the end, i choose Take it Slow… the song is very powerful, emotional and very sexy and how he sang it is pure heaven!

  13. I still can’t get over WUA or WD. I think a lot of the new tracks are good, but they don’t quite have the level of depth of content or emotion – a lot of the other songs come close, but it just doesn’t quite make it there and WD just has an amazing arrangement 🙂

    1. I’ve already said, but I’ll say it again. The best word to describe those two songs would have to be: EPIC.

      WUA and WD are those type of songs that the more you listen the more you realize how nicely crafted they were. From song to the choreo to the MV, those two tracks were complete.

      I will have to say, Look Only at Me, Sinner, WUA and WD have a really special place in my heart. They’re gonna be hard to replace.

  14. Yep. Should have an option for all of the above….My favorite changes all the time depending on my mood.

    Superstar gets me grooving every time. Take it Slow is…guh. Y’all know what I mean. INAG is so chill and sentimental. Move, AYS, WUA and WD….no way to choose.

  15. is there a hack where i can just pick all? But so far im loving the newer songs more than WD and Where u at lol. I think its because their so upbeaty. Anyway cant wait until Lyle choreographs for breakdown haha.

        1. yeah i see Lyle doing breakdown then Shaun doin Take it slow…either way they always kill their choreos anyways!!!
          btw does that mean no more Aimee for TY? i mean for the concerts do u think its gonna be aimee or the current chic???

  16. Ahhhh….I love so many! Move, AYFA, superstar, and Breakdown have to be in my top five but number one is TAke It Slow for sure! Who can resist this song knowing that TY wrote and composed it himself. I wouldn’t mind taking it slow with TY to this track 🙂

  17. Hahaha Take It Slow FTW
    Lovely song, just beautiful. Of all the songs that were previewed the 2 which wern’t previewed are my favourites. Hahah don’t believe he wrote it….very sexual and beautfiul at the same time

  18. I really love INAG, it went from “oooh, that’s pretty” to “OMFG, why the hell can’t I stop listening to it!?”

    But take it slow is great as well. I think once I finally get myself to stop listening to INAG, TIS would be my new replay song~ 😀

  19. lol. can’t we vote more that 1 song at a time? i kinda cheated and revoted. up till now, take it slow and after u fall asleep are the most played songs on my itunes. but idk. they are all good! 😀

  20. Take it Slow all the way, bishes! Like tofu said, absolutely stunning! MORE COMPOSING AND WRITING YB!!

    Waiting for the day he performs this track!

  21. I think ‘Take It Slow’ sounds somewhat similar to Chris Brown’s ‘Take You Down’, to be honest. But a great song nonetheless.

  22. Torn between Just A Feeling, Move, and Take It Slow…………
    But I chose Take It Slow.
    Just A Feeling and Move are typical dance songs, but Take It Slow is a lot more genuine, especially since he wrote the lyrics (which are too effing sexy omg). xD

  23. wow, it’s hard to pick one!

    I like Move, Take It Slow, Wedding Dress and Where U At!:D

    ooooh my…

    I’d choose..

    Take It Slow. cause I think the melody and the feeling of the song reflects Taeyang’s voice and personality better.:D

  24. I like You’re My, but i think he overdoes the high pitch bits though. Like theres a part where he does high notes, and then he goes even higher. Just my opinion anyway.

  25. Taeyang was lonely and he thought he needed to find the girl he loves but only to find she was getting married to this other dude. heartbroken, he wrote a message to her and played piano at her wedding. Sad and sick of being so emo all the time, he wanted a fresh start. he thought, “dang! I need a girl!!” and so he went for the second search with a new attitude, flirty, playful, cheeky and overly charming. Finally, when he found that love again, the first thought that came to mind was “you’re my sweetest chocolate, ice cream and lollipop candy”. Probably because he has a sweet tooth. Happy couple. ^^

  26. Take It Slow is my favorite track off the entire album. It is definitely very sensual, and if you have a very good imagination, there are a lot of naughty thoughts involved while you listen to it. ;P Another factor that makes it my favorite? The beautiful piano composition and the fact that Taeyang wrote the lyrics and helped compose it. I can already imagine Taeyang singing this to his soon-to-be-girlfriend (if he doesn’t have a secret one already. xD)

  27. Hello there! Ahh! That was really hard! LOL! Anyway guys, I hope you don’t mind but I just want to share what I thought of the album. My apologies if it’s long and all. 🙂

    [ taken from my own blog ]

    Now that I have somehow calmed down and gotten back to normalcy, I can finally give my two cents worth about Taeyang’s much anticipated full-length album. I didn’t want to do this within hours of the release of the album, MV and his perfs @ MNET because I am afraid that I will probably end up spazzing which I don’t mind doing had this been another one of my regular posts. But since this is about SOLAR, I wanted to be as objective as I can be and I want to talk about this from the perspective of a music lover and not just the crack crazy fangirl that I am.

    I, just like everybody else had HIGH / HUGE expectations about SOLAR – what with the long wait and the fact that this album had a predecessor that was such a huge hit. So yeah…what were my expectations anyway?

    SIMPLE – I just want to hear even just a glimpse of Dong Young Bae through the artist that is Taeyang. Heck, am I making sense with that sentence? IDEK….

    But really, y’all know how I love listening to music that can make my booty groove right but not this time. Not with this album. Screw dope beats and all, I just want him to speak to me through his music.

    Did he disappoint? Did it exceed my expectations?

    Well, chocolate abs-lips-that-can-pleasure-me-a-thousand-ways-and-more-and-all-the-biases aside, SOLAR IS WORTH THE LONG WAIT.

    Young Bae deserves more than just the awards [ that he might get ] and a pat in the back for this album of his.I wanted him to speak to me – that he did to me from the INTRO down to the last note in this album. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I dare say that I still would have bought this album even if it only contained the INTRO and the track TAKE IT SLOW.

    SOLAR [intro] may simply be just that but with the few lines in this track, we realized the [personal] struggles that Young Bae went through last year [that was evident in his perfs last year] and how he was able to hurdle all of it.

    Then there’s the track TAKE IT SLOW. It is no secret that my Korean still sucks a bit [ although I can say proudly that it has improved ] but the first time that I actually listened to this song, I cried – bawled my eyes out the same that Wedding Dress did to me. This particular track is special because this was composed and written by Taeyang himself and even now as I listen to it while writing this, I am having goosebumps and close to tears again. Yes. The lyrics at first may seem like it’s talking about making love but you know that it’s about something deeper and genuine.

    You feel the longing and the fear of this guy as he holds the one he loves in his arms, making sweet love to her and dancing to the beats of their heart [ right! so fucking cheesy I know ] hoping against hope that they remain in that moment forever.

    The line ” hanssan kkumkwo wasseoton neul kake dwen jigeum ” [ right now when I’ve gotten you , who I’ve always dreamt of ] just hits me real hard. His voice and the way he played [ I am guessing here that he did ] the piano for this particular track makes this track absolutely haunting yet stunning at the same time.

    And then there’s the fact that despite the dope beats and the collaboration with other artists [ Teddy, Swings and G-Dragon ], it didn’t overpower and took the spotlight from Young Bae’s voice.

    I have said this many times before, Young Bae may not have the best voice out there [ techniques and all ] but I love the rawness and that bittersweet lilt to it. Seeing him perform is really good alright, EPIC at the most but simply listening to his voice is so much better if I am gonna be honest. You feel the raw emotions and the honesty in his voice.

    Thank you so much for not using auto-tune!

    I just have to say this, MAD PROPS to President YG himself for allowing Young Bae [ and all the other artists under YG ] to release an album that contains tracks that are not considered the norm or *in* thing in the k-pop industry these days. Thank you so much YG for the freedom you give your artists to do what they do best – and that is making music that aren’t just appealing to the ear but actually speaks and touches lives.

    It’s really unnerving to be this proud of a certain artist and to feel such intense connection to his music but yeah – that’s what he does to me.

    Cliche as this may be – but his words, his voice, his music touches me in the deepest and genuine way.

    1. I loved reading this! I couldn’t agree more! I’ve had SOLAR on repeat for the past couple of days and I’m not skipping any tracks because I knew Youngbae’s soul is in each and every track. Knowing how hard he worked for this album makes me appreciate and love it for more than it’s musical value (which is already UP THERE). 🙂

    2. I agree. wish i could express myself the way you did. love your post. if there is a [like] button here, i would have pressed it 50 times.

      “but his words, his voice, his music touches me in the deepest and genuine way.”
      Coudn’t agree more.

    3. love you post. love it to bits. Unlike with HOT, I really felt like I got to know YB in this album. Everything had his personal touch in it. loved that.

      1. I see you @ soompi too! LOL! Yeah…we already know [ from YB’s interview prior to the release of SOLAR ] that SOLAR is going to be personal but I never thought that it would have this impact on me – us – that MUCH. 🙂

      2. HOT was awesome and EPIC in it’s own way but I believe that it and hubby Bae was packaged in a different way and I don’t mind it at all. It’s just that I prefer the simplicity and the personal touch of SOLAR.

    4. WHOA. We like kinda said the same thing:

      “You feel the longing and the fear of this guy as he holds the one he loves in his arms, making sweet love to her and dancing to the beats of their heart [ right! so fucking cheesy I know ] hoping against hope that they remain in that moment forever”

      I got the same vibe too. Its like “i’m already afraid of losing you.” It think that’s the selling point for me with this song…THE REASON why I listen to Taeyang. He has the capability to express so much emotion in his voice. Not the best singer out there…but very little people can do what he can.

      I would say we’re SOLmates…but Kay is my one and only SOLmate. lol.

    5. Wish I could articulate my thoughts the way you do! YB’s music is really UP THERE.

      True his vocals may not be the best, but you feel the rawness and bittersweet emotions as he sings… Nobody can do that other than him….. I was close to crying watching the WD MV, his voice, the story in the video, and his acting… it made the whole 3-4min. video experience that much more real and full of emotions….

      No one can beat YB in that department… Putting emotion in the voice…. Just epic…

      1. *Wish I could articulate my thoughts the way you do! *

        Rarely does this happen bb! LOL! If you’ll see my posts over at my blog – you’ll proly crack at how I spazz and fangirl! LOL!

        It’s here: bae_mac.livejournal.com


  28. Oh gosh… At first listen, Take it Slow was beautiful.

    Now that I’ve seen the lyrics… IT IS JUST LOVE. Ms. Dong Young Bae will be the luckiest woman ever~~~~ >< Heck Tae Yang's voice is beautiful XD

    1. Comment got cut~~~ =(

      here’s the missing part in between:

      But I must say JAF is the catchiest song for me out there. I’ve always loved the songs Teddy arranged, JAF just cannot get out of my head. I hum it, sing it at random times…

      So I’ll go with that…”XD

      If I could choose other songs and not just one…. WD will be one of them, it’s just a BEAUTIFUL song, the lyrics, arrangement, not to add the epic MV… Just EPIC AWESOME in capital letters…

      Then, Take it Slow… then INAG…. I’m not sure of the other songs… They were all very beautiful~~~ >< Heck Tae Yang's voice is beautiful XD

      1. I have a love and hate relationship with WD because it hits way too close to my heart. 😦

        But yeah, JAF is so catchy! And I have watched the perf so many times already that I already know that choreo to it! hehehe!

        Speaking of Teddy, the BAMF rocked his part in MOVE! * I cocked and unload it, call me mister big rocket! * RAWR! 😀

  29. Tofu, this is cruel and unusual punishment having me choose. How can I choose? I’m a Libra we’re terrible when it comes to things like this. When I slip on my headphones and hit play I want to be transported on a musical ride. For me when I’m listening to ‘SOLAR’ it’s the journey not the destination that matters the most to me. It’s the journey of discovery. The thing I loved the most about ‘HOT’ was that it was a progression from song 1 to 6. I feel the same way about this disk. With each track I’m learning more about YB and what makes him tick and for me that’s half the battle. I love getting into his head.

    1. The first time I heard ‘Take It Slow’ I fell in love with it. This was before I knew what the lyrics meant. I find that happens alot to me when I listen to YB. He’s so good at expressing his emotions through his songs that I don’t have to understand it to love it. For months I listened to ‘Baby, I’m Sorry’ without knowing what the lyrics meant and I loved it! When I finally tracked down the English subs that song became deeper still. But when it comes to YB I don’t have to understand what he’s saying to enjoy the music.

      1. I agree, when it comes to Taeyangs music you don’t listen to it, you feel it. Don’t have to understand the lyrics to feel the emotions and passion in his voice.

  30. reading the lyrics of Take It Slow i thought i saw a little reference to “Look Only At Me” in the line: “When you only look at me/You see that I’m left breathless.”

  31. i know this is sorta off-topic but i have a question . . . i ordered 2 taeyang’s deluxe albums on ygeshop this morning (yes , it was back on stock) . on the last step i pressed confirm and then this popup came out and directed me back to homepage . i cant read korean so i have no idea what it says . does that mean i got my order through or not ? it is under my delivery list , but then again i cant read korean so i cant confirm if i got it or not :/ any answers ?

  32. why does Wedding Dress get only 8% vote? wasn’t it one of our favorite track last year? you guys got tired of it already? :/

    1. I don’t think it’s because we’re tired of it~ It’s nothing like that, have you read the comments? We LOVE WD, it was epic for some because it was through WD that they have come to love YB. ^^

      I guess the new tracks from the album sound great too, and like some have said, it’s hard to choose because all were their favourites! (Me!!! XD)

      Everyone’s loving Take It Slow since 1) YB composed and wrote the lyrics it’s the first time that he can claim all song as completely his, and not Teddy’s or Kush’s, which for long time YB fans, is a precious track 2) The song is beautiful, there’s no way to put it, it is just romantic and sweet to the core. 😀

      The love for WD has not gone, definitely not!

  33. lol i actually woke up humming to I Need A Girl in my head! …and then I started singing Just a Feeling. Closed my eyes for a short while and woke up again singing to You’re My!! LOL guess his performance on MNET is still stuck in my head.

    makes it so hard to pick one!! because all the songs in the album are so different, you can’t really put them in a line together to compare. it doesn’t help that my fav changes according to mood. But the ones i really really really like so far are I Need A Girl, Just A Feeling, Superstar, Take It Slow, Move and You’re My.

    i think i’ll vote only when i’ve made up my mind. lol.

  34. i love ‘take it slow’…..at first time i heard it,i was moved by the melody of the song….then suddenly when chorus hits me, i just cry….this song links directly to my soul which makes me cry…i really love this song…even i didnt know the meaning of the lyric at first but i can feel something like in this song, YB is holding the girl he loves and dont want to lose her in his arms….aogoooooo :3

  35. OMG tough picking because I love SOLAR!! BUT um after much thought and soul searching … I pick…..*drum roll please*

    After you fall asleep!! Its my jam

  36. i think if YB sing this to his GF/wife,she will defenitly cry with endless tears and love YB and cherish him always…aigooooo;3

  37. Ahh this is too hard. I’m torn between Wedding Dress and Take It Slow. I like songs that stir up different emotions and that’s what WD and Take It Slow does to me.

    Wedding Dress

    I think that WD is awesome. I love the song, MV, and covers. Just seeing how much love it received internationally was beautiful and made me proud!

    Take It Slow

    @Janelle Marie. I totally agree. He’s so good at expressing his emotions through his songs that I don’t have to understand it to love it. That’s how I felt listening to Take it Slow. The first time I heard it I loved it & after finding out the words I love it even more.

    1. Exactly. That happens to me all the time. That’s what makes YB so great. The emotions he puts forth in his music. You can feel his passion at all times. He’s incredible like that.

  38. definetly TAKE IT SLOW!!!!! i think it would’ve even been better to have it as a single,i mean he wrote it! plus it sounds fantastic!!! his voice just has something that even whitout reading the lyrics,it made me cry,but not out of sadness,idk i can’t explain it!! definetly my fav! thanks for the translations kay! YB fighting!! <333 saranghae oppa!

  39. OMFG!!!! i just noticed the a little deeper etc part,OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG………..im so………..gosh YB!!!! why you do this to meeee …sjsjsksksk

  40. wow..tats was totally amazing, unbeliveable,romantic song..Its 100% great song..is so touching..it really feel smthing in ur heart…LOve U Taeyang……….

  41. hooh! when i heard the song TAKE IT SLOW and read the lyrics .. hm, that’s really a PG but what makes it special is that Taeyang gave justice to the song, you’ll feel nothing but the LOVE he gives to the girl and how i wish i was her. hoho

  42. now i understand what Taeyang is singing in this sultry song… a bit sexy but not as hard core as Move…

    i hope he writes more lyrics and compose more… this song is refreshing…

  43. i like Take it Slow too..!!
    fell in love with the song first time listening to it..
    i like the way taeyang sings this song..

  44. take it slow is very sensual.when i listenning it ,i wanna make love,seriously.Taeyang is simply a genius!


    I’ve been listening to the album all day and I’m getting more and more confused which one is my fave!! 😉

    I picked SUPERSTAR, 😉

  46. You know, it’s impossible to skip any song from SOLAR!!! Like seriously, all the songs are simply amazing! even listening to WD and WUA again is like a completely new thing for me, that’s how awesome the album is! and i remember saying on another post that ‘you’re my’ made me cringe… well, not anymore!!!!! try listening to it in the middle of the night in the dark before bed! it helps! seriously!!! 😀 although, haha, it’s somewhat still at the bottom of the list, hehe… but it’s pleasant to hear now and that’s good enough right? 😀

    1. I know, I know. The flow of the songs one into the next is pure perfection. I keep getting stuck when asked which song is my favorite because I love them all. Just a top notch quality album from start to finish. Well worth the wait!


    Initially i loved As You Sleep from the very beginning, but once I read the lyrics on that video to Take It Slow I fell in love wit the song!! ❤

  48. Omo so difficult to choose but i like Just a Feeling, I need a girl, take it slow and the one he sings with wings those are the top for me although there are all wonderfull the only one that i quite do not like is you’re my i dont know i just do not like the part when he does the falseto sorry but I like all the song 😉

  49. Take it slow is my favorite because it is sweet but also sexy. especially the tonight we just bounce, bounce, bounce part. What?!!!!!! Taeyang looks like he might be a very energetic dude if he ever gets his chance to “bounce, bounce, bounce.LOL!! If he gets that girl, she better have a lot of stamina because he is talking about till the sun comes up!! He is going to wear that poor girl out!!! Hahahaha!!!! She’s going to be like ” Again?!!!!!! We just finished!!!! LMAO!!! Ahh, lucky to who ever gets to be his girl. ^_^

    1. ur insane lol
      i know what u mean about bounce bounce…thats the lines that stood out for me when i read the lyrics the first time and am like aigoo! young man u making even this noona blush and go absolutely red (and am blak mind u lol)

  50. so difficult haha
    think it has to be wedding dress…like many ppl, it is the song that got me into kpop and its a song i never get tired of for some reason, ive listened to it at least 1000 times lol and still love it haha
    but if its a new song from his album i like just a feeling 🙂

  51. Im absolutely smitten by TAEYANG.. Its oviously hard not to fall for him but DAMN this MAN is special. His SOLAR album is in a way introducing himself as an all around ARTIST ( he is a great singer, fantastic dancer, humble human being and wonderful entertainer) He is not the usual K POP autotoned singer. He actually has a talent and he is way beyond Koreas entertainment business. He would be very successful overseas ( mainly in USA). One of my favorite song from his album is ” Take It Slow” I loved it the first time i heard it. Its so sensual ( and so not PG) most of the song lyrics are pretty racy.. kkkk but im not complaining. Its his way of saying im a MAN all grown up and ready for anything… i also would like to add that i Love his little beard.. makes him look sexy and manly!! Everything said and done TAEYANG is one of my favorite artist and im not even Korean lol..

  52. just had this evil thought pop into my head, picture TY doin the GD ‘Breathe’ choreo for ‘Take it slow’ during his concerts ; ) wuaaahhhh….. just kill me already ; )

  53. i’ve been wondering about this for an hour now, since i started listening to “take it slow” and reading the translation for it.

    –what the hell did Taeyang meant by that song???–

    Seriously, i must be slow and can’t figure out what he’s trying to say…coz i don’t know if it’s sexual or not? lol

    what does Taeyang means by this line: “a little deeper, baby up and down..tonight , you and i, we just bounce”??

    is it what i’m thinking? lol or maybe he’s saying that take it slow, means take the relationship slow and savor their moment together as a couple and this up and downs are the trials and joys in being together??

    and also this line: “Baby let’s take it slow, so that we can fall asleep exhausted when morning comes”?
    i don’t get it. lol

    can anyone here bother to clear this to me?
    i would really appreciate it…

  54. SO CRUEL. D; I voted for one song, but I effin’ love the whole album.

    I voted for Take It Slow. But my other top tracks are MOVE (with Teddy <333) and Break Down.

    WUA and WD too, but I'm considering them separate cuz they're old now. Rofl. XD

    Ohhh dang, thanks for linking that video! Made me focus on his lyrics. Wow, loving this song even more. Didn't know he composed this song. o:

  55. Honestly, im not even gonna lie. “i need a girl” has good lyrics and an overall good concept, as it entices fangirls, but what this song is lacking and desperately needs is some beats in the background to give it more of an RnB sound. Imagine hearing it and tell me if I’m right cuz in the past, big bang had hit songs with this property and presently, groups like ss501 and super junior have made the tops of various charts with dis same concept. Basically, this song is just like a prototype so they need to add more features because it has the potential to be great

  56. I really got into the song Break Down. =o When I first heard it, I was like, “Eh…” then he started doing the kinda rap part and I loved it. xD I effin love when he raps, it’s awesome. especialy when his voiced is laced with the auto-tune. It sounds effin awesome. And of course Wedding Dress, Where U At, and Look Only At Me. I was really surprised with the intro, SOLAR, I think it’s really beautiful.

  57. 1. Wedding Dress (because it was the song that brought me here. It was actually background music in another YT video, haha.)

    2. Where U At (because it was second song and also showed his hiphop roots which at the time I didn’t know about. Many asian-americans will easily be a fan once they know this. MV and choreo are amazing.)

    3. Just A Feeling (because it was featured on Movement Lifestyle and I saw what Taeyang overcame to put on a good show, I cried. It’s also a ‘feel good’ song, I like these.)

    4. You’re My (after listening to Sung Si Kyung’s cover and then watching a fancam of his Concert, I didn’t understand what Taeyang was going for. But I think this is a special song.)

    5. Connection (WOW, this track is awesome. This song really shows how much Taeyang’s voice has improved. His english is good too. WOW. It’s sounds like a song that could be played on US radio over and over and over. Smooth.)

    Hmm… it’s a little harder to place the others since I don’t have anything to associate them with yet, but I’ll go with my initial reaction. You know what… after listening to them again, they’re all actually good songs. If I put TIS @ #9, it looks like one of his worst songs, but it’s not. Seeing Taeyang’s interpretation helps a lot for me. I guess I should buy the Concert DVD, haha.–I will do this.

    6. I’ll Be There (it’s the choreo.)
    7. After You Fall Asleep-Superstar (good beats, could be hit songs too. i like both.)
    9. I Need A Girl-Take it Slow
    11. Move-Breakdown

    My opinions will probably change after watching the DVD.

    1. Oh, I also want to mention… I read at the top that many people first heard of Taeyang because of Wedding Dress.

      WongFuProductions, a YT-based production company, had a video with WD in the background and J.Reyez & Tommy C. (they’re Canadian) probably had an impact on how big it got in NA. They even held several little venues in Canada.

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