105 thoughts on “07.03.10 – Tae Yang’s looking for his girl on Music Core”

  1. Looking for his girl on Music Core….he needs to come to Texas and find me!!!!

    That one-day break was much needed. He came back with an even better performance than last time….can’t wait for tomorrow!

    1. Yup!!! Taeyang needs to come to the Dirty South? 🙂

      He has so many fans in Houston! Everyone I know knows him!

  2. Props to Taeyang’s stylists! Really lovd the shirt he wore for his solar intro & for I need A Girl, not forgetting the Mj-ish Jacket XD

    Another enjoyable performance today; once again its great to see him back on stage peforming! Looking forward to inkigayo tomorrow !!

    1. Plus Usher is in Korea right right for an one night concert. Hopefully he’ll get a chance to look at Taeyang’s music & work~

  3. Yup, it was a better than MNet but i love the stage design in MNet than in MuCore and Taeyang looks hot in jeans! hahaha

    excited for Inki!!! 🙂

    1. yes indeed,it was a lot better as far as general performance,much more comfortable to watch i would say,the stage was better too

  4. thanks for posting 😀 i loved his performances 😀 i need a girl got better i think and compared to last year ithink his voice control improved hehe lol and his jeans got tighter?

  5. Taeyang is really Taeyang again this time when he gives solid performances like that. Phew!! No more worries like last year. I love that girl… I mean will it be weird if I say I like it when she’s all touchy touchy on my Bae??? They look good togetha.. XD
    i really love it when his vocals are good live. and yay for Solar.
    he tries reaching for the high notes this time instead of just switching of to falsetto when he’s tired like in WD.
    Love this even better than Mnet’s performance(INAG)-very clear, good vocals^^.. but i kinda miss the stage. Oh well *shrugs*.. The performance really makes my heart grew fonder of the song.
    Solar is HOT.

  6. I agree too that today’s performance is much better. He looked very relaxed while performing INAG.

      1. who doesn’t? hahahah but i love the pairing ever since…they were paired together the last time. Bae got the prettiest.

    1. I’m sure she has heels on. It’s just that she wore the legwarmer so it doesn’t look like it. She’s the same height as TY or actually a little shorter. So she can just wear a short 1-inch heel.

    2. if you look/observe closely (video and pic), she does have heels on. even in the mnet performance. 🙂

  7. I’m really digging this MJ inspired styling for YB. I love it when the beads on his jacket hit his mike and make that jingling sound. Amazing performance!

    1. @MixX…lOl..I know huh? she has an amazing face! I love them paired up though..too cute!! I’m a female and I’m diggin her!! haha

  8. Wow! okay, his performance for INAG definitely got better! i’m prob weird caus ei actually like this stage (for INAG) more than MNet’s. and the sound system is good.. 🙂
    btw, anyone realised Tae didn’t perform the best lines from JAF – “I wanna make love to you, baby say my name”?! 😦
    I actually love that part loads. hehehe.. guess it’s not so suitable for tv? hahaha..
    overall, he’s really improving. 😀 keep it up TY!

  9. yeah he is totally back again, performance are great vocal is better then ever. i like his live performance hihi.
    his clothes were awsome,like usual…
    but anywayss YB is gonna join me when im on vacation with his beautiful voice & put some mv’s and live performance on my ipod and im satisfied my whole vacation 😀

    You Go Taeyang!

  10. taeyang!!!go for the win, you deserve every award there…YG FOR THE WIN THIS SUMMER…hehehe

  11. performance was awesome, but someone really needs to kill the camera man, couldn’t even get a clear view of the choreo coz the camera moves around so much.

    1. I loved the camera work. Nothing is going to stop me from learning every step and practicing until I know this routine by heart. Another great job done by Shaun!

  12. Youngbae looks smoking hoooooooot! 🙂 I liked today’s performance better than Mnet’s. I love that he performed SOLAR and I can see the lyrics in the bottom left of the screen. “Now the stars lined up for this baby, it’s about that time to rise”! I get you, Youngbae! Vocals are definitely better and I liked the stages today especially the set up for SOLAR. Love the flowy fabric behind him. Very romantic 🙂

  13. i dont really get how this getting taeyang to no 1. works, can some one tell me about it? and how we can vote for him!~

  14. Definitely better than MNet, he looked up at the camera more during JAF!! Good on you Bae!!! Knew you’d always get better with your vocals and choreo etc. the next live perf. and the next!

    Wish I watched it live, but my family has come down to Australia and thus caught in the midst and forgot about it…=\

    Thanks for posting the videos!!!!

    Loving INAG, I love it each and every time…. Live performances make me love this song even more! >w<

    The choreo is just like LOAM – fits in with the lyrics, good on you Shaun!!! 😀

    Solar was awesome, the man looks hotter with sunnies! XD

    Bae's epic awesome but casual look = (preferably)black [leather? MJ-ish jacket?] jacket+wife beaters+JEANS+*Sunnies!!!
    *Sunnies adds to the hotness 😀

    I guess it's hard to smile when the choreo is so complicated, but he has definitely gotten better at looking at the camera now =)

    Dong Young Bae! Dong Young Bae!

    1. Awesome performance. YB is back! I’ve slowly become addicted to INAG though….cannot stop playing it. Must step away from the computer this weekend to practice the choreography. I can’t stop doing the hip shimmy move. I realized I had the song in my head when I was doing the step on the way to the bathroom……

      1. LOL! Yeah, it’s a song that grows on you~ I really think it’ll be more popular than LOAM… but LOAM was a great song~~~ Though WD has a special place in my heart…XD (next to YB of course, lol)

        1. It’s funny but WD and WUA seem like they belong on another album. SOLAR is such a happy upbeat disk that those two songs seem out of place now. These two songs introduced be to YB but I’m really loving his new musical direction. His latest songs are so catchy. Right now I’m listening to ‘Move” and I absolutely love it!. I love every song on this album. YB did such an awesome job on this disk. I’m going to be listening to this all Summer.

      2. HAHAH,is that when he kinda goes up and down whit moving his arms?? i LOVE that and im also addicted to INAG…and the choreo oh yeah

  15. It’s a tough call, but I think I enjoyed the MNET comeback more. MuCore had better vocals, but he looked more stressed and the camera work was so distracting. MNET had the better set design and the camera editing picked up more details of the dance and his expressions. He also looked like he was having more fun on MCD, even though he seemed less tired today. It goes without saying that he looked gorgeous both days so that’s never a tiebreaker.

    Either way, I think he’s doing well so far. I hope he keeps up the energy as he goes along. And I want to hear the audience cheer…

    1. I think he looked less stressed in the INAG performance on MNET than this one, but the vocals in this performance were MUCH MUCH better~

      JAF is such a great song but the choreo is so intricate that he loses out on making an impression with the vocals because he’s so out of breath~ Seeing MNET, I feel he was stronger in his JAF performance this time around but still, he’ll need to practice more. He’s probably stressed and tired~

      Reading comments on other sites, people picked up on his smile looking almost forced and he overall looked sad…anyone else feel like this?

      1. Really? Chalk it up to nerves. I noticed his smile on Mnet was brighter, possibly because it was his comeback and he was excited. I would have to watch it again to know for sure, though.

      2. I can understand that his smile would be forced probably because he’s simply not used to it. (Boy hasn’t been smiling in all his performances since 2007. Intense is his default mode. It helps that 95% of big bang lyrics are sad.) He’s probably busy reminding himself now “Smile! This is supposed to be happy.”

        That’s the reason why I still liked MNET’s INAG perf better – his smile seemed more genuine. He was better this time around, but seemed more in his head again.

        I agree about JAF needing better breathing work. And he also just needs to loosen up.

        And If anyone is speculating he looks sad because of negative comments — well, he’s used to negative comments anyway. He’s probably got a lot of positive ones too. He’s a veteran in this business and knows what it’s like.

  16. Ooo I liked this perf more as well. His vocals were better, and oh lorrd how much of a difference quality of the vid makes! mnet should really start to up their game.

    He’s looking sooooo fine today as well ❤

    1. me too. I really didn’t like INAG at first but now I find myself singing it all the time the video/performances help a lot

  17. DAMN IT, I was debating whether I wanted to stay up to stream this but I ultimately give in to sleep. His vocals and dancing in this performance is on point. Finally we know what the line in “Solar” is…”now the stars are lined up for this baby” lol It was a great performance and Ji-Hye is gorgeous.

        1. LOL, I don’t know, I just thought of waking up in the morning and making coffee ~haha and I kept hearing Folgers!

      1. lol, i think im officially gonna use that line now for any time we have a blond moment on here. It’d be our way of saying “it’s all good”= “it’s all stars and Folgers, babe.” 😀

  18. I checked the digital charts. INAG is #1 on mnet and the rest is not very good. So depressing..sigh.
    Suprisingly, even narsha boring song and jo kwon not-so-amazing song is doing well. Is KPOP all about popularity? During BB were active and popular, SR’s solo can top many charts and win awards. I consider INAG is much better than SR’s strong baby. I want Taeyang to win some awards.

    1. It is a little saddening considering I wanted this song to go “All-kill” on the charts…..I’m surprised at Narsha and Jo-Kwon’s songs doing better, not being biased, but still think INAG is more refreshing however, I don’t know what to say at this point~

      Taeyang, has always been under appreciated and underrated in Korea – that’s a fact and will remain so until people don’t open up their minds to good music. I really hope this doesn’t get him down….

      He’s still #1 on Hanteo charts though~….

      1. That’s why he needs an international debut. Boy is hungry for love. And international love is better than nothing at all in my estimation. This morning I caught the tail end of Music Core and couldn’t believe the difference in musical tastes. I was watching Super Junior and shaking my head. It just boggles my mind the difference in musical styles. YB is so ahead of the game he deserves an environment where his music will be appreciated, not pushed aside. Makes me so mad.

        1. It’s because Super Junior are ‘good looking’ and have so many fan girls. No matter how good or bad the music, groups or artists with massive fangirls/boys like super junior, dbsk, snsd always do well. When has SNSD or super junior released a single and not done well.

    2. ^agree
      this prove that american RnB is not really popular in korea

      also right now songs from idol groups/singers in general are not doing well on the charts
      i think 2010 is the year of ballad, last year idol groups are topping the chart left and right but this year apart from SNSD,2AM other artists didn’t do well either but they still able to win on music shows for example 2pm’s Without You didn’t stay in top10 on online charts for long but they still able to win on music shows-as long as we have strong album sales and the song stay in top10 in online charts then is fine

      however Shinee is coming back soon- so to me they are the only competition that im worry about
      hopefully Taeyang will wins some awards next week

      1. Oh yes, SHINee~~~
        I’m hoping Taeyang’s clears some awards before they come back. Their fans have been waiting for a long time and we all know groups fair much better than solo artists in Kpop~

        Then again, Taeyang beat out Wonder Girls “So Hot” 3 times during “Look Only at Me” promotions which was a shocker since WG had a good following, but those times were different. Kpop is extremely had to predict and gauge now. No one knows what fans will like next so everyone is experimenting and trying to do their best.

        And yea, ballads are doing surprisingly well like IU’s “Nagging” song….

      2. Forget Shinee – Se7en will be coming back in 2 weeks! YG fam will be supporting Se7en even more since a big comeback is even more critical for him. YG has something to prove with Se7en and will be hungry to top those charts.

        As an aside, funny how YB always promotes alongside Shinee. He must be pretty good friends with them by now.

      3. Oh, and I second the observation that ballads are coming back in a big way. Even Gummy is promoting Because of You more rather than her title songs since it was more popular. This might explain why You’re My is inexplicably doing better than other songs on Solar.

      4. I’m still annoyed Se7en’s massive comeback cuts into Taeyang’s promotion period. I like Se7en, don’t get me wrong and I really wish him success with his promotions and his comeback, Se7en deserves it but so does Taeyang. He deserves sometime on his own to represent YG to the fullest….

        I don’t understand YG at all…

        1. The timing sucks and I wish YB had more time but it is what it is. I think that’s why YG is throwing everything he’s got save a parade in the first 2 weeks of YB’s promotion to make up for the fact that he has only 3 weeks.

        2. ah yes, i don’t get YG too. but i thought we should be used to this by now. that boy is always not handled with care.

      5. by the time Se7en have his comeback, TY would have win all the awards that he needed(3 fmaximum) so i don’t mind if they both have the same promotion period

        but shinee is a group to watch out for because i think they coming back on 8th july- which is like next week so after 2 weeks time the real competition is between Taeyang and Shinee- who will win? we don’t know- but all i know is that Shinee’s song might do better than INAG on online charts and they also usually do very well with album sales

        1. I don’t listen to SHINee but from what I’ve heard, they’re usually “catchy kpop music” so yes, if that’s what they do next, then I think they’ll definately top because that’s what works.

          That’s why we like Taeyang…he doesn’t follow the trend, he makes them ~lol.

          I just like to think, years from now when R&B becomes the norm in Korea, people will look back and think of Taeyang as one of the pioneers~

        2. actually I do think R&B is getting into the trend nowadays. heard Super Junior’s new song on inki yesterday? i really felt they were doing a similar style to Tae…

          and yes, SHINee has a massive following. esp teen fans who are willing to spend 24hours listening to the songs on soribada, etc to get their songs on the top of chart. of course, their catchy songs will cater to mainstream too.

          i’m worried right now, but i think the satisfaction of making a good album and good music is what that matters.

          also, YG should do an asia tour plus US and Canada tour already!

        3. If it comes down to chart rankings, Shinee will win over YB. SM always does with their fanbase. (RIngding dong vs Wedding Dress – isn’t it obvious who would win in kpopland?) No point feeling bad, its just the way it is.

          Like I’ve said, we can’t t expect music show wins. YB just has to sell well consistently. And at least he got to do what he wanted….

        4. correction : i mean “Super Junior’s new song on MUSIC Core yesterday?”

        5. That would be awesome, Kay. He deserves all the love in the world. His music is so good. I wish his peeps appreciated it and him more. Seriously, YG should consider making the boys (I’m including BB in this as well) tour outside Asia. Big Bang/Taeyang have a huge international fan base. Before I die I’d like to see them live and not have to fly all the way to Korea or Japan to do it. That’s my biggest dream for this year…..I want an international tour for YB.

        6. I say shinee will win. Shinee has bigger fanbase(teens) who usually pays attention to these music shows. their music is more appealing in korea. Put taeyang’s fanbase altogether and Shinee will still win anyway.

    3. I dunno about the singles chart. Why would anyone buy the single when they could get the whole album — that’s what I think anyway.

      I think most old YB fans knew INAG would be a tough sell. His music doesn’t follow any trends (in fact the trend for most R&B is to NOT do well.) Strong Baby was tailor made for kpop charts. Great hook, easy dance step, JT done the kpop way – it was a clear winner.

      And OT, Narsha’s song is fantastic. I loved the original (and remix version) by RaD and Narsha puts her own spin on it. (Though I am a BEG fan from way back – pre plastic surgery and all – so I may be biased)

      1. lol the ever common phrase “told ya so” plays well here. Yes, I discussed this with some other people….INAG is an extremely HARD sell…..as much as YB fans enjoyed it, it’s got a lot going against it than for it in terms of popular sounds, lyrics and even the visual presence…

        The lack of MV also causes discord…people have no visually representation of this song at this point….

    4. I also want to say that we shouldn’t get too obsessed over charts. What is needed is sales – ranking doesn’t matter. The album should sell steadily and over a long period to be successful (think BEG’s album – they hardly ever win music shows but sell incredibly well.) Topping charts are only for bragging rights but doesn’t mean much if sales sink like a stone after 3 weeks.

      And YB’s album is a grower. I think radio play will be the key. Hearing the song enough times will convince people to buy it. But for that, we need time.

      1. Yeah, you’re right…I have a feeling his album sales will definitely pick up once the normal version starts selling because right now all the fan girls have finished purchasing their share of the deluxe, his “mature” fan base will start coming out for the normal version now since I don’t think a lot of them care for the goodies….

        But if BEG’s album sold so well, they would have won music shows~>?

        We also have to add in Big Bang’s fanbase, which has steadily decreased since BB was so inactive in Korea~ HOT album sales were partially Big Bang fans; now that it’s decreased we have to hope new fans will be purchasing his album more~

        1. BEG was surprisingly never number 1 since idol groups debuting new songs usually grabbed number 1 because of fan driven sales in the first 1-2 weeks. So while different groups won week after week, BEG would hang in there in the top 5 but never win anything. But their singles and album would consistently remain Top 10-20 for MONTHS since the general public would come around to buying it eventually. At the end of the year, they would be massive sellers and super popular but would never have won any music shows.

      2. ranking for online charts does matter if we want him to win on music shows because the thing is music shows now a day focus more on digital sales than album sales(60% for digital sales while only 20% for album sales)

        1. Oh sorry. I meant that its okay if he doesn’t win music shows at all. Though it would make him and us fans happy if it did, its more important that sales are good and that radio keeps on playing his music. I’m convinced that the success of his music will not be fan driven but will be converting the general Korean public slowly into loving it. (Much like the way WD converted a lot of international fans – slowly but surely and by word of mouth.)

  19. Yes yes. Ballad is Korean’s trend now.
    2AM’s I cant let you go even if I die, IU’s nugging and now Son DamBi’s Can’t You See, they all seem to be doing pretty well in charts. Honestly I like them as well. They are very appealing to listen. Rather than all-kills in a few days, I rather want to have BB/TY song topping the charts a few weeks.

  20. If there was ever a song definition for a “Grower Song” I would list INAG up there~~

    Song has gone from least played to most played on my Ipod~ It’s not that I enjoy the composition or lyrics as much, its just very addictive lol

    *shakes head*

    1. SAME!! I wasnt sure about choosing it as the title song in the beginning, but wow…I’ve been listening to it repeatedly these past few days.
      Guess YG was right about it being so addictive.
      I wish he would perform “Take it slow” live as well…but then again, considering those lyrics, he probably wont be allowed to..LOL

    2. This is why I never expected it to chart well instantly because it is the one song that needs promo and radio play to sell. But once you love it, you just do….

      As a title song, I think it won’t top charts or win any awards, but it will drive album sales once it sinks its teeth into people.

    3. yeah… with TIS competing for first plast in my playlist. the performance really really makes me like INAG.

  21. All i’m going to say this has got be one of his best lives ive seen from him. There might have been some parts where the vocals where not as strong but the choreo and the feel about everything was there I was totally blown away. Props to Shaun, Keone, and the other choreographers who worked on the project a very tantalizing performance indeed.

  22. i agree that his vocals were better here than in mnet. and everything was cleaner.

    but after watching the mnet performance for the nth time (before this mucore perf), i LOVE the energy and his facial expressions in MNET. i could almost eat them. 😉

    here, he looked too focused (which is not a bad thing). but i would love it if there was a balance.

    excited for INKI!!! woot. i love thursdays, saturdays and sundays again now. ♥♥♥

  23. also, has anyone noticed this: when Ji-Hye kisses him, what she really kisses is his earpiece. look closely, pause it. 😉 but i still love the fact that he winces. maybe because the sound of the kiss enters his earpiece that loudly. kekeke. ^^,

      1. haha..yup I just notice that myself..lOl..I wonder what he’s thinking at that point..he’s probably thinking..”ouch..my fangirls will go crazy and they’re going to come after Ji-Hye”!! But he looked so beautiful just doing that!!

  24. Aaaahh… YoungBae in tight jeans…!!! WOW!!!! =D
    It’s just perfect!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy much better than those hip hop kinda jeans (although he looks hot on it too!!! hehehehehe)
    I loved the “Just a feeling” choreo!!! Sooooooooooo much better than “I need a girl”…!!! ;D


  25. The above discussion got me thinking….

    Idol music is generally designed to be catchy from the first listen – which is why they are usually upbeat and hook-driven. The whole idol success mentality of topping charts and winning music shows from the very first day requires building a blindly loyal fanbase who will buy anything to support their idol. To be honest, its not about the music, its about the fact that they love their idol.

    The whole idol set-up works against YB. YB’s music tends to be sophisticated and layered. It’s appeal grows with repeated listens and you discover new things each time. It’s not hook driven. This is probably why most of his fans tend to be older, more critical and more mature because they take the time to really listen – not blind fans at all. If not for Big Bang, younger or more superficial listeners would tend to dismiss his music as boring. Plus he doesn’t rely on “concepts” and fashion/hair choices to draw attention, so it seems like he doesn’t have anything “new.” Even his choreography is too intricate to ever become the latest dance craze (though real dancers can appreciate how good it is.)

    I have to stop myself from getting annoyed by commenters on other sites who dismiss him from the very beginning since I understand they are coming in from the normal kpop paradigm. It doesn’t help that YB is so shy, you hardly ever get a glimpse of his personality on shows aside from the occasional interview. Especially for international kpop fans who come into kpop expecting to be entertained in a certain way, they feel he is boring and one-note, they don’t get the fuss. They don’t get the fact that YB fans love him precisely because he isn’t like all the idols out there.

    As a YB fan, its hard to temper expectations. We regard him as a true artist (not idol) and love him for it. But our expectations for him are like those for other idols. We want him to win music shows and do all kills on the charts. But would we really want him to compromise his music to play the idol game? Because his music is not the type to do that. His music is not typical of disposable pop that encourages instant infatuation only to be forgotten in a few weeks. His music is like him – shy, but once you get it, you fall in love. The kind of music that doesn’t top charts, but sells a bit steadily for months on end. The kind of music that can be relevant years from now as more people “discover” it.

    I know all of us want him to be successful, but I just want to say that there are many ways of defining success. YB knows he is building a legacy for mainstream RnB and that he can’t expect to hit number 1 with music that isn’t usually accepted. He just wants to get people to listen to his kind of music. YG is promoting like crazy because all the Big Bang members have to uphold their image of being successful, but I’m sure they have their own ideas of how much they can expect. So while us fans should support him in any way we can, we shouldn’t feel too disappointed if it doesn’t seem to affect charts or music shows. Just be happy he can do what he loves. (And tell your friends about him and get them to listen to him.)

    Sorry about the essay by the way….

    1. don’t be sorry…when it comes to YB/BB I love reading other fan’s thoughts about them and their music…thanks!

    2. Agreed. I will estatic for Taeyang if he tops the charts, but I wouldn’t be disappointed either. I’d rather him have a solid good album than have an album that just tops charts.

      I hate it when he’s referred to as an “idol.” It has really negative connotions for me especially from what I see in Kpop. I hope he can be a bridge between critical artistic success and commercial success. But I hope he hits the mark with the former first and the latter will just come.

    3. i agree. while i love YB as the artist and i don’t really mind him not topping the charts, but the fact that if he really does top the charts, it makes us fans feel better. it makes me feel like hey a real artist is dominating the charts and it’s taeyang and it’s rare and wow…

      1. but the fact that YB is still labelled as an “idol” makes people expect him to do well in charts…also, people might say since other yg R&B artist (se7en) did well on charts, why not he? like it or not, the kpop public still have expectations out of him.
        i just hope just because he doesn’t achieve “mainstream” success, people won’t think less of him (esp yg himself)

        anyway, i think people will someday come around and realise that his album and songs are good. i know it’s different from his previous album, took some time for me to get accustomed to, and it’s receiving mixed reviews, but once i got rid of the mentality that he should do this, do that, I liked all of his songs instantly. and hey, heard Neyo’s new song (BM)? he’s also broadening his horizon and doing something different this time round albeit getting mixed reviews also. like what YB is doing.. (i’m actually liking Neyo’s new song too)
        what i’m trying to say is that a true artist wouldn’t always play safe. they grow.

        and i’m just really glad to see YB is doing his thing right now. happy and satisfied.

    4. Gonna disagree about YB not relying on “concepts.” Every idol has some sort of gimmick – why do you think he was shirtless or at least showing of his arms so often during promos for LOAM and Prayer? His abs = a large part of his “manly” concept. He tried to change it up a bit with his facial hair this time around, but I don’t think it was really working in his favor what with all the complaints about it from netizens. As for his fashion? He had a ton of clothing changes in his I Need a Girl MV.

      Taeyang isn’t the average idol, sure, but at the end of the day everyone’s got a gimmick and he is not an exception. It gets them attention. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    5. I LOVE THIS:

      “As a YB fan, its hard to temper expectations. We regard him as a true artist (not idol) and love him for it. But our expectations for him are like those for other idols. We want him to win music shows and do all kills on the charts. But would we really want him to compromise his music to play the idol game? Because his music is not the type to do that. His music is not typical of disposable pop that encourages instant infatuation only to be forgotten in a few weeks. His music is like him – shy, but once you get it, you fall in love. The kind of music that doesn’t top charts, but sells a bit steadily for months on end. The kind of music that can be relevant years from now as more people “discover” it. ” ♥

  26. OMG I swear I freaken have INAG, JAF, TIS, Solar, stuck in my head!!! one minutes it’s INAG, next thing I know I’m singing JAF…then I’m humming Solar…then I’m sing Baby take it slow…then it’s back to INAG…then it’s AYFA!!! what is happening!!! OMG SOLAR album is freaken EPIC! I don’t know what to do anymore…these songs are my freaken lullaby to sleep…kekeke…

    I went jogging yesterday and had all the songs on repeat! hella wanted to just stop jogging and dance right then and there when Move, Breakdown, and WUA came on….wanted to sing my heart out when it was WD’s turn…and then smile like an idiot when INAG was on…lmao!!!

    must of looked like a crazy chick jogging at the park with a huge as smile on when I should have been panting like crazy…lol…when I jog I like to think that if YB can dance and sing for that 4 minutes I could run nonstop too! (never really happen cuz a minute into running and I’m already stopping for breaths…lol…)

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