[Eng subs] Mnet Comeback Special interview with Taeyang

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*Sorry, our video was removed on Youtube

Oh Taeyang~ you’re so good to your noona and you have a gorgeous body!
You could tell he’s gotten much better at interviews, no more is the man who was shy or nervous, now he’s laughing and joking around. Loving it~ Thank you to our new translator – Slyvia – who has joined us on ATY as a translator for helping with this video πŸ™‚

105 thoughts on “[Eng subs] Mnet Comeback Special interview with Taeyang”

  1. This is great! A job well done! ^-^!!

    By any chance is ATY going to have “I need a Girl” Eng Subs?

        1. I’m not sure yet, I’m waiting on something from YG about this MV since that’s still up in the air~~

  2. Thank you ATY!! I watched it without subs earlier, and loved it. I love it more now that there are subs.

    YB does a great job in the interview. I want to see him like this all the time.

    1. Tell me about it! I could help grinning all the way through. Love how he’s using english more often; looks like he’s definitely a bit more comfortable with it now. One day I hope to have a full convo with him in english lol.

      I just love this new bubbly side to YB. Finally releasing his album has made him the happiest guy on Earth. hehe he was so cute when he said, “I’m nervous!” He’s always nervous. GD is with no doubt a great close friend to YB. In the music industry, its kind of rare to have close friends; there are those who are two face & sneaky. But its great for YB to have a friend to always go to & confide in.

      Looking forward to more interviews from him. Love this dorky, cute side to him < 3333

  3. Awwww!
    He doesn’t care about a girl’s appearance just her good heart ❀

    Oh &&&& I love how G-Dragon and the rest of the members are so supportive of each other!

    1. loool when he said pretty heart and then giggled a bit…..loool something going on there. Hahahahaha whether he’s got a girl or not he obviousely seems happy. Compared to the time when he was stressed and his performances were a bit off. Im just glad to see he’s happy righ now and shining so brightly

  4. thanks for subbing ATY and Sylvia ^^ and aww Taeyang is the best!

    lol Qui…he looks kinda flustered,that WAS him right?

    1. to me he’s always had a deep voice which i loooove <3. but maybe his voice is getting deeper. he did just turn 1 year older. πŸ™‚

  5. ahhh, he’s so sweet! i wonder what kind of present he’s going to give to dara?

    he said he wants to do a lot of activities with the album.. but bb’s comeback next month (unless the push it back) and i hope he doesn’t tire himself out too much *–*

    1. ahha yes yes please push back BB comeback haha. I don’t want his promotions to end. He should promote all songs, cos each of them are title song material!!!

  6. I swear on something dude hiding something cuz he a lil too happy n I think the album’s just part of it…YB got someone on his mind n not telling us.lil sneaky…

    1. I agree! Its obvious that hes extremely happy. Not that its a bad thing because im glad that he is. His hard work payed off and im glad hes enjoying himself rather than straining himself like last year πŸ™‚

  7. Hey someone just posted a subbed video of Take It Slow. Wow – it’s about making love. Like seriously. And it’s hot. like wow.

    All hopes of this being performed on any countdowns has vanished. This is a baby making song right here.

    1. It’s just more and more obvious there is someone in his life. The entire album screams “I’m in LOVE and I’m SUPER happy!” and this song…wow, you can’t write a song like that without experiencing it…unless you have a crazy imagination.

      1. Taeyang must really be inspired to have written a song like this! Totally amazing song in both lyrics and melody. It makes me fall in love even when I have no prospect in mind yet. πŸ™‚ I’m so happy for Taeyang. If someone is really making him feel happy and inspired and in love, I wish the best for both of them πŸ™‚

    2. Hahaha! Love it!

      No wonder its not doing so hot on the singles chart. Probably be too embarassing to be blasting this on the speakers in public (even on the radio) especially with parents around. Heh! I didn’t think he had it in him.

      1. I guess it’s just a matter of time till they slap a R-19 rating on the album like Heartbreaker. Sweet. Those teen fans had better grab an album quick before the ratings board figure things out.

      2. Glad he did though. It’s not like some dirty making love song. Its more like a beautiful one. Plus loads of RnB artists like Usher and Chris Brown have done songs about sex, so it was bound to happen eventually. Just suprised he was the one who actually wrote it though haha. Love it though. My favourtie song off the album. He should of written and composed more!

        1. I was randomly reading comments and I didn’t understand what u guys were talking about… I watched the video and this song is so beautiful. Pure love making. God. How does he make us fall mOre in love with? He is unleashing his sexual side. And I guarantee he has slmeone. I wonder who she is? (:

    3. Wow…who knew TY could write lyrics like that? What have you been doing behind our backs!?!?!!? There’s no way he could have written this without someone in mind. I’m just happy that it looks like he’s on the road to love!!!

    4. wow….just watched it and i’m in shock. if he does have someone (which i believe he does) she is a very lucky woman. he is the total package i do believe. i’m not mad at ya

    5. Before I knew the true meaning behind this song I liked it, now that I know I love it! It’s so romantic. Youngbae is a romantic. What woman wouldn’t fall hopelessly in love with a man like this? He is a dream come true.

    6. as what id mention there
      anyone singing this song to his gf is so gonna get it!!! hahahaha
      this is def work for the men

    7. OMG!!!! Totally a baby making song, amen to that. Just totally speechless right now. The future Mrs. Dong Young Bae is going to be one seriously lucky lady. πŸ™‚

        1. hahahah but you know when he performs this at his concert its just gonna be crazy. Like his My Girl performance at his last concert. Hence why i’m going to fly all the way from UK to see his concert fo sho!!!!


      1. wait, wait, wait…hold up. i just gotta question this: how you gonna write and compose/co-produce something so powerful…so beautiful…so orgasmic at every sense of the word and imagination; but got a song on there that’s barely 3mins that’s on some Justin Bieber bullshit talking about chocolate, ice cream and lollipops? boy, oh boy if i don’t see a perf. of this shit in a 19+ solo concert…

        1. I’m so there with you. OMG and I expect epic chemistry between either him and Amiee or him and his main dancer girl.

        2. Agreed agreed, mainstream crap singing about pointless things. Difference between true musician and people just out making money.

        3. As an R&B artist you have to mix it up. You can’t just get your Barry White on…..you have to woo her first. And for woman that means a sugary sweet song comparing your lady to chocolate, ice cream and lollipop candy. Besides, when I first heard ‘You’re My’ I thought it was incredibly romantic. With that voice, YB could compare me to a DQ Oreo Blizzard and I’d be putty in his hands……

          “You’re my Blizzard….my sweetest Oreo Blizzard I only wanna have you….”

    9. I’ve just finished watching it & all I can say is wow…… Looks like Bae’s finally gotten a woman or is preparing to offer his girl all what he said in Take it slow when he meets her~ Way a go love !!!! and he wrote this song right?! oh man *_*

  8. kyaaaaaaaahhhhhh JJANG!!cant focus that much to the subs i was really distracted on how he talks.. but when i started reading the subs DANG love love how the interview goes… agreee agreee to Ms. Kay no more Mr. Shy Guy eh??hehehe..

    thanks for the very very beautiful subs Ms. Sylvia..


  9. thanks ATY for the subs and welcome Slyvia in ATY Land! πŸ™‚

    i really enjoyed watching it w/o subs but now i love it more! he was so happy and hyper during the interview!

    Taeyang’s English is getting really good…

  10. How modest can you be TY? Your body isn’t hot enough? If it was any hotter, girls all around the world would be dying from looking at it.
    He’s was so quick to answer ‘dating’ as the thing he’s bad at. Haha…don’t worry TY!!! The other members can give you lots of advice on that!!

    Thanks Sylvia!!! You are super duper awsome!!!

  11. first of all, thank you for the translation, Slyvia and Kay.
    i am thrilled with joy to see this interview. i believe this is the whole new Bae. his is so confident and self-assured. I am so happy to see that lil sparkles through his eyes. he’s so ready. he ain’t that lil lost lamb no more. XD

  12. I’m actually one of the few fans who’s glad that it is Dara featured in the MV. People kept saying it should be the other 2ne1 girls, but I sorta disagree. Bom & taeyang together, they’re awkward. CL doesn’t really fit the role. She’s too strong and dominant for the role. Minji is just too young. Dara seems to be the one who fits the role best and Taeyang didn’t seem as awkward in the MV compared to My Girl and Wedding Dress.

    AND my mind is at ease that it’s not some hoochie who’s gonna take advantage of Taeyang.

  13. There is a reason why INAG MV was taken down. Its for a goood reason =D. Just sit tight everyone and don’t worry =D

    1. LOL Qui, did you see yourself in this video!
      And I’m hoping there is a good reason for the video being down~~! Because we’re all pretty much scratching our heads about it @.@

    2. Thanks for the heads up! Hope TY and the YG gang are upbeat about the album promos. Tell them we’re all rooting for him over here (outside Korea).

    3. thank you for reassuring us.

      i had a hard time sleeping worring about YB last night because of his mv being taken down.now i can sleep tight.

      hey,i was at mapo-gu,seoul yesterday.it was raining almost the whole day.^^

    4. Yea seoul was raining pretty damn hard ahaha. I can’t seem to slip Alwaystaeyang into the conversation with Youngbae -_-………………

      1. lol…be like “hey, I have to show you something really awesome on the computer” then bring him over and be like “oops, I was just on your biggest and most coolest international fan site…wait do you know about it why don’t I show you? *proceeds to show Taeyang the awesomeness of ATY”


        i can imagine, its kinda awkward but thanks for trying!!

        1. its totally awkward ahahah everything you hear about youngbae about being shy and not outgoing is true ahaha

        2. lol aw really~~ I guess it’ll take him some time to open up. Did you show him your covers? I bet he’d be impressed your such a big fan….

      2. thanks so much for keeping us updated, Qui! I was honestly thinking the worst possible scenario. But it seems like everything is going to be alright.
        and just mention Alwaystaeyang casually, like, “hey, you know you’re pretty popular worldwide….did u know there’s an international fansite dedicated to you?….it’s awesome….*continues to pimp ATY*..”

        i was totally imagining myself having that convo w. taeyang LOLL

      3. i hope you don’t mind me asking a question.
        did all bigbang members live in the new YG building or they didn’t move out from the building being shown in bigbangtv?

        i was debating where i’ll go.

        it’s ok you can’t let YB know about ATY.i’m pretty sure he knows we exist.

        btw,YOU.ARE.SO.LUCKY.to see him in action.^^

        1. I don’t know about giving out that info ahahaha

          @kay i didn’t show it to him, way too awkward ahaha. Showed it to his backup dancers though ahahaha

          @Yee uhh in the interviews i think he is most comfortable because he is talking about his work and what nots.

          G-D however is the total opposite of YB ahaha
          but yea! im off to the studio again….

          subscribe to movementlifestyle!!

        2. @ Qui, who is he like in real life? like physically and how does he act??? is it the same as we see on tv?

    5. OMG Qui!!!! can I say I love who for dropping by!!!!

      I saw you in the vid too!!! thanks so much for giving us some info!!!

    6. thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚

      you always bring something to lighten up everyone! thanks! πŸ™‚

    7. Awww Qui thanks for the update! You’re the best!!!!!
      Have fun kicking it with Taeyang for our sake!

    8. Thanks for the tip Qui!!! I was hoping it wasn’t a reaction to Korean fans… It was a relief to hear that it’s all for a good cause…XD

      Hope Bae opens up to you soon!!! Keep us posted!!! ^^

  14. I’m trying to figure out why Dara’s me2day with the red jacket wasn’t included and why did YB wear that jacket for Just A Feeling? Did we miss something? Is it some sort of continuation? Hmmm…

    1. Dara was teasing us and hinting to her followers on me2day who she was working with (Tae Yang) in that picture.

      It was obvious who she was working with after she wore that jacket and did the pose (we saw later that that jacket was Tae Yang’s outfit for his promo photos and JAF performance and the pose was his starting position for the WD choreography)

  15. OMG OMG Danny *dies* he’s looking even more hotter than when I saw him on YGtv.

    Back the Taeyang. It was so great seeing him happy and focused. If he’s happy with the results of his album, then I am too because it seems to be a very personal album for him.
    Lol G Dragon picked up on him not looking at the camera enough. I love their friendship and how he still gives advice to Taeyang despite this not being a BB performance. He’s such a perfectionist.
    It looks like the recording took ages. I’m glad Dara was also chosen to feature. He’s very comfortable with her and that shows in his MV. No awkwardness at all. I love his pairing with JiHye in the performance as well. They’re perfect dance partners πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to tonights performance πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  16. thanks for the quick sub!
    i watched this without one and enjoyed watching his adorable cute and at the same time hot self.
    omg, so sexy!
    but ah, he is happy!
    and i am most definitely happy to see him like that!
    Taeyang, fighting!!!

  17. I love seeing him so happy!!! OMG he’s got someone!!! look at him! he’s so adorable!!! he’s in love…

  18. ‘you sing, you dance, you compose … what aren’t you good at ?’
    ‘dating …’


    1. Hahaha! Yeah I know!!! That was too cute!

      YB has always been funny and love making jokes, I’m glad he’s putting more of his personality on the table XD

  19. Is that Danny? I like how GD is giving him advice and stuff. Haha i think Dae and Bae have a close relationship. tututut seung ri shii.
    LOOL TOP and his foreign models.
    I don’t care im gonna fly all the way from the UK to go watch his concert

  20. YEY for more interviews like this! He’s definitely more relaxed and confident now. It’s great to see him smiling and giggling and excited. Two things I wanted to highlight from this interview: 1. He asked GD to feature in INAG because he was always asking for GD’s advice about his ideal woman 2. He considers SOLAR the music he wants to create and he’s happy with the outcome. I think this settles a lot of questions/doubts we had at first. I wish the interviewer had probed more into Take It Slow! Haha. All in all, I’m happy Youngbae’s happy. Aren’t we all? πŸ™‚

    1. i think Take It Slow will be the next target!!! kkeekeke. ^^
      anywy im sure, evryone is happy for him.. i know i am.. ^_+


    Lovely YB~~~ Look at the camera more~~~ Remember there are people at home (and overseas, but don’t tell them that) watching the live performances, ‘least you can do is look at it more, and smile!!!! :D:D

    Hhahaa, YB is so relaxed and making jokes~~~ Too cute, I love him~~~

    He looked really happy when she (interviewer) asked about coming back with an album. Let’s all enjoy his comeback and give him all the love and support to cheer him on~~~ ^^/

    Jinhye (think I got that right) is such a good dancer, her performances have always been good~~~~

    Hahaa, YB is so sweet, Dara might have been joking about buying her something but he took it seriously, so adorkable~~~ Very nice to his noonas and giving thanks, sweetheart indeed~~~~ >< Can this guy be any better???

    No doubt it was because of Dara and GD that he was enjoying himself in producing the MV, 'least he is happy!!! Then I'm happy~ Hahaha~

    Saw a few seconds of Shaun!!! LOL~

    Loved this interview~~~ Thanks so much for the subs!!!

    And kudos to Sylvia for translating!!! Thank you!! Welcome to ATY~~~ πŸ˜€

  22. this is the cutest interview ever!! ahhh I almost pass out just hearing him talk!! geeze Tae Yang you are so addicting!! You’re like my drug that keeps me high!

  23. Thank you for the subs!!!!!!

    For TIS, I can imagine the mv and live perfoance. Beautiful and orgasmic! (: Thas all I’m thinking about now. Lol!!

  24. Gush finally after lurking to different websites trying to look for YG’s answer regarding the mv taken down,finally a comment by QUI made my heart at peace,seriously me, my friends,my sister ahahaha and many more were worried to death about what happen..we international fans have little infos and news in KOREA so we dont know wats happening..i bought an album and waiting 4 it..but still we want to hear a news Taeyang took KOREA kpop by storm,he deserves it..and anothng thing is dara being hated becoz of the vid sweetness wid yb?!hope not,we love GODDESS D..waiting 4 YG’s next move..YG IS 4 SUMMER..AMEN..

    1. me too.. i was soooo worried when the mv was taken down.. i cried last night, not once, but several times, sickly worried about his feeling and whts gonna happened next.. i pray that YB will be as strong as his bf in promoting his SOLAR album..

      actually i saw some pattern here.. 2 out of 5 members on BB had already released their own solo album.. GD n YB.. and coincidentally, both of them had to deal with some major issue regarding their album.. GD with the plagiarizing accusation and his controversial first solo concert.. while Taeyang with his surprised title track, different kind of genre from WD/WUA and his not-up-to-par mv (for some of u).. the difference is, GD needs to face with the stupid natizen, while Bae needs to face with his own fans.. T_T

      but i think, YG will do something to fix the current situation.. he always does! so, at the end of the day, i predict YB’s SOLAR would be as explosive as GDs’.. ^_+ (crossing my fingers)

  25. he says ‘i need a girl’ represent the sweet image of him..LOL…you are always sweet YB^^…thats why you have sooo much loyal fans^^…OMO…he’s so cute when he screams ‘i’m nervous’ ;3 ^,^ and he so cute when he said that he want to buy dara unni something to show his apreciation to her…aigoooo;3 you have an amazing bod YB^^ but thats not the thing that i’m attracted to you..LOL^^ you’re just adorable,sweet and warm YB…i love the man behing taeyang(the real you)^^

  26. TAEYANG WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?!!!?!!??!! *can’t stop fangirling*

    hope you’ll get a girl deserving of you!
    and hope your album will do AMAZINGLY well (which i think it will)! πŸ˜€

  27. he’s just so cute when he said that he’s not good in dating…something to do with the facial expression mixed with that oh-so-sad voice…wee…my heart is all going out for him!…
    go bebe! *hwaiting*

  28. Taeyang is so adorable in this interview:) he’s a nice guy…loves his friends dearly so his tiltle track was with gd and the mv with dara:)

    dara is so lucky taeyang will give her something when the album is successful, and i’m sure it will:)

    love everything about the solar album especially it’s taeyang’s first solo album:) love i need a girl video coz simply i love dara and taeyang coz they make a lovely couple πŸ˜‰ i wish i could be in dara’s place but i’m thankful it was her and not someone else:)

  29. if i may i ask, who composed “i need a girl”?? and is there a download link for this video (MNET Comeback Special Interview with Taeyang)

  30. Aww it seem like him and Dara are very close with each other, sweet. Dae is so cute, show up whenever YB do something, SunDae<3, he seems so happy and proud (I love it). GD is such a good friend, ahah and Seungri is nowhere to be found again.
    And I am totally in love with INAG, TIS and the whole album.

    Qui, I see you, hope you have a blast ^__^.

    YB ❀

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