Big Bang “Taeyang’s” deluxe edition sold out first day

The limited edition of Big Bang member Taeyang‘s new album has sold out on the day of its release, according to the singer’s agency YG Entertainment on Friday.

Offline and online record stores reported that the deluxe version of Taeyang’s first full-length album “Solar” sold out within moments of going on sale, with the servers of several online retailers shutting down from too many shoppers logging on simultaneously, YG said.

“Some of the fans who were unable to purchase the limited edition even called our suppliers directly to inquire whether more copies would be produced but we were set on releasing only 30,000 copies and have no plans to produce more,” explained YG.

A regular version of the album has been set to go on sale a week later but YG is considering pulling up the release date by a few days due to the high demand.

Meanwhile, the title track “I Need a Girl” and other songs from his album such as “You’re My,” “Just a Feeling,” “Superstar” and “After You Fell Asleep” have placed within the top spots on numerous web-based music charts.

Taeyang, whose real name is Dong Young-bae, made his debut as a member of Big Bang in 2005. He is the first member to debut as a solo artist, releasing his first mini-album “HOT” in May 2008.

He also released two digital singles “Wedding Dress” and “Where U At” last November.

He gave his comeback performance on Mnet’s televised music show “M! Countdown” yesterday, singing “I Need a Girl,” “You’re My” and “Just a Feeling.”

source : asiae
Translations: Big Bang Haven


81 thoughts on “Big Bang “Taeyang’s” deluxe edition sold out first day”

    1. I know right lol. I went on DVDheaven and they had them in stock 1 minute… I cicked refresh a few minutes later and it said out of stock. I was like WTH o_O?!

      1. lol so true DVD heaven went out a stock in 1 min
        i was so surprised how quick it went out of stock ;O

    1. Oh…You’re so lucky 😦
      The YG just cancelled my order this morning 😦
      Poor me ~!
      I always think 30,000 is a cruel number x(

  1. Not surprised at all. Can’t wait to get my copy. This is good for Taeyang. Hope to see news on the total amount of albums sold overall.

  2. ^
    lucky people. >.> I’m so jealous…
    i couldn’t have the regular version at all.

    Have fun with your album for my sake please. 🙂

  3. reading the hystrically happy comments about people and their deluxe edt is like rubbing salt in the wound.

  4. Looks like I’ll just settle for the normal version. Yesasia is the obvious choice of source for me since I’ve used them a couple of times but since it doesn’t contribute to sales count, I’ll go with dvdheaven instead.

  5. I got my deluxe on ebay, I guess the vendor bought as much as they can so iVIPs could have a chance of owning it. I’m glad the sales went well and I hope that this ensures a successful season for YB.

  6. know what, YB’s already dropping most charts. Poor Yb, the same thing happened to WD. I’m heart-broken. hope things turn around by next week.

    1. He’d definitely drop on the album charts since there are no more albums to sell.

      And I think the YB fans would rather buy the album than pay for digital singles… It’s also a bit early in the promos for non-YB fans to get into the music since early sales are driven by fans and non-fans haven’t heard it yet. The numbers should get better with promos. They’re just distorted because of the deluxe album/ delayed normal album strategy.

      1. OH!! so the album sales for the regular version is not counted yet?? it is early, but he doesn’t have that much time before Seven’s and Big Bang’s comeback. Aigoo.. can’t they count on the pre-order sales? i bet the number is up high.

  7. Congratulations Taeyang! 🙂

    My deluxe version will be arriving next week according to the person who bought it for me. I also know someone who’s selling the deluxe edition here in the Philippines. So for those who are interested, I can help you but I’m not so sure right now if she still has stocks.

    1. how much is it?
      my friend is a new YB fan. i just introduced him to her last week 🙂
      she wants a shirt~~!

    1. i think his next performance is: July 3rd -MBC Music Core Comeback, 4 PM (KST). So probably no performance today 🙂

      1. thanks for the info! if not i think i’ll probably be still waiting for him to appear in music bank right now. 🙂

        1. you’re welcome! haha 🙂 i just referred to the July schedule here in ATY. hope i got it right 🙂

        2. thanks!! watching MuBank right now anyway. who know if he’s on the charts already..

  8. since i cant exactly spazz about the arrival of my Deluxe edition LOL i cant wait till Taeyang performs again!!! i hope he performs ‘Take it slow’

    oh and wat do u guys think YG means by taking down the INAG MV from gomtv and youtube? i wonder is he gonna redo it…?

  9. jealous – extremely jealous. i had the money to buy the dvd. i was about to transfer money from the bank account to my paypal account.. i got nervous and rechecked my bank before i actually finalized it.

    and i noticed i only had $20 left.

    why? because i forgot my credit card bill was due and it already took out the $$


    no one wanted to lend me money )=

    1. I feel for you. In my case, i got the cash ready, which is hard because in Malaysian Ringgit, the album is pricey for my modest account, i saved really hard for that album, but no one is willing to borrow me their card or paypal account… >.>
      can’t have both version. Right now i’m on hunting mode…

  10. Glad that his album was sold out! 😀 Hope yg will release the normal version cd asap. Now i’m hoping he’ll keep topping charts.. his music deserves so much recognition.

  11. Now I don’t know if I even have the deluxe version~~~ ><

    The people who were able to make it and get a Deluxe Edition… YOU GUYS DON'T KNOW HOW JEALOUS I AM~~~~ XD

  12. i think the normal version’s cover looks better and cooler than the deluxe one and not like u’re lacking on the 2 extra songs on the deluxe one….

    1. Well, I kinda like the hologram cover, but yeah, I already have the HOT album, so not lacking the two extra songs. But I admit, I wouldn’t mind the t-shirt and the signed poster…^^

  13. so,i’m in korea right now and yesterday i decided to buy the deluxe edition.i can’t find it in my city and that got me nervous.i was thinking that it was too impossible to be sold out since it’s still the first day of the release.30,000 cannot be sold out that, i went to the next city.yes.(i hunted down Taeyang’s album)i went to this music store and i look around and got frantic when i couldn’t find it on the shelves.i was ready to give up thinking that maybe the store will have the stock the next day.but i want the album that day so i debated if i will go to myungdong instead.but i was already tired and hungry.i decided to asked the saleslady instead.
    i was suppose to asked her when will they have the stock.but i just said Tae Yang…..the saleslady who was on the phone look up and raise her palm gesturing for me to wait(i look impatient)then when she put down her phone she grab something beneath the cashier’s table and took out the limited edition.
    i was like,wth.why did she hide TaeYang’s album?
    how will people buy the album if it’s not on the shelves?weird.
    what a hunt.i went home happy and tiredness totally forgotten.^^ i understand why it was not yet put on the shelves.the album was so in demand that they probably have no time to put it on display coz people were buying it

    i got the picture where he reach behind his back and looks like he had an itch he wanted to scratch.

    the limited edition is a good collectors item.but
    for those of you who didn’t get the limited,it’s ok.
    you’ll pay less with normal edition.nothing extraordinary about the shirt anyway.and the card have expiration date.

  14. why cant i get through the official YG channel since this morning???im really curious on the latest news, why they made the vid private from gomtv and youtube, y???i love the video so much…taeyang showed a different side of him happy, people may tend to question why they chose INAG but seriously do we need to expect taeyang to be melancholy and dramatic on stage???i love his previous hits, but ive grown to love this new Taeyang free, classy, sweet and naughty in a good way…we always see him sad…now i love him, he is really a diverse talent to be proud of, he reminds me of MJ which is total compliment in music…I HOPE KVIP’s don’t stay in the norm and support Taeyang’s new side…i’M SAD WITH THE NEWS THAT KVIP’S DIDN’Y LIKE THE MV…THAT MV WAS GREAT…YG SAID THEY WILL UPGRADE THE MV…I WILL WAIT FOR IT…YG IS FOR SUMMER…

    1. well, he could have chosen Just A Feeling. it’s not melodramatic.the Kfans enjoyed it a lot. they were singing along, cheering, really seems they like it. but the choice has been done and there’s nothing we could do about it,
      but i love INAG’s performance. It made up for the mv and song for me.
      i hope they support taeyang too, he deserves this.

      YAY for the MV being upgraded. ^^

      1. guys need to read TY soompi. Someone(sweetflower)comments about SOLOR which I think is very meaningful and insight. I agree with her most of the facts but I am a fan of TY. You guys should stop complaining about the tilte song and stuff. As far as I know, some GD fans from dcinside just cut the the portion that GD sing and listen, not the full track of INAG. I am sure many GD fan sites will do the same thing coz I saw a lot of video coming out with only GD parts for mnet performance.

      2. yeah i know his fans did that. so?

        i’ve stop complaining now. didn’t u read what i wrote? the performance made it up for me.

        1. “so?’ i think, look, u guys misunderstand what i meant by that word.

          gd fans can do what they want. it’s up to them. it’s not my business. i have nothing against them. go ahead and do what they want.

          taeyang fans are trying their best and so am i. i told u, i’m fine with INAG now.

  15. Glad he’s doing well. Hope the fans will continue to support and buy his album on and offline. If INAG is doing really really well, maybe YG can extend his promotions which in turn can lead to TY promoting more of his songs on the album

  16. This might be an idiotic question but I have no clue … what are the awards that count for the sale of the album? And what are the ones for the online purchase (download)?

    That one above isn’t the idiotic this one is … when the normal album comes up there sales will be added to the deluxe one right? Then does that mean having the normal one over a week after the deluxe (aguhhh) could help him stay longer on the charts or will the fact that there were 30000 which are sold out and then no sales for the rest of the week drop the album rank …

    I have no clue on how any award is given in Korea … and am still trying to find some good in the fact that I won’t be able to get the normal album for over 2-3 weeks with the shipping time !!

    1. Hey~~ to answer your question:
      The awards that we’re talking about are those that are won on the music shows such as Music Bank, Inkigayo, Music Core, MCountdown etc…..both fan votes and album sales count towards getting those weekly awards so we want to support Taeyang by buying from places that add their sales on the Hanteo Charts (the Hanteo charts are the ones used for the TV show rankings). If you download from, then you’ll be helping him but downloading the album in general does not help him at all.

      I think the normal version sales will be added because I checked right now and Hanteo has SOLAR #1 on its sales charts but 30,000 copies have already sold out. This will sustain him until YG pushes up the normal version date to earlier (it’s originally July 9th, but YG said he wants to move it up because of demands)…buying later will still help him….

      1. thanks for the reply it really helped because i was clueless about this stuff …. and i really hope they push the date of the normal version because the idea that i won’t have it for so long is killing me 😦

        thanks again 😀

    2. I think that he is bound to go down on the daily album charts as supply for the deluxe dries up, but will still come out well on the weekly.

      Sales should start picking up again as the normal album comes out, but not as initially strong as the deluxe. Promos should help though. It doesn’t matter if he tops the charts or not since what counts are good sales (in number, not ranking.)

      I don’t know how sales of the singles will do since fans will want the album, and he has only started promotions so non-fans haven’t heard the music yet. Radio play should just be getting started.

    3. Yup, but still……I hope YG gets this MV business sorted out soon because it’ll really help people even know he’s out again (non-kpop fans)

      His older fan crowd probably aren’t as fangirlish and might not care for the deluxe but just need a CD~ so I count on them to bring up the normal version sales~

      I going to buy the songs off later as well to help him out since it’s like $6 for 40 songs – I can but some later as well lol 🙂

      1. the only problem w/ soribada is that it only lasts for a month. plus i heard that they only count the first download towards the charts.

  17. OMG THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT. it made it possible for me to get a copy of the deluxe album yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaya!!!

  18. Is it me seeing things or the deluxe version is really back on at I bought 2 regular version a couple days ago for me nd my cousin and now the deluxe is back and i think imma get that one too loll

      1. Yes, couple days ago, it was “out of stock” and now it doesnt say that, i just ordered one so i hope i get it *cross my fingers* but is that even possible when it was all sold out? And would they refund me back if they dont have it? Loll xP

  19. I got an e-mail from YesAsia saying that mine was shipped out today. I hope everything goes well and I get mine in a week or so. 😀 Can’t wait! >_<

  20. its hard to buy a copy cause there are too many of YB’s fans…hard to compete with them…huhu….i dont know if i can even buy the regular version cause i know it would be finish by the time i want to purcase it….huhhhhhhhh owh well…maybe its not my luck…. 😦

  21. To the above commentors, I don’t want to rub salt in your wounds as you say, but I was lucky enough to get the deluxe edition, but it took me two hours (I was willing to take even longer). I got it from YesAsia, and their site was down, and the loading was horrible. YG could’ve made more copies!

    As long as I get to hear his voice, I am more than happy.

  22. I have like $26 in my paypal, so mad cause paypal takes like a week to transfer funds from my bank and they sold out so fast!

  23. The deluxe edition is still on ebay for like $40. Don’t know whether to buy it though, the prices have been jacked up because of the demand.

  24. Okay YB fans. I accidently bought two copies of the deluxe edition. Both of them have already been shipped, so I’m getting them 🙂

    Is there someone here interested in one of them?

  25. i am sooooo friggin pissed.. my internet was down on the wrong week!!! im really upset cus i want my delux package!!!!! do u think its too late to order my deluxe package?

  26. I just bought it on Amazon for 62 dollars USD. May be too pricey, but it’s worth it if I’m 1 out of 300,000 people! Now, I have to wait about 1 month or more for the seller to ship it to me 🙂

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