TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’ #1 on real time music charts after release

TaeYang’s first full length album goes up to the #1 spot on realtime music chart as soon as it is revealed.

According to music site Monkey3, the title song ‘I Need A Girl’ off the album went up to the #1 spot on their real time chart as soon as it was revealed on 1st July. Other songs off the album like ‘Break down’, ‘Just a feeling’, ‘You’re my, ‘After You Sleep’ are also very well received by music fans, up on the top 10 rankings on realtime music charts

The title song ‘I Need A Girl’ also features Big Bang member GDragon. The Monkey 3 team contents team leader commented, “We see that the popularity for ‘I Need A Girl’ is going to surpass ‘Just Look At Me’. At the same time, other than the title song, other songs on the album is also going up our charts fast. For the first half of this year, there was no singer who stayed at the #1 on the chart for more 3 weeks. All eyes are on whether TaeYang will be able to break the record.”

Translations: Kbites


38 thoughts on “TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’ #1 on real time music charts after release”

  1. i hope he stays at #1. I just watched the Naver interview. He does look exhausted )=. I hope he gets a good sleep tonight after he performed.

    did anyone watch it?!?!

    my internet crashed!!

    The waiting for his Album was worth it. I hope they still have SOME deluxe albums available after Saturday – thas when i get paid ^_^

  2. Woo hoo. Thats great news; excellent. Its an amazing album & deserves to be on top. Hope it can stay no1 for a very long time.

  3. shocks finally after long hours of finding wer 2 buy his album,sucess!!!the 1st 30,000 album sold out,so i waited 4 the next 1 and i did a good job..my mother will me once he know i used her card..naughty blackjack and vip here..hehe..

  4. FELLOW FILIPINOS :)) let’s help YB to get on MYX. please please please! .. i want others to see that YB is the best artist .. hoho 😀 thanks! they’ll surely love his songs too if they only get the chance to hear his great voice, am i right?

    1. okay i wanna take this back. I just wanna say that solar is an awesome that deserves many awards in terms of musicality and production. so even if it doesn’t stay for that long on the charts, it’s okay cuz we all know how much the album rocks our socks off. ^^

  5. 😦
    I’m searching every web, but the DELUXE Ver is all sold out.
    Why YG did that to us fan ?? Why there’re only 30,000 copies ??
    I’m so mad right now and I can’t concentrate on anything -..-

    1. try yesasia.com asap! because im on there now, and i swear 2 seconds ago, they only had the normal edition and then i refreshed the page and then they have the deluxe edition up, i was like WTF?!! so try it! 🙂 ♡

  6. WHOO HOO!!! Just read the English version of this song. So I guess he is saying that he wants woman who doesn’t act like a little girl. Oh, the other part: “But when you’re with her Hmm, Ya’ll know what I’m talking about”! HE WANTS A LADY IN THE STREET BUT A FREAK IN THE BED!!! LOL!!! Hahahaha!! I’m just playing. Well, just a little bit.*naughty,naughty*

  7. @kesey hean haha lol xD just saw it and thought…the others need to know…

    YB connects people ^^

    im not sure if i should buy a second one…my mom would kill me x’D

  8. yep…i couldnt believe it either…YA made the day before a mistake so i thought its again a mistake but as i looked in the shopping list it was still there

    dvdheaven the same…ok only you can wait 7-12 days xD but then its cheaper than YA

  9. yeah either yesasia.com made a mistake or they probably just held onto some. so yeahs, btw why did YG entertainment (their youtube channel) take taeyang’s i need a girl MV off, is it because of the comments of how apparently some fans aren’t liking his image or something? ♡

    1. i don’t know….i cant even watch it cause im from germany and we’re not allowed to watch mvs of YG or JYP…so everything after that lawissue thing with YT and the labels isn’t shown -.-‘

      sometimes i can watch low quali things of their channels but not more…

      i like the mv…its cute how he tries to be charming xD maybe it seems a bit weird cause he hasnt a gf yet and dont really know how to flirt x’DDDDD

  10. hey, help me guys, i want to buy taeyang’s solar album , i dont care if its expensive, but pls tell me how. Im not a korean,. Pls help me, im a big fan of taeyang.

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