Tae Yang on Naver Music + Promo graphics

For those who just miss see the boy doing…anything.
Source: gilbakk2010@youtube
Look under the cut for some awesome promotional graphics for your use!
Also, some promo stuff for you guys….thanks jazmine for the awesome avatars and signature~ promote SOLAR!


19 thoughts on “Tae Yang on Naver Music + Promo graphics”

  1. So adorable! I swear, our baby can never stop himself from dancing! Can’t wait until tonight…or rather morning since his performance is going to be 4am my time.

  2. Too cute!!! I understood nothing, only that he’s introducing his album and INAG. (Maybe saying it was easy to dance to? Thus the dance spazz? LOL)


    1. He looks like he hasn’t slept at all..his eyes are all puffy~~

      Aw, I wish he’d take better care of himself, he’s probably working so hard and nervous and stressed..

      1. Yeah… He has to perform three songs today too…=(

        The man HAS to relax and just chill for a bit….

  3. Man, I love seeing Taeyang sooo happy like this ^^
    Is that the deluxe album package or the normal one? Gah, can’t wait till I get my copy!
    And OMG, my korean is veeeeeery limited, but did he just say “Dara Noona” and giggle? So effin cute!!
    I cannot wait to see the MV & his comeback stage…staying up till 5 am to watch. Oh well, the best Canada Day for me!

    1. That’s the deluxe version package I think. Kay posted some photos of it in the “ORDERING THE SOLAR ALBUM” post. (comment section)

  4. While he does look tired he also looks happy. Praying for success.

    I also like how he said “Dara noona” lol.

    Sorry, madhatter in here.

  5. i loved how when he talked about the video and said Dara noona,giggled and had a sort of embarrassed look on his face loool!! i wish i knew he was saying exactly,thanks Tofu

  6. I reaaallly wish I knew what he was talking about. The boy looks very tired, I was scared this would happen. But without pain, sacrifice and hardwork for something you love..you will not get that success you yearn for. Taeyang..please take care of yourself ‘coz your fans won’t be very worried about you.

  7. Hope he’s taking it easy & not over stressing himself. Stay healthy Bae xxx
    btw, i’m lovin’ the graphics.

  8. actually i don’t listen to what he’s saying. i’m looking at his face. i can’t figure out whether he’s really tired, stressed or what .. hoho, what i see more is the excitement really 🙂

  9. i love it how i don’t understand a word(ok maybe a few words)he’s saying, so i could just stare at his beautiful face 😀 thanks for putting no subs as that would have distracted me! lol

  10. Translations pleaaaaaaaaase! Anyone? 🙂

    I wish one day there’ll be a computer program in headphones which can automatically translate other languages to English! Makes fangirling over Taeyang much easier! 🙂 Love his facial expressions, smiles, and his mini-dance! YB why do you have to be sooooooo adorable?!? 🙂

  11. lol,even though i don’t understand what he’s saying, ikeep on smiling..kekeke..aww^__^those adorable face^__^……….

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