“I Need a Girl” Music Video

**Update: YG has removed the video from GomTV and their Youtube channel for reasons unknown~

Wow, Taeyang…WHAT HAPPENED to our innocent church boy!? Touching girls, letting girls touch him…oh em gee! I liked the video overall, I wish there was MORE DANCING and less women touching him (lol) but overall I liked the facial expressions. But SERIOUSLY, where is all the dancing I expected? Oh well, I guess those shirtless moments is just as good!! Okay fans – let the spazzing commence!

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English Lyrics

I’m tired of being alone
Sick of being single
I think I need a girl
I need a girl like

One that speaks without thinking
Not a little child, but one that will embrace me
Not a girl that plays around sometimes when she’s bored
But one that will only love me
Even if she stays still and guys hand her their phoone
That kind of girl that will proudly take out and show my picture

Girl, I need a girl
Pretty no matter what she does
A pretty body, too
Girl, I need a girl
Baby, I need you
Girl, you need me, too

A kind of girl that looks better in jeans than a skirt
A girl that will eat the kimchi fried rice that I make instead
A girl who looks young even though she’s old
I like that kind of girl
(Know what I mean)

A girl that acts shy, but knows how to be bold
Always pretends to careful of her behavior
But when you’re with her
Hmm, y’all know what I’m talking about

Girl, I need a girl
Pretty no matter what she does
A pretty body, too
Girl, I need a girl
I like this kind of girl

Looks are not an issue
But a cute girl who knows style
Even though our hobbies are different
Our tastes are the same
A girl that I can relate to a lot
When we watch movies or listen to music

(Yes!) I love girls, girls I do adore
In front of people, she has principles as she plays
In front of me, she’s like “Aing, I don’t know”

A voice that wakes me up in the morning
(Morning Kiss) I want to start the day
I’ll learn on your knees at night
As I listen to a lullaby
I want to dream of you

Make my heart race again
Make me able to create sweet songs again

You know don’t need no more
It’s just not like that
You’re the person I want to give my heart to

Girl, I need a girl
Girl, I get, gotta make you’re mine
I’m treat you right, baby

Girl, I need a girl
Pretty no matter what she does
A pretty body, too
Girl,, I need a girl
Baby, I need you
Girl, you need me too

Girl, I need a girl
Girl, I need a girl

Girl, are you listening to me?
Baby, I need you
Girl, you need me, too

Girl, I need a girl

Credits: kimchi hana & GEE @ YGLADIES

credits: yarg707 @ soompi


368 thoughts on ““I Need a Girl” Music Video”

  1. Oh mann I wonder how uncomfortable he was making this video LOL
    But he’s looking so fine in this.
    I love his face to GD hahaha
    This is the sexiest personal ad ever ♥♥♥

    1. Lol I don’t think he was uncomfortable at all He looks so relaxed and into it. If anything, I think Dara would have been uncomfortable because she’s really shy.

      I must say, I think the video is just average compared to all his other ones (wedding dress being the most amazing one) but of course it fits the song/lyrics well 🙂

      And OMG he is just sooooooo adorable and sexy at the same time. *__* same with GD. Looking forward to the performance!

      PS: i wish there was more dancing but im sure the performance will make up for that and maybe they’ll release a dance version of the mv

  2. The video was kind of random. XD And I agree with Tofu, MORE DANCING PLEASE!

    Taeyang’s growing up! *sniff*

  3. oh gosh!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t breathe!!! i can say he enjoyed filming it! he’s adorkable!! i love it!!!

  4. Taeyang is no longer innocent ladies! Our boy is all grown up !!! Really enjoyed the MV. It was a mixture of both cute & hot. He definitely had a lot of fun filming. Wished there was a bit of more choreography though.

    1. Yea, I really wanted choreo~
      This is really a 180 from the sweet, heartbroken Taeyang in Wedding Dresss…

      Imma need getting used to this side of him~

      1. Most definitely. He looks a lot more comfortable & free in this MV. lol at the start of the MV, he comes across some way cocky & charismatic. I was like is this Taeyang?? o.0

      2. I agree whit both of you,there’s too many G action goin’ on,i would’ve love seeing more of YB’s awesome dancing skills,i mean not that i didn’t like the MV,sure i did he looks mighty fine and cute,but he just acted a bit too…GDish..? no offence to Jiyong fans,but idk,like Kay said im really tryin’ hard to get use to this side of YB. Not easy though keke ~~

        PD: i really hope the next MV has more dancing,sick choreos etc + more shirtless YB and no girls.. rofl

    2. Yeah, I think so, too 😀

      He’s so hot but at the same time, so cute ~!
      Do you guys notice that his acting skill has improved a lot ??
      I’m so into him in this MV for the very reason is his expressions xD
      I think Dara is cute too and they are well matched in this MV x)

      On the whole… Well, It absolutely made me breathless ~!!

      P.s : the shirtless – 6 packs scene *naughty thought* :>

      1. His acting skills were great, probably because he was really comfortable while filming the MV. He just left go & had a great time. Yes, shirtless Bae was the hottest past of the MV & probably the highlight lol! That 6 pack was unbelieve; bang! right there in your face; well not literally. But you get what I mean lol.

  5. OMG!…is that it?…i can’t help giggling!…really!…
    that dance moves with the shirt off is really a winner…hahhha
    the voice is as flawless as ever…again…it’s a feat…conGrats for that….

    ►tnx ATY for posting this one!…
    ►sandy and bebe look good together…but well, there’s GD…lol…*hwaiting* i xoo love it! <<<333

  6. Hmm…I don’t know. I really want to like it. I guess it’s just like the song itself where we get all the hype go to our heads so when we actually hear/see it we get disappointed–for me at least. I hate to say it but the best part about the video (besides the shirtless scenes…of course!) was GD’s part. GD seemed more natural where Taeyang looked very forced and quite smug. I suppose I’m not used to seeing this side of him.

    Cause gosh, if he’s really looking for a girl that much, he should have gone to straight to me and I would be happy to fulfill his wishes hahaha. 🙂

    Anyways, I really hope he makes a music video to his other songs like Move or Superstar where it’s more upbeat. But other than that, good job Taeyang! We love you and support you no matter what!

  7. OMG!!!
    He’s really adorkable!!
    He laugh, smirk, dance, move his body (hip!!) and all.

    He’s look like “Well. I’m still kind of shy, but I’m enjoying this A LOT ”

    I found It’s kind of funny by just watching his expression change from one to one XD!!~

    and yes! more dancing please!!

  8. OMG!!!! i’m so lovin the MV… Dara and GD suits well as featured artists for Taeyang’s comeback ♥

  9. yay!!!! its out! i like this mv a lot 😀 he soooo cute. and yes what happened to the church boy that was super shy? ohh its not like the my girl mv anymore where the girl is touching him… he initiates the touches looool but anyways im so proud of our boy 😀

  10. This music video made me like INAG….but the live performance made me LOVE it!

    I like this 360 change from WD. When he performs WD or WUA. he’s so focused on the choreo…but with INAG he definitely just having lots of fun. His eye smile in the mv and performance puts a giant smile on my face!

    Best way to ever end my night!

    1. P.S. Loving the expressions he was making during GD’s part in the mv….they really are like brothers! Haha

  11. I love the MV~ But all of u had said, i need more dancing~ I hope to see the Dance Version or better a new MV for Superstsr where i can see his dancing~ Love GD in there~ and I was like smile all the way of the MV! Coz He looks sooo shy and Dara tooo~ Gonna get used of this side of Baebae then~
    But i can see he is Tired Of Being SINGLE~ LOL

  12. lol finally taeyang in a suit without a vest 🙂 the MJ dance moves. taeyang and dara are a cute couple. i gotta say im loving the song way more because of the MV

  13. The dancing is sexy…lots of hip action. xD But that weird corset-looking shirt is horrible!

    Is anyone else really thrown by YB’s new image? I need some time to adjust to this new confident/cocky YB. lol

    1. YES.
      I didn’t know what was going on the first minute into it because I was thinking I’d clicked on the wrong video~

      Taeyang, where did you go? Please…tell me.

      I’m reminded of Seungri’s “Strong Baby”

      1. “Taeyang, where did you go? Please…tell me.”

        It doesn’t seem like YB, but more like he’s channeling a bunch of other people. Idek what I’m trying to say. It’s 6:49 am and I’m running on one hour of sleep. -___-

      2. i know, i was a bit X_X at the start too,everything i love about him just vanished…i need to get used to this side of him a bit more or i’m not sure i’ll like it.

      3. “Taeyang, where did you go? Please…tell me.” Oh gawd! T.T…idk why but i felt i lump in my throat,how silly am i right? i know i should like this new found confidence YB has but…gaaaah!!! i miss our innocent/shy boy..*cries*,part of YB’s charm was he used to be all shy and quiet but still managed to be very sexy and hot,no need to prove it whit a bunch of girl touching him D:, idk how to explain it…

        Am i the only one feeling this way? bc i feel stupid and selfish U.U

        1. Irma you’re entitle to your own personal feelings. No need to feel stupid and selfish. But when I watch INAG..Tae Yang is still Tae Yang but more confident. I on the other hand..love him the way he is now. They might portray him differently..but than again it’s all for entertaining his fans. We need to have an openmind about his work. I wouldn’t want to see him do the same thing over and over again..then the hype will die out too fast. With INAG MV..it’s just a 23 year old man who is looking for a female that fits his perferrence. I think this song can relate to alot of people. He hasn’t lost any of his charm either. Why won’t you try watching the MV again..There’s alot of things that he does that is so charming!! and it’s not like the girls are rubbing themselves on him..It might take a while for you to get use to the “new” him..but I know for me..he’s just perfect at what he does..and I enjoy watching him.

    2. Lol are you talking about the white shirt? its like a bandage looking thing? i thought i was the only one that thought it looked horrible like it wassuffocating him

  14. LOL MV is cute ;D I wish I was those girls, he must really feel uncomfortable filming this and being so close to his Dara noona XD they look really cute together though<333
    AND GD~~~! mad hot

  15. Awww~ He is so cute when all the women were touching him!!! Not that I liked it… I think I’ll need to get used to this…

    The song grows on you though =)

    Dara looked so shy even in this MV… and it’s the official one.

    She looked a bit awkward in the making of for me already, but it’s even more evident here.

    But I understand Dara, I mean YB getting so flirty and half naked there… I’d blush like mad!!!!

    Smiling like an idiot too of course. LOL

    YB looked really relaxed and comfortable in this though. You can tell he had fun with the microphone and the whole production of it…XD

    But I have to say again… INAG MV will need to grow on me… Because I am still a bit not used to flirty YB…LOL

    1. I know Chanting!!! He’s not our innocent little Bae anymore, he’s all grown up! He’s touching girls….and loving it!

    2. i know right! i so need to get used to this flirty YB…uh…how i wish it was the same old Tae,but i guess this was just for the MV and i hope they make a different kind of MV for another track with a bit more dancing


    I also thought there will be some sort of GD-Dara-YB love triangle, haha 😉

  17. gosh this MV is so adorbale…and he seems to be enjoying himself. Can’t help lol at 1.10 – 1.12 though.

  18. omggg this mv is just GREATT!!! the little expressions he does is just wow, him half naked is even more wow *_* and sandara is so pretty too.
    his unshaven face makes him so manly! i like 😉 is it just me or taeyang is more buff? HOTTT!!
    if you need a girl taeyang, im here!!!!! =P

  19. haha the sundara moment wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The ladies at the start got to touch Taeyang more than she did. Nevertheless she was so cute; & it was nothing but friendly chemistry between them.

  20. Have you guys seen the lyrics? I think YB is supposed to be kinda cutely awkward with all the video girls since he’s singing about liking a girl in jeans, with aegyo etc. Which the girls are clearly not. The lyrics are super cute by the way…

    And GD is supposed to be the ladies man, which is why YB is shaking his head at him.

    I thought all the smiling fit the mood of the MV since he’s supposed to be crushing on Dara and is adorkable about it…

  21. lol.. this must be Taeyang when he’s having fun with friends
    such a n adorable MV and hot at the same time!
    the teaser seems more hot than how the MV turned out
    Dara looked more like the awkward one. and why not? YB is half naked!!! ommigad. those abs!!!!!! i want u YB!!!

  22. I love it on the second watch just like the song…OMG!!! this MV screams adorable!!! it’s like a whole new different side to him and I love it cuz he looks so happy and he’s hella enjoying himself. honestly I think this is the side that he hasn’t been able to show fans since his debut. Remember how big bang members says taeyang is usually the goofy one who loves to play tricks on others. I totally see that in this MV.

    I can also tell that he had a blast filming this MV. he was really enjoying himself and it showed. I love his dancing too…it’s not the usual powerful one but a smooth flowy feel to it like silk…lol…

    I freaken love it. I want to see all the sides to YB!!!

    kekeke naughty naughty

    don’t kill me here but I was really looking forward to a kissing scene cuz that was the only thing that was missing in this mv…lol…

    1. where the part wherein he is holding Dara’s head?
      i love it when Dara pulled his tie
      so close
      ahhh i want kissing scene too
      maybe in Take It Slow
      ahh, but that would be another girl
      haha im wishing

    2. after watching the MV and the teaser again along with his “just a feeling” live performance I think there’s going to be an mv for “just a feeling” too cuz the scene with him in his red jacket was not in the INAG mv…or was it and I just missed it? anyways I think there’s going to be another MV!!! keep on the look out!!!

  23. for some reason he looks freaking happy to be around so many girls. do u realise how many smirks he did?
    I want more dancing. To be honest, this mv is no LOAT or WD(in terms of cinematography, this MV is the best) but oh well so many smiles from Taeyang. Average MV.

    1. I agree~
      I think WD just blew us away so much, that to have something of that caliber and level again…..well I guess YG just didn’t want (or couldn’t) recreate it~
      This MV is VERY simplistic (both cinematographically and choreography wise)…..I’m a bit underwhemled, what’s keep me is the expressions and shirtless moments lol

      I hope the other tracks have MV’s

  24. Nice collection of MVs for this album. WUA was a great dance video, MD was an epic story video, now INAG is cute and happy. (LOAM was an intro to his solo and Prayer was all about the sexy…) It’s great seeing all sides of YB. Wonder what’s next….

  25. the meaning of the song seemed to fit DARA.
    they just described her, ayoo.
    can’t help but to watch it all over again!
    SHIRTLESS scene! OMG. ❤

  26. this song just makes me all giddy and smiley!!! he’s just so adorable in INAG mv…

    gosh all his MV are really different from each other….did you guy see the live too?

    he just looks like he’s hella enjoying himself…plus the dance seems like he’s having so much fun!!! I haven’t seen a happy, giddy taeyang for a while now and for such a long time too…

    does anybody thing there’s going to be Taeyang TV like how they have 2NE1tv and GDtv. I know right now they’re filming 2NE1tv…hopefully they’ll have one for taeyang too!!! cross fingers!!!

  27. I love the video I think its nearly perfect but I agree with you kay, From my tastes I wish there was more emphasis on dancing. But I think the style of the song isn’t really dance natured. Also I wish they focused more on a relationship between dara and tae, but I guess that would anger the female fans so this is good enough lol

  28. I like the video, it’s so a 180 degree turn from what he usually does. The expressions on his face and those killer abs (OMG).

    1. Yup, I already changed it on~

      Uploading on other youtube channels is really bad for Taeyang, so people don’t do it!!! HELP HIM on YG’S youtube channel!!!!

    1. I tried buying it but it said it wasn’t available yet 😦

      @kay- do you think if we buy it on Itunes it would go to the charts for him?

  29. I’m taking back all of what I said. The MV is cute, and YB is hella cute in it.

    After understanding the lyrics and putting that into context with the MV it’s a very cute result. =)

    Gosh, three “cutes” lol

    I must admit YB’s expressions are wonderful, and the half nakedness is a good bonus hahhahahaha~

    The song has grown on me, no wonder YG said it’ll be dope…XD

  30. LOOOVE.

    This MV and the MCD performance have put me firmly in the Like corner wrt INAG after having been on the fence before.

    YB actually forewarned us about a choreo-lite mv in his naver interview posted earlier, so I was prepared. The benefits of speaking Korean. LOL

    I don’t really miss the choreo, as much as I loooove to see him dance. I know there’ll be plenty of other opportunities for that. And how could one not love this adoooorably sweet and cheeky YB?!? *^_^* I’ve been grinning from ear to ear for the past 2.5 hours straight…. my jaws hurt. ^____^

    1. haha I envy yooouuu! Can you translate a bit more about what YB said in the Naver interview? 🙂 Would love to understand what he’s saying instead of just gushing over his facial expressions and his smiles 😛

      1. He just mentioned that he was going for a different concept and feel from his past mvs – that it was not dramatized or centered around choreo this time.

        The rest of the interview…. basically said he hopes that through this video more people will be able to enjoy his song. Oh, and that little dance/shoulder shimmy was to illustrate that it’s a song that you can groove to. ^_^

        … I hope he’s not taking all this negative feedback about the mv too hard. There are many who love it, YB!! ^_^V

        1. yeah.. i kinda worried if he feels frustrated about the negative feedback he received over INAG and the mv.. I LOVE both song and mv.. i know it is a matter of taste.. but still, it saddened me to see a lot of his fans cannot feel him in INAG.. apart from TIS, i think INAG is the closest song to him.. it is his song, not because he sang it, but because IT IS about him.. and i love it!! ^_+

  31. I like this video more everytime i watch it?!? One word to describe this music video: Dazzling! Matches the mood of the song perfectly!!

  32. woah!!!!! that was way better than HOT!!! haah. weird…yesterday i got soooooooooo D: when i saw taeyang and dara super close and hes half naked!!! but when i watch this, that feeling was gone!!! i actually felt happy! the power of yb~

  33. i love it!

    let’s take a break from the serious and sad Taeyang and have fun with the sexy, flirty and adorkable Taeyang! 🙂

    it looks like he really enjoyed filming the music video, he’s always smiling and laughing!

  34. I haven’t even watched the entire MV yet……but this was my initial response.

    “Oh no…..what did they do to Bebe. They stripped him down and turned him into a pimp…….”

    Be back later with my final verdict. Love the song, though.

    1. LOL, same! I’ll totally eat YB’s kimchi fried rice, heck the two of us can fry – *censored*

      *cough*Hope you’ll feel better soon Janelle~

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there’ll be more MVs or just another one that has only YB in it. Plus epic choreo…LOL

      That’s what happened with GD and his mini album! 😀

    1. I have to agree..now watching it a few times..It could’ve been done differently and yet still get the same effect with the added the wholesome sweet Taeyang we know and fell inlove with. Oh well! I hope they do an MV with You’re my/mine or Take it slow..hopefully those ones will be more satisfying.

  35. Loving the song a little more now – YB looks like he’s having a lot of fun in the video – loads of facial expressions, but disappointed in the dance choreo…(dance only version?! haha)…

  36. I really love YB’s facial expressions in the video. He still has that shy innocent smile but at the same time he looks more confident. Like: “Oh shucks..yes I know I’m hot but I’m still shy about it”. I googled the translation to the song and the lyrics are really fun and cute. His acting was spot on for the song, and Sandara wasn’t bad at all. They have nice chemistry. THANK GOD FOR NO KISSING. I really like GD in this video.

    My only complain is the dancing. I don’t particularly like YB’s choreo in the video. I don’t know.. they were too..seductive? Haha!

    1. Too seductive means swooning on the fangirls’ part! LOL

      Too.Sexy. (“I’m too sexy for my…” <– 'kay I'll stop, lol)

      1. LMAO Chanting! Youngbae’s growing out of his shell… He’s finally coming to terms with his oooOOOOzing sexiness and hotness. Sigh. On some days I miss the old Youngbae. He used to just smile that sweet innocent smile in his photos, fully clothed. Now he’s all manly and hunky and topless showing off his six pack. Sigh..time flies. 🙂 Haha!

        Favorite picture of the sweet Youngbae:

  37. after watching this like 10 times all i can say is i’m loving the song but the MV im not so sure,it so pimp-ish and gives a “i’m desperate” vibe…wish there was more choreo.

    1. IKR…..he’s giving people a message that’s too “in our faces” kinda thing…like….we know we know! you want a girl, but you dont have to rub it in our faces…….

      i dunt rly like the mv….too desperate

  38. I’ll all for YB coming into his own. But in this MV he went from 0-60 in how many seconds? The lyrics and the visuals don’t match. To me it screams.
    “Look…see….I’m grown. I love girls. Okay….no more talk about my lack of dating experience.” It’s just too much. It can be subtle sexuality. That’s what YB does best. I felt like I was being bashed over the head with the visuals. And YB
    “You don’t have to take your clothes off…..to have a smoking hot video….”

  39. I like the MV. But it’s just kinda weird seeing Taeyang like this, I mean it’s cool and all, but it’s just weird..not use to it. I think he upgraded to a suit which is good…that means he’s ready to not become a guest at a wedding but more like the inviter of a wedding, hehe!!

    I agree with most of you more choreo would’ve been nice…but I think if there was choreo in the mv..then most likely the choreo would be more focused (‘coz TY is def. good at choreo) than the song…he needs to get his message out there, that “HE NEEDS A GIRL!!” lol!!

    1. oh…at the beginning, there was something beside the title..I didn’t realize that was a chair…until he sat on it LOL!

  40. yes, i agree with you abut the dancing.we love TY so much beacuse of dancing.although, in the performance he showed us his sexy dance. i’m not really intro the MV, maybe because sandara is “that girl”..i don’t know, i think too much touching is not what we expected. after all we still love you Tae Yang!!!

  41. When I listened to the song yesterday the lyrics to me sounded so sincere, with the visuals it sorta cheapened it for me. I still love YB to bits but the MV was too much. It was less I Need A Girl and more I Need A Harem. I didn’t even mind Dara all that much since the focus seemed to be on YB and his new pimp’tude. I miss YB’s sincerity in this video.

    1. You hit the nail on the head! I’ve been trying to figure out what’s been bothering me about this video (and even some of his album): It lacks sincerity. It’s like he’s trying to be someone else. When I watch the INAG mv I see Usher/Chris Brown/MJ/TOP. Where is Young Bae? =/

    2. like i said i could just start wepping thinking back on YB’s real-innocent self ((=.=)),gosh…i still love you like a madgirl Oppa <33

  42. i wouldn’t mind watching taeyang perform ‘i need a girl’ topless. wahahahaha. just imagine that bod move during the chorus choreo. WOW !

  43. The verdict from YB-korean fans:

    They think this MV is the worst, they want him to re-film the entire MV again~

    They don’t like it and think the camerawork is terrible….

    ^this is just their opinion collectively, not everyone in Korea…but echos some of us long time fans here~

      1. I think what it is…for me….is that Taeyang is too far in his career to be making a video like this….yes, I get he’s having fun but its so sexually/visually pleasing that you kinda forget he’s an amazing singer and dancer but just a beautiful body and that’s what we see a lot of “idols” do…not artists~ Because of the expectations from WD and WUA – both epic MV’s – this was a sort of let down but it’s okay I still like YB, and kinda like the song…

        This is my personal opinion, I’m over the video now but my heart was breaking while watching the first time, it was good and cute and whatever but it was that “more” a lot of us were looking for…

        He has like 10 scenes, 10 outfits, a wall, a chair and some lights, oh and Sandara/GD – this is his comeback music video? HIS FIRST ALBUM COMEBACK we’ve waited for 2 YEARS FOR…Who the heck came up with this music video concept!?

        gah. I’m frustrated. Not hating, just frustrated

        1. I think Janelle said it right. Basically the video was trying to show us that Youngbae’s not shy around girls anymore and single but ready to mingle. So it’s still YG using the same selling point about Youngbae, the he’s never dated/never had a girlfriend line. YG used this in Where U At and I remember Youngbae saying he didn’t like that at all. I don’t know what got him to change his mind.

          I wish they chose a different title track for SOLAR, something that Youngbae composed, like Take It Slow, since he was all about finally showing his fans HIS music.

          I think YG’s statement that I NEED A GIRL was going to be the most popular of all songs raised everyone’s expectations of the song a little too much.

        2. Kay wat u said is exactly wat im feeling right now…the MV took like 50 views from me alone for me to feel OK about it…i was expecting more than this and i feel kinda(dont wanna say dissapointed) frustrated because the reason i was so attracted to YB in the first place was because he was so unique and talented,different to other k-pop artists but im not blaming him its the people who came up with the stupid V concept -_-

        3. I thought something was wrong with me that I felt this way since fans on youtube and allkpop were singing its praises. My heart is breaking.He didn’t have to go to these lengths for WUA and WD. I prayed for YB to become an international artist but not this way. This video could have been so sexy but in a tender sweet way. Even if they re-shot this video in its entirety it wouldn’t remove this bitter taste from my mouth.

    1. Personally, I feel that he actually made a great move. The concept of this whole shabang was awesome. Korean fans might not like it and disagree..but you have to accept the fact that he is a grown man and he needs to show it through his music. WUA and WD..I honestly think he was being more safe than satisfied..there is nothing wrong with an artist coming out of his shell in a sexually mannered way…I live in the US..artist here are sex symbols..there’s nothing wrong with that. He might not capture the hearts of his Korean fans there but here in the US..he’s getting known for that..we should just be happy for him..I remember when WD and WUA came out..they said those weren’t the best performances..but now he brought a whole new concept to his work and it’s just too much? Give him some props for doing his thing.

      1. I know he’s a grown man. But how is this video any different from the stuff we see here in North America? YB can be revealing sexually without being sleazy….this to me screams SLEAZY!

      2. I’m just confused as to what “his thing” really is. Based on the interviews, I thought WD was more his thing. I guess that’s why INAG caught a lot of fans by surprise. I’d love to find out his thoughts about INAG. Hope there will be some in-depth interviews out soon. He always explains himself well. Maybe he’s just exploring sides of him he never knew existed until INAG. Bottom line, as long as he’s staying true to himself and his artistry, I have no complains. 🙂

        1. When I said “let him do his thing” I was meaning towards him entertaining us. I wasn’t comparing this MV with WD. 🙂

      3. I think the reason why people internationally, both males and females appreciated Taeyang was because he wasn’t like you run-of-the-mill American artists who sell sex and women and whatever nots…..he represented true artistry through Wedding Dress. Did you see HOW MANY guys covered that song and video – do you think people would do the same with this one? No, don’t think so. WUA showed so much of his skill as a dancer – another thing that attracted international fans..

        I would never, ever want Taeyang to be known as a sex symbol that sells because of this reason, I would never want fans to like him for this reason either~ Perhaps we see things different but to me, I feel like he’s going backwards…..


          the mv could be much much better than this… i’m finding this abit too much on publicity side rather than music. already the song name is “I Need A Girl” and now this??

          I’m seriously starting to wonder what Taeyang is thinking…

          If he’s doing it this way, I might just go back to loving WD and treating that as the title track until or unless he steps up his game.

        2. i agree,compared to his past MV’s like WD this is so meh and more on sex appeal…*sigh* this is just one MV so i hope other MV’s wont follow suit.

        3. I think the reason why this MV was too much for some of you is because of the anticipation that it would be like WD or WUA..and I’m not just saying that Tae Yang sex appeal sells..I’m trying to imply that he has everything that the music industry wants him to have. We can’t just sit here and be like..okay this is trashy because he’s surrounded by a bunch of females who are rubbing on his face and he’s half naked with Dara..Tae Yang is an R&B singer right? He need to visually play his role..and the lyrics of his song matches the mv. He is in the entertainment business and what Tae Yang does best is to entertain

        4. haha i can’t believe i’m always eating my words…but…. i’m actually starting to love this mv concept. This vid is cute, and now that I actually think (i always speak before thinking. lol), there’s not much of sex appeal showcased there, except for the shirtless part… ^^ The only thing i’m still not satisfied with is that this mv screams low budget! the only part i thought wasn’t low budget is GD’s clothes, and the clothes the girls beside him wore. lol.
          totally agree with korean fans this time, the cuts are just so bad….camera angling and all..timing… sigh.. hoping YG will re-edit again… 🙂

        5. LOL Taeyang doesnt have the appearance to be a sex symbol…it’s not gonna look natural…

    2. agree. i can’t say i hate the mv, but i also can’t say i like it. i just can’t picture myself watching it over and over like the other mv’s he’s come up with. wasn’t the director of this mv the same as the one from ‘wedding dress’ ? kind of disappointed remembering this fact now to be honest. i much prefer the live performance than the mv actually, at least there the choreography is kept honest and there’s less image milking ? lol couldn’t find a way to describe it.

        1. how do we blame the director?! LOL…I’m sure that if u works in YG; as an artists u get to say what concept you want for the MV. I’m not blaming it on TY; but I feel like YG needs to allow more prep. time for TY’s album…

        2. continue…cuz SR mentions it in his interview that the concept of the MV was him. YG lets him choose his own concept.

        3. hmmm… SR is??

          I’m not sure about the entertainment world in Korea, but as for business reasons… I doubt an artist can really do whatever they want…unless they are world class celebrity……. but to me, I think YG is the one who decide what should be produce and how things should look and sound…. am i correct??

        4. I’m pretty sure YG lets his artists chooses their own thing and he will help advice them that whether it’s a good concept or not…. TOP has an opportunity to chooses his own concept for Turn It Up too cuz he said that YG really like the end product so TOP was so proud at BB concert at the beginning of the year.

          I found the quote in SR’s interview here: “I wanted to go for a sexy concept. I wanted to have the music video be a little dangerous. Hahaha, Yang CEO also said, “Do it however you want” and gave me freedom to do what I wanted.”

          I actually thought like you did tsoi4cabbage, but then following them for so long, I feel like they are allow to do whatever…LOL…like GD’s Heartbreaker. In BBTV, u see GD, himself discussed the MV concept with the director, YG weren’t really there…but this is just my observation…I feel like YG should’ve allowed more time for the album to find better tracks and produced more quality stuff; but he’s being rushed for everything…from 2NE1 to BB, to TY, Se7en, Gummy and other BB’s members solos!

        5. I think YG is probably the only company in Korea that lets his artists do that and he stands behind them for support and advice (that’s why they said that being in Big bang, all of the members have to sacrifice a certain thing…but solos stuff, they’re making music that they love the most) …AHAHAHAHA..cuz other companies have to control the image of an artist especially in Korea.

        6. hmm…hopefully the CEO is really what you said…. because there are so many negavtive news pop up in the korean entertainment industry recently: suicides, actress were force to xxxxx with producers / composers / managers etc… I mean.. in reality we all know it exists, but reading the news data makes me think the actual freedom they have as a celebrity….

        7. yeah, I’m referring to YG, the CEO…LOL…but it could be use interexchangeable too…heheh

    3. I don’t like the MV either…I only watch it twice and that’s enough for me. Top’s video was the same to me. But then I’m confused about TY’s vision and about the types of music he wants to do. I mean, I understand that he wants to take risk and do something different; but why this song?! GRHHHH….

      I don’t think this video is low-budget; but definitely the rush of time has took it’s toll. They barely had 1 week to edit and film everything. Cuz I remember that news come out saying that Dara is filming the MV. She literally film it and left for LA. Not much time u know…so I guess that’s why the editing is so bad…but I think Ty himself wants the video to be done this way cuz he said so that it’s a very different concept than his previous one in his Naver interview.

      Anyways, I’m so tired now…overall, I’m just diappointed with the whole thing from the songs to the prep. time…cuz I feel like somehow TY was rushed for his album…sure, we wait for 2 years; but in the midst of that, Big Bang was crazily busy with themselves too….

      I just hope whatever decisions YG make from now on; it better be a good one cuz alot of fans aren’t happy right now…

    1. ok i love this video because he is in it and seems happy and having fun with it. but i do feel that it is kind of plain….. i guess thats what i’m trying to say. and yes it could be better but to me he can be doing and still i would love it.

  44. maaan is he hot especially when he tlaks in english makes u wanna melt but i agree with other ppl wen they say it wasnt all tht compared 2 wer u at an wedding dress but it was defo good

  45. yea this is the most adorable video i think out of his older videos >.< Him making all the cute faces with the tongue sticking out ::faints:: lol~ Definitely the most times you get to see his cute side in a video. All the other ones mainly were just serious and showed the manly side… it's good to show the soft side of someone here and there haha.

  46. he’s grown up…..i have a feeling that he already has a girl and that it is why is so comfortable . idk i may be wrong.

        1. i would like to see a better MV since i have a love-hate feel about this one but if they’re re-doing the MV i hope Taeyang wont get upset that he let his fans down,i mean he must have worked hard to get this to us…

        2. and pls pls YG or the director of the mv, pls spend more on the budget for the mv if you ever re-edit!
          i’m not an expert, but i can tell it’s really low budget. the cuts, the synchronization, the scenes…
          that’s my main complain now. hehe.. (i’m finding the mv and concept cute already…)

      1. i was expecting something a little different from the Music Video. Like, WD type.. More Choreo – but he looked sooo ADORABLE in this. I loved his facial expression.

        I think they should.

        It’s a music video that i would normally skip over.

        i think WD was perfect, so my expectations are always around that. The song&video was amazing~!

      2. yes yes yes…

        This time i have to admit I’m on the Kfans side. if they re-edit, sure, no problem. I don’t like the mv to be honest. We’ve seen such high quality videos from taeyang, each of his mvs were really good, then suddenly this one was like… (sigh)

        the song, the mv are a disappointment. Sorry.

      1. i dont know how i’m suppose to watch it.. so i found one on someone elses page, but i know its going to get deleted soon.

    1. He removed it too from YG’s official YT account. I feel like YG, himself, didn’t watch the video yet…everything is just soo rushed and everything…so now they’re doing more editing then!?

  47. As much as i would like to help TY by watching the video on YG channel…I can’t because stupid YG entertainment won’t make their videos avaible for people form Germany…seriously pisses me off.

    SO I watched it on another channel and i’m not really sure what to think yet. I kinda like it but i don’t really like the “pimp” acting thing. I dunno have to re watch it a couple of times i guess. BUt i Know that i liked the way he presented himself in WD or Look only at me better than this.

    BUt i really like the song

  48. is it bad that I actually wish this song wouldn’t be his hit song for this comeback?
    I wish other songs (Superstar/Just a Feeling) would be his hit and just….not this…
    …..for many, many, many reasons.
    Mainly, if it does become a hit, i’m not too sure whether I can really say it’s wholly because of Taeyang because I’m sure GD-fangirls contributed to the popularity because GD is in. I do love this song but I’d rather want this song to be known for it’s music and not other reasons… not hating, but yea that’s how I feel.

    1. I TAKE BACK MY WORDS. yes, i (quote YB) ‘speak before thinking’ (YES YB, I’M THE GIRL YOU NEED!)

      i’m thinking this concept is pretty cute right now….
      it’s just such a low budgeted mv. Taeyang deserves more than this, yg.

  49. ok i think some people r being too harsh. i don’t see sleezy (trust me i know what that looks like). i understand that it is different from wd and wua. wd was him telling a story and wua was just him and his dancers telling a story. in the previews we all knew that this album was different. i need a girl is abt him telling the world what he is looking for and of course there is going to be alot of girls in the video (peep gd lyric) i’m kinda of glad that he is going outta the box. we may not be used to him this way but to me in the video he seems happy and comfortable and thats all that matters. in some of his videos and performances he seems uncomfortable around the opposite sex maybe this is showing that he feels free now. i’m proud of him

    1. I agree with you ms. K..alot of hype is around him being to “pimpish”? that I do not understand…this can’t even be compared to 50 Cents..P.I.M.P? Tae Yang doesn’t have slezzy women prancing around him having their applebottom shaking in his face..there’s no female touching his body..Tae Yang has the whole package..his singing..his dancing..now he can add sex appeal to his resume. He’s 23 he can’t always portray of having that shy, timid boy side. He branched out and this is good for him. He ante up the poker chips and he’s going to go all in. No matter what..he is still Dong Young Bae that we love!!

  50. The actings in this MV match the lyrics~ and I really like Dara with the Teddy bear, she is so cute!! and TY you can tell he is not THAT comfortable, but he is not as shy as before~!! I guess I’ll he is a bit more open now? the poking in the beginning is kinda cute too, ha~

  51. omg , i watched; it was soo good & sweet.
    i thought i wasn`t gonna watch it. lol but i oved him so much so i did . & the hard work he did on it .

  52. I can’t view it for some reason! Everything’s set to private! T_T

    On anycase, I just wanted to point out that WD pulled at our heartstrings. It pulled us in so powerfully because we women love that drama sort of feel. Now, as for I need a girl, I see it more like a GUY’S track, (reminds me of P.Diddy’s I Need A Girl or Usher’s You Got It Bad) and told in YB’s perspective.

    From what I’m reading I feel that this new “swagga” or “slick” side of him is part of who he is. What was that interview? “I’m a guy with normal urges?” (I remember it only because I snorted then laughed out loud–can someone find that YB quote?) Not in a bad way, of course.

    Here’s to a more liberated YB! More comfortable in his own skin (AND MOST DEF. LITERALLY TOO!) 😀

  53. I lovin’ this so much! =D
    Woah! Shirtless!! Oh yessssss! xD
    Errbody was great in this MV!
    Hard work is definately paid off! =)

    (Like Mediafire or something, OR send the file to my e-mail – chrizzy_scorpio18@yahoo.co.uk??)
    Since I moved to P.I. and my iTunes account is addressed to my P.I. home, the song is not available for P.I. to download! =(
    ALL help is appreciated! =)

  54. hey, YG pulled it off youtube. i think the situation is probably getting real bad in korea. his fans are majorly disappointed i guess. and yes, ive been trying to not let the disappointing mv get to me. but i cant help it..

    i really hope this doesnt turn out to be a bad start for YB! after 2 years of hard work and this is it? its just not right. but anyway, i agree. he could have totally showed his playful side and yet not look pimp-ish. seriously hire me to be the director. i can do so much better. sigh

    1. really? I just saw it an hour ago…. but…when I watch it, there are only 302 views in 3 hours…. compare to TOP’s 8x,xxx views in 2 weeks…kinda hard to compete huh….. but personally I kinda like it, maybe because I’m not having that heartbreaking feel~lol

      The mv is not really that bad, one of the reasons some of his fans are disappointed could be too many people are over expecting it, or thought that it’s the 2nd WD style song, which kinda make sense because sad/minor tone songs are usually more “hit” than happy melody song…

      I hope TY is feeling ok and not too stress about all the comments, because he take not-too-good comments really serious… *pray**pray*

      1. what kind of peeves me though is that a lot of fans are expecting another ‘wedding dress’ type song in this album and seem to have forgotten there is already a ‘WD’ type song in ‘WD’ itself. *sighs*

        1. I don’t think anyone is expecting a replica of WD because – as you said – WD already exists. I think it’s more the caliber and style of that MV that lead people to expectations of this MV being phenomenal…

          WD was epic = the cinematography, mood, lighting, story, lyrics, vocals, dancing, acting……everything….you felt like you were watching a true artist shedding his heart on that screen

          INAG is very much the opposite but the lack of visually appealing scenes and the mood being almost juvenile (he’s a man, not a pre-teen who can’t contain his hormones) as well as the lack of dancing….that’s what was a hit or miss for more people~

          Everyone’s got their opinions, its okay =) Doesn’t mean we hate YB; I think all fans have a right to expect things from their artist and question things

      2. the views being “302 in 3 hours” is actually a Youtube error. the views get stuck when too many ppl are viewing it suddenly. 🙂 the real views will normally appear after like a day.

    2. i wouldn’t worry too much. i don’t think the korean yb fans are immature enough to let a single mv jeopardize the success of the album. the way i see it is that it’s just an mv, what’s more important to me is the content of the album.

      13 quality songs > 1 lackluster music video

  55. I’m kind of saddened by everyones reactions to the video. I know it wasn’t what we all expected but we have to remember….this is not the same TY from before. He’s trying to show us these different sides to himself that he wasn’t able to express before. He just came back and all the fans are bashing his video. I hope he’s not feeling too bad over it. I’m just hoping that the Korean fans expressed their dislike in a way that wouldn’t put him down….that wouldn’t make him feel like he doesn’t know wth he’s doing.

    Here’s to just hoping that the next music videos will be to everyone’s liking.

    1. agree
      i think people expect him to be like this and that too much that Taeyang got to a point where he’s just so quite on TV or in interviews
      like you know in BB he’s always the serious and the quite one while his other members are like messing around-and seeing that we all wish that he can live his lives more “freely”
      but now he finally do,everyone are like disappointed and wondering where the “innocent,church boy gone?”
      that is why i really feel sorry for taeyang,(all BB as a group)
      they expect him(them) to be real artists , try out different genres of music,come out with new ideas that set them apart from other artists
      but when they do, people are like “im dissapointed”,”not what i was expecting” etc
      seriously, expectation are set too high for Taeyang and BigBang-too high to the point that they feel burden

      ok i admit it, the content of the video is cheap and not artistic like WD
      but apart from that i’m really enjoying this video,seeing his happy, carefree face really lit up my day

      like taeyang says before,to me this MV represent the Real him
      the real Youngbae behind the scene not the Taeyang as a artist on stage

  56. i love the song, i love the video…it grows in you…it’s like wine when you sip it, tastes bitter but when you gradually taste, smell and sip the wine it get better and better 🙂

    ooohh and taeyang with dara….he was really expressive, more emotion compared to his previous ones that it’s melancholy and solem, serious look…he’s more relaxed. enjoying and happy 🙂 another side of him that we usually don’t see…i think someone is rubbing off a little dorkiness on him..that’s a good happy pill!

    i want a part 2…coz he needs a girl and the video doesn’t seem to show he got the girl, it was more showing what he likes in a girl…sandara-like personality ei? haha!

    he’s like usher in korea…hot. sexy.talented.great singer.awesome dancer. hansome. enough said 🙂

  57. alright check this out ..
    I liked I Need A Girl the second I heard it .. I guess you gotta appreciate R&B a little more to like the song .. I dont know
    But, the MV is a sincere downgrade compared to WUA & WD
    Taeyang better get at least 2 more MV’s for SOLAR
    Because GD had 4 for his solo album
    No shade to GD, love the kid, but I’m just saying ..
    He had multiple MV’s and they were all very good quality ..
    As far as everyone disliking YB’s “new image” .. give him a break!
    We know idols/artist have to put on a certain image in front of cameras .. and I honestly doubt YB has made a 360 turn in his personality .. he’s been stating he wanted a girl way before this track was even thought about .. he was just adding some flavor to the MV .. no worries.
    The kid is growing up and still fly as ever
    I’m sure we would all still love him so relax!

    1. me too, when i heard it the first time, I was like… er……. but after I’m done with the song… the melody of “i need a girl” ” i need a girl” kept playing in my head (didn’t realized I was nodding too, lol~) , it’s a clam and mellow tone which I really like and it’s now taking over the “you’re my sweetest chocolate” … lol~

  58. K it seems like this video is getting waaaay too much bad reviews from overcritical ppl especially from his OWN fans.
    I really like this mv. I feel imo Taeyang shows a lot of charisma and swag in this mv as a TRUE R&B artist should. However, we all know the reason why yb is so popular is because he has that distinguishing feature in my music that sets him apart but we shouldnt hold him back to do what HE wants. The set is colorful and the director has made the overall theme of it very playful and I can see that yb was havin a great time w. it.
    Now along with the comparisons with WD and WUA, those concepts are totally different. Yes they were amazing and totally deserve the credits they deserve but INAG is totally different!! you can’t compare it to those mvs. This is one of the first mvs I get to see Taeyang bein a ladies man FREAL & havin a good time. Its not him bein a pimp and in no way sleezy. Watch BET mvs then youd rethink about it. I think after having mvs of songs about losing love he should be entitled to one about finding it. And it should be fun, upbeat, and showing a side of yb that we dont get to see. Like seriously, who’s seen taeyang smile that much in an mv. This is the first and I feel like we should cut him some slack. I like this new style and I hope he continues to surprise the fans and experiment while never wanting to settle. Good luck Sol.

  59. WOW!

    okay….i dunno how to react…this was totally unexpected.
    truthfully, i dunno if i like it or not….
    but i think this will sink in 🙂

    but still, i was actually expecting a music video like a story? like in wedding dress? this was more of dancing and more like TOP’s MV.

    anyhow, i think Dara looks really pretty here!!! hehe
    yeah. that’s all i’m gonna say for now.
    i think i like it…

  60. I am actually very satisfied with the MV. The different sides of YB, carefree, relax and cute. What is wrong with kfans? Do they want the repeated images again and again? As much as I want to see GD on screen I hope they will not promote INAG again and promote other songs..sigh

    1. i think probably the kfans are complaining not so much of concept i guess, more of the low-budget mv. the cuts and all…

  61. Last night I played SOLAR non stop. I fell so in love with ‘I Need A Girl’, but this MV killed all of that for me. I’m so emotional right now. I can’t stop crying. I feel like I might have been wrong about YB. I fell so hard for his sweet sincere charms. I’m all for him exploring his sexual side, his sexuality whatever…. But this MV is not the YB that I have come to know and love over these past 7 months. It’s cheap and tasteless garbage. YB deserves better and as long time fans so do we.

    1. Janelle I can’t say it’s cheap and tasteless..As an R&B singer you have to explore different side of things and that is what he is doing. Take Usher for example..he is a great artist..and in multiple of his MV..he’s atleast half naked or all naked? does that make him trashy and tasteless? Now you’re judging him base on what you’re seeing in the MV and not his song. but than again you are entitle to your own opinon so I’m just adding mines.

      1. I was never into YB because of his body…it was his talent that grabbed me. I was all about who he is as an artist. A true musician. I don’t want YB to be another Usher, Justin, Omarion or Ne Yo. The thing that made me fall for him in the first place was his sincerity. So what he’s never dated a girl. I didn’t care about that. That truth never stopped him from being sexy, having swagger, being accepted by both male and female fans. He was different. That’s was why I loved him. I can’t be on board for this. It goes against everything I thought YB to be.

        1. In reality yes he is just like all them..he doesn’t need to be half naked to be like them but through his music he is.. and no doubt that he is a true musician, but being a true musician he has to be able to transform himself out of the normal..my view of him as a fan..I truly adore Tae Yang and I would never change my perspective about him base on this one MV.

    2. It’s definitely not cheap and tasteless garbage. YB obviously put in a lot of effort, and as fans, we should just keep supporting him. Sure, I will admit that we must have made our expectations too high, but the MV is still, if not above, average. This isn’t the first time YB is shirtless/sexy looking (look at his Prayer MV) and all his fans still loved him. Just stop watching the MV and watch the performances then. Personally, I liked his performance better than the MV–just because you can see him do more dancing and there’s a lot of chemistry with Jihye.

    3. wait.you feel like you might have been wrong about

      your judging him through this MV which he have no control over.
      you think he’s like that in person?

      well,i don’t even…
      *shakes head*

    1. Who knows? I feel terriably bad for YB. This is his full length album. I am also very curious what is happening in korea.

  62. It’s not on itunes anymore either…The song grew on me. At first, I didn’t like it, it was so opposite to what we were used to him singing. However, I thought the music video was cute, especially his facial expressions. I like the new style but he still kept elements of his former like in the comeback peformances where he did the simple You’re my with just the microphone. loved the dancing in Just a feeling. I just hope fans in korea support him as well. taking it off itunes and youtube is eeshh. =X

    1. Taking off from itunes as well? WHY WHY? As far as I know no news has been updated in korea websits. In one of korean website that I visit, nobody is talking about this. They are talking about cds, t-shirts and stuffs. I do not know about DCYB though. Someone update please!!

  63. omgg yah. i really need an official statement. and YES, SOLAR has many awesome tracks. and we should stop focusing on that rather disappointing MV. i mean his JUSTAFEELING live performance trashed everyone else’s. but YES, if he has good mv’s to make up for it, why not?

    i shall be happy that YB is trying to experiment (:

    1. All the online copies of Deluxe sold out, now whatever is left in stores is available but it seems almost all 30,000 copies are gone in 24 hours

    2. YAY!!!! GOOD! :DD hope this will keep up for at least a month!! hehehe. YB GO TOP THE CHARTS FOR AT LEAST A MONTH! 😀

  64. Thinking about it, if you read the lyrics again, the MV and the lyrics actually suit and perfect for a early 20 year old TY, right? it should be those sweet and cute scenes because young age, young love, It’s also telling us what type of girl a guy want when they are young, am I right?? so where will all the sadness, hip hop dancing or even shirless scene apply to this song? (seriously, I didn’t really pay too much attention on the shirtless part…ha… care more on his facial expression~~)

    but… if INAG was sung by a 30 year old TY, then it will be a totally different story, I guess it’s more of a point-of-view opinion on which aspect you should look at this song and MV, btw, did GD wrote the entire song or just the rap part?

    1. GD just wrote the rap part~ 🙂

      I know some of us here are disappointed in the MV and that it’s not what they expected.

      But I think taking the lyrics into context with the video, it’s a very cute MV.

      Simple but nicely done =)

      I won’t lie and said that the shirtless YB did nothing for me, it’s an added bonus to seeing all his facial expressions…LOL

      To me, he is still YB, the cute adorkable YB I love.

      He is just telling his fans he is more confident now, that he’s ready for a relationship.

      The lyrics may be cheesy, or blah for some, but I think for 22 year old YB, who has never been in a relationship, it is VERY CUTE.

      He is still staying true to his music and his style, and his personality in the MV.

      It took me a while to get used to it, but I’m loving it now…

      Wonder why it’s off the YG channel…. =(

      Hope YB doesn’t feel bad, but the poor boy takes criticisms so seriously…. *pray**fingers crossed*

      1. I posted somewhere below that I think YB is just sending a message : ” For the last time: I am not scared of girls. I am not dating because I am choosy, not because I am damaged/retarded/weird. This is my ideal girl. Stop asking about it in every single interview. Refer to MV and title song. can I go on with my life/career now?”

  65. oh my, this is sad, real sad. First it receives a couple of bad reviews in korea, is taken off Youtube & then itunes. A couple of hours ago, there was only 302 views on YG’s youtube channel for his MV. I thought there would have been more views; but I guess I was wrong. Hopefully, the album is selling a whole lot better. Just hope Taeyang didn’t see the reviews.

    1. no!! the views is stuck! youtube will update views again it should be more than 50 thousand
      But what’s wrong why YG delete fron youtube?

    2. the “302” views is a Youtube error. it happens when a right when a video gets uploaded, many ppl flood the page to see it. The real views will appear normally after a day. 🙂
      “302” views actually means many ppl was watching his vid!

      evidence : there was like more than 2000 likes for that video. to have 2000, you will at least have 2000 views.

      so yea. 😀

  66. Where is this guy?

    “I like someone who knows how to be considerate of others,” Taeyang begins. Instead of having a short term relationship, what Taeyang would like is a more deep and meaningful relationship that will last for a long time. Taeyang admits that there has been times in his life when he felt ‘worthless’ because of how awkward he felt around other people. Even still, he would prefer not to get involved in a relationship if it wasn’t going to be a long-term one.

    “After meeting someone once, if you like them…you can continue to be friends, but I can’t seem to do that. Instead of a person that I can meet with in my spare time, I want to meet a person that makes me feel thankful to be alive. If I was to meet that someone tomorrow, I would like that person to be my first and last love.”

    These days, Taeyang has many thoughts about love. But because of his cautious personality, he lacks a lot of experience for a young man of his age. Without having any former experience of being in love or the pain of that comes with a broken heart, Taeyang uses his imagination when it comes to expressing those kinds of feelings in songs.

    “Instead of a relationship where you just fight or hurt one another and then break up, I want to meet someone that I like a lot and cherish her for as long as I can. There’s been many times when I’m singing a song that deals with scars from an old love and I think, ‘This is what it’s going to feel like’. For example, in ‘Only Look At Me’, I sang that with a lot of anguish, but I had no experience to draw from. I just sang it with the feeling of ‘I love this girl so much’.”

    That’s why I’m having such a hard time with this MV. If this is the ‘real’ YB, who’s this guy in the interviews?

    1. Dont’ be so upset Janelle, because I dont think this is the “real” YB in this song (unless he said so), I felt it’s more of a person wrote this song, and have TY sing and act on it, rmb he said he always want to be an actor? look at it the other way!! =)

      1. Most entertainers are confident while performing on stage or show different sides of them in their MV’s; and then completely different when off stage. I think that’s probably the case for Taeyang. Confident when entertaining, and then quiet, sweet & relaxed when off stage.

    2. Janelle, nah don’t worry too much. at first i was thinking like you, but after I thought bout it, concepts and all, most of it are made by directors although the general direction follows the lyrics of the song. so….props to YB for executing it well.
      and MVs aren’t really true reflection of who YB is unless YB himself directed it…

      girl, the talented will rule and shine. so will his talents! 😀

      1. I feel so stupid because last month I took part in iBig Bang’s fan message project and I wrote this really deep letter to YB telling how much his WD performances inspired me to return to dancing, writing and singing again. The fan project was completed on the 15th (announcement of Solar) and it just arrived in South Korea on the 27th and at some point he’s going to read these messages from me and my son Rio (who is 4 years old) and now it’s going to come off so……I don’t know. Discovering YB last year when I did changed my life. I just wanted him to know how much he means to me.

        1. Don’t feel that way, since you know TaeYang so much (at least way longer than me), you know he is a really considerated person who thinks deeply, have you watch an interview where a group member ( i think is GD) said he told TY about some concerns, and then TY gave him his advice a month later? If he read your letter, I’m sure he will take it into his heart!!

        2. You write, dance and sing?! cool! 😀 I see that YB has really inspired you so much… He must be REALLY proud to have a fan like you! 😀 and NO, don’t feel stupid for taking part! like YB said, it’s his fans that keep him going where he’s supposed to go.
          now i wished i took part. if only i knew bout it. xD

          things that happen in Korea, well, I wouldn’t attribute everything he does as him being true to himself. because he is under a company after all…
          Plus, acting is needed in his singing career so that he’s able to showcase the lyrics/mood of the song in his mv and during performance. probably that’s why he’s a great performer. 😀 and now that i know the lyrics and all, i think his mv is ok…kinda lacking still but it’s enjoyable. better than the first time i watched. hehe.
          anyway, if YB just wanna explore/show his fans his other side, then go ahead. I’m actually glad to be able to see him explore, grow, move forward, learn from critics, explore again, and yea the cycle repeats, because then only will he be able to be the best artist ever. I kinda like that he’s expanding his boundaries, pushing them, playing with em this time round. something i must definitely get used to, but yea…i’m coping it well now.
          and I still think he’s in tact with his true artist self. i mean, TAKE IT SLOW?! yes i know he only co-composed, co-produced, but MY MUM LIKED IT. SHE HAS NEVER LIKED ANY KPOP SONG BEFORE (except this one song from Insooni…she’s not from an idol group tho. Korea’s diva actually) so yea.

          That said, i now think the mv is cute. probably it’s just the mindset. just….add more budget pls (i prolly said this too many times..). think they shot this mv in a rushed mode.
          if they had done it better with the cuts and with more budget, this mv would have been more appealing… 😀

        3. aww Janelle don’t be like that,its just a silly MV concept some guy came up with,i’m sure its not the real Taeyang we all love and adore,lets have faith eh? he himself have not said his thoughts about the MV yet so don’t get too upset…

    3. Aw…

      Serious YB is out for a vacay, Flirty YB has come in for some time….

      Don’t let it get you down too much…..I understand, I felt just like you, but I’m trying not to let that get in the way of just enjoying that he’s back on the scene, that his album is doing well and he’s working hard…

      You don’t have to like the concept or anything but as long as you like the music… I’m hoping that’s enough!

      Just don’t watch the video…and you’ll feel a little better lol

    4. I think since WD didn’t do well in Korea with the “pitiful guy who sings for his crush at her wedding” concept (not me, this was paraphrased), YG is making YB do a cheerful concept. I think the cute part of the MV works for YB, but the macking part doesn’t.

    5. Wow you really need to be openminded about this. First off..that’s an interview where he sat down and talked about is inner feelings..The INAG MV was directed and produced..Someone behind the cameras said..ready set go..and he goes. Tae Yang will always be Tae Yang..Girlfriendless or not. The MV was supposed to be for fun..hence entertainment? You can’t anaylize between those two. You have to really listen to the songs instead of basing your opinon on that one MV. I’m sorry but I feel like you’re overly thinking about this. 😦

  67. this song is just sooo sweet….no wonder all girls melt when they hear you sing oppa^^…aigooooo…just watching this makes my heart pump faster….kyaaaaa~ LMAO xD

  68. As someone mention before when you try new things, you will either lose some fans or earn some or both. For me I am glad that TY try something new. Ok I will follow the news next day.

  69. When I think of it as the 3rd MV off the album, it’s OK…but as the leading MV off an album? Meh. (The MV actually needs more cute and less of the washed out white on white scenes.)

  70. omg!!! I just hope Taeyang is not stressing over this but of course being the person that he is he’s bound to worry a lot!

    1. I’m so sure he will, espeically after I watch the big bang documentary last nite about his story….. he sure will…. The song is not bad, it’s just the mv is not what we thought it will be~~

      Come on people!! cheer up!!!! let’s show our support to TaeYang!!!!! Because if we are sad, I’m sure he is 10x or 100x more stress and sad!!!!

  71. PPL are really doing THE MOST with the criticism damn its getting frustrating.I didn’t like the clothes but the vid is still good the song is wonderful i don’t why ppl don’t like it the whole album is great.

    1. the song is good, definitely! hehe i think it’s because of the *low quality-ness*. thought the concept is ok (how often you see YB bringing out his aegyo side right?!), it’s just that the directing could be better…
      theydefinitely could add some more budget into this IMO. should’ve invested more since it’s YB’s comeback!

  72. Too bad the fangirls are dying over the visuals of the music video and the mature, grown-up into a man theme of the album…(can’t handle the heat, stay away from the sun….)but personally I couldn’t be happier. At first I didn’t really like the album because I was expecting something similar to his earlier works, but now i’m realising its exactly what I wanted all along. 🙂

  73. UM. OK. low quality-ness? actually i’ve seen this before in alot of forums people saying the video looks cheap…but, why didnt they say this about G-Dragons heartbreaker music video? His video also was shot entirely in a studio with set pieces…..it wasn’t big budget either but people loved it.

    1. lol i guess the person directing makes a difference (tho i know it’s the same guy from WD). scenes could be shot better, thought the cuts wasn’t smooth enough, plus the synchronization was a lil out sometimes..
      what yg or the director needs to do now, is to re-edit the video (smooth out the rough parts). better camera angles. better sync. edit some weird parts. and maybe shoot more scenes to add to it. then done!
      prolly this mv was done in a rush…

      i’m actually happy with this concept too actually.. felt weird and totally didn’t like it at first now i’m smiling from ears to ears watching the mv. haha..

  74. This is going to be long, but…

    WHOA… I went to bed with a huge smile on my face, and I wake up to this. O.o

    Obviously there are going to be differing opinions, but the level of distaste expressed by some of the longtime fans is rather upsetting, and personally I’m going to be pissed if YG bows to pressure and replaces the mv. Sure, release a re-edited version if you want, but please don’t withdraw the original!

    I don’t pretend to completely understand how longtime fans feel about YB’s direction. I’m an older noona fan, and a new one at that. But YB is the artist that pulled me back to kpop after a 15+ year separation. (LOL, I’m really dating myself here. Let’s just say I attended hs with Teddy and Danny, so… yeah. *^^*) I like to think that I fell for all the same things that brought most of you together here. His soulful voice, his dancing, his sincerity above all.

    Maybe I’m dense, but I don’t see this huge change in direction that so many are complaining about. Sure, the mv has a different feel, but to me the YB I’ve come to know shines through as clearly as ever. The soulful voice is still there – just smoother, maybe less raw than the HOT days. The moves are still there – I don’t need complex choreo to appreciate that. And the sincerity is definitely still there, IMO.

    I’m just not seeing this much-discussed sleazy and over-sexualized mv. What I saw was charming and wholesome and completely appropriate for the song and for YB’s personality. LOL Pimp? Help me here, but isn’t the whole point of the mv saying that YB *isn’t * interested in those over-sexualized girls and searching for the down-to-earth girl who “looks better in jeans than a skirt”? Him looking all bashful around the girls, shaking his head at GD’s antics…. Am I missing something here? >.>

    As far as the production value goes, I know next to nothing about that stuff. I just know I was fine with it. But then again I’m usually turned off by those “high budget,” multiple sets, dramatic story, special effects, blah, blah type of mvs. I like my mvs simple – simple sets, simple concepts… To each his own. All that matters to me is that the mv enhances my enjoyment/appreciation of the music, and INAG’s mv accomplished that for me.

    1. I can’t agree with you more. I think people are yet to be able to take in the new direction TY is taking I think people were so accustomed to his soulful yet emosih concept themes that something like this seems so drastic may have threw them off a bit. Honestly I liked the MV the concept seemed to be a Boyfriend and his ride or die chick so to me it was more than enough PLUS i’m not sure if people noticed but he sure brought a lot of emotions to the MV which complimented his voice. I like that in this album although not heavily SOUL still brings out the best in him which is his voice and to be frank this album seemed more free for him. IMO I don’t think TY wasn’t looking to making revolution with his music but create something that is distinctly him. Well all I can say is yes I wished he had more SOUL type of songs but I cant complain the songs sounds so upbeaty which makes me think he wanted to make songs to groove too. KEKEKEKE anyway i’ll look forward to his future performances and his Concert as well.

    2. i also don’t feel good about what’s happening…hope YB is alright…and maybe some of the ifans didn’t read the translated lyrics yet when they watched the vid, coz i was watching the vid with all smiles knowing what he is singing about and seeing YB being so cute(lol…i can’t find the right word) and then i read some comments and i felt so sad for YB…i didn’t even notice the low budgetedness that some people are talking about the mv, coz i was busy looking at TY’s and dara’s expressions…kkk

  75. Hopefully they wont edit the video its great the way it is. I noticed that there was a small problem with the sound in the video like the audio was ahead hopefully they were just fixing that. Because if they have to go back and re-edit the video its going to take a hefty blow to his self esteem…especially since his fans arent following him 100 percent and are pretty negative about his direction as an artist. You think the people who admire him the most would understand him most also. I think fan reactions will cause him to wonder what he was doing in the first place and akwardness on stage will be inevitable. hopefully im wrong, for Taeyang, and for artistic expression.

    1. maybe edit…but not drastically. slightly? like cut off a few milliseconds here and there, and re-sync the vid.

      anyway, lol, i think no matter what we discuss here, or have diff opinions, we’ll still be fans of Tae…still interested in his work. at least i know i’ll be. cause his music is anytime better than normal kpop IMO. 😀

      in the end, he just have to do his thing, right? 🙂

      1. Sorry about the late reply, my wireless adapter is messing up. Im hoping its just a resyncing thing and not taking whole parts out of the video to please the fangirls, that would anger me greatly its already perfect in my eyes. Thats what ive been thinking, at the end of the day we all just want whats best for the guy….were all Taeyang fans but its just really unfortunate to see some of his most dedicated fans disregarding the work he spent so long creating. And the ironic part is he made this album for us.

  76. I WENT FROM “NO!!” TO LIKING IT ALREADY. (i’m always like this.lol.)

    btw, did anyone else notice that this vid is following the storyline of his lyrics? haha.. just noticed. kinda cute. 🙂
    apparently, he’s in a midst of these hot looking girls, but he only wants a girl like……….(go read the lyrics..) and yea that’s how it goes. haha..

    TAEYANG, GO FULL BLAST WITH UR PROMO!! can’t wait to get my deluxe cd!!! 😀

  77. I agreed with everything you said here, I personally LOVE and thought the MV was super cute. If you read the (translation) lyrics, the MV fits perfectly. I was very excited at work thinking the MV will be awesome, and it was, but now I’m sad seeing some of us (fan) doubt who YB really is (I love his face expression in the MV, super sexy). Come on, what happened to “I hope he gets the girl this time” or “I’m happy as long as YB happy”. (OK, the quotes may not be words for words, but something like that ^__^). Despite how we feel about the MV, I think the whole album is GREAT (although I still haven’t order mine yet =[). Why did YG removed the MV, why is everyone make a big deal out of this, argg I am so not happy =[.

  78. They should just call this the ”male and noona fans” version and come out with a new version for the fangirls lol

  79. when i watch INAG mv I’m like smiling ear to ear!!!

    I notice that Solar album has a very heavenly feel to it…you can groove to almost all the songs…

  80. O.M.JEEZY. I need you to, YB! My TAEBABY is growing up. That was hot…those half naked shots of YB *nosebleed* Personally, I liked but hey I’m not complaining if they want to make a better mv. I know it was suppose to come off as sexy but the scene where the girls are all rubbing on him and what not yeah I found that to be more cute and adorable.

  81. #11 on Melon
    #3 on cyworld
    #4 on Dosirak
    ^ that’s depressing, I really hope he moves up

    #1 on Hanteo
    ^ thats a good thing~ people are buying the album

    1. ohhh… are those the chart names in Korea?? i was like… what are they? hahaha~ btw, will listening the songs online help or is it just the # of sales?

    2. I’m hoping that people are holding out for the album rather than downloading singles (which makes perfect sense to me since I’d want everything on it and the physical album is gorgeous.) And since the album sales won’t really pick up till the album is actually available, it’s too soon to tell.

      But the reaction to the singles is interesting. Which singles aside from INAG are charting? If INAG doesn’t do so well, we could see other singles being promoted too (yay!)

      1. I want Superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        altho I really like the Intro…but I guess no one will …..er…promote the Intro…right? lol……

        1. I love the intro too!!! I just wish it was made as a song and let that be the title song! I’m sure it’ll be a hit! that track make me sooo excited….!!! LOL…but the the tracks after, it went down hill!!!

  82. To be honest, I’m seriously upset right now. Like on the verge of crying at work upset. I have one thing to say to all of you – I AM SO DISSAPOINTED. It is one thing to critize the mv and even the song – I’m not the biggest fan of both though I think the mv is cute and INAG is seriouslly growing on me. However, it is a completely different thing to be calling out Tae like you guys have been. You guys call youselves his fan but you guys are so fickle. I don’t understand how making a mistake with the direction of this mv (which is the Director’s job not YB’s anyway) and making something a lot of you guys think is “fake” “cheap” “tasteless” “sellout” somehow translates into YB being the same thing. I know a lot of us aren’t exactly happy with INAG, myself included but you guys are some …honestly I’m not going to even say the word. “Where is the guy from WD” “I’m so dissapointed in him” “He’s not the YB I know” – seriously? Some of you guys need to GTFO. Basing all of YB’s personality on one mv – the one mv that hasn’t been amazing out of like 4 he’s done. The problem isn’t that the song is bad or the mv is bad but that all of you guys were expecting epicness and just got great. I feel sorry for YB, sorry he has fans like you. No wonder he’s so hard on himself – I’m hoping his response to all the hate is a big ‘fuck you too’ instead of the internalize pain I’m sure it is.
    I saw YB’s performance for this song and I LOVED IT. Didn’t love the song till I saw that –I wished the performance concept was the conecept they used in the mv but whatever. YB was happy, bubblely, smiley and singing and dancing amazingly. Now all of you guys are raining on his dame parade. I swear if I see YB looking like he did during WD promotions – all dead in the eyes and depressed – I will seriously cut a bitch. I’m saying this for the 3rd time here in the past 3 days, WHY SO CRITICAL? You’all not fans, you’ll some haters.

    1. Hey, I understand your angry and you have every right to voice your opinion but no right to expect everyone else to concur with yours~

      I get your mad at some people who might not have liked it and that’s fine but picking on people’s opinion isn’t and using derogatory words on the blog; its a bit shameful actually…

      Please don’t do this here, people have been pretty respectful, they’ve voiced their opinions and accepted the good and the bad, that’s what this blog is for~

      I’m happy he has fans who are critical and don’t lap up everything he throws at them. So we’re critical, it doesn’t make us bad fans, just shows how much we care for him~ And that’s okay. So please, you’re upset but its not right to say people who don’t like the MV are “haters” – cause they aren’t.

      Everyone is a fan here – whether you are analytical, critical, or simply a fan girl – you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t care for or like YB. It’s simple as that.

      1. I’m open to critic – like I said I’m not loving everything about INAG. But to judging Tae’s character on the basis of this one song. It upsets me. Like really upsets me. You can take down my post – I dont care. Just letting u know how I feel. I hope YB is confident in himself and what’s he’s doing cuz there’s ra lot of hating. If you want to completely judge YB on this song/mv – that’s fine. Your loss. I’m moving on.

        1. And I apologize if my language upset anyone. But after reading over 150 comments on this and a good number of them being more like he sucks instead of the mv sucks got me really upset. I’m not calling anyone out cuz this isn’t a response to just ppl on this site but others as well. But whatever – I’ve moved on.

        2. i think you misunderstood some fans’ less than happy response to the MV as hate,because to be honest most of us were just being critical about it because it was so different to the YB we knew and expected,and as Kay said it was just people’s opinions,you cant honestly expect different people’s opinions to all be the same,its inevitable people might have different thoughts.

          i respect and understand your opinion but please think about it, if they were haters they wouldn’t bother criticizing the MV but rather full on bash him,which no one did.

    2. OK. TWO WORDS. WOWW, AND YES. You took it there sister. lol. Can’t agree more really…besides the fu*k you part, lets leave that part out shall we? 🙂

    3. Hey chill!…I understand a lot of ppl have been way too critical whit this MV,myself included,but you can’t just come up in here and randomly insult everyone because first of all it’s disrespectful and secondly everyone is entitled to THEIR opinion,saying that you miss the old YB -for example- or that the MV is this or that doesn’t mean you’re not a true fan,or that you don’t care how YB feels if he ever gets to read these things,NOT AT ALL,it’s merely the spontaneous reaction of people,fans..who have KNOWN YB to be a certain way and all of a sudden see this whole new different man,whether you want it or not it HITS you,because a lot of us,have known YB for quite a LONG time and we’ve had this image,this attitude from him (that got us to love him in the first place) and on this MV it’s all gone…-that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gone in REAL LIFE- but it’s not there right now,and yes it is kind of surprising. But being honest,im sure Youngbae would want us to enjoy this,and he’d want us to support him…a LOT of people have expressed to him they’ll be here,supporting no matter what,so i think that’s what we really need to do,regardless if we like the concept for the vid,YB’s flirtation and all those things that have been bothering a lot of us,bc he doesn’t just need a girl,he needs US,his fans. So let’s be there for him regardless of how we feel about this 🙂

    4. I agree with what you have to say…but lets not let that get the best of you. Fans will be fans..I don’t agree with what they say..but its constructive criticism. They criticize him in good terms. and I’m sure Tae Yang would like his fans to speak up and let him know what’s the major factor of his let down. Regardless of the outcome..he’s still here making beautiful music and sexy video. Cheers to that!! 🙂

    5. I think it’s not all fans here only a few…don’t be so upset…let’s all hold hands and hope we won’t get a repeat again of “all dead in the eyes and depressed” Taeyang cuz I saw that and it was pretty depressing…I don’t want a repeat of it…

      1. It’s been a few hours since my comment and I’ve calmed down, somewhat. What I wrote up there is very very raw. Like I said I was at work today and didn’t really have any time to persue anything about YB. Every opportunity I could get I would check up on YB and see how he’s going, the charts, everything. There was a lot of negativity and I was ok with it because I’m not the kind of person who really cares about the opinion of ppl I don’t know (a blessing and a curse at times).

        However, when I got here I expected negative responses to the mv cause I wasn’t too happy either and I can give a good list of reasons why. Reading the comments I agreed with some and disagreed with other but, like I said I not a person to care too much on other’s opinion. I left ATY and visited other sites – more critism and bad news – came back to ATY and more criticsim and bad news. And again I was fine with it but then some of the critique got really personal and I was a little upset but ok.

        But then there was one comment, pretty harmless really, but after so much critism something in me broke and I just started crying. At work. Let me say something about myself here, I haven’t cried since Nov. and that was on a day where I failed an exam, got sick, got into a huge fight with my brother and it was the day after a similar huge fight with my mother. I cant remember the last time I seriously shed tears before than. The main point is I don’t cry. So like with every negative emotional stimulus, I responded with anger. I not the most rational person when angry and I knew that so I didn’t write anything for about 20 min and tried to get back to work. But I couldn’t get some of those comments out my head and more importantly I couldn’t get Taeyang’s sweet smile in the mv out my mind. So I took out a word document and typed up what you see above you. It was angry, messy and not very nice. But it was very very real. I saw it and didn’t know whether or not to post it because it was very angry. Part of me was like just let it go cause it’s not that serious (my personal motto). However, “Take It Slow” was playing in my head and YB’s voice is so beautiful in that song and I was still crying (really embararessing thing to do at work) and I was like I’m going to post how I feel. I reread it mostly for coherency cause I wasn’t at the best place at the moment. Then copy, pasted and posted it. Afterwards I felt slightly better and wished I had edited it cause it was very immediate and not my usual self. I apologize to anyone offended but I stand by my comment 100000 %.

        In all honsety I’ve been seriouly crying since then and I’m not too sure why. I cried the rest of work, cried on the train and am kind of crying now. I’m not the type of person to be invested in something nor someone, brings nothing but pain. However, I took a chance (very small chance) on YB and have been rewarded for it. The only reason I can think of for my tears is that my personal investment in Solar is maybe .0000000001 % compared to YB’s investment in it and yet I’m the one crying here. Can’t imagine how he feels. It doesn’t help that YB’s article was posted next to that article about that Korean actor sucide on AKP. Having seen YB so happy/bubbily/giddy recently and comparing that how he was during WD promotion where he wouldn’t even smile has me really worried that the light I’ve seen in his eyes recently may be put out again.

        This post has gotten really really long and I’m ending it now cause I have nothing much to say. Again I wish I didn’t use some of the terms I did but my immediate reaction couldn’t be helped. Take it down if you want to.

        1. I don’t know if I should really get into my past on a blog but long story short YB came into my life when I was going through a lot emotionally and personally. I spent many years in a total funk. When I discovered YB last year all that pain I was carrying around lifted. It was through his music and dancing that I was able to rediscover my passion. When I was a teenager I used to write, dance and sing. As I got older (I’m 31) that side of my personality disappeared. When I saw WD for the first time that drive and determination I thought I lost returned. I felt a kinship with YB that I haven’t felt for anyone except MJ. Because of that kinship YB quickly became my whole world. I prayed for his success. I prayed to meet him so I could tell him how much he meant to me. When I saw this MV it broke my heart because I thought the YB I discovered last year was gone. I loved that YB. I miss that YB. I love his new album. I can’t stop listening to his album. I just can’t bring myself to watch and absorb his new MV. It just hurts too much.

        2. It’s fine, I am not going to remove your post because you’re stating how you feel~

          Will you believe me if I say I understand? Although our views on the MV may be completely, we are both FANS of YB. Yes, this the worst MV for me but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate or love Taeyang. When you say all fans who oppose this are haters, you’re including me and that hurts. I’m a fan 4 years in the making, followed him from his debut to this comeback, this blog is attached to my hip 5 AM in the morning as I’m uploading videos and I’m called a hater? That’s why I commented the way I did.

          I get your pain, but you gotta understand where fans are coming from. Disappointment and pure bashing are two different thing. I DO NOT tolerate bashing but I wholeheartedly allow opinions and comments here because I like reading what people have to say so when people say they’re disappointed, it doesn’t mean they hate him……..i just wish people would understand this.

        3. I’m disappointed too. This mv is a let down and I’m not loving the song either.

          However, it started feeling like ppl were hating the artist more than the mv. And that annoyed me. I like the critiques and how ppl are willing to voice their opinions but some crossed a line for me. It’s one thing to bash Taeyang’s voice, mv, dancing and all that jazz but it’s another to criticize his character and I felt some ppl were doing that. I think emotions (the let down of the mv after all the hype and build up) were just too strong and ppl got to tied up, myself included.

        4. This just show how much YB inspired each and everyone of us in so many different levels. At the end..even good or bad..We love Dong Young Bae and wish upon his much success!! I love him because my 2 year old daughter dances to his song and I love it when she goes Hesh my sunshine! hence the song oh mr. sun..lOl!!

        5. In response to Janelle Marie’s comment about the YB of WD… I don’t know much about the world of music idols, because for the most part I’ve purposely stayed away from that sort of thing, the reason being I don’t think we can ever really love someone that is PRESENTED to us.

          Because whatever you say about sincerity and such, YB is a singer–he is advertised, with some qualities polished above others. We as fans can’t assume to know him because we’ve never personally interacted with him. And we can’t even say that we know him through his music, because while music expresses one’s soul, it can also express things we imagine or we presume. There is a reason why in poetry the narrator can NEVER be assumed to be the poet.

          But that’s a little off-topic. The thing is, YB is a person, and people are the most complex things in the universe. Maybe he does have other sides that he hasn’t shown to us, like the fact that he does NEED A GIRL. Why should we decide his entire character based on one MV (WD)? If we like him because of just one of his many many qualities, than why shouldn’t we just get a card-board cutout of YB displaying that one quality so we don’t have to bother with the others?

  83. I’m sorry everyone I was just stating my opinion. I didn’t think it would get this out of hand. I love SOLAR. I love YB’s new musical direction. I’m just not to fond of his ‘I Need A Girl’ music video.

    1. its alright Janelle it was just your opinion and your free to express it,just like everyone else,so don’t feel upset over it 🙂

      1. Like Skyhigh said, you have nothing to apologize about, and noone to apologize to. You’re human, as we all are, and you have opinions, as we all do.
        Some like it, some don’t
        That’s just the reality of the situation.
        Please don’t feel pressured, and dont feel like you’re unable to voice your opinions! And I am saying this for people who enjoy the song and mv as well!! lol.
        I think the one thing we can all agree on without a doubt…no second guessing, is our love and support for Mr. Dong Young Bae. And honestly, that is all we need 🙂

  84. Love YB and I like the album.

    I just think that it is because YG/YB rushed the album. I mean the mv was shot like a week or less before the release of the album. I don’t know anything about making a mv, but that seems like a short period to me.

    I am not too worried though, I am sure every thing will work out just have to wait and relax. I am, sure that YG will eventually let us know what is going on.

    I’ve always enjoyed seeing him on stage better any way. Hope he gets to stand on many stages.

    Lets stay positive!

  85. Lets just keep an open mind and try to be accepting of others opinions. Seems like there is a divide between fans in the international side of things….im wondering what the korean fans are discussing right now? Must be hell on earth on there fansites.

  86. i agree with ms.k.. i dont see the pimpish theme you guys seeing.. WD and WUA he seem so.. stiff to be honest and in INAG he seem -gasp- HAPPY and free .. I love the song and video is cute and fun.

  87. woww TY changed really changed, innocent but he wants more now ghehe (6) the songs are about his one girl,making love and how he loves her..i like the album a lot but yeah compared too weddingdress it’s a big change 🙂 but i dont mind. im still a hugeee fan,.

        1. I know monkey3 has all the previews…. if listening to those help, I wouldn’t mind turn on my laptop the entire night….but I really have no clue where beside youtube…

          is INAG back on youtube yet??

  88. OMG and remember guys this album is very personal to him if I rememebr correctly!!! it was also suppose to be call “real”

    1. Basically….this is his most sincere, BARE emotion(you don’t see that much in kpop) and he’s singing directly to his fans. You guys should feel proud, but…

  89. toozdae, while I wouldn’t be as emotional about it as you, I sympathize with your basic sentiments. If you don’t like INAG – fine, he can’t please everyone, but all this whining about him losing his way and clamoring for a mv reshoot and such (not necessarily talking about the fans here!) just puts a really sour taste in my mouth.

    First of all, I don’t think he’s losing his way. YB’s still in such an early stage of his career, I think he’s still feeling around, *finding* his way. No doubt he’s going to get there, but only through exploring. There are going to be hits and misses, and he’s going to gain some and lose some (fans), but I hope he’ll stay strong. I’m afraid that he’s going to take all these criticisms very much to heart. I want him to continue to explore and find his voice. For me, that journey – watching him develop – is more inspiring than whatever the end result may be.

    I really think YB has some of the most amazing and dedicated fans, but it’s both a blessing and a curse. The fans inspire him and motivate him, but their (read: our) expectations are also a tremendous burden, I think. IMO, the “problem” with YB’s fans is not that they’re too fickle, but that they’re actually too steadfast.

    This may sound really presumptuous, but I’m going to go there. Understand that this is just my interpretation and very much a generalization:

    I feel like in some ways the fans have a preconceived notion of what kind of an artist YB will become. It goes back to the whole dcyb’s beginnings. It’s like the fans saw the potential in YB’s vocals early on and basically annointed him the future of r&b in Korea before he’d even done, well, much of anything. They had their vision of an ideal r&b artist, and they’ve been trying all along to guide YB along the right path so that he’ll achieve that vision.

    That’s a heck of a lot to live up to for a 22 year old (and doesn’t leave much breathing space).

    I have faith that he’ll get there on his own, given time, and I for one intend to enjoy the journey.

    That is all.

    1. criticism is good especially this will help him to do better in the future but also at the same time i’m worry that this will course him to go into more depression mood

    2. Thank you! I’ve been saying as much even before the album came out (though not as well expressed than you.) As an older fan, I can appreciate that he’s very young and that this is just one more step in his journey as an artist. This album is not the end all or be all. He has to be able to experiment and take risks in order to grow and find his real voice.

      The only reason why I want it to be a commercial success is so that it will allow YG to justify giving him more freedom for future projects.

      Big Bang and the success of HOT put him in a box and I feel that he HAD to go in a different direction with SOLAR to avoid getting typecast even further in terms of image and music. He is taking a risk with the fans, but I think this is a necessary move if he wants to stay in the industry long term (and remain sane and true to himself.)

      To all those wondering “Where is the real YB?” Well, he is a complex guy and we’re seeing new layers. Also, he is changing and growing all the time. So we will never really get to see the whole picture, just different parts at different times. The worst thing that can happen is that if he gives in to fans and decide to just stick to an image to please them, where’s the sincerity in that?

      1. yes, give him the space, people. he’s 23!
        when is he gonna do it? when he’s 30, or an ahjussi?
        i really feel for YB here
        if they have to redo the MV… so he’s not getting any sleep? rest? aw, YB!

  90. I love SOLAR. I literally have not stopped listening to it since yesterday. I love YB’s new musical direction. I prayed for his success for 7 months. I know this record is extremely personal for YB. That’s why I love it. It’s the MV….it just took me a back that’s all. I suppose I just wasn’t ready to see this side of YB and I freaked out. I’m sorry, everyone.

    1. Janelle look on the brighter side of things..That’s his job and on his job..if he wants to have fun and be all cheesy and cute..lets let him do it!! why sadden yourself over a change that we might not even see in his other MV’s? It’s not worth it girl..be happy for him that he actually came out with something new for all of us. He worked so hard on this one album..he deserves the very best. Don’t let one MV get to you! We all love him and what to see him succeed.

  91. I didn’t check his MV yet; there were too many critiques that made me hesitate to do so, especially from his biggest fans like here..

    Hope YB keep going up and up and up without lossing any confidence, and hope YG drops more MV with great quality comparable with his songs. =)

    1. because this is not a “fall in love at first sight” song, listen to it more then you’ll feel it is really relax and simple~! =)

      MV wise, depends how you view it… different perspective can lean to opposite results…

  92. happy mood
    the song is
    #1 on mnet
    #2 on Bugs
    #4 on melon
    #4 Dosirak
    #4 monkey3
    #7 Soribada

    as long as the song is in top10 then i’m happy

  93. I was listening to INAG before the MV came out and I was hella confused as to why this would be the title track. But then I saw the MV. Anyone notice YB’s smile? He’s grinning from ear to ear, and he looks like he’s having SO MUCH FUN. I admit, I loved loved loved WD (and it still brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it) but that YB? Emo, sad, regretful YB? It tore my heart to see him like that! I much prefer the ‘cheap’, ‘low-budget’ INAG MV because YB looks like he’s having the time of his life!

    1. I really LOVE his smiling/laughing at the beginning of the MV where he is sitting on a chair with couple girls around him, after he poke one of the girl’s arm, couple seconds later he was smiling/laughing sooo Happy!!

      I want to watch it again…. please upload it back on youtube!!! lol~

    2. yeah, you got a point.

      i hope he feels true joy while he’s singing and dancing on the stage or in front of camera. he’s alreay too toughtful and carefule person, so we don’t need to push him too much…

    3. yeah i love it too!
      cmon! YB’s too nice! that’s a problem
      when GD does something weird, it’s ok coz he is GD, he can experiment all he wants.
      why cant YB have fun? i love him here!
      it was just recent when he expressed disappointment that his song was made a BB song. love BB but YB should stop being sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice. lol. ok, fine, he should be nice, but he should speak up!!!
      Go YB!!!!
      i love and support u!
      put the vid up already!!!

  94. OMG taeyang and dara WOW
    they make the cutest couple in the world WIDE
    i mean look at dara she is gorgous
    im so jealsous that dara get to be in ther AHHHHHHHHHHH
    i just wanna faint ^.^
    I LOVE TAEYANG he is the hottest man well and other memeber in big bang but TAE YANG
    he shows his shirt more and more and thats wat i want to seeeeeeee WITH MY OWN EYES!

  95. I love that YB seems to be saying in this video: Look, I’m not scared of girls anymore. There is nothing wrong with me since I’m not dating, I’m just choosy. This is my ideal type.

    So he can stop answering these questions all the time in interviews (cause he hates talking about it anymore.) He can just say : Please refer to INAG song and video. Next question please…

  96. I love INAG…Even though it doesn’t seem to be the best title song. As much as I like Just a Feeling, I don’t think that song should be the title track too. It kinda blends in with the whole same old concepts YB always had like Prayer,LOAM,WUA,WD…….. With more focus on choreo not the singing. Again.

    And since his other songs in the album do not beat up the level of WD. I think it’s smart for him though….to have INAG as his title track. It’s giving such a different feel. Cuz if the title song was to be like what you guys expect…those WD vibe all over again. It would have brought…..probably worst comparison than it is now.

    Actually I would love to see him sing more…..not let the backing track back you up while you heavily dancing it all through almost half of the song. Cuz YB is a singer not dancer. Look at his struggle in You’re my…the falsetto really does not suit him. He really need to focus on singing. Hope YB can control his vocal more. He is like Park Bom 2NE1 in term of soulful voice but kinda lack of vocal control and oftenly run out of breath. YB ah Fighting. I will always by your side and support you to no end. It’s over 3 years now…and it will continue.

    I was just confirmed to recieve my Deluxe ver already. woooo happy mode now ^0^

    1. When you made that comment about YB’s songs being more about the choreo, I realized that’s what always threw me off about WUA and WD! He’s dancing so much in those performances, I always marveled at how he could still sing. And I love YB’s voice–he’s a singer after all, not a dancer. I hope he realizes that and doesn’t let the comments about the VIPs wanting more dancing to drag him down!

  97. A kind of girl that looks better in jeans than a skirt
    A girl that will eat the kimchi fried rice that I make instead
    A girl who looks young even though she’s old
    I like that kind of girl
    (Know what I mean)

    yah i know what you mean oppa. . . do you mean SANDARA ❤

  98. ah, im so disappointed! really
    i love this song a lot already!
    the great MJ has strings of epic songs and MVs but whenever i just wanna have fun i always turn to
    You Make Me Feel
    i adore that song
    that said, if they’re gonna edit the MV, coz it seems like it, get rid of all those boys giving Dara their cellphones. lol. i love everything else. ok, maybe re shoot GD’s.. .can’t they just make it more Dara and YB centric? and choreo the rest?
    i just feel for YB though. all these work to please fans.
    YB u dont always have to be too nice.
    im sure GD is by his side
    im hoping Dara could
    and the rest of YG

  99. Wow, I came back from work since 2 pm and now it’s 9:21 pm and we are still at it? I ❤ you guys ^__^, ATY blogger are awesome (exclude myself, cuz I can't write to save my life).

    I hope they'll reupload the MV =[.

    YB fighting!

  100. why must all (most) of Taeyangs song relate with me so well!?
    except maybe look at only me
    this song is how i feel right now

  101. I woke up early this morning to watch TY perform live and watch the MV, after reading all the comments I got depressed and went to work on my Korean lessons for 10 hrs straight, no food no water.
    The song is really starting to grow on me, I thought that the MV was cute, but different from what I had thought it would be. Then I realized how much TY smiled in the MV, I have NEVER seen him smile this much in one of his solo MV. As long as TY keeps smiling, I am completely satisfied with this music video MV.

  102. I love the rhythm & lyrics of “I need a girl” as well as the music video. I probably would want more Dara & Taeayng interaction rather than random scenes ( I hope they re-edit). It’s a feel good song. I’m just surprised that a lot of people are disappointed by this song coz it’s really catchy & light. I hope Taeyang will not think about the negative comments coz you can’t please everyone. But believe that if you really love what you do it doesn’t matter what others think. I will support Taeyang all the way!!!!Go go go!!!!

  103. ahhhhh the tongue sticking out..really YB? You have to torture me like this? haha..I love the “you know what I’m talking about” part..he is super fine!! and his voice is just amazing!! I love love love it!!

  104. The MV isn’t deleted, just private :D.
    Oh come on everybody, is just a MV, not a autobiography or something like that LOL. He can magnify a little, right ?
    Anyway, I love INAG MV 😀 cute.

  105. UPDATE:

    INAG on Daily Charts:

    #1 Mnet (#8 Superstar, #10 You’re My, #13 AYFA, #16 JAF, #17 Move, #21 Breakdown)
    #4 Melon
    #4 Soribada
    #4 Dosirak
    #3 Cyworld (#7 You’re My, #11 Superstar, #13 AYFA, #15 JAF)
    #2 Bugs
    #5 Naver
    #3 Daum (#4 Superstar, #5 Just A Feeling)
    #4 Monkey3 (#20 JAF)

    Solar album is #1 on HANTEO charts~ I hope it hits #1 on more of the charts~

      1. I guess its because these are online based daily chart.
        he will come back and boast up further after his promotion during this weekend!
        (I hope! *finger cross*)

    1. plz keep moving up, YB!

      BTY, I wonder why Take it slow isn’t on the chart…
      i thought many fans luv that song (including me 🙂 )

  106. I want him to perform breakdown – that’s my jam. My hope is that he does a mix performance. At least for all his comebacks. Like he’ll do INAG, then 2 different tracks for the comeback. Then afterwards he does INAG and maybe a fellow up. sort of like Gummy with Because Ur a Man w/ Because of You and There is No love (had to check that cuz I call it Love is All Gone in my head)

    1. Although I’d love that I’d be super worried for his health, it’s a lot of work learning new choreo’s and stage routines

      BUT for Music Core he’s doing SOLAR (Intro)+I Need a Girl+ Just a Feeling 🙂

      1. that’s the only problem I have with that too. It’s a lot of work and I don’t want him to be too tired. I honestly don’t know what I want. I’m going to just trust YG. This has worked in the past and hopefully they continue to past. Also congrats too our boy, SOLAR is sold out.

      1. Yup….that’s what I’m waiting for too! I wonder if he’s going to perform a new song each night.

        Also…dunno if TY is special or not….but do all of the other comeback artists perform 3 songs when they comeback too? Or is our boy just special?

        1. Well, even the amazing Rain(yes, he gets amazing at the front of his name like spiderman, hes just that good.)only performed two songs for his comeback performance and later promotions Love song and Hip song, so, yeah, Youngbae is special 🙂

        2. Well when Hyori had her comeback on Mnet she performed 3 songs. She did “I’m Back” “Want Me Back” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” so sorry to burst ur bubble, but it has been done before. I don’t rememeber if she did that many on the other shows though.

      2. I don’t think that MOVE can ever be performed for broadcast. Definitely too sexy for Korean TV – remember all the flack for Seungri singing “crack,crack” for Strong Baby. They’d have to edit out all of Teddy’s rap.

        1. Ahh, maybe your right. But I belive GD and TOP have cursed in english while performing before and they let it slide, and Teddys rap is almost entirely in english. And even if they do say he cant perform it because of the foul language he can always modify it like they did with Seungri’s Strong baby. You see that black leather jacket in Taeyang’s photoshoot? Reminds me of Teddy’s jacket when he appeared in WUA. If Tae performs MOVE with teddy I think he will wear that jacket.

  107. the INAG video on kbites.. is that the edited version b/c i haven’t seen some clips before. there’s more YB solo dancing clips in it…

    1. I watched the video on Kbites…there is about 20 seconds or so which seem different to me…its like more scenes added? Hmmm…

  108. Question
    Are the album sales for dulex and normal going to combine or separate? If combine I am sure TY album will easily sell 50K+++.

      1. he already sold out the 30,000 orders. Now it’s up to the preoders and promotion. We’ll see how this does but there is a lot of competition. None are at his level but that depends on what/how they promote him.

  109. The MV is visually appealing, not as grand or as emo as YB’s previous works, and for the first time he looked so happy! It’s a breath of fresh air. he actually looked like his age, relaxed, having fun and a little naughty – hehe!

    Part of an artist’s staying power in the industry is the ability to evolve. I love how YG is letting his artists try on new stuffs. It’s just that YB started as a very soulful singer, emo, deep r&b, and now with a lighter track, some fans were caught off guard. So i guess, we too should evolve with the artist as well. We don’t have to like, but we also need to adapt.

    Well YB can’t please everybody, but I belileve he’s working hard to please us. So Taeyang even with all the criticisms, there’s a lot of people who loves you! Fighting!!!

    P.S. i like how Dara was looking a little shy while YB was all flirty LOL

  110. So I literally slept on it for a couple of hours. I woke up with a fresh perspective and watched the MV again.,,,,,,,I love it! YB is adorable. Sorry for my earlier grief. It’s that time of the month…… 🙂

    1. It’s all understandable Janelle Marie, and I guess it’s even harder for you because loving YB was a personal motivator for you. 😀

      GLAD YOU LIKE IT NOW!!! >w< *big hug*

      It really grows on you, INAG~

      Wish I could make it in time home tomorrow for the Music Core comeback~~~

      I so want to see Solar live!! XD

  111. I really liked this video. I’m glad that Taeyang is (or at least he seems) more confident and happy. And I don’t think he’s gonna have any problem finding a girl, not with those abs, ha 😛

  112. Let’s just all support YB.. If he’s happy them let him be..and be happy for him..
    He’s always like all serious and down before like a shy guy..
    I hope Kfans just continue to support him…
    He’s grown up.. He wants a change for his image.. this is his time.. his 1st album.. his dream.. and i know he’s happy..
    He worked hard for this album… They’re idols.. they have they’re own choice..
    all he need is fan’s support, love and Appreciate. that’s it..
    Fighting YB^^

  113. I love how happy young bae is. Really. I think (please start excusing my language) after all the shit that happened last year, he just went fuck it and took a new perspective on life. He’s actually starting to “live” now. He’s still the same YB we know and love. The way he acts is completely adorable and we as fans should just support him. I know we’re all entitled to our opinions, but maybe some of us need to rephrase them?? 😀

    I love YB fandom above all others seeing as all youse are so supportive, even though you might be ‘disappointed’, you all still love him ’till the very end. For all the people who disliked the mv, go watch it again?? Just concentrate on young bae’s face, if you’re a true fan, you’ll start liking it. That’s my opinion.

    Peace out ❤

  114. I’m so glad people are feeling better about the mv now!! Me too actually!! It’s really quite cute after I throw away my pre conceived notions of him being emo and dancing away!! How is it at k vip’s side? Btw I am feeling much more proud for yb because he has dared to do what other artistes don’t dare to do! By jumping into a completely different genre! Sure some of us were feeling very weirded out by the sudden change but we all stuck to him after one day and for me, a few hours of sleep! Hahah

    Anyway I was really feeling very bad for YB given the negativity of the comments and I suddenly hope YG would jut let it remain as it is!!

  115. I love the vid coz’ it added more variety to all the vids Bae made. I mean if he does something like WUA again wouldn’t people say ahhh that’s just like WUA or the hot choreo in LOAM and then people would say “another LOAM choreo.

    I love him doing something cute and sexy. That is his hot combination and I’m loving it. I wish he and dara had more playful scenes together.

    INAG is just a very chill. smooth, honest song. It needs something like this. not too intense, just enough to show that Bae can do something like this too.

    I freakin’ love his stubble. =)

    1. It still gets to me how new fans keep talking about his body, though. I hope in the next one he wears more clothes. I’m not blind I know YB’s hot but first and foremost I want his success to be about the music not his chocolate abs. I love the stubble, too!

      1. i have a feeling that YB enjoys taking off his shirt and has no problem with it. i’m pretty sure everybody knows that the man is a very talented musician. i love the stumble too…it makes him look grown and sexy. go YB!!!!!! = )

      2. He sure does have the whole package. It’s not a bad thing for them to talk about his body..I’m sure they lovin his music too..as his body goes..remember most of his concerts..he was half naked..Sinner..my girl..Prayer!! that boy work so dam hard to get those toned abs.of course he’ll want to flaunt what he has!! You feel me? But I know that it was his moves and his voice that caught my attention from day one oh and those smiley eyes of his when he smiles!! I too love that stubble..he’s the first dude I see that actually looks good with them..no offense but not that many asian dude I see can pull it off like him!! Cheers!!

        1. I second your opinion! 😀

          His eye smile was what got me really into him… It is just so different from his Prayer MV (yep LOAM was the one that got me into YB).

          I was blushing and smiling like an idiot when I first watched Prayer…XD

          But what got me was his voice in LOAM. =) Full of emotions, and his dance, dope….XD

    1. I think it’s speculations of why YG took down the video~ YG has not said anything yet, but netizens are crazy so ofcourse they hunted down a video similar and people are commenting about it~~~

      I wish YG would say SOMETHING

    2. YG seriously need to come out with a statement quickly before speculations of “why?” getting out of hand

      rumor like this is not good for YoungBae

    3. I mention it before somewhere in my other post. I am currently enroll in Film & Production at my college. I showed the link that you have there to my Professor. He informed me that it is not even close to plagarism. what he said was if N.E.R.D ad was copyrighted than our Tae Yang could not and should not use that concept. Because under “copyright law” he can not use someone’s else visual ideas to make as his own. But now on the brigter side..alot of artist uses those same concept to promote their band or song or whatever. but I’m crossing my fingers that those people would not bring our Sun down because he had worked so hard! oh btw..my professor had ask me where he can listen to Tae Yang..I told him I’m always listening to him on ATY..haha.

        1. I was sadden too by this information..and when I’m upset, I make this really retarded face..I guess my professor caught me in the act and ask me if I was okay..I told him that I wasn’t because of my biggest star just got hit with some scandleous rumors. He ask if he can help me. and since I am in F&P I was like hey why not. I showed him Tae Yang INAG MV and his first reaction was whoa she’s beautiful! lOl..then he goes who’s that guy..so I told him everything about Tae Yang..he was like oh hmmmmm he’s a nice looking kid is he here in California? I was uhhhhhh I so wish for that. but moving on I ask him what is the difference between plagarism and copyright infringement? (he was going to teach that next week, so he thought I read ahead of the class) :)..so we compared the two..Tae Yang scene and N.E.R.D ad..he told me for 1 it’s not plagarism..and for 2 if and only if N.E.R.D copyrighted that ad, then the worst that will come to Tae Yang is either delete that scene and come up with something new..but my professor thinks Tae Yang has a phenomenal voice..my professor is Black btw. Then I was like okay this really isn’t all that bad. but those darn people make it seems so bad.. Ugh why do they have to exsist in our world!!

      1. Thanks for clearing that up!!! Your professor seems like a really great guy!!! It’s cool to have him interested in Tae Yang too! LOL~

        Hopefully our sun will be OK, he worked so hard for this album~~ ><

  116. Just wanted to clear the chart lists. YG has only released 30,000 copies in one day. And the full album isnt out yet. Because only a handfull of copies were sold it is expected that right now his album would be in the low ranges. So if music charts have his album in the lower ranges it does not mean its doing bad. When more copies start to sell his rank will most likely go up.

  117. I can’t wait for YB’s album to be released. I’ve been listening to the tracks day and night on YouTube. At first I really wanted the Deluxe edition and i thought something would be missing if I didn’t have all 13 tracks, but I’ve changed my mind now. I don’t mind having the normal album because all these songs are the ‘new’ progression of YB as an artist. Besides I plan to buy ‘HOT’ at the same time so I won’t really be missing out on anything. It’s a win/win.

  118. hi i realy like him he is so cute
    and also has a perfect body too
    i hope he be healthy everywhere he is
    booooooooooooooooooooooos tae yang

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