The Sun is About To Rise……

*MV Updates – Sources says “I Need a Girl” will be released at 6 PM KST. I will have it up soon if you’re wondering where to watch so keep checking ATY

The Countdown is on…….

The anticipation is killing me. D-Day has finally arrived fellow Taeyang fans. After a year of blood, sweat and tears our Sunshine is back and better than ever. “Are You Ready for SOLAR? Are You Ready for SOLAR?”


87 thoughts on “The Sun is About To Rise……”

  1. oohh!! i can’t wait either!! been anticipating it since news of him releasing a second album were out.. haha.. CAN’T WAIT for I NEED A GIRL mv!!

  2. So…what time is it coming out at? Cause right now I’m seeing a ton of different times 😑 and is it today or tomorrow (U.S. time)?

  3. Goodness I’m going to be agitated at work today. I could barely contain myself as the tracks were dropping and would spend my lunch break listening to them on my phone.



    1. nice timing!! Congrats ATY.
      Guys Gummy update her me2day. I am not sure whether it is the song or mv itself. It will out at 12AM(korean time). Only left 2 and 30 hrs.

    2. OMG we just did!!! *throws confetti @ staff* CON~GRAT~U~LATIONS! CONGRATULATIONS! kldjfajfqoevrnourjvanjmmjunvoit *don’t know the rest of the song*…fighting! fighting! ya!ya!ya!

      Congrats to the best of the best International DYB site, ATY!!!

    3. HOOT HOOT
      BEST international fansite EVER!
      1hr and 55min left
      I turned down going shopping for this, it is totally worth it!!!

  4. *having a heart attack*

    but can not be unconscious yet… still waiting for Bae’s I NEED A GIRL mv…

  5. Woa… wait whats this extra clip of you’re my… Sounding pretty good there. Grats on 2 mil Tofutacomon, Kay and Janelle Marie(?).

  6. 2 millions hits!omg..i couldnt resist myself from typing something here.ive been a real silent reader for the past 1 1/2 yrs. ATY staff rocks just for the record.thanks alot for the updates.Taeyang is famous is Moscow too.thts whr i study.Russian boys and girls love his music.

  7. omgomgOMG! the excitement is REALLY setting in right now. i can’t wait. one more day! ahhh ❀ GO TAEYANG!!!
    haha i had to get that out of my system xD

  8. Ahh, can’t wait for the song/MV to come out.. only 1.25 hrs to go.
    CONGRATS on reaching 2 Million hits!!! ATY is the Best!!!!

  9. someone already posted in Taeyang’s soompi thread some pictures of her deluxe edition of solar… lucky for him/her, she got the deluxe edition!

    i want one also! hahaha

  10. Its already first of july here in australia. Im excited πŸ˜€ yay! bae will do great i kmow it. Our boy’s solar is here πŸ˜€ im over the moon wirh happiness πŸ˜€

  11. Woo hoo! ATY rocks our socks!!!!!! You’re the best!
    After all our wait, D-Day is finally here and it’s about time! Now I’m going to be super excited/distracted at work….hopefully the boss doesn’t yell.
    Also….are you guys going to put up links to watch the performances?

      1. It’ll be releasing on Korean streaming sites AND YG’s youtube channel most probably. YG is doing a good job of getting it’s MV’s up asap on youtube~

        Of course, I’ll post it up on ATY as well

        1. The MV can wait, I just wanna hear the full tracks.
          Hopefully, they’ll be available on itunes. I really wanna get them asap.

  12. I just checked on Naver and the songs are already out.
    So far, I haven’t read a comment showing dissatisfaction.
    I’m so eager to hear the album myself.

    1. mv or song ? just heard the song, very chill. totally unexpected seeing as though the BTS of the mv was so happy. lololol

  13. i heard from ibigbang that it’s not sold until 10AM SHARP at korean time.. so its like around 6PM for us today?

    1. whhaatt. omg qui i hate that you cant tell usss!!!!!
      sexyy? we like seeexxxyyyyyy
      tell us moree!
      lol. PS plzzz tell taeyang about alwaystaeyang!!!!!!!!!!!!! (& how much we love him )
      thanks πŸ™‚

    2. OH Qui do tell!!! Don’t tease us with all these comments~~~~ Spill it all out! XD

      Hope you dropped a word about ATY!!! YG, or even better, YB should know about this site! XD

  14. Wow! Everyone stayed up late in case it is released on 12AM midnight!


    Thank you all ATY bloggers and staff~~~~ These past few days have been THE BEST for me.

    It’s very fitting too! REACHED 2 MILLION ON D-DAY!!! YEAH~~~ XD

    Now I’ll read up on the other posts….


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